Chapter 8: Planning

Opening File: Utgard-Loki

The ruler of castle Utgard in Jotunheim, and king of the Mountain Jotun. Utgard-Loki's name translates to "Loki of the Outyards" or "Loki of the Outlands", to distinguish him from the other Jotun Loki, the Norse god of mischief. Utgard-Loki is regarded as the most powerful sorcerer of Jotunheim and has studied magic alongside the wizard Merlin under the tutelage of Yen Sid.

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Thanks to Lord Maximus for providing me with the next two scenes to help this story further with the main story and GrimmFall: Ragnarok.


Before the group decided to leave Asgard they agreed to a tour of the Great Hall from Thrud before leaving. Douxie, Jim and Roland followed Thrud as she gave them a tour of the Asgard Palace. Jim could admit he was impressed but nothing made him pause until he spotted a nearby wall, seeing the oil painting on it. A painting of Asgard's army engaged in battle against…

"Are those Grimm?" Jim muttered aloud.

Thrud stopped and looked at the wall paintings. "Indeed, they are. I see you discovered the depiction of the Grimm Invasion of Asgard."

"The Grimm actually invaded Asgard?" Jim turned to Thrud with a surprised face. "This is the first I am hearing of this."

"I knew about it too, but I didn't want to say anything and risk upsetting our hosts. Especially Odin." Douxie admitted as he looked over the wall paintings. "This was a dark time, wasn't it?"

"To say the least." Thrud muttered.

Jim looked over the paintings, depicting the Grimm attacking and destroying much of Asgard, given the destroyed buildings and even warriors falling. Sure, he could also see Asgard's army fighting back but it still looking bloody.

Then he came upon the image of man wearing a long flowing coat, a sinister grin on his face as he pointed forward with the Grimm moving in the direction of his finger. The dark depiction sent a chill down Jim's spine, not unlike he had felt in the presence of dangerous beings before like Gunmar or Belroc.

"This guy here…The way he's commanding the Grimm." Jim said slowly. "Is that-"

"Sammael." Roland said and Thrud quickly shushed the three.

"Be glad you did not utter that name in front of Odin." Thrud lowered her finger. "He has decreed no one will speak that man's name here in his palace."

"Sorry." Jim apologized. "But he actually invaded Asgard?"

"He did." Thrud answered, staring hard at the depiction of the Grimm King. "Long ago, when I was still an infant, too young to join my father in battle. It was his last battle that led to his death and later led to Odin's decision to imprint his essence on Mjolnir. My uncle Valhallen later decided to go to Earth to help keep the Grimm from invading Asgard ever again."

"I know of this pain you feel." Roland stated. "My people have suffered at his hands as well. Know that we work to ensure that he will never succeed in his goals."

"If only grandfather and the rest of Asgard were as determined as you are." Thrud turned away.

Jim perked at that sentence. "What do you mean? From the looks of it, Asgard beat back the Grimm and Sammael."

"We did, at a cost. And since then, aside from my uncle Valhallen who is now a member of that superhero group and Rossweiss who Odin ordered to watch over my father's reincarnation, it was decreed that no one from Asgard shall set foot on Midgard, so as long as the Grimm and their masters roam." Thrud stated, turning back to look at them. "My own grandfather seems more concerned about halting Ragnarök than actually avenging my father's death. So much that he would allow Gna's underlings to sneak around in the other realms. My mother would never let me say it, but I almost think he's afraid of them."

"I heard the invasion of Asgard was costly." Douxie admitted. "As a king, perhaps Odin is more concerned about preserving his people than thinking of starting a war."

"And if my father were alive, war would be the first on his mind for these demons daring to desecrate our land." Thrud was now glaring at the paintings. "Instead, my father's essence is bound to his hammer, our borders closed, and this painting here is all I have to remember of my father's bravery and honor as a warrior. All because my grandfather failed to kill that man when they fought."

Douxie was now surprised. "So, Odin faced Sammael? Personally? One would think we would see something like that on these paintings."

"Odin does not speak of that battle, any more than he would utter that man's name. The mortals who worshiped us on Midgard, even the ones on Berk did not receive any aid from us when that man almost destroyed them." Thrud sighed. "The truth is, that man and the Grimm are descended of a great darkness that Odin and many other gods feared. Never once did he believe they would find their way to Asgard and when they did, it took the strength of all of Asgard's warriors to drive them back. Though I sometimes I wonder if it was as great victory as these paintings would have us believe."

