I don't own Disney's The Owl House. I do, however own the Main OC and any other OC's that will appear in the story. Unfortunately, I really can't draw, so I will be putting picture references from other shows or things I've found on the net as references on AO3, I hope they get through, first time attempting putting pictures on site. I'll also be using Google Translate for any Spanish for Luz and Italian for the Main OC. Hope you all enjoy my story on this lovely show.

Chapter One

Floating… for how long? Where am I? I felt something snap so long ago…I feel disconnected since I've fallen asleep… and now I feel reconnected… why? I open my eyes slightly, I see a white starscape all around me. Am I swimming amongst the stars? What is this weird energy flowing within me? No… more like… something I had has been with me since the beginning is… reawakening? I close my eyes again… wondering when I can really wake up from this place. I'm the only one here… no one's here… I don't like the loneliness. Someone, take this loneliness away… I hate this! Minutes…days… months… a decade, maybe… how much time has truly passed? I try not to think as I float in this beautiful place. This energy is starting to feel painful… it hurts, it hurts! My head feels like its gonna burst… then I feel something wrap around my neck. Slowly I touch it… Mamma's necklace! Tears prickled from the corners of my eyes… I can tolerate this loneliness as long as I have this… Mamma's necklace. The whispers I start to hear… who's there? Can't pinpoint how many… but I think…I hear… both men and women. What are they saying?

"Wake up…"

I don't want to wake up… not yet, at least. I continue floating… the path never changing. I still hold Mamma's necklace… it's like she's watching over me… her gentle touch, her Italian-Polish accent, her gentle eyes, her warm hugs… I miss them. I hear those whispers again… some are arguing amongst themselves… stop arguing, dangit! I feel like I can see them around me… how many? I open my eyes again slightly after so long… and notice them… but they're all blurry except for one. She… I recognize… an imaginary friend since I was a baby… her concerned eyes, Ru-chan. I see her trying to tell me something.

"Danielle, sweetie. It will be okay. Please wake up."

Should I listen? I just… I just… don't know. I look above me… or is it down? I see no exit. Staring back at Ru-chan, I shake my head slightly before closing my eyes till the next time I open them again. How much longer will I just float amongst this white starscape? I hear a different voice this time… it's… childlike… and very distance. They say they want out… are they in a place similar to where I am… or someplace else? Very much a child… they keep saying they want to play… and who are they talking to? I have a feeling that whoever this child is talking to… there's something… latching onto said person… something dark. And the child… something ancient nestled within them. I feel a warmth nearby, I open my eyes for the last time in this place… and see a distance light. Reaching out… I see my hand passing through… like I'm finally leaving this place. My memories of this place… I feel like they are being suppressed… as I leave… and a voice I hear on the other side of this light.

"Stop adorably hopping away, you…"

Passing through the light completely, Danielle slowly opens her eyes as she crash-lands on someone. Rubbing a sore spot, Danielle looks around and sees various old odds and ends within a tent. Hearing a groan, Danielle sees a person beneath her. Scrambling off the person, Danielle takes in the appearance of the person before her. A young Dominican-American teen girl just slightly taller than her, about five feet at best, possibly fourteen years old. Short dark brown hair styled in a pixie cut, brown eyes, and tan skin. The teen's attire consisted of a short-sleeved half-white and half-indigo hoodie with cat ears attached to the hood, high-waisted jean shorts, dark gray capris leggings, and a pair of white loafers. The teen girl was also wearing a pair of ebony circular earrings and had a yellow messenger bag resting on her left side, the black strap resting over her right shoulder.

"Scusa, scusa," said Danielle, backing up slightly and slipping into her Nonna's language. "Non intendevo farlo…"

"It's okay. Nothing broke," said the Teen Girl, before picking up some creepy doll attached to a pink hanger. "Whoa. I thought I had a lot of weird stuff. But this? This is impressive."

"Uh," thought Danielle, staring at the doll before seeing it move its arms. "Eep!"

"Finally, you're back," said someone outside, startling the two girls.

"Nonononono," thought Danielle, dropping to the ground alongside the teen girl before peeking outside the tent flap. "I'm in so much trouble!"

"Now let's see what we've got here," said the someone outside the tent, a bag on the stall in front of them and a little owl flying close by.

"Che simpatico gufetto," thought Danielle, eyeing the little owl before seeing it turn to wood on the person's staff. "Eh, cosa?"

"Garbage. Garbage. Garbage. Now, this...," said the person, taking out a cellphone, a diamond ring, and a shining gold chalice from the bag before tossing them to the side before gasping and putting on a pair of joke glasses with eyes on springs. "This will make me rich. And this... Oh, this will make good kindling."

"Excuse me, sorry, it's mine, thank you," said the Teen Girl, gasping when the person was about to light her favorite book over a candle before running out and grabbing it then running back towards the inside of the tent.

"Let's go, let's go," said Danielle, running alongside the Teen Girl, only for a door in front of them to magically fold up and disappear right in front of their eyes. "Diamine?"

"You're not going anywhere," said the person, standing near the tent flap holding some strange key before taking off the joke glasses.

"Wah-ah!" said the Teen Girl, startled before putting her book in her messenger bag.

"Alzare, alzare!" said Danielle, her voice getting slightly loud in her panic while helping the Teen Girl lift up the bottom of the tent slightly enough for them to bend under and run.

Running away from the tent, the two girls skid to a stop mere inches away from a cliff. Before the girls, they see that they are clearly no longer on Earth. The town before them had buildings with teeth, arms and bone attached to them. A dragon flies by only to be snatched out of the air by some hand before plunging down into the town below shrieking. Seeing a part of town close to where they were, they notice the citizens going about their day. A cloaked figure serving something similar to ice cream only for said ice cream to try and eat its consumer while a giant chicken walked past. Some centipede like creature opening its mouth to let a small winged creature fly out and kiss it before going their separate ways.

"Oh, no, no, no, no! What's going on?" said the Teen Girl, before shrieking when a fairy approaches her and Danielle. "Oh, hello, little fairy. Are you going to tell me this is all a fantastical dream?

"Please let this be a dream," thought Danielle, hiding behind the Teen Girl while gripping their arm. "Please let this be a dream."

