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- Part 2 –

They all were sitting on the stairs at the gigantic building of BBA Office while Kenny was inside to investigate. They hoped for better news. However, when the genius boy finally appeared his expression wasn't promising. He looked gloomy and dejected. "I have bad news guys." he began ominously.

"What is it Kenny? Don't say that even Mr. Dickenson doesn't know where he is." Hilary looked almost panicked.

"It's not only that." waved off Kenny careworn as he dropped himself down beside his friends. "Mr. Dickenson is worried too. He said Tyson didn't give his application form to the next beyblade competition. He asked me if I know anything about if Tyson is planning to resign."

"What?! Tyson is not going to compete?" Daichi jumped to his feet angrily. "He can't do that! I want my chance to battle with him!"

"Calm down Daichi! We don't know that for sure." eased him Max. Though, he couldn't hide that he was distressed just as much by the mere thought that Tyson would give up something as important as his beloved sport. If it were so, then something must have happened to him.

"Now I'm really worried too. Where can he be?" Hilary hugged herself as she started pondering. Maybe he got into trouble? Maybe some dark thugs had attacked him and were holding him in captive? Horrible images started whirling in her mind about a wounded, bloody Tyson they might found in a dark alley.

Rei sighed and shook his head. "I wish I knew."

They all lowered their heads and went deep in their thoughts.

"What are you all doing here?" spoke a deep, raspy voice behind them. Startled, they jumped and like dominos fell over in a heap, tangled with one other.

Rei was the first who moved and tried to untangle himself from the mess they'd created. However, it was easier to say than done."Ugh… ow. Max, get off, would you?" he groaned.

"I want – ugh… but I'm stuck." the blonde complained. "Daichi, move off!"

"I can't! Old Hag is squeezing my shin!"

"Me? Max is the one who should get off of my leg… Ow, Rei! That's my arm!"

"Sorry Hil… Daichi get off!"

"No! First Max get off!"

"No! First Hilary let go of my arm!"

"No way! I'm the lady here so all of you get off of me!" she squawked hysterically.

"With that voice, you're far from a lady." marked Max sardonically.

"Excuse me?!"

"Someone help me!" wailed Kenny pitifully, who was lying flatly under them.

When they finally managed to break free and got back their own limb again they looked over the source of the voice. They were surprised when they saw a tall teen with blue face-paints, standing on the top of stairs. His crimson eyes shone fiery and confidently while his long, unmistakable white scarf ruffled slightly from his shoulders.

"Kai!" they cried in union.

The said dual haired teen raised an eyebrow at them questioningly. They exchanged looks. Then Max jumped to his feet. "I know! If someone can find him it's Kai!" he screeched excitedly.

Kai's eyes widened this time in confusion. What were they up to again? Find Who?

"What put that into your head?" Hilary blinked at him while she was sitting on her heels, rubbing her numb limbs.

"Yeah, it's not like Kai is a watchdog that he could scent Tyson's track." said Daichi, then he added thoughtfully. "Though, Tyson stinks bad enough that even I could scent him."

"Of course Kai can!" Max babbled eagerly. "Whenever Tyson got into trouble Kai always popped up just in time to save him, and vice versa… they are like two magnets – opponents attract each other." he grinned enthusiastically.

The others sweat-drooped. "Aw Max."

Kai was staring at them now suspiciously, ear throbbing on his forehead at the comparison. He was convinced that whatever his kookie friends were up to he had a bad feeling that he was dragged into another silly mystery again, unwittingly. Darn it, he shouldn't have walked this way, his peaceful day was already ruined. "Can any of you make more sense of this?" he grumbled.

"Tyson is missing and we can't find him anywhere." Rei explained in a nutshell.

"It's not only about his missing!" Hilary interjected quickly in a vehement tone as her wounded pride resurfaced. "That jerk has humiliated me in math and now he's simple disappeared! I wanna know why!"

"Hilary. I highly doubt that's the main point right now." Max marked flatly.

"You only say that because your grade is so lame." the girl retorted stingily.

Max puffed his cheeks in annoyance.

