Chapter 12: Showdown

Opening File: Trolls and Dust

The Troll species is known to be one of the best geologists in the world. This is in part because of their ability to find magic in all forms of rocks and minerals. However, the only mineral they actively avoid are Dust crystals.

The reason why they avoid Dust is currently unknown, however in the few interactions organic races have had with them that they involve violence they said that they find something wrong with it. They further explained that to them the Dust crystals seem almost alive and that the organic races using it for fuel and ammunition seems to be the incorrect use for it. When asked what they believe Dust is meant for they explained that they believe Dust is meant to be untouched within the Earth for a purpose they have yet to figure out.

Close File






Opening File: The Sword of Summer

Once the personal sword of Freyr the Sword of Summer is a blade capable of fighting on its own and able to destroy the chains that bound Fenrir and Garmr. Freyr traded it to Skirnir for the hand of the Jotun goddess Gerd. The sword has recently turned up in Hela's possession who used it to free Garmr and eventually gave it to the master wizard Douxie.


A white void. That is all that Jim could see.

After Fenrir attacked everything had gone black for the Trollhunter and then he found himself in a white void. He looked around and saw that he was now bound in some sort of cage made of black flames. Jim even looked at his body and saw that he was now out of his armor and his whole body seemed to be black as well. As he looked around, he saw numerous other cages in the distance, each one containing another person as well.

"Jim?" Called out Claire.

Looking up, the Trollhunter in question saw his girlfriend, Douxie, and Roland in black flame cages as well. All three of them looking as surprised as Jim himself.

"Heh, heh, heh, heh."

Turning forward to where they heard a demonic chuckle, black flames coalescence and Fenrir's humanoid form appeared and stood 12ft tall. The Fallen Jotun stared at the four with a grin that the four humans returned with hateful glares.

"Welcome to my void." Fenrir said to the four humans. "It is here that those I consume enter and languish for all of eternity. Those that still have their bodies will eventually lose them through decay. Get comfortable, once my main body consumes the other two humans, the dragon, and the wolf possessing Garmr's body nothing in the Nine Realms can ever hope to kill me."

Fenrir turns his back to the humans and begins to float away.

Jim, Claire, and Douxie's own anger began to rise from the words Fenrir said to them. Roland took notice and said to the three of them in a low voice to make sure Fenrir couldn't hear him.

"Careful no." Roland advised them. "Anger can be a powerful weapon, but it is a double-edged sword when not controlled. Grasp onto it carefully and shape it into the weapon that you can control."

Hearing Roland's words calmed the three of them. Taking his words to heart the three of them closed their eyes and it seemed to have an effect on them, allowing them to break through the cages imprisoning them.

With Jim his focus caused the Amulet of Daylight to appear before him.

"For the good of all, Daylight is mine to command!"

The Amulet attaches to his chest making the Magiktech Armor appear and the light it emitted destroyed the cage he was in.

With Claire wisps of her purple shadow magic began to radiate from her. With a yell she releases a short burst of shadow magic that destroyed her cage. When she appeared, her whole body was covered in her own shadow magic, the magic seemed to radiate like flames, and her eyes appeared like white spots. With her hand outstretched her new Shadow Staff materialized in it.

"Claire?" Jim asked, as he was curious about this new state his girlfriend was in.

"Still me." Claire said as the shadows receded from her head.

With Douxie his body became covered in a blue aura of magic, when he opened his eyes, they glowed blue, and the Sword of Summer reacted to it. The Sword flew out of its sheath and slashed at the cage destroying it.

Roland meanwhile channeled the Light of All and destroyed his cage while entering his Knight form.

Sensing the freedom of his prisoners Fenrir turned around and snarled at the four humans who had the audacity to defy him. Stretching out his right hand a ball of black fire materializes and then it forms into a sword he then grips onto. The Fallen Jotun wolf then leaps toward the group. He brings the sword down, but Jim materializes his shield in his left hand and blocks the downward flame sword. In his right hand, Jim materializes Excalibur and swings upward. The god slayer blade slashes Fenrir's chest causing the monster to howl in pain and back up.

Growling, Fenrir raises his sword and orbs of black appear around the Fallen Jotun. Giving a dark chuckle he points the sword forward and the orbs begin releasing blasts of fire toward the four humans. Jim uses his shield to block the attacks that came toward him while Douxie and Claire used their magic to create magical domes of blue light and purple shadows to shield themselves. Roland meanwhile stood his ground and used his Light of All/Seven Chakras of Aura to create guns around himself to fire bullets of light. The light bullets hit the fire blasts and even the fire orbs surrounding Fenrir.


