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So I mostly know Star Wars from the movies, some of the Clone Wars show, and the old books that are no longer canon. I finally found both a canon and EU timeline, had fun mixing them together.

This does come from the SW section of Death Steps In but will have differences since it's a full fic and doesn't involve Harry.

Chapter 1

He stared in horror at the crystal before him, no… Sora! He ran closer and skidded to a stop, reaching out to touch the crystal encasing the younger teen. Was he…dead? And then he gasped, hand dropping limply. He looked down to see a Keyblade…oh, that should hurt, shouldn't it? It yanked back and he collapsed, lying on his side, unable to move. A black coated figure moved past him and towards Sora. No! He tried to speak and tasted blood, choking. His vision was fading in and out as the figure raised the Keyblade and swung. The last thing he was aware of was the sound of something shattering.


Ni'Chume rocked her son in her arms, tired, but happy. She was sad to not have had a girl, but they were young enough for many children yet. Her sister would be happy, if she had a daughter first then inheritance would pass to her line. He looked like his father, something she didn't mind, she happened to think Jarden was the most handsome man she'd ever seen, and with Hapans known for their beauty that was saying a lot.


Obi-Wan was glad to be back in the Temple, sometimes it felt like they were gone for years between but he knew that wasn't true. He missed his friends when he wasn't there but they were all Padawans and so they weren't often all at the Temple at the same time. Thankfully, their mission to Bri'n had been a peaceful one, an oddity for them. It seemed they had the worst luck in the Temple when it came to missions, especially in the early years of his apprenticeship. He didn't mind peaceful missions at all though, a Jedi did not crave adventure or excitement.


Lyeana stood at the small viewport in the room, showing her son the wonders of space. He was such a wonderful baby, one they had waited so long for…the thought of soon being parted forever was painful but they had agreed it was the best thing to do for Riku. All Mirialan's were Force sensitive to some degree but Riku was too much for them to handle. He needed the training and support he would find at the Temple. And she knew there were members of the Order who were Mirialan, they would look after Riku.

She looked up as the door to their cabin opened, smiling at her husband and the tray from the ships' mess that he was carrying. She sat on the bunk and lay Riku down, smiling as he kicked his legs happily.

"We're doing the right thing," Attros murmured, tickling Riku's stomach.

"I know," she whispered.

But that didn't stop it from hurting. He was only six months old, it wasn't fair. But his nightmares were able to wake everyone within miles and nothing they or the healers had tried had helped. They had no choice but to take him to the Jedi, they couldn't wait for him to be older. Because all of their people had some level of sensitivity and had their own ways of training, they were not tested like babies on other Republic worlds. It was up to the parents to decide if a child needed the training of the Order.

The journey from Mirial to Coruscant was not a short one as their planet was located in the outer rim, and it wasn't without risks either but they were on a passenger liner that was popular so surely it was safe enough. The majority of passengers were Mirialan or human but they kept Riku in their cabin to keep anyone from paying too much attention to him. They weren't in Republic space yet, where slavery was illegal. And Riku would be very tempting to slavers.

Slavers got rich selling Force sensitive children which put Riku at risk but his unusual colouring added to that. She had never seen one of her people with such light hair before. He had inherited her violet eyes and Attros' lighter green skin…but no one knew how he could have hair so light it appeared silver. They had thought it was a birth quirk, that it would darken within a few days or weeks, hair and eye colour could do so after birth, but there was no change. Being a Jedi would not keep him safe, not when Jedi often tangled with slavers and bounty hunters, but he would know how to defend himself and would have a Master to protect him until he was an adult.

There was one upside to the long journey, it gave them longer with their son.


Finis Valorum smiled at the cheers as he accepted winning a second term as Chancellor. This would be his finally term, as was the law. There were many things he had wanted to do as Chancellor but hadn't been able to. He hadn't realised just how deep the corruption ran in the Senate but there was little he could do to stamp it out. Sometimes he did think he should have listened to his friend Qui-Gon and remained a simple senator rather than seek election as Chancellor. He was determined to use his last term to make some kind of difference for the better.


