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"Basic Straining"

Dock of Shame

"Last time, on Total Drama Island!" Chris said from the center of the dock.

A montage of scenes from the previous episode started to play, starting with all the campers sitting around the campfire. "We decided to torture our campers even more by forcing them to stay awake for as long as they could!" Quick shots of Owen and Cameron falling asleep played, "Most failed miserably." The next shot featured a tired Jasmine and Brick glaring at one another, "After many hours it all came down to Jasmine and Brick but in the end," quick shot of Brick falling asleep played, "Jasmine showed us Canadians how it's done and won it for the Salmon!" Next shot featured Dakota and Sky glaring at one another, "In the end Dakota unsurprisingly got the boot, probably because her attempts at acting sucked!"

Back at the Dock of Shame, "Can the Confused Bears win another challenge? Will I let the players catch up on sleep? Find out the answers tonight on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!"

(A light falls into the frame, shining a beam of light offscreen. A camera suddenly pops out of a tree. Another camera lifts itself out of the water, scaring an unsuspecting frog on a lilypad)

Dear Mom and Dad, I'm doin fine

(The perspective rapidly moves over the Dock of Shame, moving past Chris and Chef, who are both relaxing on chairs at the beach.)

You guys are on my mind!

(The camera flies into the dense tree line of Pahkitew Island)

Ya asked me what I wanted to be

(On the other side is Jasmine, Sammy, and Millie by a bush. Jasmine is searching through the bush, Sammy is holding onto a pile of fruits, and Millie is writing in her notepad. Suddenly a bear runs into frame, causing all three girls to run away)

And I think the answer is plain to see.

(Chase and Amy are walking by a river when suddenly Jasmine, Sammy, and Millie run by followed by the bear. Chase screams and pushes Amy into the Bear's direction.)

I wanna be famous

(Going by the river is Sadie and Katie in a canoe just laughing with one another. Until suddenly they fly down a waterfall, holding onto one another while they fall)

I wanna live close to sun

(At the bottom of the waterfall is Geoff and Bridgette, relaxing on a surfboard smiling at one another. Until Katie and Sadie fell on top of them, sending all four under the water.)

So pack your bags, cause I've already won

(The scene shifts to the interior of a cave, a table featuring a teapot and cups in the center. Damien and Owen are seated in a chair, tied up and gagged, while Lauren places her doll in the third chair and starts to pour tea with a smile.)

Everything to prove, nothing in my way

(In the middle of the woods Leonard is waving a wooden wizard wand to a very interested Cameron, Scarlett who is yawning, and Noah who is rolling his eyes. Suddenly a bird steals the wand from Leonard and flies off.)

I'll get there one day

(In the middle of the woods, DJ is relaxing with a ton of wild animals. Suddenly the wizard wand falls from the sky, startling the animals, who all bite DJ. He runs in terror past Dawn who is in deep meditation, surrounded by candles.

Cause I wanna be famous!

(Sam is secretly playing one of his handheld devices in the confessional. The camera zooms out to reveal Bowie listening in through the side.)


(At the top of one of Pahkitew Island's many cliffs, Sky runs into frame jumping up and down with a smile. Tyler runs into frame, followed by Brick who runs a little too far and bumps into Tyler, sending him off the cliff.)

I wanna be! I wanna be! I wanna be famous!

(Dakota gets in front of one of the cameras on the dock of shame and kisses it. She backs up and waves, then pulls out one of her cellphones to call someone. Tyler then falls in the water next to her, splashing her.)

I wanna be! I wanna be! I wanna be famous!

(All 24 campers are sitting around the elimination ceremony fire pit. The camera zooms into Chris and Chef smiling, Chris is holding a plate full of marshmallows. The camera zooms out again with all 24 campers whistling the tune for "I wanna be famous")

Confused Bears Camp

Sammy rose from her slumber with a yawn, the sleep deprivation of the previous challenge was still in effect as evident by the bags under her eyes and messy hair. She took a look around the shelter and noticed that it was nearly empty, the only others still sleeping were Bowie and Brick. Sammy did one final stretch and quietly rose from the shelter, being careful not to wake the two sleeping.

Sammy took a brief look around the camp and walked over to the nearest person, Sam who was sitting on a log near the lit campfire. "Morning Sam!" Sammy said in a cheery voice only for the smile to fall from her face upon seeing Sam turn around with a frown. "Oh right."


Sam: Ever see a cool character in a video game and then they die super early? It's the worst! That's exactly like what happened with Dakota, the first time a hot girl willingly talked to me and now she's gone just like that.

"Morning" Sam said with a sigh and turned back around.

Sammy winced at Sam's depressed state and hesitated for a moment before walking over and sitting on the log next to him. "Uh, so, where is everyone?" She asked, noticing that the campground was rather empty.

Sam put a finger up to his chin, "Sky went for a run and Owen brought a huge group to go searching for food or something."

Sammy nodded at the information, "Oh ok! And how are you feeling after you know…"


Sammy: I feel terrible that I played a role in Dakota's elimination. Sure, it was a game move, but just seeing Sam's face today is killing me! I really am the worst.

Sam shrugged, "It sucks that she's gone, I had so many ideas to max out her social link." He chuckled at his own gaming reference and then continued, "Her going wasn't a shock, I am just upset I voted Sky like an idiot. Did you see her reaction last night? I lost at least 50 FP with her!"

Sammy tilted her head in confusion, "FP?"

"Friendship Points, duh! I have no previous save states, it's doomed!" Sam brought his hands out in dramatic fashion.

"Don't say that! I'm sure Sky will forgive you if you just apologize, she seems pretty chill." Sammy gave Sam a reassuring smile which seemed to raise his spirits.

Sam stood up, "Yeah! Gamer's never quit, thanks Sammy, what would I do without you!"


Sammy: He'd probably still have Dakota here!

Sam scratched his chin in thought, "Now I just need to think of what to say to Sky-"

A voice spoke out behind Sam, "Say what to me?" Sam jumped and turned around to see a tired Sky, drinking out of a reusable cup from the team's Petting Zoo Barbeque reward.

Sam started to get flustered, "Oh, uh, you know…" He looked down to see Sky's unimpressed face with her arms crossed. He let out a sigh, "Just wanted to say sorry for voting you, y'know. That wasn't cool."

Sky paused for a moment before shrugging, "Don't worry about it, yesterday is ancient history." Sky then walked away from the campfire, letting Sam breathe a sigh of relief.


Sam: (He grabs his sweater) Does this thing give a charisma bonus because that was incredible!

Sky: I'm still annoyed at Sam for voting for me, but I've been in enough teams to know that grudges will only hurt us in the long run. It's time for us to be a united front to turn things around!

Forest (Confused Bears)

In the dense Pahkitew forest, a group of five Confused Bears were trudging through the foliage. At the helm was Owen, holding a pointed stick in his hands and looking around with narrowed eyes. He was followed closely behind by Millie and DJ, both looking slightly nervous at their surroundings. At the back was Katie who was currently looking back at Scary Girl walking backwards while tossing various berries on the ground.

"What are you doing?" Katie couldn't help but ask the girl.

Scary Girl pointed out into the distance, "Making a path to follow."

Katie examined the ground and saw several berries in the distance following the group's walk. She smiled and gave a thumbs up, "Smart thinking!" Scary Girl let out a creepy giggle in response.


Katie: Even when I'm complimenting her, she still acts creepy!

Scary Girl: My hope is that a bear follows the berries, that'd be hilarious!

Owen stopped in his tracks resulting in DJ crashing into him, "Ow! Why'd you stop?"

Owen didn't respond at first, choosing to glare into the foliage. He dropped down to his knees and licked the dirt. "What on Earth are you doing?" Millie asked, completely bewildered.

Owen stood up with a smile, "Hunting, my grandpa taught me everything I needed to know!"

Millie pulled out her notepad and started whispering to herself, "Didn't know licking the ground was a hunting tactic." She quickly noted the information down and looked up at Owen, "So what exactly are we hunting?"

"Anything! This is the hungriest I've ever been, I need a real meal in my belly!" He grabbed his stomach which let out a deep growl.

DJ winced at the sound, "At least we found a lot of fruit from this journey." He brought up a basket full of various berries, bananas, apples, and other fruits. "Maybe once we get back, I can make something with this!"

Katie clapped, "Ooooh that sounds delicious!"

Owen pushed the fruit away, "That doesn't cut it for me anymore! I need more, like a freshly cooked cow or maybe even a bear. I have experience hunting those!"

Millie looked at him with a doubtful stare, "You hunted a bear?"

Owen looked slightly offended, "Heck yeah, in fact me and my grandpa once hunted a ten footer. So yeah, Bears don't scare me-" Owen noticed the looks of fear on the others, excluding Scary Girl who looked thrilled. "What's wrong?" Owen then felt air breathing on his shoulder. He quickly turned around and behind him was an angry Grizzly Bear growling at him. "be-BEAR!?"

