Chapter 1

Opening File: Arcane Order

The Arcane Order are a trio of Primordial demigod siblings who wish to maintain the balance between magic and mortals alike. In actuality, however, their actions caused nothing but agony to both humanity and magical beings. They also turned Morgana Le Fey into the Eldritch Queen who would be their champion in destroying Camelot and all of mankind.

The group consists of Bellroc, Keeper of the Flame is the leader and is of average height and possessed a shifting voice to represent male and female. The voice shift usually occurs depending on the emotions they are feeling. For example, whenever they are mad, frustrated, or being tested, Bellroc takes on a more masculine voice, but during a calmer environment, Bellroc has a more feminine voice. Bellroc believed that all mortals should be extinguished, and that magic should be above everything else.

Skrael of the North Wind has the build of a teenager and is the most sadistic member of the trio. He sees mortals as beyond correction and takes particular joy in torturing them. Despite being needlessly sadistic, Skrael is also shown to be dangerously pragmatic and patient, as he points out to Bellroc that the Arcane Order can't intervene at the Battle of Killahead Bridge or bad consequences would follow for them, and that burning down GDT Arcane Books (Merlin's library in Arcadia) is pointless. He is also shown to be suspicious and observant about Morgana after he and Bellroc release her from the Shadow Realm so she can become part of the Arcane Order once again, as when she is looking at a painting of her with Merlin and Douxie, he notes that she was naïve. He also asks her suspiciously about other places of Merlin's power other than GDT Arcane Books, and as it turns out, Morgana wasn't truly loyal to the Arcane Order anymore when she came back.

Nari of the Eternal Forest is the kindest of the Arcane Order and resembles of mythical being of nature. Her powers allow her to control nature, find a person's soul anywhere in the world (if she cannot then that person is either dead or in a different world entirely), and is able to sense one's emotions and pain. It is because of her powers that she realized that what the Arcane Order was doing was wrong after the Battle of Killahead Bridge and sought refuge in Camelot.

After the Crom Cruach Crisis Bellroc and Skrael killed Arthur Pendragon and the Gargoyle Griff. They then raised Arthur as their undead champion the Green Knight and corrupted Excalibur. With him on their side they corrupted the Trollhunter Jim Lake Jr. into a full Troll on their side and fought against Merlin and his allies. Their goal was to capture Nari and claim an old artifact of theirs called the Genesis Seals. Once opened in the presence of all three members the Seals would unleash the Order's Elemental Titans which once connected with the Primordial Heartstone underneath Arcadia Oaks would remake the world and kill those already living in it. However only one Titan needs to reach it and the new world would reflect on the element of the Titan.

The Order released Morgana from the Shadow Realm by destroying the Amulet of Daylight as it was made from her left hand, but she had a change of heart and sided with Merlin and the others. Merlin was killed and Morgana sacrificed herself to end the undead Arthur Pendragon. When Arthur died Jim was released from his control and returned to his human form instead of his half-troll form.

Nari and Merlin's apprentice Douxie and his dragon familiar Archie would go on the run when the order got the Genesis Seals back. For a few months they remained hidden until the Order attacked them in Empire City and captured Nari, though not before Douxie used a spell to temporarily switch his and Nari's souls so the Order wouldn't release their Titans immediately.

In the flying castle of Camelot Nari gave Jim a hint of how to defeat Bellroc and Skrael, 'Trollhunter make Ninth Configuration. Krohnisphere will make right. Time unfolds differently, like a flower. Only Trollhutner will know.' Once Nari and Douxie's souls returned to their correct bodies Bellroc and Skrael brainwashed Nari into following their orders and…




File is experiencing abnormal chrono changes in timeline.

Source: Krohnisphere Timestone is being used by Jim Lake Jr. to make changes in history.

Close File






Accessing File: Trifurcate Radiation Blaster

The Trifurcate Radiation Blaster is an Akiridion weapon capable of nullifying a wizard's magic. Trifurcate Radiation has been described as safe-ish so it is not recommended to get close to it. The radiation appears unable to affect Excalibur and the Amulet of Daylight, a logical assumption would be that Excalibur, while made with the magic of Lady Nimue and Merlin, has proven to be incredibly harmful to magical beings and holds residual traces of the Green Knight Arthur's anti-magic abilities making it and the Amulet immune to anti-magic abilities.

Close File


"Whatever happens next, I'll make sure this isn't goodbye. I promise."

Those were the words Jim said before he felt himself be pulled into the timestream and everything went white as it happened. He knew when he was heading and how to save everyone.

"How could we, you're the Trollhunter." Said Toby's voice.