Lyeana held Riku close, covering him with her jacket as she ran down the corridor, the sound of blaster fire fading as she worked her way deeper in the ship, desperate to get away somehow. Attros…Attros was dead, shot in the head by one of the raiders. The crew weren't prepared to fight off such a large group, especially one so well armed. She could hear screams and sounds of fear from the other passengers but put them out of her mind. She had to protect her son.

Violet eyes were wide but thankfully he remained silent, even though he was crying. Was he so attuned to the Force to know he had to stay silent? She found what looked like a possible hiding place and wormed her way into the gap, rocking Riku gently. She pressed a kiss to his forehead.

"I love you," she whispered, closing her eyes. She wasn't overly gifted but she reached desperately for the Force, she had to keep them hidden.


Padmé was excited, she was being made an Apprentice Legislator already! She wouldn't even turn eleven for another three months. It was a big responsibility but it was what she'd been working towards since joining the Apprentice Legislature at eight. Her family wasn't important but that didn't limit her chances like it did on some worlds. She wanted to serve the people, to make a difference on Naboo and for the Galaxy.


Mirilla shaded her eyes and looked up, was that… "Darrin!" She yelled for her husband, before grabbing the rifle and taking off across the fields.

"What is…kriff!" He swore as he saw the the last of the trail before there was an explosion.

They made it to the crash site and stared in horror at the debris scattered about. Surely no one had survived.

Mirilla ignored that and made her way into the crater, there was always a chance. The debris was badly damaged but still recognisable, a Hapan ship. And not one of the vessels used for trade that was seen on Tanaab, not this was a pleasure ship of some sort. She found a mostly intact area and called for her husband, working together they got the door jammed open, knowing if there were survivors that section was the only possibility.

Slumped, wedged in the corner, was a young woman dressed in a very fine gown. Darrin made his way over to her, checking but then he shook his head, she was dead. But then…

Mirilla gasped at the quiet cry. "A baby?" They carefully moved the woman to find not a baby but a toddler, protected by her body from the crash. Mirilla carefully picked the child up, cradling them close. "Shh little one, you're safe now," she crooned. She made her way out of the wreck and knelt in the field to check the child over. Wrapped in an exquisite dark purple blanket, Hapan script on the edge, the family had to be an important one. Once unwrapped from the blanket she checked the child over, relieved to find no serious injuries, and determined the child was a boy. He stared up at her with big blue eyes, scared, but slowly settling as she spoke calmly to him.

"I found another body," Darrin murmured as he joined them, "I'd say likely the Father in what was left of the cockpit. We need to contact the authorities."

"And what, send him back to Hapes? You know how boys are treated there."

"We can't just keep him Mirilla," he argued. "How would we explain that? He looks nothing like us and if he can speak, it'll be Hapan."

"There has to be something we can do," she denied. The boy kicked his legs, watching them, and then he smiled at her. He babbled something and she knew Darrin was right, they couldn't keep him. And then she stared in awe as the boy reached for her necklace, whining when he couldn't get it, only for it to float up. She looked at Darrin to see his eyes were wide. "He's Force sensitive…" she whispered.

Darrin sagged but nodded. "We can't send him back," he agreed.

The Hapan Consortium was never overly fond of Force users, due to some historical event, but that dislike was sometimes better than others. And from rumours, it was closer to hate at the moment. Was that why the small family had been on that ship, had they been running to protect their son? He was already disadvantaged being born male and then to be Force sensitive…

"We'll take him home for now, I'll head into town and send a message to the nearest Jedi Corpse outpost, that will be faster than trying to contact one of the Temples. The sooner they can come for him the better, if the Hapan authorities come looking first…" he shook his head.


Darrin could understand his wife's desire to keep the boy, they'd been trying for a child for years. But others would have seen the ship go down, if they suddenly had a toddler it would be obvious. And if the ship had not been Hapan then maybe they could have taken the boy in while family was searched for. But with the Consortium involved, he wouldn't be safe on Tanaab.