"Sammael is cunning and maybe Asgard's victory was not as great as the historians would say but the fact that you are alive now, proves Asgard is indeed strong and can endure much evil." Roland stated.

"Perhaps." Thrud took one last look at the painting. "I wonder though, if the borders between Asgard and Midgard ever will open again…"


Once Odin had dismissed the Trollhunter, Gunslinger and Wizard he helped himself to some special wine, wanting to enjoy the moment of peace he had despite the concerns in his mind from both Garmr and the possibility of Ragnarök.

'And you call me a monster.' His voice suddenly spoke in Odin's mind.

Odin's eye widened as he turned around, looking around with a careful but angered look on his face.

'The Gem of Soul has been found. Your days are numbered.'

"Shut up." Odin growled under his breath. "I will not be led astray by my own fears speaking that wretch's voice in my head."

'If only that were so. You haven't told them the truth. Why you closed Asgard off from Midgard…It wasn't because of me, we both know that.'

"Are you gloating from all the way down in your dark hole, monster?" Odin snarled.

'Really? You still think I'm the monster when you took advantage of two sons dying and sealed up the other just to preserve your throne? I wonder what the rest of your family would think if they learned you did everything not to save Asgard but to preserve your rule.' His voice chuckled. 'I didn't have to continue the invasion once I learned everything. Your days are numbered, Odin and no one will prevent it, not the Trollhunter, not the Wizard, not the Gunslinger and best of all I won't have to lift a finger. Enjoy your last remaining days, All-Father, I am sure they will be memorable.'

Odin threw his cup across the room, watching as it shattered against the wall and contents spilled across the floor.

Odin was panting now, silent as he waited but knew HIS voice was gone now. "It won't end…I will do whatever it takes to prevent it…"



After getting a tour of Asgard the trio of humans and accompanying wolf returned to Vanaheim. When they learned that the others haven't returned yet the Shield Maidens Gondul (grandmother of Rossweisse), Gunnr, and Olrun brought them to Folkvangr.

"This Coconteppi guy was the father of the Arcane Order?" Jim asked Douxie as the three humans, three Shield Maidens, and adolescent wolf walked to where the others were. "Who was the mother?"

"It's not what you think mate." Douxie explained to the Trollhunter as Barks walked alongside them. "It is said that before there was the universe there was nothing, and before nothing there were monsters. This swarm of giant primordial eldritch beings was called the Sea of Golden Mosnters. After the universe came into existence these monsters' reigned terror over inhabited worlds seeking only to make others suffer. When the meteor that was the Grimm essence crashed onto our world Coconteppi was attracted to it and followed. He saw that its crash broke into realms that each had its own source of magic." Douxie then brought up his hand and conjured a blue flame. "The one realm he was interested in was the one I and several others magic is connected to is the power of Quintessence."

"Quintessence?" Jim asked.

"The power of life itself." Douxie explained. "Krel told me an alien race called the Eliksni refer to it as Light. He gathered up enough primordial Quintessence he could find and mixed it with his blood created Belroc, Skrael, and Nari along with their Titans. His plan was to have his children use their Titans and Earth's primordial Heartstone to remake the planet in his own image. But the Arcane Order met the Six Founding Spiral, the ones who gave mankind the twelve gifts, they convinced the Order to turn against their father and as such the three of them destroyed Coconteppi. The Arcane Order still wanted to use their Titans to remake the world into one without the Grimm Essence but were convinced not to and as such their Titans and full power were sealed away. They were told that if the balance was disturbed too much then they could unleash their Titans and remake the world."

"The seals were unlocked but with Belroc and Skrael dead, and Nari having a change of heart we don't have anything to worry about." Jim said as the group came across the others and the door that contained Merlin's secret.

"Oh fuzzbuckets." Douxie cursed as he saw that the door was Lock and Latch. "Let me guess Merlin moved these two here and placed a riddle."

Freya, Sigrun, Eir, Archie, Steve, Toby, and Claire turned to see the others were here now.

"You can say that." Archie said as he flew to Douxie and perched himself on the wizard's shoulder. "If by locked with a riddle you mean complete nonsense then yes."

