Another Heartbreak - Kid vs Kat

It was raining down in the town of Bootsville, it was boring and nothing interesting was happening for the moment. Fiona Munson, the niece of Old Lady Munson, the Burtonburgers's mean neighbor, was staring out the window, looking bored and uninterested. She was bored like a stick lying on the ground, nothing moving it and no gravity pulling them into nowhere. Fiona wasn't satisfied about the death of her auntie Munson, who died from being hit by a car 2 weeks ago and her parents had to look after the house, including Growler. Unfortunately for Growler, he got skinnier because of the death of his owner and one day, died in his sleep. Fiona noticed Coop outside of his house with Dennis, she noticed Coop sobbing and Dennis was comforting him by patting his hand on Coop's right shoulder. Fiona was interested in discovering why Coop was crying. Fiona headed downstairs to go outside and take a look for herself. Startled, she finds Coop crying and Dennis was comforting him, she came up to the two boys with confusion.

"What's wrong with Coop?" Fiona asked Dennis, Dennis looked at Fiona. "He's not in a good mood today. Why?" He asked, skeptical about Fiona's sudden question. She usually avoids talking to them but now, she's talking to them out of nowhere? Well, that's familiar. "Is something wrong Dennis?" Fiona asked, Dennis said to Fiona with a dishonest look on his face "I don't believe that you want to see us after you caught Coop hurting that poor little cat that you call it." Fiona was shocked about what Dennis said, she knows what she saw, but she never expected a bad and dishonest answer from Dennis. "Look." Dennis said "Coop just had a rough morning because of his sister, Millie Burtonburger pissing him off very arrogance. Luckily for me, I don't have any siblings and never will."

"Stop acting all skeptical towards me Dennis." Fiona said in annoyance "I know what I saw and I don't like what I saw." Dennis was on the urge of anger boiling inside of him "I don't care about what you think! I'm not going to be rebellious about your shitty behavior. You saw Coop hurting that feline bitch and that's it! Now leave us the fuck alone or I'll get my dad about this!" Fiona was honestly shocked about what Dennis said to her, she wasn't ready for his speech. "And you have the nerve to be bothering us like we're your friends or something. You left us in the dirt, just like how Luke left Zander and Jake in the dirt in the TMF Criminal Kids AU! Don't act like you believe us or not!" Fiona was on the urge to cry when she decided to encourage herself up. "I came to check up on Coop and wanna know why he's crying!" Dennis snapped back, "Imagine that you and I were childhood friends, then one day you pushed me down and bullied me for little to no reason at all. That's how Luke betrayed Zander, he and Zander used to be childhood best friends until Luke became obsessed with popularity, pushed Zander down and began to blabber his ass out to Zander." Fiona was pissed about the whole thing, she came up to Dennis and slapped him across the face, giving him a bruise on his cheek and a tooth falling out from his mouth. "WHAT THE FUCK FIONA!" Dennis shouted out loud "ARE YOU OK STEROIDS OR SOMETHING!?" Fiona then made her comeback

"I am sick of it!" Fiona said "You need to leave it alone!" Dennis was confused about what Fiona meant, "What the heck do you mean!?" Dennis asked, Fiona gave her meaning. "I meant that you need to stop talking about it! Drop it! SHIT IT UP AND SHUT UP ABOUT IT!" Then suddenly...

Coop came up and headed towards Fiona, Coop looked at her and said "If only we've never met in the beginning..." Fiona was shocked about what Coop said to her, she was still in the urge of anger inside of her towards Dennis but... She never expected Coop's response towards her, he continued. "You left me and Dennis in the trashcan like we're nothing but cigarettes to you, if only you believed me, I wouldn't be like Zander and Jake." Fiona was nervous about the whole thing, she immediately cared about Coop. "FROM TODAY!" Coop said to Fiona "WE'RE STRANGERS!" Fiona was emotionally shocked.

Coop: I made room for you in here

A place where you'd hide your tears

You said you were done searching

We were done hurting

Leave those lonely lovers

I made room for you in here

I told you that I loved you

You said you couldn't love me

My chest, it hit the ground

Beginning to an ending

A curtain with the word FIN

Leaving with a broken bound

Coop ran back inside his house, and Dennis looked at her with a 'Look what you did' facial expression. "Are you happy!?" Dennis asked Fiona "I swear to God! If you ever come near my friend again, I'll teach you a lesson! Stay away from us!" Dennis walked inside and slammed the door violently, Fiona collapsed to the floor as the rain soaks all over her clothes.

She walked back inside to see her father, who raised her since Fiona's mom filed for divorce when Fiona was only 6. Fiona's dad, Alan looked at his daughter, who was soaking wet from the rain. "Fiona!?" Alan asked "You're soaking wet! Why didn't you put on a rain jacket?" Fiona sat down on her auntie Munson's couch and started whimpering. "What's wrong?" Alan asked his daughter, his only daughter. "I tried!" Fiona said "I tried everything! Nothing worked out!" Alan came up to his daughter and sat next to her. "What's wrong sweetie?" Alan asked again, Fiona answered. "I saw my ex-boyfriend outside with his friend, he seemed very upset about something. I tried asking and asking but the two denied my questions and... Things are elasticated from there." Alan was surprised about the whole thing, Alan got up and looked at his only daughter, "You know," Alan said "When I was your age, I had a crush on this one girl and honestly, I wish she was your mother." Fiona giggled "What was her name?" She asked, "Her name was Shelby." Alan said "When I was 10, I had a crush on her, she was my neighbor's granddaughter and only grandchild since the neighbor only had a son, and her son had a daughter. When I told her my feelings, she felt the same way but she moved away a week after we started dating." Fiona was very interested in more of her dad's stories, "What happened to her?" She asked, Alan sighed then... "Well..."