Katie let out a scream and bolted away, her scream was so loud that it even hurt the bear forcing it to halt its movement. This opening allowed the others to follow behind her in a sprint, quickly gaining distance away from the bear.


Millie: I never knew I could run that fast until today. I guess running for your life has its benefits!

Owen: That Bear got lucky it surprised me, next time I'll be ready. I swear on my grand pappy's name!

The only Confused Bear remaining was Scary Girl laughing hysterically at the others' fear. The grizzly bear paused for a second, confused at the girl's lack of reaction, but it soon smiled at the easy prey in front of it.

The bear growled and ran towards Scary Girl, getting the girl's attention as she turned around and rolled her eyes. "You asked for it." She said in a menacing tone while glaring at the bear. She jumped forward landing directly in front of the bear and let out a blood-curdling scream, "ROARRRRRRRRR!" The bear immediately stopped its run and started to whimper in fear at the girl's intimidating presence. Scary Girl smiled at the fear and slowly started to inch her way forward but the moment she took the first step the bear turned around and ran away like its life depended on it.

"Coward!" Scary Girl called out to the retreating forest creature.


Scary Girl: I was really looking forward to my first fight with a bear! (She crosses her arms in disappointment)

Floating Salmon Camp

"So why did you want me to climb up here?" The camera panned out revealing Tyler clinging to the top of a tall spruce tree.

"It's time for your influencer training bro!" Chase's voice called out from the base of the tree. The internet star was looking up at Tyler with a smile while holding a rock in his hand.

"Lesson one: Being extreme results in the views! And the best way to train for that is to dodge this!" With a grin Chase threw a rock as hard as he could at Tyler.

"W-wait!" Tyler cried out in alarm, bringing his hands up to protect his face. But by doing that he let go of the tree, instantly sending him down. "Ow, Ow, Ow!" Is all he could say as he hit every single branch during his rapid descent. With a thud he landed in front of Chase who was doubled over in laughter.

After wiping the tears from his eyes, "Dude you're a natural, that'd go viral for sure!" Chase said with a large smile while Tyler just groaned in pain.


Chase: Honestly, I should open up a school for this stuff, I can inspire the next generation to be just like me!

Tyler: I never knew being an influencer could be so painful, maybe that life isn't for me.

Treehouse (Floating Salmon)

Back in the treehouse at the center of camp, Amy rose from the newly installed Morgana bed with a relaxed smile. She did a quick look around the room and saw Jasmine, Scarlett, and Dawn catching up on sleep. She noticed in the corner of her eye that Sadie was sitting in a chair on the balcony. Amy quickly rose to her feet with a confident smirk on her face.


Amy: We've been here a week and I still don't have any minions under my command, that's going to change today. Sadie seems the most gullible so I'll work on her first, this should be a cakewalk.

"Hey BFF! How's it going?" Amy greeted with a fake smile as she approached Sadie.

Sadie turned around and waved, "Like morning Amy!" She slightly frowned, "Um you can't be my BFF since that's Katie." Sadie then smiled, "But you can be my BFFWKINA!"

Amy sat down in the chair next to Sadie with a perplexed look on her face, "Uh what?"

"Best Female Friend when Katie Is Not Around, duh!" Sadie responded as if it was an obvious abbreviation.

Amy looked annoyed but forced a fake smile, "That means we're friends?"

"Like of course!" Sadie squealed and then hugged Amy, slightly squeezing the girl.

"That hug is long enough!" Amy said slightly forcefully. "Uh sorry not the best hugger. But if we're friends that means we'll work together, right?"

Sadie nodded, "Of course! Me, you, and Katie in the final 3. It'll be so iconic."

Amy smirked, "I can live with that."


Sadie: I am so lucky to have such an understanding ally as Amy! I bet she'd even be ok with me and Katie being the final 2!

Amy: Sadie and Katie are such idiots that this is basically a two for one deal. Having them both loyal to me is better, for now.

Forest (Floating Salmon)

"Why are we even out here?" Noah asked while picking berries from a nearby bush.

Cameron looked back towards Noah, "Because Jasmine told us to get food."

Noah rolled his eyes, "Of course."


Noah: Jasmine has taken up the leadership role of the team which sucks for me since she actually expects us to work! My goal here is to just do the bare minimum to survive, anything else is overkill.

Cameron then looked up into the trees and spotted a fruit dangling from a branch, "Oh an apple! Those are high in nutrition." As he eyed the apple a strong gust of wind blew through the trees, knocking the apple down. Cameron's eyes widened for a brief moment before it landed on his head with a THUD knocking him to the ground.

Cameron frantically brought his hands to his head, checking for any bruises or injury. "Oh god, a head injury, do I have a concussion!?"

"You do not." Noah stated, looking unamused at Cameron's antics.

Cameron ignored his comment and started to run back to the camp, "I need to bandage this, sorry!" He yelled out while running past Noah.


Cameron: Mom told me that if I get injured then I need to check it, bandage it, put ice on it, and then hide in my bed for 24 hours until it heals.

Noah rolled his eyes, "Great. And what are you two doing?" The camera moved to the left revealing a nervous looking Bridgette and Damien who were more focused on looking around than gathering food.

"Uh, just collecting things, y'know! Um Chris never mentioned if Bears lived on this island, right?" Bridgette asked with wide eyes and a shaky tone.

"You know what's scarier than bears? Scary Girl! Do you think she knows where our camp is?" As he spoke his voice rose in pitch and volume.

"No. But she will if you-" As Noah spoke a loud noise cut him off.

"ROARRRRRRRRR!" The roar sounded distant but all three could still hear it clearly enough to be freaked out.

Bridgette spoke first, "A bear!?"

Damien brought his hands up to his head, "Scary Girl!?"

"Doesn't matter, let's run!" Noah said before taking off, followed by Damien and Bridgette.


Bridgette: I was hoping that my foraging trip could help me face my fear, instead it made it worse.

Noah: Honestly wasn't scared of the sound but it seemed like a great excuse to get out of work.

Confused Bears Camp

"LISTEN UP YOU LITTLE COCKROACHES." Chef's voice rang out of a loudspeaker tied to a tree. "I WANT ALL CAMPERS TO REPORT TO THE DOCK OF SHAME AT 1400 HOURS."

"Ugh no rest day?" A recently woken up Bowie asked, he had bags under his eyes and his usually well taken care of hair was messy from a long sleep. Next to him, Brick, who looked just as tired was looking up at the loudspeaker with a smile.


Brick: Yelling orders? Military time? Pointless insults? Am I still dreaming or does this sound like a military challenge!

"THAT MEANS NOW SOLDIERS, NOW!" Chef's voice yelled out causing everyone to drop what they were doing and run out the camp.

Dock of Shame

The twenty-one campers were all standing in a line on the Dock of Shame. Chef was standing on the right side of the campers with a new look. Instead of his regular outfit he was now wearing a green tank top that showcased his anchor tattoo, green military pants, gray boots, a green ranger hat, and a golden whistle tied around his neck.

Chef pulled out a megaphone from behind his back and glared at the campers through his dark sunglasses, "Line up and stand at attention. You call this proper formation!?" He then pulled out a stick from his pocket and slapped Chase's knees, forcing them together.

"Ow! What gives ma-" Chase started to speak but was quickly silenced by a glare from Chef.

He pulled out his megaphone again and pointed it directly in Chase's face, "SILENCE! YOU SPEAK ONLY WHEN I SAY YOU CAN SPEAK. AM I CLEAR?"

"Yes-" Chase was instantly hit by Chef's stick; he was about to cry out in pain but managed to hold it in and nod.

Chef eyed him for a second before moving on, "Now where was I…"

"ARMS DOWN!" Chef slapped the stick into Noah's crossed arms forcing them down.

"EYES FORWARD!" Chef yelled towards DJ who promptly corrected where he was looking before Chef could slap him.

"HEAD UP!" Chef brought the stick under Sky's chin and tilted her head up a few inches.

"BETTER ATTITUDE! '' Chef said while hitting Amy on the head, wiping a frown off her face.

Chef was continuing down the line with a scowl, but his expression fell upon witnessing Brick who was standing tall and looking straight ahead. "Nice form soldier." Chef complimented and smiled upon the cadet not responding. "Boot camp trained you well I see." He grabbed the megaphone again, "BUT WE'LL SEE HOW YOU SURVIVE MINE!"

"This is gonna be bloody awful." Jasmine muttered to herself but got the approving nods of Katie and Sky standing beside her.

Unfortunately for Jasmine, Chef overhead, "WHAT DID YOU SAY SOLDIER!?"

The campers around Jasmine looked on in horror as Jasmine thought hard on what to say, "Uh just got bit by a mozzie and reacted, sorry sir!"

Chef was not pleased with her response and glared, "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT HURTS YOU. IF I SAY YOU CAN'T SPEAK THEN YOU CAN NEVER SPEAK AGAIN. GOT IT?"

The force of the megaphone was so powerful that Jasmine was forced to hold her hat on tight to ensure it stayed on. Not wanting to risk angering him further Jasmine gave a simple nod which seemed to satisfy him as he turned around.