"Give me your skin!" shouted the Fairy, opening her mouth wide, exposing sharp teeth.

"Not Tinkerbell!" screamed Danielle, gripping the Teen Girl's arm harder before they screamed and slapped the fairy away. "Definitely not Tinkerbell!"

"Where am I? Did I die?" said the Teen Girl, wincing slightly when Danielle gripped harder. "Am I in the bad place?"

"This better not be the bad place," thought Danielle, before the person they were running away catches up and touches their shoulders. "Nooooo!"

"You wish," said the person, staring at the girls.

Taking the girls back to the tent and their stall, the person lightly tosses the girls onto some stools. Fearfully looking at the person, Danielle gets a better look at them. A tall slender lady somewhere in her mid to late forties, stood before them. Danielle estimated the lady was the same height as her dad, about six feet. Thick waist length gray untamed hair adorned with a green bandana with yellow circular designs, amber eyes, and ivory skin. The lady donned a sleeveless two-tone maroon dress with a ripped hem with an oval amber gem on her sternum, grey stockings, and maroon-colored high heeled boots. Danielle also saw that the lady was wearing a gold spherical ring on her left ring finger and had maroon lipstick on their lips. Even the lady's nail was gold and long… and a gold fang poking out on the right side of their mouth.

"I'm so sorry! I just wanted my book! If you're gonna eat my skin," said the Teen Girl, offering her arm to the lady while closing her eyes. "Just make it quick! Just do it now!"

"Per favore non farlo, per favore non farlo," said Danielle, staring fearfully at the lady while wrapping her arms around herself. "Per favore non farlo…"

"Eat you? Why would I eat... potential customers?" said the Lady, confusing the girls before grabbing three items one by one from under the stall. "Can I offer you a human foot filled with holes? A bar of green human candy? Oh, oh! How about this black shadow box that reflects only sadness?"

"Quella non è una caramella," said Danielle, noticing the men's deodorant.

"That's not all it can do. Here, let me see it," said the Teen Girl, laughing slightly before jumping off the stool and grabbing two batteries from a dish and stuffing them in the portable television before turning it on and a jazzercise program appeared on screen. "Voilà!"

"Huh?" said a nearby Monster, hearing the jazzercise program.

"What's that?" said another nearby Monster, also taking notice.

"The sound…" said a third Monster, walking closer to the stall. "It's so alluring."

"Whoa!" thought Danielle, backing away from the customers. "Way too many for comfort."

"I'll pay 40 snails for the screaming box!" said a Monster, holding up some money.

"I'll give you a hundred!" said another Monster, holding up money as well.

"Can I eat the tiny person inside?" said another Monster, more interested in eating.

"Yikes!" thought Danielle, seeing the monsters in front of her get excited over a television set. "This world must not have such things yet. It does look like the Middle Ages, I think."

"What did you say your name was?" said the Lady, staring at the girls.

"I'm Luz," said the Teen Girl, finally saying her name. "Luz Noceda."

"Nome... Il nome è Danielle," said Danielle, nervously looking at the lady.

"What…" said the Lady, staring at Danielle.

"Sorry, it's Danielle," said Danielle, rubbing her left arm. "I'd rather not give my last name… not easy to say."

"What name isn't," said the Lady, snorting a little while grabbing money from her customers. "Well, Luz, that was pretty clever... for a human."

"That's kind of a weird thing for another human to say," said Luz, staring at the lady.

"Oh, dear child, I'm not like you," said the Lady, taking off her bandana revealing pointy ears with gold spherical earrings before climbing on the table. "I'm Eda the…"

"Elf!" said Danielle, staring at Eda's ears before blushing and covering her mouth. "Scusa!"

"The Owl Lady," said Eda, lightly bonking Danielle on the head with her staff. "The most powerful witch on the Boiling Isles!"

"A witch?" said the girls, staring at Eda.

"I am a respected, feared…" said Eda, before getting cut off when someone busted the television with their fist.

"Busted!" said some weird looking guard, scaring away Eda's customers.

"Run! It's a guard!" said a Monster, scrambling away while Eda hopped off her stall.

The Weird Guard had a humanoid appearance with a large rotund build and blue eyes with black sclera. The attire was pretty simple. Gray long-sleeved shirt with brown gloves and a brown belt with a gold buckle, followed by black harem pants and brown boots. Also wore a dark gray pointed mask.

"Wha-What's going on?" asked Danielle, seeing everyone running away while wrapping her arms around herself.

"Eda the Owl Lady, you are wanted for misuse of magic and demonic misdemeanors," said the Weird Guard, holding up a wanted poster.

"Whoa!" said Luz, peeking over the stall. "Witch criminal!"

"Misdemeanors?" said Danielle, looking at Eda before thinking. "The one time I need a dictionary to look up a word, I don't have it."

"You are hereby ordered to come with me to the Conformatorium," said the Weird Guard, grabbing Eda's arm.

"Would you guys quit following me around?" said Eda, pulling her arm away before crossing her arms over her chest. "I haven't done squat."

"And you're coming too..." said the Weird Guard, grabbing Luz by her hoodie and Danielle by the back of her shirt collar. "For fraternizing with a criminal."

"Wh-What?" said Luz, before pulling her legs close to her. "That's not cool!"

"Mettimi giù! Mettimi giù!" squeaked Danielle, trying to get her shirt collar loose. "Mettimi giù!"

"That's…" said the Weird Guard, noticing Danielle's necklace before tearing it off her. "No other religion unless it's the Titan's Will!"

"Mamma…" thought Danielle, staring at her necklace being taken away before a faint spark appeared in her eyes.

"Danielle…" said Luz, looking at a distraught Danielle.

"Oh, all right, all right, you win. Just let me get my stuff," said Eda, grabbing her staff before swinging it at the Weird Guard, knocking him to the ground before spinning her staff and tapping it on the table, a magic spell underway.

"Mamma's necklace…" said Danielle, in a low whisper and starring at the little piece of chain that fell off her before glaring at the Weird Guard. "Bastardo!"

