Chapter 3: Hunters in the Dark

Opening File: AAARRRGGHH!

Aarghaumont, better known as AAARRRGGHH! is a Krubera Troll who was once handed over to the Gumm-Gumm leader Gunmar as a youngling along with other Krubera children by the Krubera queen Usurna.

Upon first glance, AAARRRGGHH! appears to be a hulking brute, but in reality, he's a gentle giant with a limited choice of words. He often speaks in simple sentences such as Jim Good. Once a feared lieutenant for Gunmar's army, AAARRRGGHH! has since renounced his heinous ways and has joined the good Trolls. A reformed fighter, AAARRRGGHH! has adopted a zen-like attitude for pacifism, avoiding conflict. As conflicts with Gunmar's son Bular escalated in modern day he made friends with the first human Trollhunter Jim and became the wingman to Jim's best friend Tobias Domzalski. After Jim struck a fatal blow on Bular the son of Gunmar tried to use his dying strength to get revenge, he almost killed Toby forcing AAARRRGGHH! to finish off the Gumm-Gumm prince and breaking his pacifist vow. Viewing the safety of his friends as more important than maintaining a vow.

Close File






Accessing File: Steve Palchuk

Steven Q. Palchuk, was a stereotypical jock bully who takes great pleasure in tormenting other kids who he deems weaker than him. He was also persistently vindictive, as he wanted to get back at Jim for knocking out his tooth and making him look like a fool (which initially backfired on him due to his large ego). Steve also seems to be a spoiled sport, since he kept on gloating when he won Spring Fling King (for no reason) and kept being mean to Jim and Eli after they won the events. He also prefers to solve all of his problems by using brute force. Coach Lawrence (Steve's stepfather) has implied that Steve's harsh behavior was likely because of his now-absent father's hostile nature, thus straining most of his social interactions with his peers and his mother.

However, when Steve begins to learn about the supernatural activities going on in Arcadia, he has become a better person and since then, he and his new best buddy, Eli, have been devoted to protecting the city their way, though he still sometimes goes back to being a jerk for the sake of his image. After Coach Lawrence becomes his new stepfather, things became uncomfortable as Steve tries to distance himself from him because of his past daddy issues. When Lawrence goes crazy from the Gravesand, Steve starts to emotionally connect with his new father and admits that Lawrence is a much better parent than his real father ever was, since he is caring and loyal, implying that his father was a cruel and abusive jerk.

He also seems to have a liking for tough girls, as when Aja angrily kicked him after he threatened her brother, he instantly fell in love with her. However, he does often feel bashful and nervous when he asks her on a date but gradually begins to warm up. Even after he discovers that Aja is an alien, he was taken away by her beauty and accepts her for who she is, completely throwing aside how much he trash-talked about aliens before. He also admitted that he's become quite used to most of the weirdness of the supernatural after learning about trolls, aliens, and wizards in Arcadia. As such, he was more surprised that Archie was a cat with glasses than the fact that he's a talking cat.

Steve is also not exactly the sharpest crayon in the box since he doesn't really do his schoolwork and somewhat believes everything he is told. Despite his dimness, however, he is still quite clever, resourceful, and can show many hidden depths that no one else could ever notice before. He's even quite creative with his words whenever he insults or boasts, something Sir Lancelot (Steve's ancestor) took note of.

After kissing the Akiridion Queen Aja Tarron seven times Steven became pregnant with their seven children, who he gave birth to in a few days.

Close File.


Unknown location

"I'm sorry what's this monster's name again?" Said a voice.

The location was an unknown building and in it were three people. Two of the people were Roland and his wife Susan, the third person and the one who asked the question was a Gunslinger with brown hair and eyes is Randolph the new Knight of the Dog.

"Garmr." Roland explained. "A monster from Norse mythology with a name similar to Garm's the Guardian of the Beam who bestowed power onto you."

"Right, and it's just you Gan is sending?" Randolph aske. "I know you got a lot more than what you bargained for after that whole Seven Chakras of Aura thing but maybe we should wait for the others to get back from recruiting more Gunslinger descendants and we can fight this thing together."