Chef started walking to the other side of the dock while talking through the megaphone, "Today's challenge will not be an easy one. In fact, I do not expect everyone to come out of here alive."

"Yay!" Scary Girl let out a cheer which promptly got a stick sent her way. However, Scary Girl managed to turn her head at the precise moment it was about to hit her, letting her get an opening at the stick. With a simple chomp she managed to bite it in half, sending the top half falling towards the floor.

Chef's eyes widened in surprise at the girl's fast reflexes before he growled and threw the remains of his stick to the ground, grumbling to himself as he continued to explain the challenge. "My orders are to make sure all of the babies in front of me drop out of my boot camp except one. The last one standing wins immunity for their team."

Millie raised her hand, "I'm not trying to be rude sir but where's Chris?"

Chef ignored her question, "RULE NUMBER ONE, you will address me as MASTER CHIEF."

Sam let out a giggle, "Is this Halo now?"

Chef brought the megaphone directly in front of Sam, "DO YOU GOT THAT?"

"Yes, Master Chief!" The majority of campers said, the only notable exceptions being Scary Girl who was just smiling and Sam who was still too dazed to respond.

"You will sleep when I tell you to sleep, and you will eat when I tell you to eat." Chef stopped in front of Damien and looked him in the eyes.

Damien's worried face was reflected back from Chef's sunglasses, "Yes Master Chief!" Damien said with a shaky voice.

Chef looked away, much to Damien's relief, and pointed towards a newly installed bell at the end of the Dock of Shame. "Rule number two, when you are ready to be a crybaby loser and give up, you will walk to the end of the dock and ring the bell of quitters."

"And rule number three, I'd like to get at least four quitters by the end of the first day. That day will not end until four people drop out." Chef explained while passing by numerous campers with looks of fear, horror, and sadness on their faces imagining the future pain they'd have to endure.

Cameron decided to break the silence, "Um rule three shouldn't be classified as a rule since it's not something we have to follow. It's more like a-"

Chef rolled his eyes, "GET YOUR BUTTS DOWN TO THE BEACH, NOW SOLDIERS NOW!" As he spoke the twenty-one campers all took off in a mass stampede of panic to follow his orders. Chef looked on with a satisfied smirk at the chaos, "This is gonna be fun."


Jasmine: Going into this bloody mess while sleep deprived is probably the hardest thing I've ever done. This is gonna be a doozy.

Damien: It's illegal for him to kill us, right? We're on TV so he can't, right!?

Bowie: Doing this right after a sleeping challenge? They're really making us earn the money, fine. I came to play.


The campers were gathered around two canoes, one green for the Floating Salmon, and one pink for the Confused Bears. Chef stood on the other side of the canoes with his hands behind his back, ready to explain the first part of the challenge.

"Listen up. Each team must hold a canoe over their heads, if I catch you taking your hands off the canoe then you will be eliminated." Chef then pointed at the worried group of campers, "And no one eats dinner until four people drop out." The campers exchanged worried looks at one another as Chef let out a short laugh. "CANOES UP!"

The two teams raced towards their canoe and lifted it above their heads, the Floating Salmon were on the left side closer to Chef while the Confused Bears were on the right. The Confused Bears were having slight difficulty in balancing their canoe due to the drastic height differences between their members with the main problem being Jasmine's height.

"I'm not sure how long I can stand like this!" Dawn said from the back of the canoe, she had to stand on her tippy toes just to reach the boat. Cameron was also having a similar problem, both having to put more energy in just to reach the canoe.

"Uh, I think the solution is-" Scarlett started to say but was cut off by Damien.

"I got you!" He said with a smile and took his hands off the canoe, "Woo! I'm free!" He let out a cheer in celebration but stopped once he saw the death glares from his team.

"Seriously? You couldn't even hold on for 5 bloody minutes!?" Jasmine said while glaring directly at Damien.

"Well, I want us to lose! And no way am I suffering during another challenge, I still feel the effects of sleep deprivation from the last one!" Damien pointed towards the bags under his eyes to underline his point. The rest of the team was not impressed.

Before they could argue further an angry looking Chef walked up behind Damien, "THAT WAS A SHAMEFUL DISPLAY SOLDIER!"

"I know, now can I ring that bell thingy and go back to camp." Damien asked, eyeing the bell in the distance.

Chef shook his head, "Nope. You'll only ring that until three more drops. Why don't you have a seat in front of your team's canoe? That way you can really feel their glares at you." He let out a creepy laugh as he walked back to his beach chair to observe the challenge. Damien looked back to his team and gulped.


Damien: Why doesn't my team understand that this show is evil? And why do I feel bad for disappointing them?

"Ignore him! Scarlett, what were you saying?" Bridgette asked aloud.

Scarlett smiled in appreciation, "That Jasmine should crouch down, it may not be pleasant, but it should allow us as a whole to have an easier time."

Jasmine complied with the idea and bent down, bringing the height of the canoe down allowing Dawn and Cameron to easily grab onto it. "Thanks Jasmine!" Cameron said towards the Australian.

"No problem mate!" Jasmine said through grit teeth, the new position clearly uncomfortable.


Jasmine: If a little pain is all it takes for us to pull off another win then I may as well give it a burl. Unlike some players, I'll be giving it my all every day of the week!

The sun moved its position in the sky, starting its downwards descent as the afternoon dragged on. The campers were starting to feel the effects of standing in one place with no food or water. Some looked relatively fine such as Sky, Brick, DJ, and Dawn who had her eyes closed. Others were clearly struggling, Jasmine, Millie, Owen, and Noah all looked strained and tired. The worst by far was Cameron, whose arms were shaking, and his forehead was covered in sweat.

"Ah! Sorry guys but I can't do it anymore!" Cameron dropped his hands from the canoe and let out a sigh of relief.

"Looks like we have ourselves another quitter!" Chef called out from a new location, now sitting on top of the Floating Salmon canoe. Chris was sitting on the Confused Bears canoe, looking down at the pain with a smile.

"Take a seat next to Damien so the rest of your team can judge you!" Chef continued, pointing to a bored looking Damien sitting on the sand.

Cameron started to walk towards the spot with his head down but then a soft voice called out, "Great work, I could tell you gave it your all." Cameron looked up and saw Dawn, Cameron gave an appreciative smile and walked away to join Damien.


Dawn: His best may not be that great but that doesn't mean we can't be thankful nevertheless.

Cameron: If I knew this show was going to be so physical, I probably would've signed up for math mania. I heard the winner of last season got a lifetime supply of calculators!

"Shame two more didn't drop, after this we have a dinner prepared for them. Don't we Chef?" Chris asked towards his co-host with a smirk.

"Guess they just aren't HUNGRY! Unless two people want to quit now." Chef said while looking down at the struggling campers.

Upon hearing about a potential dinner Owen's stomach aggressively growled. "Focus on the taste of victory, soldier!" Brick said from behind Owen.


Owen: I don't know what kind of dish victory is but I hope it includes a burger, donut, pepperoni pizza- (The confessional fast forwards through a long list of food), and finally one ounce of gravy. Is that too much to ask for?

The sun was starting to set giving the sky a beautiful pink coloring with the first stars starting to show themselves in the night sky. Chef and Chris were gathered around a bonfire on the beach, relaxing and trading stories. Chef was currently in the middle of one of his war stories, "Twenty-five of us went into the jungle that night…only five of us came back out."

Scarlett raised an eyebrow, "What war was this again? Because your age does not cover any recent war-" As she was speaking a loud squeal cut her off.

The culprit of the squeal was Katie, "EEEH Sadie! I am like so proud of you for lasting this long. You are doing amazing!"

Sadie gave a small smile, "Thanks but I'm not sure how much longer I can last."

"Omg same but let's keep trying. I won't drop until you drop." Katie said back to her best friend.

"Why are you trying to help the enemy team?" Sky asked, looking confused.

Katie rolled her eyes, "Because she's like my bestest friend in the whole world!"

Sky opened her mouth to respond but was cut off by another voice. "My arms feel dead inside, I can't do this!" Millie, who has been struggling for hours, took her hands off of the canoe with an apologetic look.

"Finally!" Noah had a large smile on his face seeing this and instantly took his hands off of the canoe seconds after Millie. Tyler, who stood behind him, had his mouth open in shock at the suddenness of Noah's actions.

Chef stood and walked over to the group of four quitters, "Listen here, none of you have anything to be ashamed of." He said in a soft voice, making them feel slightly better, Damien and Millie even smiled up at him. Then he pulled out the megaphone, "EXCEPT FOR BEING A LITTLE BABY THAT LET YOUR TEAM DOWN! NOW RING THE BELL!"

The four campers ran as fast as they could towards the Dock of Shame to get away from him, each one taking a turn ringing the embarrassing bell, some having more shame on their faces than others.


Noah: Figured I did more than enough to be safe this round, Damien and Cameron sucked way more than me. Even outlasted a Bear just to be safe, work smarter not harder.