A light bullet managed to pierce Fenrir's chest causing the Jotun to fall to one knee. This allowed Jim to charge forward with Excalibur charged with its light magic. He leaps forward and brings the sword down onto Fenrir.


Fenrir is split in half and the black fire that composed that monster's body dispersed into several directions. The four humans stood their ground as they watched the black flames reconnect and reform Fenrir into a much taller body that was 24ft tall.

The Fallen Jotun growls at the humans and conjures two orbs of black fire in his hands ready to fight them again.

The humans themselves remained undeterred and stood their ground.



While the battle raged within Fenrir's soul another battle was still going on outside of it.


"Run giant wolf run!" Called out Steve.

While their companions had been consumed by Fenrir Steve, Toby, Archie and Barks were still out and about in the material plain, being chased by Fenrir's physical body. The two humans and small dragon had climbed onto the giant wolf's back and Barks had begun running from the Fallen Jotun wolf. Barks was tearing up whatever ice and rocks he stomped on while putting distance between him and Fenrir. Fenrir's physical body was that of his giant wolf form and he was just as every bit of savage as he looked.

"We need to get out of here!" Steve said with a panic look on his face.

"No!" Archie said as he perched himself on Barks head to look at the two teens clung to the wolf's neck. "The others are still alive inside of Fenrir's soul. And with wills as strong as theirs they can break free and destroy him from the inside."

"Yeah, but what about on the outside!" Steve countered.

Toby meanwhile thought for a moment before he saw a bridge that they would be going under soon.

"Guys I got an idea." Toby said as he brought out his hands. Suddenly, by use of his Semblance Geokinesis two Dust crystals flew out of his pockets and into his hands grip. One crystal was ice blue signifying it was ice and the other was brown to so that it was earth.

"You have Dust on you?" Archie asked in surprise. "Tobias, I must remind you that Trolls hate Dust and would rather it remain buried within the Earth."

"It's not like they have an aversion to it." Toby said as he smashed the crystals together to create a ball of ice and earth he then threw at one end of the bridge once they were close enough.

The bridge began to break apart from losing one of its supports causing it to fall. The giant wolf and its companions managed to make it under in time, but Fenrir was crushed under the weight of the broken bridge.

Barks skidded to a halt to look at the remains of the bridge allowing Steve, Toby, and Archie to see it as well.

All was quiet save for the howling icy winds of Helheim.




The rubble of the bridge shifted until black fire emerged from the remains of the bridge reform into Fenrir's giant wolf form. He turned his attention to his foes and growled in anger at them.

Steve seemed scared at first before an idea came to his head.

"Toby, Dust crystal me!" Steve said.

Not arguing why and having a good idea what the blonde was planning. Toby quickly got out a fire and lightning crystal and tossed them to Steve. Gripping them tightly, Steve used his Semblance, Ion, to absorb the energy from both crystals leaving them empty.

As Fenrir slowly began to approach the group with Barks growling at the beast Steve grabbed Toothache from his back and channeled energy into it. With a glare Steve stared down the Fallen Jotun waiting for him to make the first move.


With a howl Fenrir charges at the group.

"DIE CREEPER!" Steve shouted as he swung his axe and released an energy wave charged with electricity and fire at Fenrir.


The blast makes contact with the Fallen Jotun and emits an explosion that sends Fenrir back. Taking that as their que and has Barks resume running again.

"EAT IT BUTTSNACK!" Steve shouted at the monster.

Growling, Fenrir gets back on his feet and resumes chasing his prey.


Fenrir's Void

The battle within the soul of the Fallen Jotun still raged on.

Using his Semblance Strand, Jim was able to swing around Fenrir. Because the strings seemed to be made of psychic energy, they didn't need to physically attach to something allowing Jim to swing around as if the air itself was physical. Thanks to this Jim was able to make hit and run attacks while swinging around.




Fenrir manages to swing his massive arm and manages to hit Jim. The Trollhunter was sent flying, but Claire manages to open a Shadow Portal for him to enter and into her arms. Douxie used his magic to fly up and unleashed a powerful beam of magic that pushed Fenrir about twenty feet away from the humans.

Douxie breathed a little before he accidentally felt something in his left pocket. Taking it out he sees that it was the marble that Merlin left for him in Vanaheim.