"Whoops. Can't forget this," said Eda, levitating her stall and products before grabbing a key out of her hair and pressing it, summoning the door from earlier before the tablecloth wrapped around all the items and sticking her staff through the bundle. "Follow me, humans."

"No, not without Mamma's necklace," said Danielle, picking up the little piece of the necklace's chain and walking towards the Weird Guard before Eda grabbed her arm. "Let go!"

"We'll get it back," said Eda, pulling Danielle along into a run.

"Cosa? No!" shouted Danielle, trying to get out of Eda's grip. "Lasciarsi andare!"

"Just trust me!" said Eda, staring into Danielle's eyes.

"Va bene…" said Danielle, looking back before running alongside Eda and Luz. "Don't worry. I'll get you back."

"This is crazy," said Luz, staring up at Eda. "If I die here, my mom's gonna kill me!"

"I'm not leaving without Mamma's necklace," said Danielle, before inhaling deeply. "E un bel calcio veloce alle palle di quel tizio!"

"Ha! I won't let 'em hurt you," said Eda, before looking at the girls. "Humans like you two are much more valuable to me alive than dead."

"Non morirò qui!" said Danielle, raising her voice slightly. "Non senza aver preso a calci quel bastardo!"

"Wait. What's that supposed to…" said Luz, confused before Eda grabs her arm.

"Whoo-hoo!" said Eda, jumping before pulling herself and Luz on her staff and extending her hand to Danielle and pulling her in as well before the owl on the staff spread its wing and flew off with its passengers.

"You won't get away with this, Owl Lady! Yeah, all right. You did. You got away with it. She got away with it, everybody! Typical," said the Weird Guard, before looking at Danielle's necklace in his hands. "At least I have another way of getting you."

Flying through the sky, Danielle takes deep breaths to calm herself. Unwrapping her arms only slightly from under Eda's chest, Danielle looks at the landscape before her. Lots of red trees and grass. An odd rock formation that looked like a ribcage. And weird birds flying through the sky. Unfortunately, Danielle looked down when she shouldn't have.

"Troppo alto! Troppo alto!" squeaked Danielle, pulling herself into Eda while staring down.

"Whoa, there," said Eda, feeling Danielle bury herself into her back before looking back to Luz. "You can open your eyes now, human."

"Uh…Wah-ah!" yelled Luz, losing her balance when she looked down before clinging to the staff upside down. "Flying staffs, crazy monsters, you're a witch! What is this place?"

"This is the Boiling Isles," replied Eda, righting Luz back into a proper position on the staff. "Every myth you humans have is caused by a little of our world leaking into yours."

"Really," said Danielle, trying to focus on Eda's voice while looking at the various birds flying by. "There better be kitsunes here."

"Huh…" said Eda, staring back at Danielle while Luz snickered a little.

"A griffin!" said Luz, seeing one flew nearby before it screeches and barfed up spiders. "I knew it!"

"That's…" said Danielle, cringing at the sight before burying her face into Eda's back. "Lovely? Non ho visto solo quello."

"Yup," said Eda, listing off of few. "Griffins, vampires, giraffes..."

"Giraffes?" said the girls, staring at Eda.

"Oh, yeah. We banished those guys," said Eda, leaning the staff towards the ground before landing and hopping off the still hovering staff. "Bunch of freaks."

"Aaah!" screamed the girls, noticing Eda's left hand still attached to the staff.

"Oops," said Eda, grabbing her hand and screwing it back on. "That happens sometimes."

"Sometimes…" said Danielle, staring at Eda. "Why?"

"Mmm…" thought Eda, before lightly ruffling Danielle's hair. "Story for other time kid."

"Well, I've had enough adventure for today. This is clearly not the PG fantasy world I always dreamed about," said Luz, before staring at Eda. "So, can you help me get back home?"

"Yes, please," said Danielle, looking desperately at Eda before she leveled her staff in front of her and Luz. "Eep!"

"Only if you help me first," said Eda, laughing and snorting a little before walking in a certain direction with the bag magically following her. "Ah, now, come along, humans."

"Whoa!" said the girls, staring after Eda in amazement.

Walking after Eda, the girls notice a three-story house before them. Sloping blue roof, white brick exterior, large stained-glass window above the door, stone balcony from the third floor and a large crumbling stone tower with orange moss growing on it behind the house. There was even a storage shed attached to the house. An owl-based wind vane was situated at the top of the house. A weird black owl cackled and flew down from the tower and landed on the small roof above the door.

"Bello, sorprendente," said Danielle, staring in wonderment at the house before looking at the black owl. "Così carino!"

"Aren't you worried about those guards finding us?" asked Luz, looking over her shoulder.

"Nope. My house has a state-of-the-art defense system," said Eda, staring at the door, a wooden light beige owl face on it.

"Hoot-hoot! Password, please!" said the Owl Face on the door, before Eda poked both its eyes. "Aah!"

"It talked?!" said Danielle, staring at the Owl Face.

"Yup, he's very much alive," said Eda, looking over her shoulder at Danielle then back at the Owl Face. "We got no time for this, Hooty. Let us in."

"All right, all right! Geez! You never want to have any fun! Ow! Hoot!" said Hooty, before opening his mouth wide enough to cover the whole door area.

"Nope…" said Danielle, turning around when Eda and Luz walked in, only for Eda to levitate her straight into the house before Hooty closed his mouth and burped. "Ew, l'ho annusato."

"Welcome to," said Eda, snapping her fingers and the lights came on revealing what looked to be the living room. "The Owl House."

"Incredibile," said Danielle, staring in wonderment alongside Luz, candles ignite, a fire in the fireplace starts, a cauldron starts stirring itself, and a broom starts sweeping the floor. Overhead, a depiction of an owl beast of some kind begins to glow with a great screeching noise. "Incredibile!"

Noticing a mirror on the wall nearby, Danielle gets a look of herself. Russet colored waist length hair, hazel green eyes, and fair skin. Her attire consisted of a short sleeved white shirt with a light pink tinge to it with a gold eight-pointed starburst on it. Though it looked like there was a second shirt underneath, it was in fact not but just one shirt with a light red fabric on the bottom and the collar area. Denim shorts with a yellow sun, moon, and star pattern to it. Purple and white sneakers with yellow shoelaces with a yellow star design on the sides. Mismatched socks could be seen a little, a lime green sock with a white feather design on her right foot and an artic blue sock with a silver crescent moon design on her left foot. On her left wrist was a purple scrunchie with lavender sailor moon wristwatch near it. Situated just like Luz's messenger bag, was a black duffle bag with a design of an owl holding a lantern and other decorative designs on it.