Millie: Curse my lackluster muscles, I let the team down! And this is a team on a losing streak meaning they'll want to purge the weak which includes me!

Chef turned to the campers holding a canoe with an impressed look, "Congratulations to you all for surviving part one of my boot camp. Dinner is now served, follow me."

The Confused Bears and The Floating Salmon all let out a sigh of relief and threw the canoe's to the side with a smile. Owen dropped to his knees in joy, "Sweet Marie, thank you!"

Forest Clearing

The seventeen remaining campers were all gathered in a massive green tent that had seen better days, as displayed by various rips and taped up holes throughout the fabric. The interior of the tent had two long tables next to one another, the campers were currently standing around the tables looking confused at the back of the tent.

Chris and Chef were at the back standing next to three metallic trash cans. Chef took a step forward, "ALRIGHT MAGGOTS! Open your ears, you get thirty minutes to eat before the next part of the challenge begins. So, get to it!" The announcement was met with several groans and complaints from the campers.

"There's more? Let us sleep!" Jasmine said while shaking her head in disbelief.

"No way!" Tyler said in disbelief.

One camper was focused on a different matter, "Um Master Chief. Where's the food?" Owen asked while looking around for any sign of something edible to eat.

Chef smirked and gestured to the cans of trash, "You're looking at it." He let out a short laugh as Owen walked over and opened the lid of one of the trash cans. Inside were various bones with chunks of meat left on them, piles of unknown substances, fruit that was either rotten or had bites taken out of it.

Owen eyed the trash for a moment before shrugging and putting his hand in, gathering a pile of trash. He gently blew on the pile to "clean" it and then tossed it in his mouth, "Has a crunchy taste, not bad!" He gave a thumbs up to Chef who just had his mouth open in shock.


Chef: DO KIDS THESE DAYS JUST EAT ANYTHING? I mean he didn't even check what he grabbed! (Chef covers his mouth) Oh god I think I'm gonna be sick-

Owen: Mom always said one man's trash is another man's feast! Free food!

The remaining campers were gathered around the trash barrels, some such as Chase and Scary Girl were digging through them. Others like Amy, Scarlett, and Bridgette stayed far away looking at the trash with disgust.

"How does an island like this even have trash?" Dawn asked while eyeing the barrels.

Chris smiled and put a hand on his chest, "That would be from us and our lovely meals at the secret craft services tent. Speaking of, I heard they're serving Filet Mignon tonight, you coming?"

Chef smiled and nodded, "Serve me up some of that." The two walked out of the tent smiling about the delicious meal they were about to eat. Sammy, near the entrance of the tent, looked back and saw the two of them hop on an ATV and drive into the forest. The vehicle left behind clear tire markings in the dirt, Sammy's eyebrow raised as they departed.

In the center of the room various campers were starting to sit at the tables for either a light snack or to skip out on the disgusting meal. Amy was currently sitting with her head resting on her fist looking bored. Chase walked over and sat across from the mean twin with a smile, "Hey babe, look what I found, a pineapple that's only sort of rotten!"

Amy put on a fake smile, "Oh, well I guess I could eat that-"

Chase took a bite out of the pineapple, "Ow! Now I know why people peel these things. Oh, did you want some?"

Amy put her hands up and looked on in disgust at the influencer, "I think I'll pass." She took a quick glance around the room and saw Katie and Sadie at the other table, "Oh uh I gotta talk to someone, see ya!" She quickly got up and ran to the other table. Chase just shrugged and continued to eat the pineapple.


Amy: Chase thinking I'm hot SHOULD be useful but he's too self-centered for it to even matter! Like he confused me with Samey once, only an idiot could do that!

Chase: I'm so glad she didn't want some, more pineapple for me! (He takes another bite out of the pineapple)

Sitting at another part of the table Sky was currently nibbling on a banana peel trying to get any nutrition that she could. "Is that even edible?" DJ asked as he sat next to her holding a pile of his own trash.

Sky shrugged, "Dunno but it looked the cleanest." She noticed DJ's own choice of dinner, "And how on Earth are you going to eat that? I think I see a few bones in it"

DJ dropped the food on the table in disgust, "Ah! Why'd you have to say that? I was going to trick myself into thinking it was Mama's cooking!"

Sky laughed, "Sorry! Want half of this banana peel?" She ripped the peel in half and held out the untouched one to him.

DJ took it with a smile. "Thanks!" His smile dropped, "Uh does this mean we're good for the y'know skydiving thing? Just wanted to say sor-"

Sky cut him off, "We're good. That was days ago, and I know you didn't mean it. Now let's suffer together!"


Sky: After getting votes last time, I realized I need to start making friends here. And DJ is honestly really cool, minus the near-death experience he gave me, but I think I can overlook that.

DJ: (Pumps fist in the air) Yes! It's like Mama always says forgiveness takes time.

"Ew, ew, ew! This is like totally gross; I cannot eat this!" Sadie said while pushing her pile of trash away from her.

"Like totally, this is terrible! But you know what's not terrible? Getting to chat with you! Eeeeeeeh!" Katie grabbed Sadie into a hug and the two best friends squealed in joy.

Amy let out a short cough, "Excuse me? Mind if I sit here?"

The two best friends broke up their hug, "Um actually-" Katie started to speak in a sharp tone but was cut off by Sadie.

"Like totally!" Amy gave Sadie a quick smile and sat across the two BFFs.

Katie paused for a moment at the unexpected invitation and turned to Sadie, "But I thought we'd catch up!"

Sadie put a reassuring hand on Katie's shoulder, "Omg we like totally will but I want you to meet Amy! She like wants to work together and get to the end together!"

Katie turned and looked Amy dead in the eyes, staring daggers at the girl, Amy held her breath in anticipation of a blowup but instead Katie gave a short smile. "Oh, that sounds like amazing! And is Sammy going to join us? A double duo feature sounds iconic."

Amy's jaw clenched at the mention of her twin, "Sorry but SAMEY," She put emphasis on her pronunciation to get her point across. "Is terrible at everything, she won't be a good ally."

Katie tilted her head, "Really? She seems fine."

"No!" Amy slammed her first down to the table, getting the attention of everyone in the room. "I don't feel comfortable sharing things right now but she's a bit crazy."


Amy: Getting more allies for myself and damaging Samey's game all at once is literally my dream scenario!

Katie: I'm surprised that the twins aren't close, I thought Sammy- or is it Samey- told me that Amy was a pillar for her.

"Are you seriously eating that?" Bowie asked while watching Brick shovel various pieces of trash into his mouth.

"Yes sir! Surprisingly this tastes better than some food back at the academy. Word of advice, never let Kyle cook." Brick said while shuddering from the memory.

Bowie rested his head on his fist and leaned in, "Ok now you've gotten my attention, explain."

Brick smiled, "Well at the academy every Saturday one of the cadets had to cook for everyone and-"

As he was explaining a frantic Sammy ran in between the two of them, "Bowie, it's an emergency, I overheard Amy talking about me and trying to make me look bad!" Sammy's eyes widened upon realizing that Brick was nearby and heard all of this. "Uh, hi Brick."

Brick's unibrow furrowed, "Why would your own twin make you look bad?"

Sammy was about to explain but Bowie took over, "Long story but let's just say she's the reincarnation of evil. Anyway, what's the big deal, we knew she wouldn't be shy about sharing her opinion of you."

"But she's talking to Katie now, a member of our team! This is how it starts; I finally feel welcome and then Amy slowly infiltrates and spreads rumors destroying everything and making me lose all my friends." Sammy was starting to breathe heavily near the end, showing clear signs of panic.

Bowie put a reassuring hand on her shoulder, "Don't worry, we can counter this still. We just need to find a way to separate them."

"And you seem like a kind and honest individual, you can count me on your side." Brick said while saluting to a surprised Sammy.


Sammy: Actually, having people in my corner makes me feel like I can do something to finally stop Amy!

Brick: I still don't fully understand the situation but if someone is being unfairly treated then it's a cadet's duty to help them.

Chef entered the tent holding a massive pile of paper and pencils in his hands, he stood between the two tables getting the attention of all the campers. "Hope dinner was to your liking because you'll need the energy for the toughest challenge a soldier could ever face…WRITING!" Various campers looked on in disgust while others let out sighs of relief. "For your next challenge you'll complete a 500-word essay about how much you love me. ANYONE WHO FALLS ASLEEP, TALKS TO ANOTHER CAMPER, OR FAILS TO COMPLETE THE CHALLENGE WILL BE ELIMINATED. You have three hours, GET TO IT!"

The campers rushed to get papers and pencils to begin their work, the camera zoomed into the clock on the wall as it quickly fast-forwarded three hours to the end of the challenge.

Chef walked back into the tent, "Alright, time's up!" He stared at the various tired looking campers, all of them having bags under their eyes and some like Owen having drool pouring out of their mouths. Chef walked over to Sam and stared down at the gamer who was still writing his essay at a frantic pace. "I TOLD YOU TO STOP SOLDIER. YOUR OUT!"