He drove their speeder into town, hearing the talk already of people seeing the ship go down. He quickly ducked inside and paid to make the call, stepping into the comm booth. He looked through the directory, glad contacts for the Jedi and their service Corps were published publicly. He hadn't realised there was one on the other side of the planet but that would make things so much quicker and easier The message was simple, a Force sensitive child was in danger, their family already dead. Once that was done, all they could do was wait.


Lyeana gently wiped Riku's face clean, fighting tears. This wasn't meant to be his fate, he should be at the Jedi Temple playing and learning with his age mates. He was never meant for the life of a slave. For now, they were being kept together due to his age, apparently it was normal to keep children with their mother until they were at least three but more normally five. That meant she might only have another year and a half with him. So far, he hadn't given away just how powerful he was and she was terrified of what would happen to him when he did. She did what she could to teach him to hide but he was still so little and yet he'd now been a slave longer than he'd been free.

"Mama sad," he whispered.

She smiled and kissed his forehead. "We'll be alright," she promised him.


Members of the AgriCorps did not usually collect Force sensitive children, but the message had been urgent. And they had seen the ship on scanners as it had plummeted towards the planet. Something about the situation felt off to Theros but be would obey and collect the child. He hoped for the child's' sake that they were young enough to not remember the crash as they grew. If the child was truly Force sensitive then they would send them on to the Temple on Coruscant for training. He would have to speak with those who had found the child about why it was so urgent the child be taken.

He parked the speeder at the given coordinates to find a small farm. A man emerged from the home as Theros got out of the speeder, able to feel the wariness. He bowed in greeting. "You sent a message about a Force sensitive child needing immediate evacuation?"

"Yes, please come inside sir."

Theros followed him inside to see a woman with a toddler in her lap, waving a soft toy for him. He could feel the child, he shone brightly in the Force, but neither of the adults did…or looked anything like the boy.

"The child was on the ship that crashed?"

"Yes Master Jedi," the man agreed. "I am Darrin, this is my wife Mirilla. The ship hit our outer field. There were only three on board, the two adults did not survive. The woman we assume was his mother had used her own body to shield him in the crash. Since then we've managed to scavenge some of what must have been his things but there wasn't a lot left from the crash. And we don't dare let anyone else know of his existence in case someone comes looking for him."

Theros frowned in concern. "You think they would harm the child."

"His name is Sora, we managed to translate that from the stitching on his blanket and he responds to it," Mirilla spoke for the first time. "The ship was Hapan, Master Jedi. Surely you know better than us their opinion on those blessed with the Force."

He did indeed. All those stationed on Tanaab were aware of it and kept their distance from any Hapan traders who came to the planet. No wonder they had hidden the boy, bad enough to be born male in the Consortium but to be Force sensitive on top of that. To just take the child though… no matter what some cultures said, the Jedi were not child stealers. But to send him back…

"May I?" He asked, and the women handed the child up to him. Theros held the boy who watched him with wide blue eyes, dark hair messy. A small hand reached up to touch his face, the boy suddenly giggling, and Theros felt the boy clumsily reaching for him with the Force. "Hello little one," he murmured.

He'd made his choice, he couldn't let this bright light be sent back. And if those on the ship were his parents, had been leaving the Consortium, then had. They been doing so for their son? We're they planning to give him to the Order or just leave for a life where he wouldn't be looked down on for his gender let alone his abilities. He supposed that was as close to family permission as he would be getting.

"I will take him and have him sent to a temple, I won't tell you which one."

"We understand," Mirilla smiled sadly, and Theros knew she would have raised him if it was safe. He gave her the child back for their goodbyes, accepting the few things collected from the crash.

Thankfully, the boy was too small to be seen in the speeder, the fewer beings who knew of his existence the better. Hapes could apply political pressure for his return if they knew he'd survived after all. But would they bother? Then again, from the quality of his things, his family had been wealthy, perhaps even nobility. That would make it more likely the Consortium would demand his return.


She stared at the holos, smirking slightly. It was done. Her sister and her consort were dead, along with their monster of a child. Granted, the child had not been found in the crash, but he was only small and the ship had been very badly damaged. With her sister dead, there was no one else who could challenge her future. She had known the moment she'd seen that child what he was. The Jedi had nearly wiped them out once, she could not allow their powers to pollute their bloodline. She'd warned their mother that there was something strange about Jarden and she'd been right, such powers had to come from his line.