"No, I can't bring any Gunslingers with me, all things serve the Beam." Roland said before turning to Susan. "I know you want to come with me but…"

"I know and I won't come with you, my love." Susan said as she placed a hand on Roland's cheek. "But I ask that you come back safely we don't truly know how strong you've become since the Seven Chakras merged with your Light of All."

"I promise you." Roland said as he slowly removed Susan's hand from his face.

"Do you know where to start looking for Garmr?" Susan asked with concern in her voice.

"Gan has already told me where to look for it."


Arcadia Oaks woods, nighttime

The woods of the suburban town were as quiet as it was dark this night. While many places would have nothing going on at this time Arcadia Oaks was a different story altogether.

"Haven't done a usual night mission back here in months."

"For you and Claire maybe Jimbo but me and AAARRRGGHH! have been doing plenty of night missions while you two were gone."

"Don't forget I'm part of this too Domzalski."

A group of teenagers were patrolling the ones they consisted of Jim Lake Jr., Tobias Domzalski, Claire Nuñez, and Steve Palchuk.

Steve has quite a buff and lean structure, due to being an athlete. He has dark blonde hair and brown eyes. He is normally seen wearing a teal polo shirt with a yellow symbol on it, tan jeans, and white tennis shoes. Right now, he was wearing knight armor that he got when he time traveled to Camelot a few months ago. Magnetically attached to his back was his battle axe Toothache, named as such since the 'blade' is actually a discarded tooth from Lady Nimue the Lady of the Lake.

Likewise, Toby and Claire were wearing their respective armors. Toby's was an orange suit of industrial-like knight's armor, complete with a breastplate (the chest area), pauldrons (the shoulder areas), vambraces (the forearm areas), gauntlets (the hand areas), tassets (the hanging bands that protect the thigh areas), greaves (the leg areas), and sabatons (the feet areas) with orange trimmings. Underneath the armor, there is a dark orange inner layer. It also comes with a helmet that has a built-in headlight.

Claire's is a purple suit of woman knight's armor, complete with a breastplate (the chest area), pauldrons, vambraces, cuisses (the thigh areas), poleyns (the knee areas), greaves, and sabatons with purple trimmings. Underneath the armor, there is a dark purple inner layer. On her hands are purple claw finger ring tips. There is also a purple helmet that covers her hair but shows the greater part of her face.

"What's taking Douxie so long?" Steve asked as he removed Toothache from his back.

"He said that he needed to check his books to see what monsters we might be dealing with, so I left AAARRRGGHH! with him to get him here fast when he's ready." Toby explained.

The people of Arcadia Oaks were speaking about strange sights in the woods. Rumors had spread that strange creatures were moving about in the woods. And for the Guardians of Arcadia this was the kind of mission they would need to investigate. With the Trolls resettling in the old Trollmarket again they needed to make sure everything was safe.

Jim then whistles and calls out, "Barks, here boy!"



Approaching the group was an adolescent grey furred wolf, this was Jim's pet wolf Sir Barks-a-Lot. Jim had first met this wolf when he had first turned into a half-troll months ago. At the time Barks had to be reunited with his mother and siblings, now months later Barks is an adolescent and no longer a cub, allowing him to be Jim's pet.

"See anything boy?" Jim said as he knelt down scratched Barks behind his ears a little.

The wolf simply shook his head 'no' to answer Jim's question.

"That's okay boy." Jim said reassuringly.

"Hey, are you still trying to figure out what your Semblance is Lake?" Steve asked.

"Yeah I am." Jim answered Steve's question.

While it was true Jim did have a Semblance when he was a half-troll after he had died and was resurrected back as a human, he lost it and the color of his Aura changed from red to green. Blinky believed that Jim's old Semblance was only connected to his half-troll form and as such would need to rediscover his Semblance again once more.

"We miss anything?" An all too familiar voice called out.

