Author's Note: Thank you so much for clicking on this story, I have been reading Total Drama Fanfiction since 2010 and have always wanted to write one but never put in the time and effort to fully plan one out until now. Watching the Reboot pushed me to make this, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! This is my first time writing a story like this, so I apologize for any mistakes.

As for the Randomized facts of this story, I randomized the cast between all 67 canon Total Drama players and a few RR players. I increased the number of players this season to 24 to make it more even. The theming was also randomized between locations, all challenges besides the first one will be randomized, and all teams were randomly selected.

Hope you enjoy!

"So, Uh, This Is My Home? Part 1"

The scene started with a hastily put together wooden dock that was connected to a beautiful island full of towering pine trees and bright green oak trees. Massive hills and mountains poked out of the treeline on all sides while birds flew in the distance. It was pure tranquility, an island barely touched by mankind.

The peace was quickly broken by a man walking into frame, the man was around 30ish years old with a small stubble covering his face and well taken care of gelled hair on top. The man had a massive smile covering his face and his arms gesturing outwards, "Yo! We are coming at you live from Pahkitew Island, a Cree island located in Western Canada! I'm your host, Chris Mclean, dropping season one of the hottest new reality show on television right now!"

Chris started to walk further down the dock while talking, "Here's the deal, 24 campers have signed up to spend the next eight weeks right here on this untouched island." The scene changed to show a shot of several logs and barrels lined up on the edge of a cliff with tiki torches. "No Shacks!" came Chris' voice offscreen.

The next scene showed a beautiful waterfall flowing down a cliff face with a large pine tree covered in moss and mushrooms all over its trunk. "No Showers!"

The next shot pictured a cliff face with a massive cave entrance near the bottom and a small pond in front of it with lily pads floating on top. "No Hotels!"

The final shot was just a small puddle of water in rocky terrain and a few rocks and bushes nearby, "No Hot tubs!"

We quickly returned to a gleeful Chris who continued to explain the premise of the show, "The only manmade structures here are this crummy dock and an even more crummy outhouse! While the contestants are on this island, they'll compete in challenges against each other and then have to face judgment from their fellow campers! Every few days one team will win a nice reward while the other has to vote out one of their own members and have them walk down the embarrassing Dock of Shame and take a ride on the loser boat" a picture of a boat that has been taped onto a plank of wood is lowered into frame. Chris does a short laugh and continues, "And leave Pahkitew Island for good!"

The scene quickly changed to the lined-up logs and barrels with Chris in the shot, a barrel to the right of Chris was in an upright position with several marshmallows on it. "Their fate will be decided here, at the dramatic campfire ceremony where each time all but one camper will receive a marshmallow." Chris picked up one of the marshmallows and tossed it in his mouth, quickly swallowing it. "In the end, only one will be left standing and will be rewarded with fifteen minutes of fame and a small fortune of $100,000, which lets face it they'll probably blow in a week."

"Every moment this season will be caught on one of the hundreds of cameras situated all over the camp". A quick montage started showing cameras in bird nests, hidden in rocks, under the water, taped to birds.

Chris was back on the dock, ready to finish his introduction, "Who will crumble under this immense pressure? Find out here on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!"

(Intro Starts)

The Dock of Shame

The camera pans back to Chris on the Dock of Shame, "Welcome back to Total Drama Island. It's time to meet our campers. We told them that they'd all be staying at a 5-Star resort so if they seem a little TO'd that's probably why."

A boat pulled in at the edge of the dock and quickly drove off, leaving a short and skinny teen standing on the dock with a massive backpack on his back. The boy had gigantic glasses on his face, a bright red sweater and orange shorts on. He looked around at the natural environment with wide-eyed wonder and sniffed into the air, "Fresh air! A real lake! Birds!" He pointed to the sky on his last statement but quickly fell over due to the weight of his backpack.

Chris walked over to the boy and helped him up. "Cameron, Welcome to Pahkitew Island! I know you don't get out much since you've been a bubble boy your whole life and all but try not to freak out too much and be the first person voted out." Cameron gulped and walked over to the right side of the dock.

Another boat pulled up and dropped off a girl with dyed purple and pink hair tied up into two pigtails. The girl was wearing a creepy doll-like dress with knee-length pink and purple socks. "Welcome to the island Lauren, light packer?" Chris said, noticing that she didn't bring any luggage.

Lauren looked at Chris with a wide smile before pulling out her black umbrella, glitter covered knife, and a small doll wearing the same dress as Lauren. "I have all I need." Lauren said, before skipping over to Cameron with a wide smile on her face. She immediately got into Cameron's face with a smile, "You should really stop staring at me." Which resulted in Cameron instantly curling up into a ball while Lauren gave a creepy laugh.