Jim's vision clears and he finds himself back in the meeting room of Camelot that had once been Arthur Pendragon's throne room. To his right he sees that his best friend Toby is alive. Instinctively he hugs Toby, overjoyed to see him alive.

"Jimbo I know we're friends and all but what's with the hug?" Toby asked.

"Are you feeling okay Jim?" Asked a voice on Jim's left. He turns to see his girlfriend Claire with a worried look on her face.

Jim then turns to see the rest of the room. He sees his mother Barbara, Strickler, Nomura, Blinky, AAARRRGGHH!, Stuart, Steve, Eli, Douxie, Archie, Aja, and Krel.

"I know what Nari's words meant." Jim says to the group. "And I know how we can defeat the Arcane Order."


South China Sea

Sometime Later…

Walking through the South China Sea was the Fire Titan. It is a bipedal being, formed by rock and magma, has a bat at the end of its left arm, its head resembles a volcano, its legs are covered in magma and a glowing orange symbol is on its face.

Bellroc stood within the Fire Titan and watched as it made its approach through the Sea. Soon the world will be reborn anew and mankind will not be a part of it. Such careless and barbaric creatures, they destroyed the natural world and drove magic so far away that sorcerers and magical beings are now forced to stay hidden for fear of conflict.

Looking straightforward they knew the destination that they and their siblings must go to, to bring the Titans together in order to remake the world. The magical center of the universe, or as humans call it, Arcadia Oaks.

Morgana may have drained the Primordial Heartstone beneath it to start her Eternal Night but with the Titans reawakening the Heartstone will be revitalized and soon the world will be set right.

"May the sins of man be forgotten." Bellroc said with their feminine voice overshadowing their masculine voice.

"BELLROC!" A voice all too familiar to the leader of the Arcane Order called out.

"What!?" Bellroc says to themself as they see something come out of the clouds in front of their Titan.

On an Akiridion hoverboard was the former Trollhunter Jim Lake Jr. Bellroc raises their staff and fires a stream of fire at the human. Jim jumps off the board and brings out his hand as it held onto something.

"For the good of all, Daylight is mine to command!" Jim shouted as magiktech armor attached itself to him as he landed in front of Bellroc with Excalibur in his right hand.

"So, you fixed the amulet and now wield Excalibur." Bellroc said as they took notice of Lady Nimue's ancient blade and how one of the gems in its hilt was missing. "You think yourself a hero once more."

"The amulet didn't make me a hero." Jim defiantly said as he pointed Excalibur at the god. "I already was one!"

Bellroc raises one hand, and a massive boulder comes out of the lava of the Fire Titan. With a wave of the raised hand the bolder is thrown toward Jim. Jim swings Excalibur down and the massive volcanic rock is split in two. He then charges toward Bellroc who then swings their staff at Jim, but he manages to block each strike with Excalibur. After being briefly weapon locked with Jim Bellroc pushes themself back and points their staff at the Trollhunter. A stream of energy is shot from it and traps Jim in a cage of fire. As Bellroc points their staff up to telekinentically send Jim into the air Jim raises Excalibur and it becomes engulfed in strong light magic that dispels the cage. Jim lands back on the ground with his sword still covered in the fiery light.

"Do you really think you can stop us?" Bellroc says as they launch more fire spells at Jim. "The Titans cannot be stopped by lesser beings such as yourself!"

"I wouldn't be too worried." Jim says as he swings Excalibur to take out each attack and smirks. "In fact, I'd say we're about to take two Titans off the board."



In the frozen plains of Greenland Skrael's Ice Titan was making its way to Arcadia Oaks. It was a stout bipedal titan, formed by pure ice, its left hand was larger than the tight hand, had a floating ice orb as its head and had a glowing yellow symbol on its face. The sorcerer of the North Wind could not help but smirk at how close the end for all mortals was. Suddenly he feels a small pain in his left shoulder. Someone is attacking his Titan!

"You have got to be kidding me!" Skrael says with anger rising in his voice.

Overhead he could see a flying metal craft. Know doubt a machine designed by those aliens. Inside the craft Aja was piloting it with Claire in the passenger seat.

"I must ask again. Is this really a god idea?" The Akiridion Queen said as she briefly looks at Claire who was gathering Shadow Magic.

"Trust me, I've done this before." Claire says as she points her hands toward the Ice Titan. "Here it goes!"

Claire screams out as she summons a massive shadow portal beneath the Ice Titan causing it to fall into the portal.

"WHAT!?" Skrael shouts out as his Titan falls into the portal.



The Ice Titan exits the Shadow Portal and lands in the rainforests of Brazil. Skrael was confused and shook his head as he tried to regain his bearings after being thrown out of a portal like that.

