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Warning: abuse mention, self harm, child neglect

Misaki was muted at a young age, her father silenced the girl by having the doctors surgically remove her vocal cords because the little girl had Laryngeal cancer, her mother passed away when the child was 3 years old the little girl ran into the road to retrieve the doll she accidentally dropped when they were walking. Her mother then pushed her out of the way when a bus was coming, the child cried for her father, and the father had always blamed the little girl for her mothers death. At age 6 they found out she had Laryngeal cancer, even though her father hated her, he still had the child's vocal cords removed (mostly because her breaking voice was annoying and she was always loud and obnoxious so really he had the doctors remove her larynx just to make her stop talking) he never actually cared about her well being all he wanted was her to never speak. About 2 years later after her vocal cords were removed her father met a very rich and classy women then they got married and had Minoru, they moved into a mansion, whilst the women kept on trying to bond with Misaki she never could the child would just sit in some sort of corner her knees to her chest and her arms wrapped around her calves and her head rested on her knees with her eyes filled with sorrow. And then when she was twelve her baby sister was born Yata Megumi, tho her father hated the little girl after finding out that the child was not at all related to him, Megumi was only the result of an affair that the women had with an other man, but the siblings loved each other even if Megumi was the result of their mother's affair with a man, a man named'Fushimi Niki' yes had an affair with Fushimi Niki the father of Saruhiko. The children's parents ignored them but Minoru and Megumi didn't care they didn't need their parents too be proud of them they had Misaki to be proud of them.

"MISAKIIIIII!"Megumi yelled.

"what?" Misaki asked her using sign language.

"I had a nightmare," Megumi said.

"Oh really?" Misaki asked using sign language.

"Uh huh!" Megumi said guessing that misaki was questioning her because the little girl didn't understand sign language Minoru would usually translate for her.