"Aw, our two contestants are getting along so well! But will our third camper fit in with them?" Chris gestured to a tall person with a buzzcut, a green shirt under military dog tags, and massive boots.

The new camper put down his duffle bag and saluted to Chris, "Brick McArthur reporting for duty sir!"

"At ease soldier, welcome to Pahkitew Island", Chris then gestured out to the island.

Brick scratched the top of his head in confusion, "Uh sir. Are you sure you have the correct island? According to the application form we should be staying at a luxury resort for this."

"You'd be right! We totally lied on those forms to get you all to sign up, it was hilarious!" Chris gleefully laughed, while Brick got an annoyed look."Now get with the others, our next camper is arriving!"

Standing on the dock was a big guy with blond hair and a white shirt with a maple leaf on it. Before Chris could even say a word the maple leaf guy let out a yell in excitement, "WOO-HOO! CHRIS! What's happening!" He put his arms to his head and had a short laugh before continuing, "This is so awesome, Woo-hoo!"

"Owen, Welcome!" Chris exclaimed. Owen ran up to Chris and grabbed him in a massive bear hug.

"Awesome to be here man", Owen said with a smile while Chris grimaced in pain. "This is just so, uh" Owen trailed off, unsure what to say.

"Terrifying?" Lauren offered with a big smile.

"Yea- Wait what, no! I mean awesome." Owen replied

"Sorry. I was just saying what he is feeling, it's hilarious" Lauren gave a creepy laugh while pointing to Chris.

"Oh sorry man! I was just so excited". Owen put Chris down with an apologetic smile. Chris quickly brushed off his shirt, "Not cool dude, move down the dock." Chris pointed to the left with an angry look. Owen picked up his bag and walked with his arms down and a frown on his face.

Chris took a moment to compose himself before smiling to the camera, "Our next two campers have come as a package deal since birth!" He then gestured to the right side of the dock.

The boat pulled away to reveal two identical twin girls both wearing identical red cheerleading outfits and tall white boots. They both had the same teal colored eyes and blonde hair, the only distinguishable difference was the one on the left having a mole on her cheek.

"Good to have you both here, Welcome Amy and Samey." Chris said while the twins walked over with their red suitcases. Amy had a confident smirk on her face while Samey had a frown.

"Uh, it's Sammy actually," Sammy said, trying to correct Chris.

"According to Amy's application form everyone calls you Samey." Chris already had an annoyed look on his face

Sammy's eyes quickly darted to Amy's angered face, "Well yes but…"

Chris pulled out a paper and read from it, "According to this the name was given to honor the fact you are the second twin. A lesser Amy if you will."

Sammy winced but kept on going, "but my real name is Sam-"

"We already printed out the promotional material, you are officially Samey!" Chris yelled, silencing any future protests from Sammy about this subject. She put her head down and held her arm while Amy walked with a smug smirk on her face.

While the two were walking Amy stuck out her leg in front of Sammy resulting in her falling face first into the wooden plank. "Oops! You've always been the clumsy one." Amy said with a smirk and joined the others.

Lauren clapped in excitement, "Hahahaha! Clumsy people are the best, they cause so much unexpected harm.."

Brick instantly ran to Sammy and held out his hand in concern, "You ok?"

Sammy nodded and grabbed his hand and pulled herself up, "Thanks for that. Not used to these boots."

Chris was so distracted by Sammy falling down that he didn't even notice the next contestant walk up behind him until they spoke. "Excuse me? Guess my invisibility cloak was stronger than expected." The new camper wore unique apparel, choosing to come to the island in green wizard robes and a fake gray beard.

Chris jumped from the unexpected presence but quickly recovered, "And this is Leonard, described himself as a larper, whatever that means! Join the others if you would."

Leonard picked up a sack that had potions, wands, and wizard hats sticking out of the top. When Leonard arrived he dropped the bag and started digging through it, "Aha! The dice of fate, time to determine my first impression. I choose you, Charisma!"

"Woah, you brought a 20 sided die!? I knew I was forgetting something." Cameron said, looking impressed at Leonards choice of luggage.

Leonard weakly tossed the die and looked down at it like it was the most important thing in his life, sweat was pouring down his face. Cameron gulped. Owen was biting his fingers. Amy rolled her eyes. Then the die stopped.

It landed on 4. Leonard looked disappointed and turned to the others, "Aw Darn. U-Uh Hello p-puny mor..tals who d-dare to um challenge me."

"Can we please move on from the poster boy of no life magazine?" Amy pleaded to Chris.

"She's in turmoil, keep it going!" Lauren pleaded to Leonard.

