Author's Notes

Based on the scene from YJ Phantoms, Episode 6: "Artemis Through the Looking Glass."

Think of it as a deleted scene, or a parody. I decided to take the dialogue I had from a meme I created a little over a year ago on both my DeviantArt and my Tumblr account, like a few days just prior to the season premiering on HBO Max. I tried to put some more detail into it. Enjoy!

This is a rough draft of this short story. Might rewrite this in the future whenever I improve on my creative writing skills as well as other things I am practicing on.

Update: I slightly updated it a little, for those who are concerned about it being a little different.


As if I own any of the characters or the show. They belong to their respective owners.

DATE/TIME: APRIL 19, 2020 9:25 P.M. P.D.T.

Artemis peered past the unoccupied children's playground in front of her into the midnight blue sky. As she sat on the park bench, the dark long-sleeved jacket was the only thing keeping her from feeling cold.

Several events weighed heavy on her mind at the moment. As if things weren't bad enough that she had just learned from Kaldur, Dick, and Will that her friend and colleague Conner died hours ago. Now she had two defectors from the League of Shadows - Onyx Adams and Cassandra Savage - literally at her doorstep.

And here she was, sitting on the bench, looking for her sister Jade Nguyen's intel on what she knew about both.

Despite the circumstances that forced her hand, Artemis had been wanting to reach out to her sister for a while now. And she wouldn't have had to use her emergency number to lure her here if the situation called for it. And given how Onyx had followed her from Will's house all the way to the library…

Yeah, definitely called for. Especially given her sister's sources with the League of Shadows, even though she was no longer an official member.

She visibly bristled, however, at Jade's earlier interrogation of her new ex-war hero boyfriend Jason Bard, who unexpectedly showed up earlier during a nighttime jog with his dog Holly. Especially when she mentioned the 'hand me downs' to him... she decided to step in and chase them both away before her big sister embarrassed her even further.

"I like him," Jade said of Jason as they both sat back down on the park bench. "I'm happy for you."

Artemis looked away. "Thanks."

"I know it's been hard since…"

Jade didn't have to finish her sentence. Artemis knew who she was referring to. It was difficult trying to get closure with her dead ex-boyfriend, and she didn't want to be reminded.

"It just goes to show," Jade went on as she looked at the surroundings in front of her, "second chances are possible."

In a way, Artemis thought, it was nice that her big sister was trying to support her in this moment. Even though she was far from a softie or sentimental person. The two may have had their differences, gone down different paths yet, but at the end of the day, they were still sisters who loved and cared about each other.

Not wanting to belabor things anymore, Artemis decided to get to the purpose of this get-together. "What did you learn?"

Jade looked at her younger sister matter-of-factly. "My sources all have the same intel. The Savage kid's on the run and being hunted. Meanwhile, no one's even heard of this Onyx. In my business, that means you're either a nobody or a ghost. A nobody's never making it off Santa Prisca alive. And a ghost... you don't want anything to do with one of those."

Artemis pondered the info her sister gave. It stood to reason, given what she knew about the League of Shadows' MO. Though it wasn't going to help her get any closer as to deciding who was telling the truth. "Well, Looker read both defectors psychically and sensed no deception from either of them. But Orphan tells me Shadows are trained to thwart psychic reads."

"Who's this Orphan?" Jade asked with a raised eyebrow.

"She's on my team," Artemis explained. "She's a kid, but she escaped the Shadows... and has Batman's seal of approval."

Jade gave a small nod. "And if the Bat says she's cool, you're just supposed to…"

"Yes," Artemis said in a tone that tolerated no argument on the subject. When Batman gave his approval on someone – which wasn't often – that was the end of it.

"Well, she's right about Shadow training," Jade said. Then she gave a slight half smile. "Don't suppose you'd be willing to kill them both. That would solve your problem."

That suggestion received only a glare from her young sister, an icy glare that could freeze half of the Western Hemisphere.

Jade sighed and rolled her eyes. "Fine. Fine. Get me in with them. I know what questions to ask… and what responses to look for."

Artemis then nodded. "Okay then. C'mon. We'll take my car."

The two sisters got up from the bench. and headed for Artemis' car on the other side of the park.

When they got in the car, Jade asked, "Can we get takeout first? 'Cause I... am... starving." When she received a slightly narrow-eyed look, she sighed. "Oh, come on, Artemis. You lured me back here to help your ass find out who the damn mole is. The least you could do is treat your big sister while she's back here. For the time being, that is."

"No tricks?"

"No tricks."

Artemis sighed. "Fine. There's a takeout place I know that's open twenty-four seven. We can go there."

As the two Crock sisters sat in the car eating their Chinese takeout, Artemis' mind was already on the business at hand - trying to find out who the mole was between Cassandra and Onyx.

Onyx's story, if she were to be believed, was that she wasn't trying to attack Artemis when she followed her to the college university; but rather trying to warn her in advance - about the daughter of Vandal Savage, Cassandra Savage. Savage's cover story, according to Onyx, was that she had defected from the League of Shadows and was requesting immunity from Tigress and her Team; in truth, her intention was to be a mole on her team.