"Did you check if he's at home?" Kai directed his question to Rei, resisting the urge to press his fingers on the bridge of his nose when a dull headache began to awoke at the sight of childish quarrel between Max and Hilary.

"That was the first place we went to."

"Yeah, but that was two hours ago." reminded him Kenny thoughtfully. "Maybe he's already there."

"And I figure none of you've thought about that?" Kai pointed out others exchanged dumb looks as realization hit them. It was possible. They grinned at their captain with the most stupid, sheepish expression. Kai's eyebrow twitched visibly. "I thought so." he growled. Without more words, he spun on his heels and started walking off. His long, white scarf fluttered gracefully after him.

Still staring dazed, the little group exchanged glances before they decided to follow quickly the older boy. It was quite a weird sight as they walked along the streets. Ahead strolled the most badass looking teen with blue triangles on his face, behind him the little group who seemed to follow the older one like little ducklings their mother hen. Reaching back to the dojo they walked straight up to the front door. Rei knocked on the door while Kai moved aside and leaned against a pillar with his arms crossed. Within a minute Grampa's face appeared in the open door. His usually cheerful expression wilted down as soon as he saw the little homies.

"Did Tyson come home Gramps?" Rei asked tentatively, though, judging by the old buffer's expression he already figured the answer.

Gramps sighed dismally and shook his head. "Nope. He is not there yet. You haven't found him? I'm worried about him now. That silly kiddo didn't bring his phone, either." the old man looked very solemn, which was abnormal compared to his usually crazy behaviour.

"Maybe we should call the police?" suggested Max.

"Wait. Let's just not rush the door straight ahead." interjected in Kenny before they all would go upset. He was thoughtful as always. It wouldn't do any good if they ran to the police now. Knowing there were sneaky paparazzi, who were eagerly waiting for a scandal to write, and the media sure would be glad for such a mysterious story. Kenny could already imagine it: "The mysterious missing of the Beyblade World Champion in Bay City". No, they must solve this problem in the most discreet way. "Maybe we should check him elsewhere." he suggested.

Rei was scratching his forehead. "But where?" he looked back at Gramps. "Didn't he say something out of ordinary in the morning?"

"No… Though, now that you mention it, he's been acting kinda weird for three days now." Gramps rubbed his moustache.

"Tyson is weird enough for his own being. How can he get even weirder?" mocked Daichi.

"How?" Hilary looked at Daichi as if he was retarded. She held the test paper she'd sized from Kenny to his face. "Isn't this enough proof for you? How do you explain that he got A+?"

"I have no clue what goes in Tyson's peanut-brain but don't stick that stinky paper to my nose!"

"What does a test have anything to do with Tyson's missing?" asked Kai uncomprehendingly. He still didn't get what was this big fuss about a stupid test they'd been bitching about all the way here.

Hilary turned to him, though she didn't dare to glare at Kai the way she did to Daichi; not with the king of death-glares anyway. "Because Tyson could never on earth write an excellent test. Especially not from math." she snarled.

Kai blinked at her puzzled. She was definitely mistaking Tyson's abilities. Even though Kai knew that Tyson had serious trouble with learning because he was just as a lazy-ass as getting up early in the morning, but he also knew that Tyson had more in himself than what he often showed. But seeing the girl rampaging stubbornly about the subject he didn't give way for his personal opinion, uselessly.

"What do you mean he acted weird?" Rei asked Gramps.

"Well, he's been having these mood-swings ever since Hiro's left."

"Hiro left again?" Max looked surprised. "When?"

"Three days ago." said Gramps. "He wanted to finish college so he went back. Tyson escorted him to the airport. I didn't think that could be the cause he's so upset. It's not the first time Hiro left and this time he said goodbye to Tyson… so, I guess they worked out things between each other. However, since Tyson came home he'd changed somehow… he eats less, as if he's brooding over something." the old man pursed his eyebrows.