"What? Wh-where am-" Skrael says before being cutoff as something rammed into Titan and pushes it back a few miles.

Skrael manages to regain his bearings and sees the Earth Titan in front of him. It was a quadruped cone shaped being, formed by stone and vines, has sharp front legs, smaller hind legs, a large hole in its front, a water stream is mostly coming out of it, has a short tail, a floating green orb as its head and has a glowing green symbol on its face. Only one person could command it and that person was…

"Nari!" Skrael says with venom in his voice at his sibling who had betrayed the order centuries ago. "How did you break free from our control!?"

"I had help Skrael." Nari called out from within her Titan. "From my friends."



"We'll need Nari to defeat Skrael." Jim said as he and Stuart were faceting one of the green gems from Excalibur's hilt. "In order to do that we need to free her and send Skrael over to her."

"How are we supposed to do that?" Krel asked.

"Douxie was able to free her in the previous timeline so him, Claire, and Aja will have to get close to her." Jim says as he finishes faceting the gem and places it into the rebuilt Amulet of Daylight. "After that's done Aja and Claire will go to Greenland and send Skrael to Brazil through a Shadow Portal. I believe that you guys can do it."

"You can count on us Jim." Douxie says with determination.

"I've opened up a large-scale shadow portal once before I can do it again." Claire says to her boyfriend.


Present Day

"It doesn't have to be this way Skrael!" Nari calls out to her sibling hoping that she can get him to see reason. "We don't have to destroy the world."

"Look around you Nari!" Skrael says back to her. "The mortals have already killed the world! The natural balance is gone! They pollute the environment! And beings of magic must hide themselves from the world they were born into! If everything is to be made right, then the world must be made anew! It must become a world without mortals to ruin it again!"

"Then you leave me no choice but to kill you." Nari somberly says to her sibling.

"I'd like to see you-UGH!" Skrael's says before being cut off by a sharp pain in his right shoulder. He looks above to see an adult dragon flying above him with a smaller dragon and a human on its back. "Charlemagne the Devourer and Merlin's apprentice?!"

Douxie holds onto Charlemagne's back and looks at the two Titans facing each other. He looks behind the Ice Titan to see the floating castle of Camelot behind it ready to strike.



"Wait." Nomura says to everyone gathered. "You said that when Nari and Skrael fought in the old timeline they both ended up dead what's to keep that from happening again?"

The Changeling's words made sense to everyone, what's to keep Nari from dying again when she fights Skrael in this timeline.

"Simple." Jim said to her. "Nari won't be fighting alone this time."


Present Day

"That's the last one." Nomura says as she finishes loading up a cannon.

"Good now let's fire the cannons before Skrael realizes we're here." Strickler said to the people gathered in the artillery room. "Open fire!"

Camelot's cannons fire a volley of cannonballs at the back of the Ice Titan. Causing Skrael immense pain and leaving him wide open to an attack from Nari. She has he Earth Titan charge forward and rams into the Ice Titan causing it to fall onto its back. Nari raises her right arm causing the Earth Titan to raise its right front leg in kind. With a grunt she brings it down and the leg of the Earth Titan pierces the side of the Ice Titan. Skrael grunts in pain and clutches his side feeling the pain inflicted upon his Titan on himself. What's more he could feel the vines of the Earth Titan racing through the Ice Titan trying to get to him.

"I won't die like this Nari!" Skrael called out as he raised his right arm causing the Ice Titan to do so as well. "I'll take you with me-UGH!"

Skrael shouts in pain as Douxie sends out a powerful magic attack at the Titan's hand causing Skrael to move it back on instinct. But this was a fatal mistake for him as Nari's vines made it to him and began to attack him.

"No. No! NOOOO!" Skrael yelled out as his body turned into a cold mist signifying his death. With him dead the Ice Titan began to crumble into pieces showing that the threat it brought had been eliminated.

Seeing that her task was done Nari sighed out in relief that the task was done and yet she felt sorrow for Skrael. She may not have agreed with him and while he did want to erase mankind from existence, he was still her sibling. Having to strike him done gave her grief but taking him out was the only thing they could do. Looking up toward the sun she could only hope everything was going well at Jim's end with Bellroc and the Fire Titan.


South China Sea

Jim's fight with Bellroc went well but the leader of the Arcane Order still proved to be the strongest combatant in the fight. Jim may have made a few strikes, but Bellroc still managed to block them. Jim's latest attack pushed the Keeper of the Flame back toward to edge of the Titan overlooking the sea, but they still remained undeterred by the Trollhunter's efforts to kill them.

"Tell me child." Bellroc said as they twirled their staff and began to gather magic in it. "Do you really think that you can stop me?!"