"Enough! We have to get through so many more of these, stop distracting me!" Chris glanced back to the camera with his trademark smile, "And now welcome our eighth camper, an Olympian in training Sky!" Chris gestured to a shorter girl with short black hair, two red earrings, a pale and purple shirt and black sweatpants.

She gave a quick smile and wave to her fellow campers while turning to Chris with a raised eyebrow. "I was told that this island would be suitable for my olympic training. Where is the gym?" She asked while trying to peer into the dense wilderness of the island.

Chris let out a short laugh and gestured to the whole island, "I'm sure training in the forest will be much more rewarding! Now off with you." He gave a gentle push to Sky while she grumbled about the situation.

Everyone's attention was suddenly on the upcoming boat to its blaring music, on the top of the boat was a dancing blonde teenage boy wearing a cowboy hat, an unbuttoned bright pink shirt, and sandals. Once the boat arrived at the dock he hopped down and gave a thumbs up to his driver. He then turned to Chris and smiled while walking up, "Chris Mclean!" He gave a quick fist bump to Chris before continuing, "What's up man, it's an honor to meet you man!"

Chris smiled back and pointed finger guns at the contestants, "The Geoffster, welcome to the island man."

Geoff put his fist up into the air with a smile, "Thanks man"

Amy put a hand on her head and muttered, "If I hear man one more time then I am going to drown myself."

"Oooooh! Man, man, man, man, man, man." Lauren said, jumping up and down, only to realize Amy hasn't moved. She got up directly into Amy's face with a frown, "Did you lie to me? Do you know what I do with liars?"

Amy screamed and pushed Sammy in front of her, "Take her first!"

Geoff walked up to everyone with a confused look on his face while the next boat pulled into the dock. The next teenager was a boy with a backwards yellow baseball cap on his head, a small goatee on his face, and was wearing a blue jacket covering a green shirt. The boy walked confidently up to Chris, "Ayo Ayo, it's Damien time! I'm here for the $100,000. Where's it at?"

Chris laughed in disbelief, "We aren't just going to give you the money, you did read the rules before signing up, right?"

"My friends read it for me and said i'd have a better chance going in with no knowledge! I did hear something about a sweet resort which I cannot wait for!" Damien said with a big smile still looking around, hoping to see a building in the distance.

"Sorry to burst your bubble but we lied about that", Chris smiled at Damien's shocked expression. "You are going to be so fun to mess with, now get a move on while our next camper shows up." Chris gestured for Damien to move while the next boat pulled in.

The boat dropped off a boy with a massive head, long black hair that stopped at his neck, he was wearing a red and blue sweater vest with greenish shorts. The boy picked up his suitcase and walked towards Chris with a bored expression. "You get my memo about my life threatening allergies?" He asked while walking by Chris.

Chris offered a wave and a smile, "I'm sure someone did!"

"Good." Noah looked back at Chris, "Is this where we are staying?"

Damien spoke up, "It seems so, I was promised a resort!"

Noah rolled his eyes, "I already regret my life decisions."

The camera panned to a shot of the lake with a boat coming in fast, attached to that boat was a parachute. Zooming in revealed the person parachuting was a black haired teenager with a salmon colored sweater.

Chris gestured to the sky, "And here's our twelfth camper, Chase!"

"Coming in hot dudes!" The camera panned back up to the parachute, Chase grabbed a knife out of his pocket and cut the strings of the parachute hurtling him downwards. He then put his body in a cannonball position and landed in the water on the left side of the dock, causing a splash to hit everyone.

Amy shrieked about her hair getting wet. Cameron coughed up water. Lauren gave a creepy thumbs up to the camera.

Owen and Geoff ran up to the edge of the dock with huge smiles on their faces. "That was totally wicked dude!" Owen said while Geoff kneeled down to offer a hand to Chase.

Chase grabbed Geoff's hand and pulled himself up onto the dock and did a fist bump while turning to look at the camera. "If you liked that stunt then you should totally check out our livestream Three guys-"

Chris spoke into his megaphone, "No plugging your channel on my show!" He then smiled at the Camera, "Now let's start with the first of our next twelve campers, DJ!"

Walking up to Chris was a tall and muscular teen boy with a beard on his face and wearing a green t-shirt with the letter 'D' in the middle. DJ put down his two duffle bags and offered a quick high five to Chris.

"Yo, Chris Mclean. How's it going?" DJ took a brief look at the island and looked back at Chris, "Hey, you sure you got the right place here? Where's the hot tub at?"

"Yo dude. This is it, Pahkitew Island!" Chris said, gesturing to the island.

DJ picked up his bags with a slight frown while still looking around. "Hm it seemed a lot different on the application forms."