Kai narrowed his eyes. So it was Hiro. He should have known that jerk was the cause. He was convinced that the older Granger would be a pimple on the ass one day and he would cause another emotional break down for the blue haired teen. Hiro tried once to drive a wedge between him and Tyson when they were preparing for their big battle and that jerk benched Tyson. At that point Kai made a very clear warning when he launched his blade at Hiro's face, pretending as if it was an accident. But now it seemed that Hiro had pissed into his soup again.

Kenny tried to put two and two together. "I guess I understand now. Something must have happened between them that made Tyson go into hiding and he didn't want anyone to find him because he's brooding."

"How come you're so sure about that?" Hilary looked at him.

"Believe me Hilary, I've known Tyson longer than any of you and I can tell that the one time I saw him learn so eagerly was when he was mulling over something deeply."

"So, we should split up again and find him." said Max half-heartedly. He was very worried for his friend and evening was slowly falling over them, and he was starting to feel kinda hungry, too.

"There is no way I'm going with Old Hag!" Daichi resisted.

"Like I want to go with you." hissed Hilary.

"Hey! Where did Kai go?" piped up suddenly Kenny.

They looked around. Indeed, the dual haired teen had literally vanished from the sight while they didn't pay attention. It was a normal ability of him, but how could he do that so fast and unawares?

"He was here a moment ago." shook his head Rei.

"Oh no, not he too." groaned Max. "Now we have to find Tyson and Kai."

"I say let's search Tyson first. Kai is usually likes being for his own. Maybe he's gone to search for him too." advised Rei wisely and they split up in two groups. Daichi went with Rei because they knew it was impossible and even troublesome to put the red haired boy and Hilary together. Since Kai had expatriated again from their group, Kenny chose to go with Max and Hilary. Before they left Rei gave his phone number to Gramps, in case Tyson came home sooner. "We won't be long away." he promised.

"We'll find Tyson. This time we'll look into every little corner." affirmed Max.

"Good luck lil' homies." waved after them Gramps. On his worried face a small smile stretched. He was glad that his little grandson had such good friends.

* ~ Ö ~ *

Kai was ambling along the streets. He had no aim where he should go. He simply let his instincts carry him forward. His hands were dived deep in his pockets and his gaze stared blank ahead as he was lost in thoughts. The past few weeks had really brought lot of changes into their lives. They'd defeated Bega and won the tournament, even if it caused over-exertion for both of them. Yeah, one could say Tyson had won the match against Brooklyn but they both knew that they'd all given into it from their power of spirit. Kai had, too, sacrificed Dranzer to give strength and inspiration for Tyson for his last tough battle, but it was worth for it. He knew that his phoenix would come back to him when she rose from her ashes, and she indeed did. Just thinking back, how far they'd come during the years it was amazing. Kai had changed, too, if not in visible behaviour meaning but he felt like he was…more.

He could convincingly call himself a true beyblader now, who didn't fight only for the winning but for the pure passion of beyblading. That was because of all the downfall, losing, experiencing, cheering and not less the unbreakable enthusiasm Tyson had always showed him. He could guess, somehow it all managed to stick on him and formed him the blader he was today. Moreover, there was that awe-inspiring match between him and Tyson he could and would never forget. While they were battling till total exhaustion and sweat there was that moment, in the bliss of shooting stars and the eternity of universe, when something had definitely changed between them. They wouldn't be the same anymore and no matter how many battles they were going to bring it on the future that special bond they shared was eternal.

It didn't happen right away. Kai himself wasn't even sure what was this feeling inside him, but then he figured it had something to do they had both passion for and as much ridiculous it was, when reality hit him, he realised this new awakening feeling was the cause he never wanted to give up. This is what made him get up early in the mornings to practice harder and harder, wanting to become stronger. He still wanted to beat Tyson in a fair beybattle and that somehow didn't go against what he felt personally for the blue haired teen. Strangely, it felt right.

