Chapter 10: Preparation

Opening File: Chloe and S'Mana

Chloe and S'Mana are gods worshipped by the people of Gilead and their descendants. Chloe is a woman adorned in golden armor while S'Mana is a man clad in middle eastern robes.

People believe when a person dies their soul may become lost or confused while on the road to the clearing at the end of their path. By invoking the help of Chloe and S'Mana, the soul of the departed can be helped to reach the clearing.

Chloe, the goddess of spiritual strength is asked to fortify the soul of the departed by using up a little of her fortitude with S'Mana, the god of reconciliation and forgiveness, then asked to restore the sense of inner harmony to a soul.

A Funeral Prayer is often spoken during the funeral to invoke these deities.

It goes as follows:

Time flies, knells call, life passes, so hear my prayer.

Birth is nothing but Death begun, so hear my prayer.

Death is speechless, so hear my speech.

This is my friend, who served his ka and his tet. Say true.

May the forgiving glance of S'Mana heal his heart. Say please.

May the arms of Gan raise him from the darkness of this earth. Say please.

Surround him, Gan, with light.

Fill him, Chloe, with strength.

If he is thirsty, give him water in the clearing.

If he is hungry, give him food in the clearing.

May his life on this earth and the pain of his passing become as a dream to his waking soul, and let his eyes fall upon every lovely sight.

Let him find the friends that were lost to him and let everyone whose name he calls call his return.

This is my friend, who lived well, loved his own, and died as ka would have it.

Each man owes Death. This is my friend. Give him peace.

Close File



Roland had spent several hours training Toby and Steve to learn what their Semblances are, and the results were satisfactory to the Gunslinger. Toby's Semblance appeared to be form of Earth manipulation, something the short warrior appreciated greatly know doubt because of his love for geology. Steve's Semblance appeared to be a form of energy manipulation, this allowed him to generate energy for blast attacks, manipulating energy to create constructs, or even absorb other forms of energy like electricity or even Roland's Light of All attacks. Though Steve's ability to absorb energy only seems to work when he's expecting it.

While Toby and Steve were currently practicing their Semblances Roland sat in a meditative pose with his eyes closed. He focused on making sure that there were no distractions interfering with him. Then he opened his eyes…

He saw that he was no longer in Vanaheim but Can'-Ka No Rey, "The Red Fields of None", or to higher beings the Center Point of Creation. All around him there was a field of red roses that went of forever and in the distance was the Dark Tower, the physical form of the god Gan who keeps the various realities of the multiverse separate and to keep out the evil of the Prim, or as some people call it the Pit of Hate.

"It seems your powers with the Light of All have grown scion of Eld." Said a female voice.

As Roland got up, he turned around to see two figures standing before him. A woman in golden armor and a man in middle eastern robes. He from old drawings and descriptions shown to him by his father Steven that these two are the gods Chloe and S'Mana.

"Or perhaps it is a result of the Seven Chakras of Aura brining out the true potential of the Light of All my dear." S'Mana said to Chloe. "Either way, the fact that he was able to hear us calling him is a magnificent feat in of itself."

"Chloe and S'Mana." Roland said stoically. "It is an honor to meet the gods who grant souls safe passage to the afterlife. Though the fact that you've called me must mean something of great importance."

"Indeed Roland." Chloe said to the Gunslinger. "We know of your mission to hunt Garmr and as such our companion Nis, the god of wisdom, has located the beast in Helheim."

"Helheim is known to play on people's minds with their past misdeeds, whether they be living or dead." S'Mana said as he held out a hand and three necklaces appeared on it. "You, Jim, Douxie, and Claire have strong wills to push pash it all and the powers the four of you have will protect you from the cold. Toby, Steve, and Archie will need these charms to protect themselves."

"I understand." Roland said as he held out a hand that S'Mana put the necklaces on.


Everything went white for Roland, and he found himself back in Vanaheim. He brought up his closed right hand and opened it revealing the three necklaces the two gods gave him. He got up and turned around but to his shock he saw that the others had returned and in Jim's arms was a dead Sir-Bark-a-Lot.


A few hours later…

Jim and Douxie explained what happened in Jotunheim and after cremating Barks' body and gathering up the ashes in an urn they finally discussed what they were to do next.

"So, we just stab Garmr with a dagger and Barks' soul will take over?" Toby asked as Jim looked at the dagger holding Barks' soul.

"More accurately I have to do it and then say the words that will release it." Douxie explained.

"You know this may be why Garmr has an insatiable appetite." Archie said from his spot on Douxie's right shoulder. "He may have been trying to find something that he knew he didn't have but ate everything insight to fill the emptiness."

"Regardless we have a job to do." Claire said next. "And that's to save the realms and the people who call them home."

"Yeah, but where are we even going to find that creeper?" Steve asked.

"Helheim." Roland said getting everyone's attention. "Before you returned, I spoke with two of the gods my people worship, Chloe and S'Mana. They and the god Nis found that monster there." Roland then held out the necklaces given to him. "Me, Jim, Claire, and Douxie are strong-willed enough to not let that realm affect us while our own powers can protect us from the cold. The rest of you will need these charms for protection."

"Then it's settled." Jim spoke up as he got up from his seat and looked at the group. "We'll rest up for the night and move out first thing in the morning. We're taking the fight to Garmr."

Everyone nodded and spoke in agreement. As most of the others left Claire remained with Jim and then she gave her boyfriend a hug.

"Don't let the grief you have cloud your judgement, Jim." Claire said as the two of them broke away from the hug. "I don't want you to repeat the same mistake you made when you entered the Shadow World without us."

"I may have broken my promise and rescued Enrique on my own, but this promise I will keep." Jim said as he looked at the sheathed dagger holding Barks' soul. "I won't lose anyone else again.



Standing on a snowy mountain top in the shadow of the giant four-winged Jotun eagle Hraesvelgr was a barefooted woman clad in black and green armor that was worn out from past battles. This was the same woman who freed Garmr from his chains.

"The chaos you have sown across the realms have brought in the attention of outsiders Garmr." The woman said to herself. "I had expected Odin but for this outcome I will let them do as they please for I will not bring in any conflict on myself. You are now on your own."

Yeah, this chapter was short, but this was all that I could come up with for chapter 10. But either way I hope you enjoyed it and that you stay safe.