"Eh, what the? Why do I look like I'm back to being fourteen?" thought Danielle, staring at her reflection. "This isn't my body! I lost a few inches, no wonder I look shorter than Luz! Is some higher being playing with me?"

"Where I hide away from the pressures of modern life. Also, the cops. Mm, also ex-boyfriends," said Eda, before chuckling.

"This place is beautiful!" said Luz, putting her book on a coffee table. "Do you live here all alone?"

"Actually, I have a roommate," said Eda, hearing thudding footsteps shake the house.

"Is this the current?" asked Danielle, looking at Eda.

"What? No!" said Eda, staring back at Danielle. "You'll see."

"Who dares intrude upon I," said someone coming down the hallway with a deep voice before the voice shifted tone and they rounded the corner in plain view squeaking a rubber ducky. "The king of demons?"

"What the?" said Danielle, staring at what looked like a canine-like creature with dark grey fur with his belly and tail being purplish-gray, a dog-like skull with white horns with the left horn being broken somewhat, yellow sclera with pink eyes, and had three finger-like white claws and two toe-like white claws. Looked to be about two feet if not just slightly more. Also had a duck design blue towel around his waist and head. "Gatto? Cane? Che cosa è lui?"

"Okay kid, you got to stop that," said Eda, staring at Danielle. "Can't understand a single word of that other human language you're speaking."

"Sorry," said Danielle, rubbing her left arm. "I usually slip into speaking Nonna's native tongue."

"Ah, it's okay," said Eda, ruffling Danielle's hair before hearing Luz gasp when seeing the skulled canine creature.

"¡Ay, que lindo!" said Luz, running and scooping the skulled canine creature in her arms into a hug. "Eda, he's so cute! Who's a widdle guy? Who's a widdle guy? Is it you? Is it you?"

"No! I don't know who your little guy is!" said the Skulled Canine creature, struggling to get loose from Luz before noticing Danielle walking towards him and about to pet him. "Ah, another one! Eda, who are these monsters?"

"Oh, this is Luz and Danielle, the humans" said Eda, dragging a squirming Luz away from the Skulled Canine creature before putting her down. "They're here to help us with our little... situation."

"Oh! Hooray!" said the Skulled Canine creature, looking at the two girls.

"Wait," said Danielle, looking at Eda. "What situation?"

"Wait, wait, wait," said Luz, staring at Eda. "I don't like the sound of this "situation"."

"Just... let me explain," said Eda, conjuring a spell circle before her that darkens and plays a storybook. "King was once a mighty king of demons, until his Crown of Power was stolen, and he became… this."

"You mean this little bundle of joy?" said Luz, back to hugging King.

"So, your name is King," said Danielle, lightly scratching King under his chin. "I can see it."

"Ooh," said King, leaning his cheek into Danielle's head and seeing a warm smile on her face.

"The crown is being held by the evil Warden Wrath and locked away behind a magical force field that only a human can break through," said Eda, ending the spell and looking at the girls. "Humans like you. If you help us retrieve his crown, we'll send you back to your realm. So whaddya say? Plus, who could say no to this cute face?"

"No! Please don't encourage them!" shouted King, when Eda picked him up by his face before being let go, dropping to the floor. "Nyeh!"

"I mean, we're kinda your only way home," said Eda, looking at the girls. "I also bet they have your necklace there as well."

"Okay," said Danielle, eager to get her Mamma's necklace back.

"So I don't really have a choice, do I?" asked Luz, staring at Eda.

"Nope," said Eda, tossing the girls over her shoulder as she heads for the door. "Now, we've got no time to lose."

"Soon, Mr. Ducky, we shall drink the fear of those who mocked us," said King, picking up his rubber ducky before following Eda.

"Where are we going?" asked Luz, staring at Eda.

"Somewhere super fun," replied Eda, walking out the door.

"Highly doubt it," thought Danielle, before thinking of her Mamma's necklace. "As long as I get Mamma's necklace back."

As they had left the Owl House, Eda had the girls fly on her staff with King nestled between them. Flying for quite a while, day has turned to night, the clouds thick and thundering as they neared their destination. A tall odd tower in the center of another slightly smaller odd building with lights being presently on in the center, making it look like a prison. Landing near a wall as close as possible to the main building, everyone hops off. Luz and Danielle peek around the corner to get a better look.

"The Conformatorium, a place for those considered unsuitable for society," said Eda, telling the girls where they are.

"Whoa," said Luz, noticing a wanted poster of Eda on the wall and grabbing it. "These guys really have the hots for you."

"Keeping it," said Danielle, wanting to keep the wanted poster before looking at Eda.

"Yup," said Eda, staring at the girls. "But we were never caught because we're too slippery."

"Try to catch me when I'm covered in grease. I'm a squirmy little fella. Aah!" said King, before falling off Luz's head while Danielle caught him in her arms. "You and I will sneak up to the top of the tower, where they're holding my crown."

"And I'm gonna make sure the warden's distracted," said Eda, staring at the girls.

"Will I need a disguise?" asked Luz, gasping.

"Uh…" said Eda, just staring at Luz.

"I've been waiting to use this," said Luz, pulling up her hood and flicking the cat ears into place. "Meow, meow."

"Oh, I need me one of those," said Danielle, looking at Luz's hoodie.

"It's hideous," said King, staring at the hoodie.

"Oh, you'll fit right in," said Eda, before tapping the butt of her staff on the ground, creating a circular glowing platform underneath them before walking off it. "Hang on tight."

"Whoa!" said Luz, the platform beginning to rise.

"To what?" said Danielle, trying to steady herself, the platform floating all the way up to a window in the tower, before disappearing under their feet forcing her and Luz to grab on the edge of the window while King clung to Luz's leg. "Uuuuuh…uuuh… odio le altezze."