A small, fond smile stretched at the corner of his lips. It was ironic how things had turned out in his life. Back then, the cold Kai Hiwatari never cared to have any friends, nor did he know the meaning of affection, sportsmanship, or what did it mean to help for others. He only wanted to win and become champion. Victory was his only goal. Then, one day, a blue haired boy had burst into that old storage building to challenge him and his life had turned upside down in a flash. It came like a storm, rough and wild, and before Kai could have grasped what was happening to him he'd found himself in the middle of experiences about team-spirit, friendship, and last but not least what he never thought he would get from anyone: forgiveness. Yes, forgiveness from his friends for all of his mistakes and betray he'd put them through, and acceptance for being the person who he was. Now, the person who had offered him them most was the one that needed his friends' help. Maybe Tyson was going through the same scenario like he was? It wouldn't surprise Kai if the bluenette had realised the same feelings he also had been discovering recently. Kai knew Tyson was more observing than anyone gave him credit for, he just liked covering it with his usually boastful attitude.

When Kai perked up from his brooding, he noticed that he was no longer in the city. He'd left it behind himself and was walking now on a narrow, dirt road that led upwards the top of cliff, right beside the sea. How did he end up here? His crimson eyes turned towards the bloody-orange sun that was lingering low above the horizon. Soft breeze blew from the sea and it ruffled Kai's dual hair, playing with his grey locks softly. He must find Tyson. And just like that, as if his inner self whispered in his ear, his gaze turned afore. His eyes grew wide. Up on the cliff a dark blue haired teen was standing with a baseball cap on his head. "Tyson." Kai rasped. Finally, he found him. But what was he doing up here? His legs automatically started moving before he knew it. The worry in his chest eased off when he saw the young blader unharmed. Kai didn't try to approach Tyson with quiet steps, fearing that he might scare the boy and fall, according that he was standing rather close to the edge.

However, it seemed Tyson was way too lost in thoughts to hear the older boy approaching him. When Kai was close enough to him he picked up on something that made him uneasy. The first thing he noticed was the sad expression that plastered the bluenette's face. His long, navy blue locks ruffled slightly in the breeze as the golden sunbeams twinkled on them. His mahogany eyes lost their shine. He looked lost and vulnerable as he gazed musingly at the small stones that he was holding in his hand. Then he glanced up at the far-off horizon and threw away one stone with force, as if he wanted to get rid of his sorrow.

Kai watched him fondly. It was unfamiliar for him to see the young blader like this. He wanted Tyson to be happy. He needed to see that unbreakable defiant, cheerfulness, and confidence that emitted from Tyson's character every day, even if it was annoying sometimes. It gave Kai just as much strength and stamina to train harder each day and never give up. However, if there was a wall that Tyson had to surpass then Kai wouldn't leave him to face it alone. Not this time. They were friends, after all… and perhaps, more.

Kai finally broke the silence. "Tyson."

The bluenette's gaze turned to him instantly. "Kai." Tyson looked surprised. "What are you doing here?"

"I could ask the same question from you." he said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. He didn't deny that he was slightly irritated of the teen's obliviousness. "Since when did you decided to step into my shoes?"

Tyson quirked an eyebrow at him stunned. Did Kai Hiwatari just made a joke? Wow, that's a new. Then he turned back to the sea with a distant look. "I just came here to think, that's all." he muttered with a small shrug.

Okay, there was definitely something wrong with the cheeky teen. Tyson acted reticent and short-mouthed which made Kai suspicious. This was not the Tyson he knew. It reminded him very much of someone who used to wear that distant look. He knew very well that feeling because he was like that a few years ago. The dreadful feeling to open up your emotions for others made him vulnerable and weak so he had to keep everyone in arm-length distance. But why was Tyson closing himself, especially from him?

Kai stepped closer to him. "And you skipped school just to come here brooding. Bullshit." The bluenette tensed up visible at the harsh tone and sudden closeness as the dual haired walked closer to him. He could feel Kai's searching gaze on him which was awkward somehow. He knew that the dual haired saw through him easily. "Do you know that we've been looking for you and were worried?" he crossed his broad arms.

"We?" Tyson looked at him confused.

For a moment Kai felt the urge to smack him upside the head for the clueless expression Tyson was giving him. "Max, Rei, Kenny, Hilary and Daichi are roaming around the city. Gramps is very worried and… I was, too."