The group turned to see an 8'9ft Troll approaching them with Douxie riding on his back and Archie, in his dragon form, perched on Douxie's shoulder. The Troll was huge, he had rock-like gray skin, green eyes, and a dark green beard and hair on his shoulders, back and chest. He has four short horns and a large black nose, a small tail, and engravings on his arms, knees, waist and chest. This was the Troll Aarghaumont or AAARRRGGHH! to his friends.

"Nothing yet Douxie." Claire responded, answering the question asked by the 900-year-old wizard.

"Wingman you made it." Toby said to AAARRRGGHH! as he approached him and offered a fist bump to which the Krubera Troll returned.

"Always here to help." AAARRRGGHH! said.

"Did you figure out what we might be dealing with Douxie?" Jim asked.

"That's the thing." Douxie said as he got off AAARRRGGHH!'s back. "Nothing in my books gave a clear indication as to what we might be dealing with."

"Which can only mean that we might be dealing with something that's unknown or something Merlin never expected us to fight." Archie said adding his own two cents into the discussion.

"Still, if there's something out here that could be a threat to the town we have too-" Claire said before being cut off from the sound of a twig snapping.


The group tensed up and looked in the direction of the sound. Douxie summoned his staff, it was a black metal staff with a large electric blue gemstone embedded at the top. It has a rather angular and futuristic design and has a large handle-like protrusion, used for holding it.

Toby brought out a strange item and from it his Warhammer appeared. The weapon is made of smooth light orange crystal with some deep orange coloring in the centre. The crystal is translucent, and the outline of the staff can be seen. One side is uneven and jagged. The other side is flat and has some golden engravings on it. It is mounted on a long staff which continues into the head of the hammer and comes out on the other side as three sharp spikes.

Claire got out the cutlasses Nomura gave her and Steve gripped Toothache tightly though he still looked nervous.

Jim brought out the Amulet of Daylight and read out its incantation.

"For the good of all, Daylight is mine to command!"

The Magiktech Armor is formed around Jim, and he summons Excalibur to his right hand. In his left-hand Jim summons a shield that was far bigger than his old one, he then throws it to Barks and the shield forms a suite of armor around the adolescent wolf.

"Be ready for anything." Jim says to his friends.




Sounds were coming out of the bushes and a feint growling could be heard from them. Jim, Claire, Douxie, Archie, and AAARRRGGHH! had steeled themselves for what may come out.

"Graghhhh!" Came the sound of the creatures that came out.

The group was surprised by what they saw. What they were seeing was a couple of dozen humanoid figures in tattered clothes and armed with old swords and other types of melee weapons. They had icy blue skin, possesses glowing light blue eyes, and some even had protrusions of ice on their bodies.

"What the heck?" Jim asked in confusion. "I was expecting, rogue Trolls, Goblins, or even Helheetis not whatever these things are."

"I know what they are mates." Douxie answered. "They're a type of Draugr from Helheim, they're called Hel-Walkers."

"What's a Draugr?" Steve asked as he readied Toothache against the approaching monsters.

"There a type of undead being from Norse Mythology." Claire answered.

"Wait, undead? ZOMBIES!?" Steve cried out. "Are they going to eat our brains!?"

Toby looked at Steve for a second before answering. "I don't think you'll be on their menu dude."

"Oh good." Steve said in relief. "Wait a minute."

"HEY!" Steve said upon realizing that Toby was making a joke that Steve didn't have a brain.

"They don't eat brains they just kill everything in sight." Douxie clarified as he charged up a spell in his staff. "Now let's take them down!"

Douxie fired a blast of blue fire that destroyed the head of one of the Hel-Walkers. Its lifeless body fell to the ground and dissipated. Another charged at the successor of Merlin, Douxie sees it and uses his magic to telekinetically throw several rocks at it. The undead warrior is left stunned, allowing Douxie to charge it and to knock it off its feet with his staff, and then Douxie brings the bottom part of his staff down and crush the monster's head.


Turns to the left to see a Hel-Walker about to bring its axe down on him. Acting quick, Douxie uses his magic to bring up a shield to block the attack. The undead warrior had swung with enough force that when its weapon hit the shield it bounced off. Douxie saw that it was stunned and quickly dropped his shield to attack.