"Meet you guys at the top of the tower," said Eda, tossing her staff before casually sitting on it while it rises.

"Aiuto aiuto aiuto!" said Danielle, seeing King climb Luz and into the window before Luz pulls herself up to the window sill before grabbing her hands and helping them up before landing face first when they tumbled into the building. "Ow."

"Ha-ha! Cats don't do that" said King, laughing at the girls, before the girls see and marvel at the prison cells before them as they get up and walk closer.

"I don't like this place," said Danielle, feeling a chill and wrapping her arms around herself, a faint spark within her palms. "Not at all."

"Hey, cat lady, how'd you get out of your cell?" said a nearby female prisoner, looking at Luz then Danielle. "Oh, one of the popular kids is here."

The Female Prisoner had dark skin with their long black hair pulled up in a ponytail with a blue hair tie. Attire is an indigo dress with quarter length sleeves and which exposed her shoulders, a gold band around her neck, and calf length black high heeled boots.

"Popular?" said Danielle, staring at the female prisoner and noticing the fangs. "Vampire?"

"Not a vampire kid," said the Female Prisoner, staring at Danielle. "I'm a witch."

"Scusa," apologized Danielle, rubbing her left arm.

"Oh, no, no, no. I'm not a cat," said Luz, pulling down her hood. "Also, I'm not a criminal."

"Not yet, you're not," said King, staring at Luz.

"Neither are we. The stupid warden likes to lock people up who don't fit in," said Female Prisoner, before grabbing a book on her person. "Like, I write fanfics of food falling in love. I like food, I like love... Just let me write about it."

"I'm here because I like eating my own eyes," said another prisoner nearby, grabbing one of his multiple eyes before eating it.

"I did not just see that," said Danielle, cringing at the sight.

"We are agents of fwee expwession!" said a much shorter prisoner, which looked like a white head with arms and legs and had long red hair and large blueish eyes with yellow sclera and with a rather prominent nose, grabbing Danielle's attention the most. "They will never siwence us!"

"Yeah, she's really big into conspiracy theories," said Female Prisoner, pointing at the Shorter Prisoner.

"The world is a simulation!" said Shorter Prisoner, still having Danielle's attention. "We are but playthings for a higher being!"

"Now that last one is interesting," said Danielle, bending down slightly.

"Weally?" said Shorter Prisoner, staring at Danielle.

"Mmhmm," said Danielle, standing back up straight.

"Wait. These aren't crimes. None of you actually did anything wrong," said Luz, pacing around before pulling out Eda's wanted poster. "You're all just a bunch of weirdos. Like me."

"Weirdos?" thought Danielle, thinking about herself in general. "I guess I am one too… I guess."

"It's Warden Wrath!" said Female Prisoner, all of them hearing thudding footsteps coming their way. "Hide!"

"This one!" said Danielle, noticing an empty cell near the Shorter Prisoner, running in with Luz and King right behind her slamming the cell door down as they enter.

"I can hear you," said Warden Wrath, entering and walking down the hall near the cells. "Just what are you fools whispering about?"

Warden Wrath was a very tall humanoid demon with purple skin and a very muscular build. Wears a white sleeveless tunic with brass buttons, a brown leather belt with a brass buckle, and black trousers tucked into dark purple shoes and also had a beaked mask with a hood over it. He reminded Danielle of plaque doctors in a tv program she once watched.

"Non ci notare! Non ci notare!" thought Danielle, holding King alongside Luz.

"Ah. The Owl Lady," said Warden Wrath, seeing the wanted poster on the floor and picking it up before crumbling it up and morphing his hand into a hammer and slamming it into the cell that the girls and King hid in. "I'll get my hands on her soon enough."

"Non guardare, non guardare," thought Danielle, seeing Warden Wrath look their way. "Ah, ha guardato!"

"Fight against the oppwessor! We will wesist! We will conquer! We will never be afwaid of you, you old cweep!" said Shorter Prisoner, only to see her cell door open before her. "Hooway! I'm fwee!"

"What does he plan on doing to that prisoner?" thought Danielle, seeing Warden Wrath grab the Shorter Prisoner roughly before he points to the other two prisoners.

"Let this be a lesson to all of you. There's no place in society for you if you can't fit in," said Warden Wrath, walking away with Shorter Prisoner still in his grip.

"I… I already know how that feels like…" thought Danielle, thinking about herself. "Not fitting in anywhere that is."

"Come on Danielle," said Luz, opening their cell and running over to Female Prisoner cell's. "Don't worry. I can get you out."

"And lift," said Danielle, helping Luz to try and lift the lever next to the cell. "Geesh Louis! This is heavier than a cinder block!"

"No!" said Luz, unable to lift the lever even with Danielle's help. "My weak nerd arms!"

"Just get out of here while you still can, kids," said Female Prisoner, walking deeper into her cell. "Enjoy freedom for us."

Feeling sad, the girls walk away from the cell and down a hall. Rubbing her arm, Danielle keeps looking back, wondering if she made the right decision leaving those prisoners behind. Even Luz herself was questioning herself. After a while, Eda flies in and up to the girls.

"Hey, I just checked," said Eda, hopping off her staff. "The warden is distracted, tormenting some tiny creature. He won't be coming around here anytime soon."

The girls just keep walking past Eda thinking to themselves. Eda watches them, confused. Coming upon a large door with the word contraband in big bold letters, the girls stop in front of it.

"My crown! It's close! I can sense its power!" said King, running over to the door and fiddles with the doorknob that's as big as he is.

"Aw, he gets so cute when he's thirsty for power," said Eda, watching King's attempt on the door.

"It's not fair that they're all in here. They just want to be themselves," said Luz, before staring at Eda. "Why does everyone think that being a weirdo is so bad?"

"I already feel like I don't belong back home," thought Danielle, thinking to herself, before seeing the doorknob clink and roll on the floor and King pushing and entering the room with a chuckle. "If I stay here, it will be no different."

"Come on, before he hurts himself," said Eda, before they all heard a zap.

"Ow!" shouted King, feeling the zap from a giant glowing pillar in the center of the room before attempting to headbutt it again only to be pushed back.