'You'll know what the marble is for when the time is right.'

The words from the note ring his mind and left him open to an attack from the Fallen Jotun. He turned to see a massive ball of black fire heading towards him…


The Sword of Summer moved in front of Douxie and slashed the fire ball. Roland moves forward and fires rounds of light explode upon impact with Fenrir. While this happens Douxie looks around and sees the cages with Fenrir's victims. He then looks at the Sword of Summer and Roland and gets an idea.

"Claire, you and Jim keep Fenrir busy while me and Roland do a little something to put an end to this monster." The master wizard said to his friends.

"What are you planning?" Claire asked.

"I can't tell you without him learning it." Douxie said as he pointed to the disoriented Fenrir.

"We'll trust your judgement Doux." Jim said as he unleashed waves of light from Excalibur that struck Fenrir head on.

The Fallen Jotun wolf howls in rage and then charges at the humans. Once he was close enough to them, he swung his massive arms hoping to hit them, but they managed to evade the swings. Douxie and Roland using their powers to fly off.

Douxie led Roland to some cages before he sent magic blasts at them and freed the souls trapped within them. Douxie then sent The Sword of Summer to the other cages to free them. Roland understood what was happening and started shooting at the cages he came across.

Meanwhile with the couple fighting Fenrir Claire channeled a great deal of shadow magic through her staff and unleashed a powerful torrent of magic that kept the monster from getting closer. Fenrir did his best to try and push on through, but he was obviously struggling to make it through. This left him open to an attack from Jim who used his Strand abilities to swing upward and stabbed Excalibur into Fenrir's head. The Fallen Jotun growled in pain and then Jim channeled a massive amount of Excalibur's magic to the wound.

"AAAGGGHHH!" Fenrir screamed in pain and then he shook Jim off his head.

Using his Strand, he managed to lock onto a spot in the void with the psychic strings to stop his flight. Turning to his left Jim saw a Shadow Portal open up and Claire stepped out still in her new shadow form. They saw Fenrir staring them down while growling. Not deterred by the Fallen Jotun or his rage at them, the couple closed their eyes and focused all of their will on themselves. Through force of will they managed to break out of the cages in this void, so what if they could do more…

Once they opened their eyes a flash of light enveloped the two that managed to blind Fenrir. He opened them and saw the two, but they were now different, they were now 24ft tall just like the Jotun Fallen.

Snarling, Fenrir conjures a black flame sword again and dashes toward the two with a swing. Jim blocks with his shield and Claire leaps over and delivers a kick to the Jotun's face. Fenrir stumbles back and then he takes a deep breath before exhaling a massive torrent of black fire at the couple.


The flames shot forward but the duo managed to dodge to the other sides of the flames. Claire swings her staff and conjures up shadow swords, pointing the Shadow Staff forward the blades shoot toward the Fallen Jotun and embed into him. Howling in pain he then shoots towards the Shadow Witch and swings his fire blade at Claire.


Excalibur was thrown and knocked away the fire blade. Fenrir turns to see Jim glaring at the Jotun Fallen while Excalibur materializes back in his hand. Finally reaching his breaking point from the humiliation he was suffering from these humans before outside his body and within his soul Fenrir unleashed a massive howl that was much stronger than his usual ones.


The howl sends both Jim and Claire back, even sending Claire out of her shadow form. Jim shakes himself out of his disorientation only to find Fenrir grabbing by the neck trying to strangle the Trollhunter.

"YOU HUMANS HAVE BEEN A THORN IN MY SIDE FOR TOO LONG!" Fenrir shouted at the Trollhutner. "Any last words?"

"At their…darkest hour…I burn…brightest!" Jim defiantly said to the monster.

Reacting to his will, the Amulet of Daylight sent a surge of powerful magic through Jim's body like how the original did before when Jim fought Gunmar. An emission of light was emitted, and Fenrir was blasted off of Jim. Fenrir was disoriented and when he came to-


Fenrir looked down and saw Excalibur glowing with its light magic stabbing through his chest and going out his back. He looked further and saw Jim holding the handle before giving off a yell.

"AAAGGGHHHH!" Jim yelled as he channeled more of Excalibur's magic through the wound and ended up sending a beam of light out of the Fallen Jotun's back.

"UUUGGGHHHH!" Fenrir screamed in pain from the magic even as Jim pulled out the sword.