"Tenebris exilium!" Douxie said the name of a spell and fired a burst of magical energy that obliterated the monster.

Douxie looked around and saw his familiar Archie flying in the air and firing fireballs at a couple of Hel-Walkers that kept swinging their swords in the air to reach the small dragon. Douxie fired a few more bursts of magical energy and eliminated the two undead beings.

"Looked like you could use some help, Archie." Douxie said as he smiled at his oldest friend.

"You know what they say Douxie, 'never look a gift horse in the'." Archie said as him and Douxie returned to the fight.

"DIE CREEPER!" Steve called out as he used Toothache to bash in a Hel-Walkers head.

Steve, Toby, and AAARRRGGHH! had grouped up to fight a group of Hel-Walkers. One charged at Toby and tried to grab him.

"WHOA!" Toby called out.

Thinking quickly, he used the gravity curse on his Warhammer to pull himself into the air to dodge the Hel-Walker. Then he used it again to increase its weight and bring it down and crush the Hel-Walker.

"Who's next?!" Toby called it in a challenging tone.


Toby turns around to see six Hel-Walkers approach him.

"GRRAAAGGHHH!" AAARRRGGHH! called out as he attacked them, only now his engravings glowed green, and his eyes turned black with green pupils. This was a state he entered when sufficiently angeredHe brought down two fists and crushed two of the undead warriors. Another tried striking him from the side but AAARRRGGHH!'s stone hide was too strong for the hit to do any damage. The Troll in question merely growled in frustration at this pitiful attempt on his life, he then grabs the Hel-Walker and uses it to repeatedly smash the fourth and fifth Hel-Walkers into oblivion. Once they were dead, he threw the one in his hand into the air and allowed gravity to finish it off. AAARRRGGHH! then grabbed the sixth Hel-Walker and pulled it apart and then threw its two halves into the ground.

"Whoa there big guy." Steve said after he killed a couple more Hel-Walkers. "Let's try to keep it PG here."

AAARRRGGHH! calmed down with his markings and eyes returning to normal. "Right."

Meanwhile, Jim and Claire were taking down the undead in a way that could be considered almost like a dance. Jim dashed forward and killed two with a single slash of Excalibur. Another tried to hit him from the side, but a shadow portal opened in front of it and Claire came out of it and swung her cutlasses at its neck decapitating it.

"Good move." Jim complimented his girlfriend.

"Are you flirting with me right now." Claire said with a grin as she sheathed one of her swords.

"No, just giving an honest compliment." Jim responded with a smirk.

"In that case." Claire said as she held out her free hand. "Care to dance?"

"I do." Jim said as he grabbed Claire's hand.

The two looked at each other as Hel-Walkers charged at them from all sides, but the couple themselves didn't look worried at all. The two of them then threw the other in the opposite direction of the other using the momentum to increase their speed and to hit the monsters hard. Jim managed to kill one with Excalibur in the dash and then charged forward and cut two more in half before they had a chance to turn back. Claire meanwhile had stabbed one in the abdomen and then kicked it off her sword. The group it was part of quickly turned around and charged at her. She leapt over one and decapitated it as she landed and then used her free hand to fire a few shadow blasts to eliminate a few more Hel-Walkers.

"Take this!" Jim said as he bifurcated a Hel-Walker.

Another one charges at him and lunges with its spear, acting quickly, Jim parries the attack and lunges forward.


Jim stabs it in the chest and then brings it up the sword cutting through the monster's head. Jim takes a deep breath as Excalibur begins to glow a bright light. With a yell Jim turns around and swings the blade releasing fiery light wave that disintegrates a group of Hel-Walkers. Jim then hears a yell and looks up and sees a shadow portal in the air and a group of Hel-Walkers fall out of it and die upon impact with the ground. He turns around and sees Claire with her hand out.

"Creative move." Jim said.

"I aim to please." Claire responded with a smirk.

They then hear a growl and see Barks with his fangs on the leg of a disarmed Hel-Walker. The Hel-Walker itself tried to shake off the adolescent wolf. Jim then summons a metal whip and throws it at the undead warrior. The whip wraps around the monster's head and Jim pulls hard enough that pulls off the Hel-Walker's head. Both the head and body dissipate, and Jim approaches his pet wolf.