"Oooh, that had to hurt," said Danielle, rubbing King's skull. "Better?"

"Uh… thanks," said King, liking the feel of Danielle's touch before thinking. "Just like the last time. Why does it feel so good?"

"We have a human, remember?" said Eda, bending down and looking at King. "Two to be exact!"

"Oh, yeah" said King, looking at the girls.

Taking a deep breath, both Luz and Danielle walk up to the glowing pillar. Extending their hand, or in Danielle case poking the glowing pillar first, both girls walk through. When the girls get through, they see a towering pile of junk in front of them. Looking at the top, the girls notice King's crown.

"Wait a second. Is that a...," said Luz, recognizing the crown.

Scurrying their way through the pile and to the top while Danielle looked for her Mamma's necklace in the process, the girls obtained the crown and slid back down with some of the junk coming down with them and through the glowing pillar. Danielle on the other hand, did not find her Mamma's necklace.

"My crown!" said King, jumping in place before grabbing the crown in question and placing it on his head. "Yes. Yes! I can feel my powers returning!"

"Must be a typo," said Danielle, getting a better look at the Burger Queen crown. "Not only that but I couldn't find Mamma's necklace amongst all the junk."

"You, there. Nightmare critter," said King, pointing at a stuffed rabbit plush sticking out of a box before picking it up. "I shall call you Francois, and you shall be a minion in my army of darkness. Ha-ha!"

"Hehehe," chuckled Danielle, bending down and petting King earning a tail wag. "Così carino."

"That crown doesn't give him any powers, does it?" said Luz, staring at Eda.

"Uh, no," replied Eda, only for Luz to glare at her before sighing. "Oh, look at us, Luz, Danielle. King and I don't have much in this world. We only have each other. So if that dumb crown is important to him, it's important to me. And besides, us weirdos have to stick together, you know?"

"Stick together, huh…" thought Danielle, feeling downcast and thinking about her family. "The only ones that will stick around are my family till its their time to go. As for others… not like anyone wants to be around me… or want to be my friend."

"Well, we owe you one. Now, let's get out of here before the warden finds us and loses his head," said Eda, staring at the girls.

"Too late," said Warden Wrath, appearing behind Eda before morphing his hand into a blade and cutting her head off.

"Miss Eda!" shouted Danielle, seeing Eda's head caught by a screaming Luz. "NO!"

"Ow! Oh, I hate it when that happens," said Eda, making the girls scream a little louder.

"Eda!" said Luz, pulling Eda's head closer. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. This just happens when you get older," replied Eda, seeing tears forming in the corner of Danielle's eyes.

"Does it?" asked Luz, staring at Eda's head.

"Maybe for them…" said Danielle, cringing at the sight of Eda's severed head. "But not us!"

"Finally, I have you cornered, Eda the Owl Lady," said Warden Wrath, transforming his hand back to normal.

"Weh?" said King, seeing Warden Wrath take his crown off and trying to get it back.

"My guards could never get you, but I knew if I took your pet's toy, you'd come running," said Warden Wrath, crumbling the crown in his hand.

"No! My power!" said King, backing up and slumping down to the ground dejectedly.

"King…" said Danielle, bending down to console him before glaring at Warden Wrath. "Bullo!"

"What do you want with me?" asked Eda, staring at Warden Wrath. "I've never actually broken any of your stupid laws... in front of you."

"I want you..." said Warden Wrath, before pulling out a bouquet of flowers. "To go out with me."

"Wha...?" said Eda, confused on the situation.

"What?" said Luz, disgusted.

"Che cosa?" squeaked Danielle, staring at Warden Wrath then the bouquet.

"Go, boss!" shouted a Guard, that looked very much like the one from the market place.

"You!" thought Danielle, recognizing and glaring at the one guard next to the other. "Bastardo!"

"You've always eluded our capture," said Warden Wrath, flashing a thumb up to the guards before bending down on his knees. "You've always been the one who got away. I found that alluring."

"I hate everything you're saying right now," said Luz, staring at Warden Wrath with disgust.

"That's what this is about," said Danielle, staring at Warden Wrath as well. "Oh, santo cielo!"

"You stay out of this!" shouted Warden Wrath, tossing the bouquet and turning his hands into tentacles and grabbing the girls before picking Eda's head up by the hair. "So how about it, Owl Lady? The most powerful witch of the Boiling Isles and the feared Warden Wrath. We'd be the strongest power couple ever. I mean, it's… it's not like you can say no right now."

"Ew ew," said Danielle, struggling against the tentacled arm. "Lordo lordo!"

Eda looks up at the struggling girls. Then Eda stares at King who gets picked up by one of the guards and struggles to get free as well. Making a decision, Eda sighs before staring at Warden Wrath.

"All right, Warden. You win. I'd just like to say something first. Come closer. No. Just come a little bit closer. Just... Yeah, that's good," said Eda, before blowing a raspberry in his face and laughing.

"Whoa," said Danielle, dropping to the floor alongside Luz after Warden Wrath drops them before glaring at the one guard. "You!"

"Impudent wench!" shouted Warden Wrath, wiping Eda's spit off his mask. "Don't you know how many germs are in your mouth? Blegh!"

"Get over it. You had your guards stalk me, and then you cut off my head," said Eda, staring at Warden Wrath. "I am not going out with you."

"If you don't accept, then I have no choice but to des…" said Warden Wrath, only for Luz to hit him on the head with Eda's staff and fall to the ground with a loud crash. "Oh!"

"Hey!" shouted Danielle, walking up to the one guard holding King and grabbing the guard by his shirt collar. "You're the one from the market!"

"So what?" said Weird Guard, glaring back at Danielle.

"My necklace!" shouted Danielle, her hazel green eyes glowing white and her voice going a little echo-y. "Where is it?"

"He…he…here…" said Weird Guard, scared out of his wits ends and fishing the necklace out of his pocket. "Ta…Take it!"

"Grazie!" said Danielle, grabbing her Mamma's necklace and putting it in her pocket before grabbing King, then swiftly kicking the Weird Guard before walking towards Eda and Luz.

"Whoa!" said King, staring at Danielle. "You go girl!"