Fenrir seemed to fall back and ended up floating in the void disoriented from the whole thing. When he got his bearings, he saw something wrong with his void.

'The cages!' He mentally screamed.

The cages that contained souls of the victims he ate here in Helheim had been destroyed and the souls themselves had been freed. Said souls were now glaring down at him with hate in their eyes. Douxie and Roland appeared next to Jim and Claire, and in Douxie's left hand he held a marble.

"Ready." Douxie said stoically.

"Wait?!" Fenrir said in a panicked tone.

"Get in!" Douxie commanded.

Two Steps from Hell - None Shall Live (Thomas Bergersen) Starts

The souls all circle around Fenrir dragging him toward the marble in Douxie's hand as he chanted the spell Utgard taught him.

"Sofna…upp fra…bessu." Douxie chanted as everyone saw the souls pull Fenrir in a sort of tornado of souls towards the marble. "Sofna…hethan. Sofna…sofna…sofna."

Roland seemed to notice something odd in the tornado of souls. Something that was blue. Once it got close enough, he reached out and managed to grab it. It was a small mote of blue light. He didn't have enough time to contemplate it as the tornado of souls dissipated and the souls themselves appeared around the group.

He returned to the group and Douxie held up the marble. It now glowed black with Fenrir's own dark soul.

"Now sing you bastard." Roland said to the marble.

Two Steps from Hell - None Shall Live (Thomas Bergersen) Ends



Fenrir's physical body chased after the others on the ice planes of Helheim when suddenly he felt a sharp pain that caused the Fallen Jotun to slip and crash onto the ground. The group being chased took notice and Barks skidded to a halt, with the humans and dragon riding on him climbing down.

"What's going on?" Toby asked.

"The others must have defeated Fenrir from the inside." Archie said as he flew in front of the two teenagers.

"So, what do we do now?" Steve asked.

Before someone could say something beams of light began to emit from Fenrir before…


The Fallen Jotun exploded in a flash of light that blinded the group. When their vision returned, they were surprised by what they saw. Jim, Claire, Douxie, and Roland had returned and all around them were the souls of Fenrir's victims. But these souls were not the same as they were like all of the other souls in Helheim, they all appeared as they once did when they were alive.

Toby, Steve, Archie, and Barks approached their friends with Archie perching himself on Douxie's shoulder and Barks nuzzling his giant nose against Jim who petted the giant wolf.

"What happened?" Archie asked his wizard companion.

Douxie brought out the marble containing Fenrir's soul.

"Fenrir's been defeated."

"Fenrir said he was Rolf's enemy it only seems right to give the marble to him." Jim said as he remembered the shepherd from the Crom Crisis.

"He'll most likely destroy it and send Fenrir's soul into oblivion." Douxie said as he put the marble back into his pocket. "Not that I blame him."

"Can we go home now?" Steve asked.

"I'd say we're finally done." Claire said as she returned her staff to its ring form. "What was that thing that you grabbed Roland?"

"This." Roland said as he revealed a small blue light.

"What is that?" Toby asked.

"That looks like a soul." Douxie said. "That must be what's left of Fenrir's soul before he was corrupted by the Grimm essence."

"There's hardly anything left of it." Archie said as he observed the soul. "Whatever personality that was left in it is now gone."

"Let me see it." Jim said as Roland handed it to him.

Jim already knew was a monster from the myths and even more after meeting him he couldn't help but feel sorry for the Jotun wolf before his corruption. He looked towards Barks who now lived in the body of another Jotun wolf and approached him. Barks brought his head down and looked at his owner. Jim brought out his hand that had the soul and touched the giant wolf with it. The soul fragment entered Barks and the giant wolf briefly glowed blue showing that the soul had been absorbed by him.

"I'm giving you a new name boy." Jim said to his pet. "I am renaming you Fenris."

The newly renamed Fenris licked his owner in response to show his happiness.

"Time we go home mates." Douxie said before Roland grabbed the Sword o Summer of him.

"You can go without me." Roland said as he opened a Todash portal. "I'll return the Sword of Summer to Freyr." He then turned toward Fenris and said to him, "Take them home."

The Jotun Wolf looked at Roland curiously before turning around and brought his paws down and a portal back to Arcadia Oaks opened.

"Awesomesauce." Toby said in awe.

The Guardians of Arcadia went through the portal, and it closed behind them. Roland looked towards the Todash portal and walked through it.

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