Cassandra's story, if she were to be believed, was that the only reason Onyx was there was that she was sent there by the League to sabotage her introduction to Tigress and her Team. She claimed to have left Vandal Savage, disgusted by him killing her older sister, Olympia, and that she wanted no part of him. In fact, she was blind in one eye and had lost her left arm, as punishment for trying to leave once.

When both suspects were being taken to the Vault for interrogation, and the Shadow agents attacked them, Cassandra claimed this proved that the Shadows were after her. Onyx claimed she was lying, and that the whole attack was just to sell her story.

Despite Artemis and her teammates' best efforts, no one knew which spoke the truth. And she had to drag her sister Jade into this, by sending a text message lying to her about her own daughter being in trouble. Artemis explained that the real reason she sent for her was that she needed her help. When Jade refused to help, Artemis had to tell her the League of Shadows knew where she lives, including Jade's daughter and husband Will.

The embarrassment from her sister practically interrogating her new boyfriend notwithstanding, a part of Artemis was... happy to be reunited with her older sister. All things considered, it just seemed… right. Right in so far as this was the closest she'd get to having a normal moment with her sister. After everything they both went through growing up with their father, they deserved at least a little sibling bonding time. If only for a moment until it was back to business.

In spite of her thoughts, she couldn't help but notice Jade sneaking looks at her in-between eating their cup of noodles. As if trying to read her mind for some reason, like she suspected Artemis was hiding something from her.

Why she was looking at her with a curious look on her face, Artemis didn't know, but it was starting to irritate her to no end.

"What?" she asked, glaring when she caught her a sixth time.

Jade simply leaned back in the passenger's seat. "Nothing," she said before crossing her left leg over her right knee. "So... anything awkward happened in your private life while I was away, sis?"

Artemis looked over at her sister, a dry laugh leaving her lips. "You mean aside from Mom finding out I'm back in the hero business as Tigress? Nothing much, I guess… though I am glad my friends convinced me to get over my grief with... well, you know who."

Jade glanced over at her with a smile before taking another forkful of her noodles. "Is that why you're currently dating your private dick of a boyfriend?"

"Will you stop calling him that?" Artemis said, showing a hint of red. She'd almost choked on her food. It didn't sound any less embarrassing now when her sister said it then it did when she brought it up earlier.

The expression on her sister's face when she looked at her was priceless for Jade. If she could take a picture of it, frame it and put it on a wall, she would. "Touchy, much?" the older sister said. "Fine. But you still haven't answered my question. Did anything awkward happened in your personal life? Especially now that you are back out and about playing hero again."

"Like what?"

Jade took her remaining noodles and stuck one last bite in her mouth. "Ahh, I see where this is going. First you blush when I mention that particular nickname… and now you won't tell me whether or not there were any unusual situations for you while I was gone."

Artemis placed her own cup of noodles in the cup holder before resting her forearms upon the steering wheel. "Why do you even care so much?"

Jade folded her arms against her chest and leaned back against the passenger's seat. "I don't, really. Just curious. Now, give."

"There's nothing to tell. Nothing else happened!" Her tone was higher than normal, but she didn't care. She just wanted her older sister to drop the subject.

"You know, I can tell when you're lying, right?" Jade continued, ignoring her half-truth. "Especially to yourself."

Artemis turned around and fixed her sister with a hard stare. "You're one to talk."

They stared each other down for a moment before Artemis finally nodded and sighed as though confronted by a guilty conscience. "OK, fine. Fine. There was something. Why did I even do this?"


"Well, about a year and a half ago, I... O.K. You have to promise me you won't freak out on me."

Jade sighed. "Please. Spill. I really wanna know about whatever is freaking you out so much."

"O.K.," Artemis said, with a tense expression. "Well, a year and a half ago... on Valentine's Day... I did something so unbelievably stupid. I don't even know why I did it. I guess I was still thinking of Wally when I did this. I was desperate and out of my mind. I still can't believe I did this, please don't –"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down, Artemis! What did you do?"

"Okay..." A long, drawn out breath was taken. "on Valentine's Day last year... I... sorta... kinda... kissed your husband Will."

Artemis jerked backwards into her driver's seat, preparing for the worse. Moments passed as she saw Jade process this into her brain. She expected Jade to yell, or worse, wrap her hands around the blonde archer's neck and strangle her. Instead, the only expression she got was a mean poker-face look from her sister.

"Well... that is awkward." Her sister finally muttered.

"... You don't... hate me for this, do you?" Artemis asked nervously, her hands clutching the steering wheel tightly.

Jade gave her young sister a mock look of shock. "Of course not," she replied in a voice that made her sister wonder if she was being serious or sarcastic. "I mean, I'm not happy, but I don't hate you. Surprisingly, I'm not even mad about it, either."

Not mad? Did Jade have some sort of weird 'husband technically cheating on her' kink Artemis wasn't aware of? She narrowed her eyes, wondering what her older sister was playing at. "Really? You're not mad at me?"