"Nice!" said Eda, chuckling at the girl's bold moves.

"Okay, we're going now," said Luz, seeing Eda's body pull the guards hoods over their eyes before grabbing Eda's head while Danielle grabbed ahold of Eda's hand and dragged the body along with her.

"Okay…" said Danielle, climbing on the staff alongside the others while the owl spreads its wings. "How do you work this thing?"

"Expecto... flying?" said Luz, trying to figure out how to get the staff to fly. "Magicus... escapicus!"

"Per favore, vola!" said Danielle, seeing the owl stare back at her. "Can… can you…understand me?"

"Gun it, magic stick!" shouted Eda, seeing Warden Wrath get up before the staff takes flight.

"Owl Lady, I won't let you get away again!" shouted Warden Wrath, clamoring to his feet and watching them get away.

Warden Wrath's arms transforms into tentacles before going in hot pursuit after the gang. Flying through the prison, they came upon the area where the cells were. Danielle and King kept looking behind them making sure to keep an eye out for Warden Wrath. Seeing the cells, Luz jumped on the opportunity to help them.

"Eda, lend me a hand!" said Luz, feeling Eda place her hand on hers.

And so, with Eda's help, Luz was able to flip the levers and free the prisoners they were talking to. The prisoners were very excited to get free. Afterwards, they flew through an outer door high on the Conformatorium with a yell. Warden Wrath was not far behind, flipping off the pillar and striking the staff, making everyone lose their balance and fall off the staff. Rolling on the ground, the gang faces Warden Wrath, who just transformed his hand into a blade.

"Ow, my bones!" said King, who was being held by Danielle.

"Ow ow ow ow ow!" squeaked Danielle, wincing before checking on King. "Stai bene?"

"Luz…Danielle…" said Eda, reattaching her head while gaining the girls attention while fishing the key from earlier out of her hair before handing it to Luz since she was the closest. "Go back to the human world."

"But…" said Danielle, staring at Eda.

"What about you guys?" asked Luz, seeing Eda run towards Warden Wrath while putting the key in her messenger bag.

"If you think this guy is bad, you shoulda seen her last boyfriend!" shouted King, standing and running to join Eda.

"Not my boyfriend," said Eda, grabbing King and running back towards the girls while avoiding Warden Wrath's blade arms before putting the girls on the staff. "Go! Go!"

"But… But I…" said Luz, only for Eda to slap the bottom of the staff sending it into the air.

"Miss Eda!" shouted Danielle, concerned for her and King. "King!"

Seeing that the girls were out of harms way, Eda conjures two spell circles. One that literally caught fire after Warden Wrath spewed some fire breath while the other spell circle sent it back with double the heat. Warden Wrath was slammed back to a wall curtesy of his own spell. The girls whimper trying not to fall off the staff as it twirls somewhat before they look back down and see Warden Wrath get back up and transforming his arms into blades. The prisoners from before poke their heads out from the crumbled wall after their escape but were still hesitant. The girls see them and fly back down.

"Why are you guys just standing there?" asked Luz, hopping off the staff. "This is your chance to escape!"

"The warden'll catch us," said Eye-Eating Prisoner, downcast. "He always does."

"We belong here," said Female Prisoner, staring at the girls.

"No, you don't," said Danielle, staring at the prisoners.

"Self-doubt is a pwison you can never escape fwom," said Shorter Prisoner, the other two mumbling in agreement.

"So, you have a different way of doing things, a different way of seeing things," said Luz, staring at the prisoners. "That might make you weird, but it also makes you awesome. Don't you see?"

"Luz…" said Danielle, staring at Luz before thinking. "Then again, Mamma likes me and my sister the way we are. Wouldn't trade us for the world."

"Why are you helping us?" asked Female Prisoner, staring at Luz.

"Because us weirdos have to stick together," said Luz, pulling her hood over her head and mounting the staff. "And nobody should be punished for who they are."

"Luz really got them riled up," thought Danielle, seeing the prisoners cheer before Luz turns the other way. "Well. Let's finish this with a bang… I guess."

"Now, let's get 'em!" shouted Luz, flying towards Eda and King with Danielle and the prisoners following behind.

"No more running away, Owl Lady," said Warden Wrath, tossing Eda to the ground and King being thrown into her arms. "Today I capture you once and for all!"

"Not today!" said Danielle, seeing King whimper and hide in Eda's arms.

"Go, go, go, go!" shouted Luz, the prisoners barreling into Warden Wrath while Danielle checked on Eda and King while flying past them.

"Luz?" said Eda, watching Luz fly by while Danielle bent down and checked on her. "Danielle?"

"Luz has it covered," said Danielle, looking for any injuries on Eda and King. "Everything okay?"

"Everything's fine," said Eda, assuring Danielle and standing up while handing King over to her before staring at the prisoners.

"I eat my own eyes!" said the Eye-Eating Prisoner, shoving Warden Wrath.

"I think the world as a twiangle!" said Shorter Prisoner, tripping Warden Wrath.

"And I practice the ancient art of fanfiction!" said Female Prisoner, holding Warden Wrath down while Eye-Eating Prisoner tied the tentacle arms together before flipping him over

"You!" shouted Warden Wrath, staring at Luz as she descended on the staff. "Who do you think you are?"

"Do not underestimate me, Warden Wrath, for I am Luz, the human, warrior of peace," said Luz, getting off the staff and acting dramatic before grabbing something from her messenger bag and hitting it towards the warden. "Now eat this, sucka!"

"Hehehe… this day is a bang!" laughed Danielle, seeing that it was a firecracker that Luz hit towards Warden Wrath, straight into his flaming mouth and setting it off before running away humiliated while the prisoners cheered. "Though I don't like seeing people hurt, he kinda had that coming. Someone in the building will tend to him."

"We are victorious!" shouted Shorter Prisoner, jumping up and down.

"That was actually one of her better breakups," said King, positioning himself better in Danielle's arms, while walking closer to Luz.

"Not a breakup," said Eda, placing a hand on the girls shoulder. "Anyway, let's bounce before any more monsters fall in love with me."

"Agreed," said Danielle, affectionally petting King's chin. "Oh, so soft and cuddly!"