Chris opened his mouth to speak but the next contestant ran in front of him and waved to the camera. She had bright blonde hair, orange sunglasses covering her eyes, and her entire outfit from top to bottom was bright pink. "Hiiii, Dakota here! Ready to start my brand new adven-" Dakota was interrupted by Chris pushing her out of frame.

"Don't steal my spotlight!" Chris gave an accusatory glance at Dakota.

She grumbled and muttered "Rude" under her breath while walking to the others.

The next boat dropped off a girl with glasses and ginger hair tied into a large bun. She pushed her glasses up and walked over to Chris, "I can see my deduction of us staying in the wilderness was correct."

Chris' mouth opened in shock, "How'd you guess?"

Scarlett looked at him with a bored expression, "Despite the resort image in the application form, the contract we had to sign made no mention of said resort. Adding onto that the contract had us sign numerous waivers about animal attacks and poisonous flora. The explanation was obvious."

Damien put his hands to face, "Wait. Did she say animal ATTACKS? POISON? What did I sign up for!"

"Hopefully tons of pain", Lauren said while smiling creepily to Damien.

DJ put a comforting hand on Damien's shoulder, "Hey, all of these shows use these waivers. It doesn't mean anything actually dangerous will happen to us, I am sure they've got our backs. Right Chris?"

Chris paused for a second before looking back to the camera, "Moving on! Our next camper, Millie!"

He gestured to a shorter girl with dark brown fluffy hair covering her neck, she was wearing a salmon colored shirt covered by a gray jacket. She gave a quick nod to Chris, "Pleasure to be here!" Then continued to walk to the rest of the campers where she stopped to look them all over.

She witnessed Chase and Geoff trying to balance on the dock's pillars, Leonard's wizard apparel, Dakota trying to be in front of every camera, and Lauren carving an image of a dead rat into a plank on the dock. Millie smiled and pulled out a notepad and pen, "This is perfect!"

The next boat parked on the dock and remained, no one was getting off.

"What's taking so long?" Sky asked aloud.

Lauren looked up excitedly, "Ooooh maybe they died from sea sickness!"

"That's not fatal!" Cameron corrected.

"Oh for crying out loud" Chris angrily stormed down the dock and dragged the camper off the boat. He was a tall teen with glasses, curly auburn hair and a very minor beard. The teen was completely absorbed in a hand-held video game device, rapidly pressing the buttons. "Sam! Put down the game, it's your turn."

"Give me a second." Sam put in some more inputs while Chris was tapping his foot and looking at a watch. "Alright, sorry about that but everyone knows that you can't pause the game when you have the grenade launcher upgrade." He gave a soft chuckle and looked up to everyone's annoyed expressions.

"Is that really common knowledge?" Owen asked.

"Maybe for people with no lives." Noah said in his deadpan voice but Owen burst out laughing much to Noah's surprise.

"Ugh are you kidding me? Three nerds in a row, what is happening to the world!" Amy asked out loud, which got her dirty looks from the surrounding campers.

"Maybe the next camper can be a palette cleanser, here's our surfer chick Bridgette!" Chris gestured to a blonde girl who had her hair tied up into a massive ponytail. She was wearing a pale blue sweater and was carrying a massive orange surfboard.

Bridgette walked up to Chris and held her surfboard up while putting her bag down. "Hey. What's up?"

Brick looked at the water in concern, "Are these waters suitable for surfing?"

Bridgette shrugged, "I thought we'd be at a beach."

"We are!" Chris said. The camera panned to rocky beaches and water that was so calm that even the seagulls floating on it were growing bored.

"Great." Bridgette said dryly while she picked up her board and accidentally bonked Chris with it.

"Ow ,darn it, that hurt!" Chris said while rubbing the top of his head.

Lauren let out a gleeful laugh, "I like her"

Bridgette walked up to Geoff, Chase, Damien, and Owen and stopped, "Hey guys." Geoff gave a quick smile and wave while moving to the other side of her, "Hey, I'm Geoff."

This caused Bridgette to turn around with her board, nearly hitting Chase, Owen, and Damien. "Be careful with that thing, you almost knocked me overboard!" Damien yelled while crouched down.

"Ok we've all met our surfer chick, lets- AH!" Chris jumped when he saw that the next contestant was already sitting on one of the dock's pillars. The light blonde haired girl wearing a green sweater was meditating and in deep concentration.

The disbelief was clearly on Chris' face, "D-dawn!? How did you get here? A boat hasn't even pulled in yet!"

Dawn opened one of her teal eyes and looked at Chris, "Oh, I took a shortcut." She answered, acting like it was the simplest thing in the world.

Dawn jumped off her post and walked over to the rest of the campers, most were too shocked about her sudden appearance to speak. Others like Geoff, Chase, Amy, and Dakota didn't seem to care.