"Oh. Sorry." Tyson lowered his gaze. It was stupid but somehow he was melted that Kai admitted he was worried for him.

"What happened?" Kai prompted.

Tyson threw away the last stone he still had in his hand, then he walked back a bit and sat down on the grass. He pulled up his knees close and folded his arms around them and rested on his chin. At this view he looked like a lost child. Kai sighed. He sat down beside him with his legs stretched out comfortably while he propped himself on his arms. He watched the reddish sun go down while he waited patiently for Tyson to finally come out of his funk and pour out his heart. Kai wasn't the type of person who rushed things, mostly when it came about emotions. He also knew that when Tyson was ready he would tell him whatever was bothering him and he didn't disappoint this time, either.

"Before I answer, can I ask something from you?" Tyson spoke quietly and he picked up a leaf of grass.


"Do I… do I rely on you too much?" Tyson mumbled somewhat shyly.

Kai looked at him surprised. A small shade of pick colour ran over Tyson's cheeks as he tried to avoid looking at his admirable ex-captain. Kai expected many things but not this question, and he didn't understand it. "What do you mean?"

"Hiro told me in this morning that I should work harder to become more self-dependent because I rely most of the times on my friends' support, but mostly on you. He said that I wouldn't be capable to stand on my own feet if you weren't by my side. Maybe he is right." he was tearing the grass into tiny pieces. "I broke down when you, Max and Rei decided to go on your own way on the tournament, and I was a total embarrassment for my own team."

"But then you pulled yourself together and fought back." said Kai reasonably. "That Tyson Granger I know would never give up."

"I wish I could be so strong as you." Tyson looked at him with open wonder and honest, revealing finally his inner wish. He couldn't hide it from Kai anymore, not here where they were alone and this familiar scene awoke fond emotions inside of him. The truth was that he always honoured and looked up at Kai. His strength and persistence amazed him. He was just too reckless and egoistic to admit it aloud. There was only one place where he felt the same way as he did now, where he could tell everything for Kai… that magical universe where they'd transfered together… the shining stars, planets, the ruffling waves of the sea and the golden sands.

The dual haired looked up in the sky. "We all have our own weaknesses and there are times we need a supporting-shoulder. You should know that better than anyone. After all, you were the one who taught me that faith in ourselves is what make us stronger." he turned his head at him slightly. "Just how many times did you see through me and worked hard to make me realise them? There's nothing wrong to rely on others when we need help. If it weren't for you we wouldn't be here now as a team."

"Yeah. I guess you're right." Tyson smiled timidly. "But I still don't know if I can go through another tournament like the last one was. I realised how easily I broke down when you guys left me. What if… I don't take on the competition?" he glanced at Kai uneasy, fearing from his reaction.

The mere thought that Tyson wouldn't compete stung Kai but he couldn't force him to a beybattle after all. He sighed. "It's your decision. Though, I doubt this is what you really want." he glanced at him solemnly.

"No, it's not. But what if I disappoint you guys?"

"You never disappointed us and I know that your cocky stubbornness can burst down anything that stands between you and your goal. Have you ever thought about how much I rely on you?" Kai eyed him seriously.

"You rely on me?" Tyson blinked at him wide-eyed.

Kai smirked. "You didn't notice that I haven't registered for the next tournament yet?" he watched with amusement as Tyson's mouth opened and closed several times. "What's the point to fight for the winning if the most important competitor isn't there?"

"Kai…I…" Tyson gaped.

Kai's eyes suddenly hardened and sparkled with challenge. "Don't flatter yourself Tyson. My aim is still the same. I haven't given up to beat you on the bey-dish, so you'd better watch out. I'm gonna train hard and I expect nothing more than the best from my greatest rival. However, I'm still your friend and I won't let you down. That one, I can promise you."