As the gang flies off away from the Conformatorium, the fireworks still going off behind them, they head back towards the Owl House. Seeing them flying in, Hooty opens the door and lets them in. Hopping off the staff, the girls stretch their arms. Eda uses her magic and fixes Danielle's necklace before her eyes before placing it back around her neck. Leaning the staff against the couch. Eda stares at the girls.

"Well, a deal's a deal. Let's get you home," said Eda, snapping her fingers, the key in Luz's messenger bag flying towards her and pressing it, unfolding the portal door in front of the fireplace.

"Thank you for everything," said Danielle, looking at Eda and King before staring at the door alongside Luz. Grabbing the doorknob, Danielle hears a voice in the back of her head.

"Don't… nothing lies there anymore… not home. Stay… the child needs you!"

"What the…?" thought Danielle, listening to the voice. "But… Mamma…"

"Scarlet Eyes… must not… Dark!"

"I don't know what's going on… but…" thought Danielle, taking her hand off the doorknob and putting it over her heart. "Even if that voice didn't say anything, it still wouldn't feel right… it feels like I'm needed here… but what for? What's this Scarlet Eyes?"

"Before I go..." said Luz, grabbing a toy crown off her doll's head in her messenger bag and walking towards King. "I know it's not the same, but... a king shouldn't be without a crown."

"This shall suffice," said King, placing the toy crown on his head before looking at a potted plant. "You there, plant! You are now under my command."

"Oh, and don't forget this," said Eda, grabbing Luz's book off the coffee table and handing it over to Luz.

"Luz…" thought Danielle, seeing Luz stare at the mirror then at her book.

"Okay. I know you got your head cut off, and we started some kind of prison riot, but this was the most fun I've ever had," said Luz, turning around and looking at Eda and King.

"I have to agree too," said Danielle, rubbing her arm. "And a little scary…but I wouldn't trade it for the world."

"I don't fit in at home. You don't fit in here. If I stay, we could not fit in together," said Luz, before crumbling some pamphlet from home. "I'm not going back to summer camp."

"Summer camp…?" thought Danielle, wondering what's going on with Luz.

"What's summer camp?" asked Eda, chuckling slightly. "What are we talking about here?"

"I want to stay and become a witch. Like you," said Luz, holding up her book. "And Azura."

"Don't think I've seen this book," said Danielle, tilting said book a little and looking at it. "But I do have a seven-book series of witchcraft and wizardry."

"What? All right, that's crazy," said Eda, laughing and pushing the book down. "Humans can't become witches."

"Maybe that's because they haven't tried," said Luz, winking at Eda. "If you teach me to become a witch, I'll do anything you want."

"Entro limiti ragionevoli!" said Danielle, blushing before correcting herself. "I mean, within reason."

"Let them stay!" said King, pulling on Eda's dress before whispering. "They can make us snacks."

"Can do," said Danielle, hearing King and bending down to pet him. "I love cooking!"

"Well, I could use a hand keeping this goofball out of the cupboards," said Eda, smiling and picking King up while Danielle still petted him. "All right. I'll teach you how to be a witch. But you two have to work for me before you learn any spells. Deal?"

"Capisco!" said Danielle, giving a two-finger salute to Eda.

"Gah!" said Eda, being hugged by Luz. "What's going on?"

"It's called a hug," said Danielle, letting Eda know what Luz was doing.

"Too tight! Too tight!" said King being squeezed between the two before Danielle got him free only to be hugged by Danielle. "More bearable… and calming…"

"I can sleep on the couch out here," said Danielle, staring at the couch. "If that helps, that is."

"Your choice kid," said Eda, ruffling Danielle's hair. "All right, let's get you two settled in for the night."

And just like Eda said, she did. She gave Danielle a blanket and pillow from a nearby storage closet while Luz snuck back home really quick to get a sleeping bag and pillow. While Danielle was trying to get situated on the couch, Eda showed Luz to a storage closet on the second floor. Unfurling her sleeping bag and in her jammies, Luz takes out a photo off her mom and herself before grabbing her cellphone and seeing her mom texted her. Both King and Danielle though were at the door, clearing their throat gaining Luz's attention.

"Your sleep cocoon looks fluffy," said King, holding Francois.

"I don't think I want to be alone right now," said Danielle, rubbing the back of her one foot with the other and also wearing her jammies for the night, a sleeveless lavender Kuromi buttoned up shirt with matching shorts. "You don't mind, do ya?"

Patting the sleeping bag and ushering them in, King curls up at the bottom off the sleeping bag after kneading it. Danielle slowly bends down on the floor placing her pillow in position and covering herself up. Luz smiles at them before texting her mom back. Seeing Luz and King fall asleep, Danielle repositions herself onto her back and looks through the stained-glass window that was open.

"Is that a…constellation?" thought Danielle, seeing a specific image among the stars. "Oddly… it's comforting…"

Finally dozing off herself, the girls not knowing just yet, what being there entitled. Opening her eyes, Danielle notices she's not in the Owl House. Looking around, she notices the place. An abstract, yet seemingly small nebulous space with structures of iridescent, abstract architecture stretching upward, forming a continuous canyon. Gasping, Danielle sees that her body looked somewhat different, it was like looking at a white star scape with specks of pink and gold. Looking around, Danielle floats down a certain path before her. Arriving to where it led, Danielle sees a large light blue sphere with a multi-colored star design and four gold short bands that pointed to a central gold circle. Going ever closer, Danielle peeks into the sphere, only to see a young boy floating in the center asleep.

"Oh, my goodness!" said Danielle, lightly banging on the sphere not knowing she was heard. "Hello, hello? Are you okay? Can you hear me? Oh, there's got to be a way to get him out."

"There is," said a voice, closing in on her.

"Eh... che cosa?" said Danielle, looking at where the voice came from. Right in front of her was a two-dimensional shadow child with a half-split design, with one side black with three sun symbols, and the other grey with three crescent moon symbols and a half-moon face pattern, and his head is shaped like a cowl. "Eh…?"

"Pretty Lady!" said the Shadow Child, gasping when seeing Danielle and enveloping her in a hug.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhh?" thought Danielle, baffled by the shadow child.