Sam just sighed and stretched his hands, "Aw man!"


Sam: It's not my fault these hands are for gaming and not writing!

Chef slammed his fist down on the table, waking up a dazed Bridgette and a shocked Jasmine. "You two slackers are out."

Jasmine wiped the drool off her face and looked around, "Huh? Please don't tell me I fell asleep; I just needed a little shut eye.

Bridgette's eyes shot open, "Oh shoot! I totally spaced out, sorry Master Chief. Do you believe in second chances?"

"Nope." Chef then pointed to the tent's entrance, "Time for you to go join the other losers, you'll all be sleeping outside tonight Hehe." Jasmine and Bridgette slowly walked out with their heads down looking ashamed, on their way out they passed a smiling Scarlett.


Scarlett: Me outlasting Jasmine is a massive benefit to my challenge resume on top of my already stellar achievements thus far. The team needs me, and I can use that to my advantage.

Jasmine: I've never felt like such a bludger before, this was incredibly embarrassing. I just hope the team understands why I fell asleep; I was bloody tired!

"Almost missed one, you're out too." Chef said, slamming his fist down to a snoring DJ.

"I didn't steal the cookies, Mama!" DJ screamed, looking around in alarm. Upon seeing Chef's angry stare DJ let out another scream and ran out of the tent in fright.

Now that all the sleeping campers were dealt with Chef started his process of reading the various essays to ensure they were of enough quality to move on. He grabbed Scary Girl's essay and started reading it, his eyes slowly growing wider with every passing paragraph. "What the- This just talks about ways to hurt me!"

Scary Girl nodded with a smile, "Turn the page over, I drew a nice graph as well to demonstrate!"

Chef flipped the paper over and saw crudely drawn images of him getting stabbed, crushed by a boulder, and one of him getting attacked by a bear. Chef covered his mouth in shock, "I'm gonna be sick." He ran across the room to the nearest trash can and vomited inside, the camera panned back to Scary Girl looking proud of herself.


Scary Girl: My art teacher once said strong reactions are the best sign of good art. I must've impressed her since she never taught art again after I showed her my portfolio!

"My exercise routine would never be this lame, soldier! But it's 500 words, you pass." Chef said towards Tyler who gave a thumbs up.

Chef moved on to Chase and started to read his essay out loud, "Chef is a very very very very…" his eyes started to drift down while repeating very. "This is just several pages of the word very!"

"You said 500 words, never said it had to be good bro. That's on you!" Chase said with a smug smile. Chef growled at the influencer but just moved on to the next camper.

The scene flashed forward to Chef wiping tears from his eyes, "How'd you know about Sir Biscuit, I miss him so much!"

Dawn patted the man on his back, "There there, the loss of your fluffy companion was all over your aura. It shows your compassion, feelings are not something to be ashamed of."


Dawn: Chef may have a harsh exterior but on the inside, he has a kind soul, well at least in comparison to Chris. That guy may be beyond salvation.

"Last but probably least, we have you, let's see here…" Chef lifted the piece of paper and visibly recoiled at how wet the bottom was. He looked up at a still drooling Owen, "This is barely even 100 words and it's disgusting, you're out!"

Chef turned to the remaining twelve campers, "You all survived day 1. Get some shut eye since Day 2 starts in five hours." Chef gave a cruel laugh as the campers groaned at the news.

Scarlett raised her hand, "Where will we be sleeping Master Chief?"

Chef grabbed a nearby crate and opened it, revealing several old sleeping bags inside. "These things. They may be old but in war they'd be the difference between life or death. Now get to sleeping!" Chef made his departure from the tent, leaving the campers looking at their new sleeping equipment with a mix of fear or indifference. The first to make a move was Brick, who nonchalantly collected a sleeping bag, with the ice broken the rest soon joined him in collecting sleeping bags.


Brick: Sure, the sleeping bags suck but any excuse to sleep is not going to get any complaints from me!

The sun was just starting to shine the early morning rays upon the land, the campers inside the tent were all gently sleeping. Sadie and Katie were cuddled next to one another, Scary Girl was hugging her doll and laughing in her sleep, and Chase was sucking his thumb. The only camper awake was Brick, who stretched and smiled towards the entrance of the tent.

Chef burst through the tent's entrance and brought out his megaphone over the campers, "GET UP YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING LAZY MAGGOTS. GO TO THE BEACH FOR YOUR NEXT CHALLENGE!"


Bowie: How dare this show continuously mess with my beauty sleep, do they know how much is needed to look this good?


Chef stood on a wooden platform overlooking the campers with a boombox next to his feet. "Listen up! For this challenge you must follow my magnificent dance moves, failure to do so will result in elimination!"

Sadie jumped in joy, "I love love love dancing!"

Katie joined in the celebration, "OMG you do! And so do I, EEEEEEEEEH!"

"Why are the others watching this?" Sky asked, pointing to a bench on the side featuring all of the eliminated players from the challenge. Most of the losers were dozing off from the early morning wake-up, only Millie seemed attentive as she was watching the challenge with intensity while jotting down new information in her notebook.


Millie: It's not every day you get to see a real life bootcamp in action, this is award winning material!

"It's for moral support, a good team sticks together," Chef then grabbed the megaphone, "EVEN IF SOME OF THEIR MEMBERS ARE LAZY SLACKERS!" Chef smirked at the various groans coming from the losers bench.

Tyler crossed his arms, "How does dancing fit in a bootcamp challenge?"

Brick popped up next to him, "Because it teaches you how to follow instructions and follow a leader."

Chef nodded, "Exactly! Dance is one of the most crucial elements to training for war. NOW GET INTO POSITION!"

The campers split into three lines of varying amounts, at the front was Bowie, Scary Girl, Scarlett, Tyler, and Chase. The second row featured Amy, Sky, Dawn, and Brick. Then in the last row it had Sammy next to a very eager Katie and Sadie.

Chef pulled out a tiny remote control and pressed a red button, turning on the nearby boombox which started playing a catchy beat. Chef turned to look directly at the twelve campers and raised his hands overhead and clapped. He dropped his arms and turned his head to look left then right all while turning his feet in opposite directions of one another. He sharply turned to look forwards and slid his left leg out and started to slowly bring it in before stomping it on the ground. Chef went back to his earlier routine of turning his head left and right before sliding the right foot out and stomping it. Chef turned to the left and thrust his body outwards one time.

The camera cut to the twelve campers following his every move with pinpoint accuracy, they were currently raising their arms in a zombie manner and going back and forth with it. Only one camper was struggling to keep up and that was surprisingly Amy. The cheerleader was moving much slower than everyone else and continuously looked over to others to try and follow their movements to varying degrees of success. As Amy was watching the others, she started to notice how out of sync she was and tried speeding up her moves which resulted in her accidentally tripping on her own foot sending her falling to the ground with a thud.

The moment Amy hit the sand the music halted with everyone turning to look at her. "YOU'RE OUT!" Chef said, pointing at her. Amy's face turned red at the public embarrassment and rushed off the challenge set to the loser's bench; Sammy gave a quiet smirk at the scene.


Sammy: Amy never cared about cheerleading and always skipped practice, she just wanted to be in it for the popularity!

Chef turned the music back on and continued the regular dance, which the remaining eleven were following to the best of their abilities. While they were all focused on dancing Chef secretly moved his right hand over to the pocket where the remote was and hit a button. The music changed to a fast-paced pop song as Chef continued on unfazed by the change of melody.

The campers froze for a second or started to slow down in confusion, expecting the dance to change, but upon seeing Chef's usual routine they managed to pick up the pace. All except for the two best friends in the back row who upon hearing the upbeat movement grew large smiles on their faces and turned to one another.


Sadie: Me and Katie love love love dancing together, if a catchy beat is played near us then we just unleash our inner dance queens.

The two girls started moving their bodies around in a manner that could be considered a dance, if someone was generous. Sammy, dancing next to them, nearly fell over in surprise but managed to stop herself from tripping. Noah's mouth fell open at the horrendous dancing while Bridgette and DJ covered their eyes. Offended at their dancing ability, Chef picked up the boombox and tossed it towards the unaware BFFs, luckily for them it missed them by an inch and shattered into a million pieces on the beach, ending the music.

Katie and Sadie hugged one another in freight as Chef approached them still visibly angry. "What you two just did is an affront to the art of dance, you're out!"

"B-but we are like the dancing queens!" Katie tried to argue.

Chef shook his head, "No you ain't." He then turned to the other nine, "The rest of you move on. Follow me to your next part, this one is going to hurt!" Chef gave a creepy laugh which unnerved the campers, but they knew better than to question him and started following him off the beach.

Katie and Sadie started to head towards the loser bench with their heads down, but they stopped when Sammy's voice called out to them. "Hey girls! Chef was totally wrong; your dancing was amazing!"

Sadie smiled, "I know right!" Her smile fell upon noticing that Sammy had no mole on her cheek, "Oh, you're Samey, right?"