Leonard walked over to Dawn, "Did you use a teleportation spell, I was thinking of using that too." Dawn just raised an eyebrow at him in confusion.

A new boat dropped off the 20th camper, a giant teen girl with her black hair tied up into a ponytail under a fedora. She was also wearing a white t-shirt under a small jacket with pockets and pale shorts. The girl tipped her fedora while walking over to Chris, "G'day mates. Looking forward to meetcha." she said in a deep Australian accent.

"And here's Jasmine, coming all the way from the land down under!" Chris said while Jasmine walked by.

"Woah, you look just like Montana George, sick cosplay." Sam said after bringing his eyes up from the game console for one second.

"These are my normal clothes?" Jasmine said while standing behind Amy. When Amy turned around she screamed, "Ah giant!" and moved Sammy in front of her.

"Are we gonna have a problem?" Jasmine asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Not at all, Sammy was the one that screamed. Totally not m-" Amy was sweating but quickly got cut off by a loud shriek coming from the other side on the dock.

The culprits behind the shriek were two girls wearing identical clothing of an ill-fitting black and white striped shirt and pink shorts. The girls even had the same hairstyles of two twin ponytails. The two girls were clearly not twins with one being taller than the other.

The tall girl turned towards the shorter one and smiled, "Sadie, can you believe we are here?" The smaller one, seemingly named Sadie, smiled back "OMG I cannot." Sadie then pointed towards the island, "Katie, look at this island, it has like a nature aesthetic!"

Chris walked up to the girls, "Welcome ladies, as you can see this island is 100% wild!"

Katie grabbed Sadie's hands and squealed, "Eeeeeeeeeh, we are going to be just like those people on that tv show your dad watches! He is going to be like so proud of us." Sade smiled back and squealed at an even higher pitch, "EEEEEEEEH, I totally know that show! It's a bit gross-"

Back on the other side of the dock everyone is covering their ears. "They're louder than my alarm clock, how is that possible?" Brick asked while still putting his hands over his ears.

"They must be speaking at a volume of 200 decibels." Scarlett said while wincing.

Chris managed to pull out his megaphone, "ENOUGH! Get to the edge of the dock!" The volume of the megaphone almost sent the BFFs flying back but they managed to hold on. After recovering they simply walked out of frame in a state of shock.

Chris brought his arms out, "Now it's time for our 23rd camper, Bowie!" A boat pulled out that left a skinny and tall blonde teenage boy. Bowie was wearing green pants, a purple shirt that left his stomach exposed, a pearl necklace, and heart shaped sunglasses over his eyes.

Bowie had a confident smile on his face while he walked up to Chris, "It's good to finally be here Chris. I am ready to compete."

"We'll start shortly, go stand with the rest while our last competitor comes on in!" Chris said.

The camera panned to the water where a boat was flying at high speeds, behind the boat was an athletic teen with brown hair, a red headband, and a bright red tracksuit. The boy was on two orange skis behind the boat at high speeds, the wind was blowing his hair back and forcing his face into an awkward smile.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, our last camper, Tyler!" Chris said from offscreen. Upon hearing his introduction, Tyler let one hand off the handle to give a quick wave to the camera. This instantly backfired and his skis flew away and he got launched forward, rolling onto the water until he hit the dock which sent him into a pile of suitcases from the other campers and completely buried him.

"Is he ok?" Brick asked, clearly worried.

Then a hand shot up from the pile and gave a thumbs up. Chase, Geoff, and Owen each pulled out a piece of paper that had a 10 on it and clapped.

The camera panned back to Chris who was now holding a camera, "After that graceful landing, we now have everyone. First things first, we need a group photo for the promos so come over this end of the dock everyone."

All 24 campers walked over to the right side and posed in front of the Pahkitew Island treeline. Chris jumped up to the top of the boat that was bringing Tyler in and got ready for the shot, "Ok one, two, three-" Chris tried to snap a shot but noticed a lens cap was still on, which he promptly ripped off. "Ugh this is why I told the network to hire a professional for this, whatever. Let's try that again ''. Chris got into pose again and restarted the countdown, "One, two, three-" Chris tried snapping the shot only to read something on the camera. "You are not going to believe this, the card is full! Let me just delete something…aha found some wedding photos that they probably no longer need."

Amy rolled her eyes, "Hurry it up, I can only tolerate being this close to Samey for a few more seconds!"

"Alright, I got it. Everyone say Pahkitew" Chris said, getting ready to snap the picture.

"Pahkitew!" All 24 campers said it with large smiles on their faces. But while they were speaking a terrifying creaking noise was coming from the dock, having everyone stand in one place for such a long period of time was too much for the dock. Terrified expressions went on everyone's faces, besides Lauren who strangely was looking at everyone like it was Christmas morning. The dock gave way at the same time Chris took the photo of the cast.