10 year old Alan was watching TV with his dad. Alan laughed as he saw the scene of the dogs playing around the yard while the nanny was acting like a couch-potato. "This is funny papa!" Alan said to his dad "Can we watch more?" Alan's dad shook his head "Sorry son, it was your time limit. Remember that every Sunday, you get 2 hours of TV and I get the rest. It's my turn to watch something about our family tradition on television. Get ready for the boringness of your life." The father turned on the news and the news was received.

"Breaking news." The News Reporter said on TV "There was a car accident at Bootsville's Park when a vehicle crashed into a tree. 3 people were in an accident, only one survived and 2 died. The remainder of the survivor is Jane Owen, her son, Jamie and his daughter, Shelby sadly were killed in the tragic accident. Jane was rushed to the emergency room and new information will be available in the following statement."

"Oh no!" Alan said "Not Shelby!" Alan's dad looked at his son, "Are you okay?" He asked "You seem surprised. Wait? Don't tell me." Alan got scared "D-Dad? What are you talking about?" Alan's dad (Fiona's grandfather) gave Alan the side eye "Were you dating that lousy girl?" Alan still was in shivers. "N-No dad." Alan lied to his father. "I expected the truth. "Were you dating that lousy girl?"




{Flashback ended}

"Since I told him the truth," Alan said "He became a little bit off with me. Like he would only pay attention to me once a day, he would be very strict towards me, and he would control my life." Fiona wasn't satisfied with what her father had just explained to her "So that's why I never met grandpa?" Fiona asked her dad, Alan nodded with a disappointed facial expression on his face. "I cut ties with your grandfather when I moved to Bootsville, then I met your mom, got married, had your older brother, then you, then got divorced because we lost love for each other, and your mom had full custody of your brother, and I was left to pay child support. You were only 6 so you probably don't remember your older brother." Fiona couldn't believe her own eyes, her father was mistreated for years, she never expected the truth about her father's life, then her father continued on. "When I was 7, your grandmother died from child-birth, she gave birth to your aunt but she died shortly after due to lack of iron levels on her body. My dad looked after me until... I told him that I was dating Shelby. My dad grew up in a strict environment with his dad and stepmother." Fiona was now very interested in finding out more about her family "I think that our relatives are only children." Fiona said "I mean, I feel like an only child to you."

"I'm an only child," Alan said "Most of the male relatives in our family are only children or only have sisters but no brothers and brothers are rare in our family." Alan continued "You have a brother, your mom has sisters and I'm an only child." Fiona smiled at her dad and said "I know, I feel better now. I do miss Auntie Munson." Alan smiled then said "Well, she isn't actually resting in peace but she's probably learned her lesson by God." Fiona giggled then she heard birds outside, chirping. "The rain stopped." Fiona cheered "Can I go outside?" Fiona asked her dad for permission to go outside.

"Sure." Alan said "I don't mind." Fiona cheered as she ran outside as the birds flying out above the sky, the animals enjoying playing fighting and the people enjoying each other's company. Fiona saw Millie, who was talking to Dennis, Coop's childhood best friend about something. Fiona decided to mind her own business until...

"Hey Fiona!"

Fiona looked to see Millie with Denjis, the two had facial expressions on their faces. Fiona came up to them and sat next to them "What is it?" Fiona asked "Did I do something?"

"Well," Millie said "Did you hurt my brother's feelings?" That surprised Fiona, she didn't hurt Coop's feelings, she was just expressing her feelings for the whole situation that was going on earlier. Then, Dennis got up and...

Dennis: Standing in the cold, cold rain

I don't even feel the pain

Anything to step away

I know we could both do better

Wish you would've left me here

Now I'm just controlled by fear

What's the point in our reflection

If you never look in the mirror

Counting the days until you're gone

Waiting for us to carry on

Oh, I'm running, what am I running from?

Times are going by, but where's the time going?

I tried to give you everything

You took it all and took it for granted

If you're still falling out of love

Maybe it's 'cause it's not enough

Dennis got up and ran back inside the house, suddenly remembering the event happening earlier. Millie looked at Fiona and did her part.

Millie: Maybe it's not enough

Baby, I don't wanna lose you

Aftеr all that we've been trough

If you could change my mind

I would do it in a hеartbeat

That's if you really love me

Setting fire to my brain

Wondering how I'm to blame

You're the one who doesn't dream

So why are you always sleeping

I remember when you said

You're afraid of what's ahead

What happened to ride or die?

I asked and you just start crying

How are you acting so surprised?

Haven't you seen it in my eyes?

Oh, I'm running, what am I running from?

Times are going by, but where's the time going?

I tried to give you everything

You took it all and took it for granted

If you're still falling out of love

Maybe it's 'cause I'm not enough

Fiona was surprised, then Millie ran off to her house. Fiona collapsed as she felt another heartbreak taking over her heart.

Fiona: Maybe it's not enough

Baby, I don't wanna lose you

After all that we've been trough

If you could change my mind

I would do it in a heartbeat

That's if you really love me

I would do it in a heartbeat

That's if you really love me

I would do it in a heartbeat

That's if you really love me

Fiona couldn't take it anymore, then she had enough...

The End.