Sammy flinched at her nickname but didn't drop her smile, "Uh Sammy but-" as she spoke Sadie's stomach let out a deep growl. "Hungry, huh?"

Katie nodded, "Yeah, we haven't eaten since yesterday morning! Chef is literally evil for starving us."

"Ugh I know right? And to think the hosts get to have filet mignon at the craft services tent." Sammy said which got blank stares from Katie and Sadie. "Did you not see them drive to it on the ATV? What I wouldn't kill to be in there for five minutes."

Sammy raised an eyebrow at how Katie and Sadie turned to look at one another with smiles, "Are you two-". Brick suddenly stormed into the conversation and grabbed Sammy's arm, "Hey! What's going on?"

"Sorry Ma'am but can't leave you behind, now let's hurry before Master Chief notices!" Brick said and let go to give a short jog back. Sammy looked back and gave a small wave before running behind Brick.


Sammy: I know that conversation seemed awkward, but I needed to at least introduce myself before they have hours of alone time with Amy. Who knows what she'd say about me.

Mud Fields

"You will all run this course, first six to pass the finish line move on to the final challenge." As Chef was explaining the challenge to the remaining nine campers the camera moved to show the obstacle. First a giant wooden wall stood in their way, followed by a rope swing over a pit, after that the campers would have to dive through a tire held up by a wooden board and duct tape, the final obstacle before the finish line was the most dangerous with several axes flying back and forth mere inches away from the mud. After he was done explaining, Chef turned towards the horrified campers, "Do I make myself clear?"

Scary Girl raised her hand with a smile, seemingly the only one unfazed by the challenge, "Can we get those axes lower? I'd love to see them cut into someone!"

"You need to chill." Bowie said, looking uncomfortable.

"Still feeling tired?" Sky asked.

Bowie nodded, "I don't think it's possible for me to ever feel untired."

As this conversation was going Chase turned towards Scarlett and Dawn, "Don't worry ladies, me and Tyler will make the obstacles easier for you so you can finish!"

Tyler put his hands up, "I don't think-"

Scarlett cut him off, "Why exactly don't you think we could finish normally?"

Chase opened his mouth to respond but was cut off by Chef butting his head into the conversation, "LINE UP MAGGOTS!"

As Chef was yelling at the wide-eyed campers, his back was turned from the losers bench. Sadie and Katie smirked at one another and quietly snuck off the back of the bench. Their attempts were not successful as DJ spotted them, "Where are you two going?"

Sadie quickly answered, "To the bathroom, let's go Katie!" She dragged her best friend away from the bench and into the forest, leaving DJ who just shrugged and turned to observe the challenge.


Sadie: (Katie was sitting next to her with a smile) Once we broke into the principal's office to change our grades since our like evil math teacher hated us.

Katie: Yeah Mr. Obtuse was such a hater, it's a shame we got detention for that.

Sadie: Oh my gosh I know right? Anyway, we have experience, so we decided we're going on a quick secret mission to steal a bite to eat!

"GO!" Upon Chef's command the campers ran at a sprint from the startling line, the mud already splashing over the campers feet and pants from the intensity of the run. Sky and Tyler took the early lead until Tyler tripped five seconds into the run, sliding directly into the wall knocking himself out.


Tyler: A rock must've been in that mud or something, I call for a rematch!

Despite her short stature Sky managed a running jump that allowed her to grip the ledge and pull herself up with ease. She was soon followed by Brick who turned around and offered his hand to Bowie and then Sammy, helping them both up the wall. As Sammy hopped down from the wall, Brick turned to see Scary Girl looking up. "Need help Ma'am?"

"Nope!" Scary Girl's face developed a large grin as she knelt down and jumped high into the air, landing on the other side of the wall with ease, splashing a dumbfounded Brick with mud.


Scary Girl: A good jump allows you to scare those in places once thought unreachable. Not even the squirrels are safe from me!

"Finally!" Chase exclaimed as Scarlett and Dawn ran up to him at the wall.

Scarlett eyed Tyler's unconscious body, "So what was that about you two making this easier?"

A lightbulb went off in Chase's head, "Great idea Scarlett, let's use his body as a ladder!"

Dawn gasped, "But that seems so cruel."

Chase rolled his eyes, "Come on! You say you can read people right? Wouldn't Tyler do anything for the victory?"

Dawn hesitated, "I guess but…"

"But nothing, let's go!" Chase grabbed Tyler's body and sat him upright against the wall. By using Tyler's shoulders as footholds Chase was able to easily climb up the wall. "You got this ladies! See ya at the finish line!" Chase said with a smile and jumped down.

"What an imbecile." Scarlett muttered under her breath.

"The worst part is that he doesn't even realize how he comes across to others, social media has truly fried his brain." Dawn said.

Scarlett was surprised that Dawn heard her but let out a small smile, "Indeed. Shall we join the imbecile?"

"I guess we have to." Dawn said with a sigh.


Scarlett: Mutual disdain for someone can bring anyone together regardless of differences, something to keep in mind for my game going forward.


"Oh my gosh this is like such a good idea; I literally cannot wait to eat some real good!" Sadie said while licking her lips.

"I know right! Sammy mentioned them riding an ATM, right, these tire tracks we found must lead us there!" Katie said, looking down at the various tracks in the dirt stretching far into the forest.

"ATV." Sadie corrected. "But yes. EEEEEEH!" She let out a short squeal and then got quiet for a second. "Do you hear that?"

Katie put a hand up to her ear, "Um. Sounds like a bee."

The two stood still and listened as the buzzing got louder and sounded closer with every passing second. Sadie looked around the treeline and spotted something red getting closer on the tracks, that's when it clicked. "Katie! The ATV is coming, we have to like run!"

The two BFFs took off into the forest's treeline, ducking and weaving between the trees to get away from potential danger. Back at the road Chris parked the red ATV and looked around, "Huh. Thought I heard some annoying teenagers, guess not." He shrugged and drove off.

Mud Fields

Back at the obstacle course Sky easily completed the rope swing and took off in a run, lengthening her lead. Sammy and Bowie made it to the obstacle a few seconds after, Bowie turned to his ally and gestured to the rope, "Ladies first."

Sammy gulped as she looked down into the deep pit of mud, she took a deep breath and jumped for the rope. She managed to latch onto the rope and land safely on the other side giving Bowie a thumbs up before running off ahead.

Bowie was just about to grab the rope when suddenly Scary Girl lunged for it and easily swung across. "Hey!" Bowie called out to her as she ran out ahead.

"Greetings Bowie!" Brick said as he ran up to the next obstacle. "Need assistance in anything?"

Bowie smiled, "No thanks, I got this!" He walked over to the rope and confidently grabbed onto it. The moment he did Chase unexpectedly slid directly into his back, sending Bowie falling into the pit, "Ahhh!"

"Bowie!" Brick called out in concern and looked down into the pit, seeing Bowie's entire outfit covered in mud. "You ok?"

"My outfit is ruined!" Bowie glared and pointed at Chase, "You better pay for my drycleaning after this!"

Chase rolled his eyes, "Sorry man but it's really not my problem." He grabbed the rope and swung across leaving behind the mess he created.

"Do you need help?" Brick asked but turned around when he saw Dawn and Scarlett successfully land on the other side of the wall and start running towards him.

Bowie shook his head, "Leave me. You're our best chance, go!" Brick hesitated for a moment before giving Bowie a salute and standing up. Brick grabbed the rope and hopped over the pit with ease, as he ran, he looked back and frowned.


Bowie: It was cute how he wanted to help but I value winning more than my own pride and ego. No way am I letting us lose after my clothes got destroyed, do you know how long it'll take to get all this mud out of the fabric?

Brick: Leaving a man behind goes against everything I learned back at the academy, but it was ultimately his choice to sacrifice his life for the greater good. God rest his soul. (Brick paused for a moment) Maybe my fellow cadets were right that I may be a tad too dramatic.


Sadie slid down a tree breathing heavily, "I…think we…lost them."

Katie was currently catching her breath with her hands on her knees, "Yeah…we've had to. But where do you think we are?" The camera panned out to reveal that the two girls were in a different area of the forest, all of the nearby trees were gigantic spruce trees with moss covering the trunks.

Sadie jolted up and looked around in alarm, "I don't know!" Sadie grabbed Katie, "How are we going to get back to everyone!?"

Katie pulled Sadie's hands off her, "Don't worry. The obstacle course was to the left of us so if we just walk in that direction we'll be there in no time!"

Sadie jumped in joy, "You're the best, let's go!"


Sadie: What I love about Katie is how we do everything together; no obstacle can tear the two of us apart!

Katie: That's like so true, we even got the Chickenpox together!

Sadie: Ugh that was the worst, but it was like so nice to have someone who could scratch the hard-to-reach scabs!

Mud Fields

Chris parked his ATV next to Chef and observed the brutal obstacle course with an impressed smile, "Nicely done Chef, this challenge is going to be amazing for the ratings! How are they doing?"