The end result was a photo showing Owen and Noah grabbing onto a plank of wood. Sadie's face barely poked above the water. Geoff and Damien's hats floating in the water. Sam holding his game console above the water. Jasmine casually standing up.

"Going to have to get Chef to repair that later" Chris said to himself. His focus then turned to those in the water, "Ok guys. Swim to the beach and dry off, there I'll explain the game."

The Beach

The scene shifted to the beach where Chris was speaking in front of all 24 campers. "This is Pahkitew Island, your home for the next eight weeks. The more observant of you may have noticed that this is certainly not a resort, that's because we lied!" Chris let out a short laugh and saw several frowns among the campers.

"Wait what?" Dakota screamed out. "Don't tell me we have to sleep in some dirty cabin."

"Don't worry Dakota, you won't be sleeping in Cabins but we'll get to that later." Dakota let out a sigh of relief while Chris continued. "The campers sitting around you will be your cabin mates, your competition." Bowie gave a concerned look at Jasmine, Scarlett adjusted her glasses, Millie wrote some quick notes, Sky looked around, and Noah rolled his eyes. "And maybe even your friends." Chase and Geoff fistbumped. Sadie and Katie hugged one another. Amy scoffed looking at Sammy.

"The camper who manages to stay on Total Drama Island the longest will win $100,000 in cold hard cash!" Chris finished to the applause of the majority of the cast.

Chase raised his hand, "Do I get any benefits for being the most famous?"

Dakota took off her sunglasses, revealing her green eyes, and got directly in front of Chase. "Um, excuse me? Do you know who my dad is!? Does the name Milton ring a bell?"

Chase shrugged, not caring for the name drop. "I mean sure i've seen a Milton hotel before but come on, I got three million subscribers, that's more than the population of Australia."

Scarlett raised a finger, "Actually the population of Australia is 25 million people."

"Thank you for that useless fact Scarlett. Chase popularity like that won't get you any benefits. Especially when it doesn't compare to me." Chris said with a smug smirk, only to get annoyed at the accompanied silence.

"Moving on. We are going to split you into two teams." Chris pulled out a piece of paper to read off of.

Katie grabbed Sadie's hand, "I have to be on a team with Sadie or I'll die." Sadie nodded, "and I'll break out into hives, it's true."

"This must be the ninth level of hell" Noah snarked which got a quick laugh out of Owen.

"If I call your name then go stand over there." Chris said, pointing to the left side of the beach.

"Amy, Chase, Sadie, Leonard, Jasmine, Tyler, Scarlett, Cameron, Bridgette, Damien, Dawn, and Noah." The twelve campers moved to the designated location while Chris pulled out a cue card. "You will now be known as Pimâpotew Kinosewak, which is Cree for Soaring Eagle."

"Um, no, sorry." Sky said from off camera, "That means the floating Salmon."

Chris let out a quick laugh, "Then I guess you're the floating salmon."

A logo of a salmon floating above the ground appeared on screen, signifying the team's logo.

"A truly inspired name" Noah snarked.

"Salmon are majestic creatures with the strength to combat waterfalls, this is still a wonderful name." Dawn said smiling to her team.

Sadie looked around with a panicked look, "What about Katie?"

Christ gestured to a new spot on the beach, "The rest of you over here. Geoff, Samey, Sam, Katie, DJ, Sky, Owen, Lauren, Bowie, Millie, Dakota, and Brick. You will be known as the Wâneyihtam Maskwak, which in Cree means, the ferocious tigers-"

"The Confused Bears?" Sky said, cutting Chris off.

A logo popped up on screen again, this time being a bear with several question marks around it.

Chris ripped up the cue card and mumbled to himself, "This is what happens when someone uses a free online translator."

"But Sadie's a Salmon, I have to be a Salmon!" Katie pleaded to Chris. Sammy put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her, "Katie is it? I know being separated is tough but its going to be ok."

These words did not make Katie feel better as she reached her arm up to Sadie, "This is so unfair! I'll miss you Sadie." Sadie responded with tears in her eyes, "I'll miss you too!"

"Alright campers." Chris said, bringing attention back to himself. "During your stay on this island, you will be on camera at all times."


Static filled the screen and the scene shifted to the interior of an outhouse with Chris sitting on it.

Chris: You will also be able to share your innermost thoughts on tape on video diaries anytime you want. Let the audience at home know what you are really thinking. Or just get something off your chest.

Owen: Hey everyone check this out, I have something very important to say. *Farts* Haha

Katie: I cannot believe that Chris would separate me and Sadie, that is like so rude. We have never been on different teams before, once our gym teacher tried separating us and we cried for 30 minutes straight until he gave up. I wonder if that will work on Chris?