"Hey I'm fighting with bruised ribs here and by myself, maybe not." Jim said before smirking to the demigod. "But I didn't come here alone."

Bellroc looked confused before a large cone of light blue energy covered the Titan and Bellroc's magic disappeared.

"No! Not this again!" Bellroc said as they remembered seeing this energy back in the city. This energy is what the Guardians of Arcadia used against the Arcane Order to nullify their magic.

Bellroc's moment of hesitation gave Jim the opening he needed. He charged forward and slashed Bellroc's stomach causing the sorcerer to scream out in pain as lava bled out of it. They walked backward a bit to the edge before they gave one final breath and fell over it. Jim looked over the edge and saw Bellroc's body crumble away into magma signifying their death.


Jim looked around and saw that the Fire Titan had begun to crumble from Bellroc's death. Looking into the sky Jim saw a green light move through the clouds. He takes a few steps back and then takes a deep breath and runs toward the edge. He jumps off and a flying saucer moves under him, and he lands on it while using Excalibur to keep him on top of it. A hatch opens up and he slides right into it.

"You didn't have to stab Excalibur into my ship you know." Stuart says as he turns around in his pilot's chair. "This thing is still a rental and it's return is still long overdue."

"Sorry Stuart." Jim says as he takes off the Amulet and his armor disappears. "I had to make sure I didn't fall off."

"Jim I just got word from the others in Brazil." Toby says as he steps away from the machine used to nullify Bellroc's magic. "They defeated Skrael and didn't lose anyone. Looks like your plan worked Jimbo."

"I had faith that we could all do it Tobes." Jim said to his best friend. "Stuart, take us back to Arcadia."

"Aye, aye captain." Stuart says as he returns to the controls.

'I didn't realize it at the time but a lot more was happening." Jim narrated.



"An old ally of mine had gone in search of strengthening himself against the evils lurking in our world."

The Magic Tree of Nowhere is a guardian of the Wilds, defending it from the Grimm and any other threats to it. Purifying darkness with its immense powers. Those who live near the tree consider it a spirit, a protector of their home, living with it in symbiosis. It is also the very tree that knows much of the world's history, alongside possible futures. Now it was helping a man who was made young again by his gods so he could rebuild his order of warriors, this man was the Gunslinger Roland Deschain. He sat in front of the tree in a meditative pose and its roots were connecting to him.

"How long will this take?" A voice asked.

In front of Roland and the tree were three people. Susan Delgado Roland's wife and Knight of the Wolf, Cuthbert Allgood a dark-haired man dressed rather fancily and Knight of the Rat, and finally a man with a birthmark on his face named Jamie De Curry who was the one who asked the question and was the Knight of Bat.

"It will take as long as it needs to be Jamie." Susan answered softly, watching as her husband continued with what Gan and the Guardians of the Beam told him to do.

"One would think that a man of Roland's caliber and with the aid of a sentient magical tree the Seven Chakras of Aura would be unlocked by now." Cuthbert said as he brought his ahnds to the back of his head in a relaxed manner. "But it is said that the best things in life are never easy."

"Still, I know this place is safe thanks to the tree but what if-" Jamie said before being cut off by a light emanating from Roland. Seven lights, each one a different color, was emanating from him.

"He did it." Cuthbert said with eyes wide open.

As they looked at Roland the white glow of the Light of All began to shine from him.

"Wait this isn't supposed to be happening?" Susan questioned the Light of All's sudden appearance.

Before they could do anything the white glow of the Light of All became brighter forcing the trio to close their eyes. When they opened them, they were surprised by what they saw in Roland's place.

"Roland?" Susan asked as she approached. "Is that you?"

"Yes. It's still me."


"Or the release of the new terror we would face together." Jim narrated.


Deep within the frozen wastes of the land of the dishonored dead was wolf. But this was no ordinary wolf, this wolf was larger than any wolf ever seen before. It was a giant beast capable of eating its prey in one bite and its hunger insatiable. The hunger that this monster had allowed it to eat anything even things that shouldn't be possible to consume. It was for this reason that the Aesir chained it up in Helheim so it could no longer be a threat to the Nine Realms and beyond.

But some things are not meant to last forever.

The beast smelled someone approach it and it began to growl at them.






A cloaked person much smaller than them approached with a sword in their hands.

"Don't worry." The cloaked figure said with a feminine sounding voice. "Your freedom is here."

She lets go of the sword and it floats in the air before slashing the chains to pieces.


The broken chains fall to the ground and the wolf rises to its feet. It looks up into the sky has the winds of Helheim blow through its hagridden fur. Feeling freedom for the first time in centuries, it releases a satisfied howl.



Gunslinger's riddle:

What has an end and no beginning, but ends all beginnings?