Chef watched as Sky jumped through the held-up tire followed by Sammy, Chase, and Scary Girl successfully performing the jump. "Looks like they'll be facing the axes soon hehe, this should be good."

Sky halted mere inches from the first axe as it swung directly in front of her face, "Woah."


Sky: I've done my fair share of obstacle courses before and this one may take the cake because it could actually kill me!

As she got her bearings on the final obstacle others managed to reach her position with different reactions, Sammy was terrified, Chase looked nonchalant, and Scary Girl was clapping.

"I hope one of them falls on someone!" Scary Girl said while smiling.

Sammy looked mortified, "C-could that happen?"

Scary Girl turned to look Sammy dead in the eyes, "Of course." She pointed at the rope holding the axe, "That rope is poorly tied. This wooden post is poorly placed. I'm surprised it hasn't fallen yet, maybe it's waiting for a victim!" Sammy was now frozen in fear looking at the final obstacle, Scary Girl's grin grew.


Scary Girl: I know I shouldn't be scaring my own team but come on, she just walked into the perfect opportunity!

"Enough!" Sky said, looking a bit disturbed. "Let's just do this quickly." She took a deep breath and lay down on her stomach, starting to crawl under the swinging axes. The axes were several inches off the ground giving her quite a bit of room to maneuver.

"Meh I've done scarier pranks than this." Chase commented before laying down on his stomach and starting to crawl forward.

"Want to go next?" Scary Girl asked a terrified Sammy who in response shook her head fervently. "Alright, guess it's my time to shine!" Scary Girl said and dove for the axes, using the mud to slide under them.

"You alright?" Brick asked, suddenly appearing behind Sammy causing her to jump slightly.

"Um yeah just some deadly axes in our way, you should totally go first!" Sammy said, doing her best to hide her nerves.

As the two of them spoke Scarlett and Dawn approached the final obstacle. Scarlett gave one glance at the axes and sighed, "I truly despise this show."

Dawn brought her hands together, "Oh Earth Mother please look after us."

Scarlett rolled her eyes, "Yeah like that'd help. Let's get this over with." The two of them knelt down and started their crawl through the final obstacle just leaving Sammy and Brick.

"People are finishing, you should hurry and go." Sammy said towards Brick.

"But-" Brick tried to protest but was cut off.

"Go! We need you in the next round!" Sammy said, giving Brick a salute. Brick saluted back and knelt down to begin the crawl.


Sammy: I'm a bit embarrassed to give in to fear but can you blame me for not wanting to get my head chopped off?

Brick successfully ran past the finish line to join the others and Chef. The moment Brick crossed Chef grabbed his megaphone, "THE CHALLENGE IS OVER! You six move on. The rest of you?" The camera cut to quick shots of an unconscious Tyler, a muddy Bowie, and Sammy standing by the swinging axes. "Join the losers! It's time for the final challenge. Hehe, follow me."


Dawn: Despite hating war and all it stands for; I make a pretty good soldier.

Brick: It's nearing the end of this bootcamp, and I can taste victory. I've done it all back home, I can handle anything!

Forest- Bootcamp

"I DID NOT TRAIN FOR THIS!" Brick shouted as the camera zoomed out to reveal that he was currently upside down hanging from his knees on the branches of a large oak tree. To his left was Scary Girl and to his right was Sky, both looking uncomfortable by their predicament. On the right side of the tree another branch was holding Chase, Dawn, and Scarlett.

The camera panned down to Chris and Chef looking up at the campers, "For this last challenge you'll be hanging upside down until all but one of you drops. GIVE IT YOUR ALL MAGGOTS!"

Forest- Wilderness

The two best friends were currently walking through the dense forest, Katie was looking around while Sadie trudged behind her. "Do you even know if we're close?" Sadie asked.

"Yes...ok no. But this is so not my fault, we've stayed going in the like same direction so it must be like super close!" Katie said, forcing a fake smile on at the end.

Sadie rolled her eyes, "I knew I shouldn't have trusted your sense of like directions!"

Katie stopped and turned around with her hands on her hips, "It's not like you gave any suggestions. And it's totally not my fault that these trees all look the same!"

Sadie dumped some rocks out of her pink sandal and glared at Katie, "It totally is your fault since we're L-O-S-T" she said while spelling out the last word in dramatic fashion.

Forest- Bootcamp

Chef was pacing at the base of the tree, "What you are experiencing is an ancient form of torture. Right now, the blood should be rushing towards your head."

"Hehe blood!" Scary Girl said, getting a concerned look from Brick.

"Next is nausea, followed by dizziness and a flushed appearance." As Chef continued to explain, the camera switched to Chase. He was looking worse every second. Sweat was dripping off his forehead, his eyes were crossed. "Blood will begin to pool into your eyes. You may experience fainting spells." The moment Chef stopped talking, Chase lost consciousness resulting in him falling from the tree.

Jasmine ran over from the benches to her fallen team member, "You ok mate?"

"Remember to like and subscribe" Chase slurred out, Jasmine rolled her eyes and carried him to the bench.


Chase: The only reason I fell was because Chef kept saying things to confuse me! I would've lasted a few more seconds if he wasn't there!

Forest- Wilderness

"Well at least I know how to drive, you- you having to walk girl!" Katie said glaring at her best friend.

"Trip to the beach last year ring a bell?" Sadie asked back with a smirk.

Katie rolled her eyes, "Oh I can't believe you're bringing that up." She then smiled, "My bikini that day totally slayed though."

Sadie stopped and pointed at Katie, "Who cares about that fashion disaster! You crashed my mom's car into a snack shack!"

Katie turned her back to Sadie, "It was totally in my way! Whatever, if it wasn't for me you'd have to have your MOM drive you to the mall!"

Two squirrels sitting on the branch above the fighting girls took notice and looked at one other. Sadie took a step forward towards Katie, "Well, if it weren't for me, you wouldn't even find your way to the mall!"

Katie stormed forward, "Oh, I know my way to the mall!"

The gray squirrel started imitating Sadie's voice with exaggerated hand gestures, "Stop taking out your aggression just because your team sucks!"

The blue squirrel joined in on the fun and started imitating Katie's voice, "You only like your team since you can replace me with Amy!"

"And she'd be a better friend than you!" Sadie shouted, getting a dramatic performance from the gray squirrel resulting in both squirrels bursting out into laughter.

Katie gasped, "How dare you think that?!" Tears started welling up in her eyes, "Screw you, we're done!" She said venomously before storming away.

"Fine, see if I care!" Sadie yelled back. She crossed her arms and waited a second before bursting into tears and running in the opposite direction.

Forest- Bootcamp

"YOU'VE OFFICIALLY REACHED THE TWO HOUR MARK, GOOD JOB MAGGOTS!" Chef's voice called out from the bottom of the tree. Only Brick, Scary Girl, and Dawn remained on the tree, Sky and Scarlett having fallen offscreen.

Dawn was trying her best to hold her concentration, but the strain was clearly getting to her, sweat was pouring on her forehead with her eyebrows clenched. "Hold on Dawn, you got this!" Bridgette said from the losers bench.

Brick looked even worse with clothes drenched in sweat, shaky arms, and a clenched face. Scary Girl looked the exact same as she did two hours ago with a large smile on her face, she wasn't even using her arms to hold on instead she chose to hold a knife for the purpose of carving her initials into the branch.


Scary Girl: I once read that trees can feel pain, so I try to give each and every one a taste!

As Scary Girl was carving Brick's arms finally gave out and he plummeted to the ground landing next to Chef. "Your tour of duty ends here soldier, good effort." Chef said, looking down at Brick who was currently groaning in pain.


Brick: I failed to take home the win in the boot camp challenge!? I'm a disgrace to everyone who's ever put on the uniform! How can I show my face back home again?

"Now we're down to psychopath vs psychopath, this should be good!" Chris commented earning a nod from Chef.

"You're going down peace loving girl!" Scary Girl said tauntingly.

Dawn was too focused on hanging on to the branch with all her strength to respond.


Dawn: Sadly, finding Zen can only block out immense pain for so long!

"This is gonna be a tough battle between these two soldiers, I look forward- '' As Chef was speaking, loud sobbing could be heard in the distance. "THERE'S NO CRYING IN MY BOOTCAMP, WHICH PATHETIC BABY IS CRYING!?"

The campers on the loser bench looked at one another trying to determine where the crying was coming from. "Over there!" Noah said, pointing to the bushes behind the tree.

Suddenly a sobbing Sadie ran out of the bush, "Wahhhhh!" Her hands were currently covering her crying eyes and as a result she couldn't see the large tree directly in front of her.

BAM! A loud sound rang out from Sadie's direct impact from the tree, multiple losers from the bench covered their eyes and even the battle-hardened Chef winced at the sight. The sudden impact went through the tree and shook the branches, the movement was too much for one camper who let go and fell. That camper was…





"Yes! That means we won!" Sky cheered from the bench, running up to the base of the tree.