Amy: My team got so lucky they got me and not that dead weight of a sister. I wouldn't be surprised if just her presence curses the entire team to a miserable life!

Sam: My main hope here is not getting cut first, that'd be lame. But if I stick it out long enough to be cut 6th or even 7th how cool would that be? (He looked at the camera for a short second before pulling out his handheld gaming console)

The Beach

The scene shifted back to the beach with Chris and the campers, "All right. Any questions?" Several campers raised their hands, "Cool. Walk down the main trail through the forest until you get to your first challenge."

Forest Path- Floating Salmon

The Salmon team logo popped up in the left corner while the twelve campers were walking through the forest path. The camera zoomed in to Chase and Tyler walking alongside one another.

"Dude, that water ski stunt you did was sick, it reminds me of a jet ski prank I did with my friends." Chase smiled, recalling his viral videos.

Tyler put his hands up to his face, "That was you!? Me and my buddies on the football team were dying laughing about that for weeks. When that guy's hair burned off from the explosion was golden."

Chase laughed, "Oh yeah Cosmo was pissed for weeks after that but he's grown to love the bald lifestyle. So what do you think of our team? I feel like we got some real babes here, that cheerleader chick is smoking dude!"

The camera zoomed out to reveal Amy directly behind them, "I'm right here you morons." She said with an angered expression.

"I know." Chase said while winking to her.


Chase: I was hoping for a bromance with that Geoff guy since he knows how to party but he's on the other team. Oh well, Tyler is just as awesome since he knows how to appreciate a good prank.

Tyler: Tyler is in the house! Or is it the Outhouse? What's up to my Football, Soccer, Hockey, Baseball, and Tennis teams back home, I'm on TV!

Amy: Men are such pigs but I can't blame them, I mean look at me! And in a game like this those morons could be useful.

The next group featured Sadie sobbing while Dawn and Bridgette were trying their best to comfort her.

"What if Katie DIED when I wasn't looking, then I'd never see her again!" Sadie wailed while sobbing into Bridgette's sweater.

Bridgette tried her best to not look uncomfortable, "You have to realize that's a little overdramatic, right? You'll both see one another nearly every day!"

"It used to be every minute!" Sadie said, crying even louder.

Dawn put a comforting hand on Sadie's shoulder, "I can sense from your aura that you are strong enough to rise over this challenge! And by being separated your friendship may grow even further."

Sadie stopped crying to glare at Dawn, "Are you saying our friendship isn't strong!?" Dawn quickly pulled her hand away and gulped.


Dawn: Reading auras are easy once you get the hang of it. Explaining them to others still remains the tricky part…

Sadie: My friendship with Katie is like stronger than Diamonds. Me and Katie both know that crying gets us what we want, just ask our math teacher!

Jasmine was leading the pack with Scarlett and Damien close behind. Jasmine looked back and started up a conversation, "So what made you two sign up for Total Drama? I personally wanted to have a great adventure."

"I wanted to showcase to the world that intelligence can help you in all areas of life. Beyond that, the money would be useful for kick-starting my college education, not that I doubt I'll get full scholarships." Scarlett said matter of factly.

"Good on ya Scarlett, I need to think of what I'd put the money towards. What about you Damien, why'd you apply?" Jasmine asked.

"My friends tricked me into thinking I'd get $100,000 for just living in a resort for a few weeks! Thankfully this place doesn't seem too dangerous, all we need is a nice place to live." Damien said, allowing himself to get his hopes up once again.


Scarlett: I can't believe people still think Chris is going to be providing a home for us. He blatantly said we won't have the resort nor cabins to sleep in, what are people actually expecting?

The last group of Salmons consisted of Cameron, Leonard, and Noah. Cameron and Leonard were engaged in a riveting conversation while Noah looked ready to die.

"And then there I was, the last member standing in my party. I looked around at my fallen comrades and drew inspiration from their sacrifice. I cast one last fireball and took out the dreaded Dragon ruler." Leonard explained to a very captivated Cameron.

"You managed to win? I thought it'd be all over for you once Tammy went down!" Cameron said with his eyes wide open.

"Wow that's so cool" Noah said with a deadpan tone.

"You bet, that's why I am my guild's leader after all." Leonard said, pointing to himself.

"Wow that's so cool" Noah said in the exact same tone.


Cameron: I can't believe I got lucky enough to meet an actual Dungeons and Monsters player. My mom forbade me from playing due to the risk of the imaginary violence hurting me.

Leonard: It feels so good to be with people who appreciate my skills, the bullies at school are so going to rue the day they teased me.