Jade shook her head. "It isn't surprising. It was inevitable, seeing how you two practically live in Will's house, and how you two were taking care of my daughter... you both shacking up... both longing... yearning for something... some kind of... physical affection?"

Okay, who is this sitting next to her in this car, the blonde archer thought, because it damn sure wasn't her sister. She should've been mad, wanting to tear her apart. And while that was something Artemis didn't exactly prefer, it was in character, at least. Especially considering her murderous tendencies. Did somebody slip some type of mind control bio-tech in her or something? If she didn't know better, it sounded like she was trying to... "You do realize Will's my brother in law, right? And your husband?"

Jade looked away for a moment, then she flashed an enigmatic smile. "So? I mean, if you wanted a three-way with me and Will before I left, you only had to ask."

Artemis let out a disgusted groan as she flinched back, eyes wide. Now she wished Jade was getting mad. Did she really just say that? "What the... You... What the hell, Jade? Gross! You sound like Mom right now. And she was trying to hook me up with Will, too!"

"Did she, now?" Jade asked. "As the saying goes, sis: When in Rome..."

"Stop joking about this, please!" Artemis said. Her voice was taut, yet sharp enough to cut through an apple. Yet her sister continued as though she wasn't even listening to her now.

"Honestly, though, who wouldn't want to kiss Will? How do you think I ended up with him all those years ago? Not to mention he's always been good in the sack."

"Jade, you..." Artemis groaned before turning away, covering her mouth. The noodles she had just ate, just a few minutes earlier, seemed fit to travel into her intestine. Now they almost were ready to make a U-turn back upward at the image of Will and Jade's sex. Like she wanted to know anything about that. She leaned towards the steering wheel, massaging her brow with her fingers. Then she darted to face Jade with a frown. "You know, none of this would have happened if you weren't such an absentee mother, you know that?"

The sly smile Jade slowly disappeared at her sister's remark. She seemed ready to respond with a dry reply, but was cut short. Artemis's phone started ringing for a few seconds.

Artemis appeared relieved at the phone's timing. She needed to, first and foremost, forget this conversation she was having with her big sister. If this was her teammates back at the Vault, then they needed to hurry back there and take care of business with Onyx and Cassandra.

"Seriously, get some help," she told her as she reached back to pick up her cell phone from inside her gymbag, lying on the backseat of her car. "Yeah, what's up?" she spoke into the receiver.

"Artemis, are you there?" It was Stephanie Brown a.k.a. Spoiler on the other end. Her voice sounded more than a little impatient.

"Um, yeah, Spoiler. I'm here."

"Where have you been?"

"I'm with my sister outside a takeout restaurant not far from you guys," Artemis replied, shooting a look at her older sister.

"And you two are over there, why?"

"Oh... let's just say that me and Jade have been... making up for lost time before getting down to business."

"Well, hurry up, will ya?" came the reply on the other end. "I'm getting impatient here at the Vault. Orphan hasn't moved from her spot in front of the monitors since you left. I told her she could go back to the Batcave, that I was taking over guard duty. But she won't leave."

Artemis raised an eyebrow. That wasn't like Orphan to refuse to abandon her post like that. "What do you mean, she won't leave?"

"Just what I said. She simply won't take off and leave via the Zeta-Tube."

"What is she doing now?"

"She's, like, just... standing there... like a statue, staring at those two suspects you have in their holding cells. And on top of that, I haven't eaten anything earlier and I'm getting hungry myself!"

"Okay, okay, Steph, I – Just calm down. I'll be there," Artemis said apologetically before giving her sister another brief glance. "We'll be there. Ten minutes tops. Okay?"

"Okay." There was a short pause, then she added: "Good luck figuring this sitch out, Artemis."

"Thanks," Artemis said. She clicked off the line and turned to Jade. Seeing her older sister's face, she gave a look that said 'well, it looks like our unexpected sisterly bonding time is over.' It was probably unnecessary because Jade seemed to notice it anyway. "Ready?" she asked, turning the ignition key.

Jade nodded. "As long as you're not thinking about kissing my husband again. Of course, if you ever change your mind about wanting that three-way..."


Jade shrugged before grinning. "Just saying..."

"OK, we are so not eating takeout together again!" Artemis said before driving off.

I have to admit something. Even though I binge watched the episodes from the first two seasons when they were on Netflix, I haven't seen much of the last two seasons since they moved to online streaming, first on DCUniverse and then on HBOMax. Most of the information I do know has come from watching isolated scenes on YouTube and brushing up on the character bios and the episode synopses on the official Young Justice Wiki page.

And yeah, Jade's reaction to Artemis telling her about kissing Will most likely would not be in character for her. But when I originally wrote this scene over a year ago, I got stuck on what I thought her reaction would be. So I admittedly used an AI text generator site for assistance on that part alone, and some of the options they gave me for text were so funny I decided to include some of them here. Even after revising everything from the initial draft from beginning to end, I still remembered some of those options and decided to write similar text with my own hands and words.

As always, comments and constructive criticism is much appreciated. Thanks!