"Oh really? That was surprisingly easy, this is why more people need to try sleeping like a vampire." Scary Girl said before dropping down next to Sky with a smile. The rest of the Confused Bears ran over and lifted Scary Girl up in celebration.

Chef walked over to Scary Girl and gave her a salute, "Good job soldier, I'd go to war with you any day."

"War sounds like so much fun with all the death and pain so I'm in!" Scary Girl said, earning a raised eyebrow from Chef.

"Wait a minute…" Chef said, noticing something strange about the Confused Bears. He turned towards a still crying Sadie currently being comforted by Bridgette and Tyler. "Where's your annoying friend?"

Sadie shot up, "SHE'S NOT MY FRIEND!" Everyone looked at her in surprise, "Not after our fight in the woods, she's probably still gone!" Sadie managed to get out before continuing her sobs.

Chef turned back to the Confused Bears, "You left someone behind?" He said while glaring at the team.

"Oh, come on, We didn't even know she left!" Bowie responded defensively.

"I mean I saw them leave but they just said they had to go to the bathroom, didn't think much of it." DJ corrected, earning a few annoyed expressions directed at him.

"Doesn't matter, A good unit stays together and leaves no one behind! Do you accept your win even with a soldier missing?" Chef asked.

Brick gulped, "I think we should search-"

Sky cut him off, "Yeah, we earned this win! Give it to us!"

Chef shook his head, "Wrong answer, Floating Salmon win immunity!"

The Confused Bears mouths were open in complete shock at this sudden reversal, only Sky recovered, "Are you kidding me!?"

Meanwhile the Floating Salmon were celebrating this unexpected development, "That's why we never give up!" Jasmine said, patting Dawn on the back.

"A wins a win in my book!" Tyler said, giving a fistbump to Chase.

Even Scary Girl looked upset, "I know where you live." She said while brandishing her knife with a frown.

"How does this even make sense; Sadie was missing too?" Millie questioned.

"But she came back by the time Dawn fell, meaning the entire team was together. Scary Girl fell when Katie was missing, resulting in disqualification. The most important lesson I can teach is to always stick together with your team." Chef explained.

Sammy rolled her eyes at the explanation, "That makes no sense."

Chef shrugged, "Decision is final. As for the Floating Salmon, you'll all earn a week's supply of military rations."

The Floating Salmons celebrated as Owen sank to his knees, "NOOOOOOOO!"

Chris stood next to Chef, "Enough complaining, Confused Bears I'll see you at elimination."

"What about Katie?" Brick asked.

"We'll check the cameras and pick her up somewhere, don't worry she'll be there for elimination. I feel like all of you are excited to see her again." Chris said with a smile at the annoyed and angry expressions of the team.


Sky: I've seen bad calls in my career before but this one is complete bull-

Elimination Ceremony

The Confused Bears, minus Katie, were gathered in the elimination area once again, this time the air was full of anger and frustration over the circumstances.

"What's with the long faces, it looks like you just lost a challenge you thought you won?" Chris teased earning the middle finger from Bowie. "Aw don't be like that; we found your missing member. Chef, bring her in!"

Chef walked into the ceremony followed by Katie who looked like she's seen better days with messy hair and puffy eyes.

Sky stood up, "Where've you been!? Thanks to you, we lost this challenge!" Instead of responding Katie walked by with her head down and took a seat next to Brick.

Brick looked on in concern, "Are you doing ok?"

Katie sniffled, "I don't know." She said with a quiet voice.

"Why are you asking her? She cost us our safety and food!" Bowie said in an aggravated tone towards Brick.

"But she's still a human." Brick said, earning a small smile from Katie.

"And it's time to vote off a human, I love this show!" Chris said with a laugh.


Millie: Thank god you messed up today or else it could've been me today!

Owen: You took my rations away from me!

DJ: I feel bad but it's for the good of the team..sorry.

Katie: My best friend of 16 years replaced me. My team hates me. I- (She breaks down and starts crying)

Chris picked up the plate of marshmallows, "You all know the routine by now, I have nine marshmallows and ten of you sitting before me. Let's see who's here to live another day."

Chris picked up three marshmallows, "Scary Girl, Brick, and Sky you three lasted the longest and are safe." He said while tossing them. Scary Girl happily ate hers; Brick caught his and looked at it with mixed feelings, Sky angrily caught hers.

Chris picked up two more, "Next up is…Bowie and Sammy." The two friends caught theirs and gave each other a smile.

"Also safe is…Owen and DJ." Owen's landed in his open mouth while DJ caught his.

Only Katie and Millie were left, Millie was extremely nervous about her position and had her eyes locked on the last marshmallow while sweat poured down her face. Meanwhile, Katie stared ahead unfocused on the situation she found herself in.

Chris picked up the final marshmallow, "This one is pretty obvious so who needs the suspense, the last marshmallow goes to…Millie!"

"Phew." Millie let out a sigh of relief as she caught her marshmallow with a smile.

Katie had no visible reaction beyond standing up with a blank look, "Can I go home now?"

"Sure, just follow me to the dock of-" As Chris was talking a scream from the sky cut him off.

"AHHHHHHHH" Dakota screamed as she flew through the air in an orange and white glider.

On the ground Sam smiled in realization before gasping as she appeared closer and closer until she slammed directly into him, launching him back from his seat. "Oof!"

Chris sighed, "I was warned about the losers getting all clingy."

Dakota landed on top of a sprawled-out Sam on the ground, "Hey Sam!" She said, looking down at the gamer as she took off her pink helmet.

"Oh, uh, hi Dakota hehe" Sam said with a smile, quickly recovering from his shock.

Chris groaned, "Ugh Dakota, you're no longer competing. Remember?"

Dakota stood up, "I don't care about competing or the money, like I need it." She unclasped her safety harness. "All I want is um a close up please!" She gestured towards the camera to come closer which it did. "Thank you! I just want camera time, everyone knows the larger the camera time the larger the spin-off!"

Chef grabbed Dakota and tossed her over his shoulder, bringing her to Chris. "Remember how you rode away on the boat last episode? That means you're out, forever!" Chris said, exaggerating the last word.

Dakota gasped and brought her hands together, "No please! I'll do anything!"

"Listen princess, just because you've paid your way through life does not mean you can come on my show and get away with it!" As Chris was speaking his phone started to ring with the Total Drama Island theme song playing. He grabbed his phone, "Huh?" He turned to Dakota, "It's your daddy." Dakota put on a fake smile as Chris continued to speak to her father, "Hello . Just letting you know that your daughter is trying to cheat- HOW MUCH MONEY!?" Chris' eyes shot open, and a large smile formed on the host's face.

Chris put the phone away, "You're back!"

Dakota's arms shot up in joy, "Yes! Thanks Daddy!" She said, looking at the camera.

"As an intern!" Chris finished.

"An intern? NOOOOOOOOO!" Dakota yelled out as Chef carried her past a smiling Chris.

"Sorry about that, it's dock of shame time!" Chris said towards Katie.

Dock of Shame

"Any last words or requests?" Chris asked.

Katie stood up from her sitting position on the Boat of Losers, "Um yeah, just tell Sadie that even though I'm hurt, I am still rooting for her and-"

"It was a rhetorical question, goodbye Katie!" Chris said, resulting in the Boat of Losers to drive away.

Chris walked to the middle of the dock and looked at the camera, "Talk about an exciting episode! Betrayals, pain, unexpected returns! How will Dakota do as an intern? Will the Confused Bears ever recover from this tragic loss? How will Sadie react to Katie's departure? Find out next time on Total Drama Island!"

(Fade to credits)


Katie: Bowie, Brick, DJ, Millie, Owen, Sam, Sammy, Scary Girl, Sky

Millie: Katie

Remaining Players:

Floating Salmon: Amy, Bridgette, Cameron, Chase, Damien, Dawn, Jasmine, Noah, Sadie, Scarlett, Tyler

Confused Bears: Bowie, Brick, DJ, Millie, Owen, Sam, Sammy, Scary Girl, Sky

Elimination Order

24th- Leonard

23rd- Geoff

22nd- Dakota

21st- Katie

I cannot believe that we are finally at the end, I need to stop making my chapters so long! The way the Confused Bears lost may be seen as controversial and I worry I made it a bit too convoluted, but I really wanted a way for the canon Sadie/Katie fight to happen this episode and for it to result in Katie's elimination. I feel like I found a way for it to work but I am curious how others feel about it.

Originally Katie was supposed to go next episode, but I decided to switch boots after not having much to build off of on Katie. Plus, Katie going here helps several plotlines have a bit more longevity, so it works out.

I feel like I need to cut back on camp life scenes because I try to give everyone something, but it might make the chapters too big. Let me know your thoughts on that matter.

Now it's time to finally see what the next challenge is…




Capture the Skull from the Total Drama Island Reboot! Excited for this one, it shouldn't be a super long challenge and has the potential for a lot of fun moments!


-Should I cut back on camp life scenes?

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