Noah: I stopped listening and just said the same line every few minutes, I don't think they noticed.

Forest Path- Confused Bears

The logo of the Confused Bears popped up in the left corner while the shot changed to a different part of the path with all 12 of the Bears. The camera zoomed into Sam, Dakota, and Millie walking down the path. No conversations were happening between the three, Sam was gaming, Dakota was texting, and Millie was writing some more notes down.


Millie: I came on Total Drama to get a first hand glimpse at my failure of a generation. I plan on taking notes about all the stupid or weird things they do to one day turn it into research. Thankfully this experience is already providing such great research!

Dakota: Waiting for this show to be on TV will take way too long, that's why I need my phone. Everyone has to know where I am and what I am doing at all times or I'll cease to exist!

Further down was Katie being comforted by Sammy while Bowie was following closely behind.

Katie turned to Sammy, "I am like so glad I have someone who is in the same boat as me. Suddenly being without someone that has been a supportive pillar for our entire lives."

Sammy let out an awkward laugh, "Uh y-yeah, that's definitely Amy. A pillar…" She trailed off while rubbing her left arm. Katie seemed satisfied at this response and walked on ahead.

Bowie took this opportunity to approach Sammy, "Anyone with working ears or eyes can tell that you don't get along with your sister. Any tea for me?"

Sammy's eyes opened wide in shock, "Uh I never said that. Amy is um well, she's y'know the kind of uh…"

Bowie put his hands up, "Relax. I can tell this is a hard conversation so only tell me when you are ready. Just know that I am already in your corner." He said while walking away. This left Sammy a bit stunned but a small smile formed on her lips.


Bowie: In a game like this you need alliances and they start with two people. Sammy would be the perfect ally, she has a ton of tea about a fellow competitor and I can sense an inner warrior buried within.

Sammy: OMG I signed up for Total Drama to get away from Amy and while I am bummed she's even on this island, being on a different team is the next best case scenario. That being said, it's still hard to talk about her knowing that she'll one day find out. But she's awful and everyone should know that! (Sammy covers her mouth) Oops did I say that out loud?

The next group featured Brick leading the pack, Owen following behind, and Lauren holding her doll.

"When are we going to eat!? I'm starving." Owen said, the camera panned down to his stomach which let out a loud growl.

"I'm sure we'll get some food at the challenge, soldier, it's almost midday." Brick answered, looking ahead.

Owen seemed satisfied at that response and turned to look at Lauren who was just watching him and smiling. "H-hi? You always seem so happy, how do you do it?" Owen asked, a bit unnerved.

"It's just so much fun imagining how everyone sounds screaming in their sleep, I can't wait to find out." Lauren let out a creepy laugh. Brick and Owen looked at one another with wide eyes.


Brick: As a proud cadet. I don't get scared easily. But that girl is terrifying, why is she on my team? I need my teddy bear!

Owen: Is it just me or is that girl just a tad bit crazy?

Lauren: I came on Total Drama to make a ton of new friends and watch them get really hurt. I'll like that.

The last group featured DJ and Sky walking slightly ahead of a depressed Geoff.

Sky spoke in a quiet voice to DJ, "Why is he so sad?"

DJ shrugged, "I think the dude hoped to be put on a team with other people."


Geoff: Chris is a monster! He separated me from that hot surfer chick and my pal Chase, we were kindred spirits man!

Sky: It's honestly shocking how some are already demotivated, it's only been a few hours since we started. How do they expect to survive eight weeks here?

Trash Dump

The scenery changed to a massive garbage pile surrounded by trees. The two teams walked into frame and stood on two separate sides of Chris.

Chris raised up his arms with a large smile. "Welcome campers to your first challenge, are you ready?"


Author Note: Apologies for the abrupt ending but I knew this had to be split into two parts, next episode will be the first challenge and elimination! Any early favorites? Any ships you are hoping for? Who will go home first? Find out next time! Before we leave, here are some quick notes:

-Amy/Sammy and Katie/Sadie were paired together in the randomized list to guarantee they'd be on the same season together.

-Scary Girl is still called Lauren for now but I plan to have a canon reason for why her name shifts over time.

-Despite having numerous Ridonculous Race Contestants be eligible, none got randomized.

-Should I rewrite the Total Drama Intro with this cast? Do readers like that? I obviously couldn't have it in this chapter due to spoilers for who is competing.

Floating Salmon: Amy, Bridgette, Cameron, Chase, Damien, Dawn, Jasmine, Leonard, Noah, Sadie, Scarlett, Tyler

Confused Bears: Bowie, Brick, DJ, Dakota, Geoff, Katie, Millie, Owen, Sam, Sammy, Scary Girl(Lauren), Sky