Tyson looked into Kai's crimson orbs with glossy eyes. The glint in his mahogany eyes returned again and he felt more determined than before. He had something to fight for again and this had nothing to do with trophies and champion titles. Kai was by his side, even in good or bad times. Friends or rivals, they still stuck together. The fears within him had dissolved completely. He knew that whatever happened he could always count on his friends, even on Gramps... and here was Kai. Yeah, Tyson was sure of it now and this made his heart flutter in a giddy way.

"Thanks Kai." Tyson smiled.

They didn't say more for a while just enjoyed the comfortable silence that settled between them. Finally, Kai stood up and offered a hand to Tyson in a silent gesture, just like the bluenette had done to him many times. Tyson accepted gratefully and let Kai pull him to his feet. For a while they gaze at each other. Then Tyson mustered his courage and did something he'd wanted to do for a long time. He took a step closer and hugged Kai. He wanted tell how much the dual haired meant to him and despite their eternal rivalry, Kai chose him of all people to call him his best friend, which Tyson was very grateful. Their friendship meant more for him than anything in this world.

Now he knew what should he do. "Thank you." he whispered in Kai's ear. His heart was racing rapidly in his chest from the excitement how close they were standing. He could practically feel Kai's heartbeat and the fact that Kai didn't push him away but wrapped his arms around him gave him the last hint of realise that maybe his feelings weren't one-sided as he first had thought. Maybe he could tell Kai.

When they withdrew from each other slowly Tyson cleared his throat. "Um... there is something I wanted to ask from you. Would you like if we... I mean, we could hang out sometime together... Ah, but only if you want it... just you and me." his face turned bright red. Damn it, this was such a crap way to ask Kai out. He definitely hadn't planned out this scenario but his big mouth went on babbling faster again.

He watched as a slow smirk curved on Kai's lips. "If you want to ask me out for a date then you have to impress me." he drawled huskily. A lustful gleam flashed in his eyes. Then he leaned closer and planted a soft kiss on the bluenette's cheek.

Tyson got scarlet right up to his ears. Then he grinned. "I see you are up to a new challenge, right?"


Damn he loved this stoic guy. "So, what do you say for a dinner tomorrow then a beyblade practice at the beach?"

"I guess it works." he smiled mysteriously. Then he said solemnly. "Come on, we drop by the BBA then I'll walk you home."

Together they started ambling downwards the road. Tyson was floating inside with happiness that he could actually jump and shriek with joy, but he knew if he did now Kai would definitely tease him for it, so he tried to hold back his enthusiasm as much he could. He was settling fine with walking side by side with his boyfriend now, though he couldn't keep his legs calm and skipped along. At some point, he curled his fingers around Kai's and his heart made a joyful leap when he felt a small squeeze in return. It was amazing how a little gesture like that could make him so excited.

After some while, it was Kai who spoke. "By the way, congratulations for your test."

Tyson scratched his head sheepishly and laughed. "Oh… thanks. How do you know?"

"Hilary can't hold back her temper and she is hitting the roof now." Kai cast him a sly glance.

"So you say I should avoid her for a couple of days?" Tyson asked cheekily. Judging by Kai's tone he could feel a hint of warning that the bruenette girl didn't take well that she had been outrun on grades, especially in math.

"Definitely." Kai gave a small wink.

For a while none of them said a word.

"Hey Kai!"


"What do you say for a reunion of the Bladebreakers?"


"I know, I know, you want to battle against me on the finals, but that doesn't mean we can't practice together on free times. I guess Max and Rei would like it too, and if they decide to go back to their teams I would accept it. You know, I guess I'll be fine now because I know you guys will always be there." he folded his hands behind his head. He felt so light and composed. "I wonder if we will meet new awesome bladers this year. Hey, you could join the Blitzkrieg Boys again! I'm sure Tala would be hooked on the idea. You guys were great last time, though I doubt he would let you take the captain role from him." Tyson babbled enthusiastically.

"We'll see." Kai said briefly and he left it at that. He didn't know what was destiny serving for them but the next tournament sure was holding surprises. Whatever, right now there was something else that was going in his mind but he couldn't figure out what it was. He felt as if he'd forgotten about something… All the way home none of them remembered that their friends' were still roaming around the city searching for Tyson.

~ The End ~

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