"Good boy Barks." Jim said as he petted the head of his pet wolf who barked happily.

Jim looked around to see that all of the undead were dead and his friends approached him and Claire.

"So, is that it?" Steve asked. "Are we done?"

"Looks like it." Toby said.

"Not quite." Douxie said to the group. "Hel-Walkers appearing here isn't normal."

"Douxie's right." Archie said as he perched himself on his friend's shoulder. "Hel-Walkers have only ever appeared in areas were the Norse religion were prevalent and they haven't appeared on Earth in centuries."

"Then what are they doing in Arcadia?" Claire asked.

"Don't know." Douxie said as he brought a hand to his chin.

"Let's head back to Camelot." Jim suggested. "Maybe Blinky and Nari might kno-"


The group tensed up and got their guard back up. That growl was louder than the Hel-Walkers and it sounded like the growl of a wolf. Something caused the leaves of the tree line to rustle. The group looked up and couldn't believe what they saw. It was the biggest wolf they had ever seen. It had raggedy white fur and some of it was stained red with blood and its eyes were a deathly blue. As it approached them, they saw that its legs lacked fur.

"Oh, fuzz buckets!" Douxie cursed upon recognizing the creature.

The giant wolf finished its growl with a bark and then it lunged at the group.


A few minutes later…

AAARRRGGHH! didn't know what had happened after the wolf attacked but he was knocked out. As he came to, he looked around and saw that everyone was.

"Wingman? Master Jim?" The Krubera Troll called out hoping someone would answer. He noticed something shiny on the ground. He approached it and saw that it was one of Claire's swords.

"Got to get back to Blinky." AAARRRGGHH! said to himself as he picked up the sword. "Need help to find the others!"

He then rushed back to town hoping his best friend would have the answers, all the while not knowing that the others were sent somewhere not on Earth.


Unknown desert

"Jim? Jim, wake up." Said the voice of Claire.

Everything went dark when that monster attacked them, and Jim had a headache and for some reason he felt sand beneath him. As he woke up Jim noticed that he was lying in sand and was in a cave. Taking a minute to see his surroundings Jim saw Claire and Sir Barks-a-Lot in front of him, he noticed Douxie and Archie helping Toby and Steve up.

"I'm fine Claire." Jim said as Claire helped him up. "Just…what was that massive wolf?"

"That was Garmr." Douxie answered as everyone turned to him and Archie. "A monster with an insatiable appetite and will eat anything and everything. He has the power to traveler the Nine Realms, he must have brought those Hel-Walkers from Helheim and brought us here."

"Just where on Earth are we?" Claire asked.

"Not Earth Claire." Douxie said as he approached the cave entrance, and everyone followed him. "Where on Alfheim."

Jim, Claire, Steve, and Toby looked in shock at not just the desert that lay before them, but the unfamiliar stars in the night sky, as well as the two giant jellyfish-like creatures that flew through the night sky and the beam of light in the distance.

"Welcome to Alfheim." Archie said to the group.


Alfheim forest

A Todash portal opened up and out of it stepped out Roland Deschain. He took in his surroundings and noticed the beam of light in the night sky.

"Gan said to head for the Temple of Light to Garmr." He said to himself as he got out his revolvers. "Let's go to work."

Name: Jim Lake Jr.

Species: Human (Formerly Troll/Human hybrid)

Aura: Green (Formerly Red)

Semblance: Unknown (Formerly Spirit Caller)

Weapons: Amulet of Daylight and Excalibur, a magical blade imbued with powerful magic and possesses trace amounts of Anti-Magic. The Anti-Magic makes the blade and the Amulet immune to other sources of Anti-Magic keeping the powers of the weapons intact. Jim is also capable of creating other weapons with the right combination of stones inserted into the Amulet of Daylight.

Other notes: Jim's return to his human form has caused him to lose his old Semblance and original Aura color. His current Aura color may indicate that he might have a different Semblance in his human form or may not have another one.