"What's the riddle?" Roland asked.

"Why did the dead baby cross the road." Toby said with a roll of his eyes. Roland's eyes widened in surprise as this was the last riddle Bessa asked him in his dream last night.

"It doesn't make any sense." Claire said as Jim approached her with Barks. "I mean how does a-"

"Because it was stapled to the chicken's butt!" Roland called out to the doors. Everyone present was confused by this answer.

"That is…" Lock said before Latch continued.


The living stone faces moved to the sides of the rocky wall opening the passage.

"Now that our purpose is complete, I think it's time to *yawn* rest." Lock said.

"A rest to last forever." Latch said as he and his brother became inert.

"That answer made even less sense then the riddle!" Steve said, getting frustrated.

"How did you know the answer master Gunslinger?" Freya asked Roland.

"It was in a book of riddles my adoptive son Jake once had." Roland explained with a hint of solemness in his voice.

Freya picked up on the solemnity as did Jim and Claire, the teenage couple having known Jake Chambers for a few days before he died.

The Guardians of Arcadia, Gunslinger, and Queen of Vanaheim entered the cave with the Shield Maidens remaining behind to guard the entrance. The group came into a small room and found a box on a small rocky outcropping. They approached it with Douxie opening the box. Inside they found a note, a marble, a vile of blood marked Erebus, and a circular amethyst gemstone. Douxie took out the note and began to read it out loud.

'Hisirdoux, if you are reading this then the worst has come to pass, Garmr is now free, and I have died. After the battle of Killahead I used the Omniscience Stone to foresee potential disasters and Garmr's freedom was one of them. When I was younger my father Oberon sent me back in time using the Phoenix Gate to the Connected Era, it was here that I was apprenticed to the Master Wizard Yen Sid, and it was here that I met my best friend the Mountain Jotun Utgard-Loki.'

"Utgard-Loki?" Toby and Steve asked.

"Loki of the Outlands, the king of the Mountain Jotun." Freya explained.

"He's not the same as the trickster god Loki." Claire said to her friends.

'Utgard-Loki came to Earth to study under Yen Sid to become a powerful sorcerer. He and I became the greatest of friends, he explained to me that despite the prophecy of Ragnarök being envisioned by the Jotun Groa he hoped it would never come to pass. When we learned of Garmr and how its unkillable nature was due to his lack of a soul he told me that the Jotun have a spell that can effect souls and that it could be used to defeat the beast. Sadly, he never told me it. But he promised me that he would teach it to me if Garmr was ever released. That duty now lies on your shoulder's son, you must journey to Jotunheim and convince him to teach you the spell. I have also left this amethyst gemstone for Claire to be taken to the Lady of the Forge to be used in forging a staff of her own. Despite only having less than a year's worth of magical use under her belt her aptitude with Shadow Magic has been most impressive, even reaching limits that no one else has at such a young age. The vile of blood marked 'Erebus' is from the primordial Greek god of night that I won off of him in a bet, you will need it for the Lady of the Forge to make your staff Claire. The Dwarf Brok can lead you to her in Nidavellir.

Yours truly,


P.S. You'll know what the marble is for when the time is right.'

Douxie grabbed the marble while Claire took the gemstone and vial of godly blood.

"Guess we know what to do now." Toby said.

"Jim and Douxie can head to Jotunheim tomorrow to meet with Utgard-Loki." Roland said to the group. "Claire and Archie can head for Nidavellir with Brok, while you two." Roland said as he glanced at Toby and Steve. "Will stay in Vanaheim with me as we figure out what your Semblances are, I've noticed you two haven't demonstrated what they might be, which is I'll help you figure them out Gunslinger style."

"That doesn't sound so bad." Steve said.

"Gunslingers have very tough training regimens." Douxie said to him.

"Oh crud." Toby cursed.

"Think you'll be okay with meeting Utgard?" Claire asked Jim.

"I'll be okay, though considering our track record with going to places to meet people." Jim said as he petted Barks' head. "I'm pretty sure a fight will ensure.

The vile of god blood was supposed to be the Greek goddess of darkness Nyx the wife of Erebus, but I'm pretty sure you would've confused it for Lady of Chaos Nyx so I went with a different god of darkness.