Crèche Master Adara stood with Master Vokara Che, going over the results on the toddler who had been sent to them via the AgriCorps on Tanaab. They had no information on him beyond the name Sora and that he was an orphan. The babbling he had done was not in Basic either. Scans revealed he was not baseline human, no, he appeared to be Hapan. There hadn't been a Hapan Jedi in…centuries at least. But a midi-chlorian test had proven what all who had come in contact with him had sensed, the child was definitely Force sensitive, well above the minimum for admission to the Order.

"Something will need to be done eventually about his night vision," Vokara decided. "He appears healthy and well-cared for, thankfully. He'll need some immunisations but I see no reason to keep him in the Healing Halls."

"He's too young to be placed with a clan, and his lack of ability to speak or understand Basic would keep him out even if he was old enough. We'll take him into the Crèche for now," Adara told her, and Vokara nodded in agreement. She smiled softly at the little boy watching them curiously. "Let's get you settled for nap time," she told Sora, picking him up. He clutched at the stuffed toy he'd arrived with, his other hand curling into her tunic.

He was a quiet child, but that could be because he didn't understand any of them. Plus, the Temple was likely very different to anything he'd seen before. She adjusted the blanket he was wrapped in, for now they would let him keep what he had arrived with and then they would slowly wean him off of those items as he adjusted to life in the Temple. They would not hide his heritage from him but he would be taught not to be attached to such things.


Anakin looked at the collection of parts he'd managed to scavenge. He didn't have everything he needed, not yet, but it was enough to start. His Mom needed help around the house, Watto worked her hard. He knew they were lucky, that Watto could have sold her and kept just him, but he hadn't. He hadn't even hit them! He didn't really remember Gardulla but he knew the Hutt hadn't been a good Master, they were lucky she'd lost them to Watto.

"Ani! Time to eat."

He scrambled up and out of his small room to sit at the table. Their home in the slave quarters was nice, he even had his own room! He had vague memories of living in a big room with others before, he wouldn't have been able to build his Mom a droid there.


Sora laughed as he made the blocks float, getting giggles from the others. He spoke Basic as well as his age mates now, was a happy child and everyone liked him. At only three they weren't really being trained yet, they were still learning to talk properly, how to play together nicely. The Crèche Masters kept a close eye on the younglings to make sure there were no fights or injuries from unexpected Force use.


Padmé smiled at Palo as they walked along the lakeshore together. She was liking being in the Legislative Youth Program, and not just because she'd met Palo Jemabie. He was older than her but not by a lot, only a year. The Program was a lot more work than before but it was the next step in entering a life of public service. She enjoyed her studies and the volunteer work involved, but she also enjoyed spending time with Palo.


He was scared, where was Mama? It was so hot, he wanted water. There were so many people and they were all yelling, they felt…yucky. And then he was dragged up to stand still, the chain to his collar held tight to make sure he didn't move. Riku bit his lip, he wouldn't cry! He was a big boy. But they were all looking at him now and he was more scared as the shouting got louder. Finally it stopped and he was being dragged away but then… "Mama! Mama!" He screamed as he saw her.

"Riku!" She yelled. "I love you Riku, be brave."



Anakin shivered, keeping his head down as he skirted the sale, holding on tight to the package Watto had sent him for.

"Mama! Mama!"

The cry made Anakin look up to see a little boy being dragged away, his Mother held back by guards. That could have been him if Gardulla hadn't lost them both to Watto, if he hadn't wanted to keep Mom too for general chores. He felt bad for the little Mirialan boy, he'd never seen that hair colour before which meant the boy was worth more too. He wished he could help him, but he was just a slave too. The little boy looked up and stared right at him, violet eyes wide and filled with tears. Ani managed to give him a small smile, silently telling him to be brave…and good. And then the boy was being dragged away by a mixed group…spacers, pirates? That was actually good, they probably didn't want him for the stuff that made some of the pretty slaves cry. They probably wanted him cause he was small and could get into tight spaces.