Over the next four days Trina had behaved, today they were going to Sycorax to check on the progress of Trina's new body.

Trina stood infront of a tank with a baby shaped blob in it, "so this going to be my body?" she asked in wonder looking at it.

"that right," Liv said putting her hands on Trina's shoulder, "we used of some of Obake that you gave use and took the x chromosome and modified one so it was much it won't cause any problems."

"so, um, my body will be able to do anything a human body can do?" she asked.

"yeah, why do you ask?" Liv move closer.

Trina whispered in her ear.

"of course." Liv said, Trina gave Hiro a look and smile.

"please tell I don't do that?" Karmi sighed.

"yep when ever you talked about captain cutie." he said only to see Karmi audibly cringe.

Liv checked to make sure Karmi's body wasn't reacting to having Trina in it while Hiro ran dianoctics on Karmi, everything was fine with them.

Hiro was in the garage work on some projects because Karmi and Trina where having some girl talk.

"so Karmi want do you think of Hiro?" Trina asked while hugging a pillow.

"well he's a good guy, he's helping you you that's more than I would do." she replied.

"no, I mean like, um how do I put this, you know?" she made suggestive motions with her hands.

"NO, I DON'T LIKE HIM LIKE THAT" Karmi shouted.

"then you won't mind me taking him when I get my body." she said as she hid part of her face in the pillow.

"of course not as long as I don't have to deal with it. Now what's up with the pillow." Karmi asked.

"it's Hiro and it smells really good." she said being creepy again.

"what's so good about him?" Karmi asked I a sarcastic voice.

"well he's smart, inavative, brave and super nice, he also saved the city many times and he's cute." she said moving her legs back and forth.

"he's not that cute." she pouted.

"really but didn't you give him the name captain cutie," Trina said making Karmi get embarrassed. "don't worry I won't mind sharing him, if you ask nicely." Trina said smiling.

"I'm not sharing with you." she said.

"so you want him all to yourself." Trina teased.

"that's not what I meant and you know it." Karmi complained.

"hay girls it's movie night, want to join or are you two going to keep talking about my nephew." case said walking in.

"I could use a reason to snuggle up with Hiro," Trina said going over to a suitcase, "but first I should get some clean clothes on." holding up the pajamas she originally got and getting away before Karmi could say anything.

They sat on the couch with Hiro inbetween Karmi and Trina at one end and Cass at the other, they watched a horror movie and the girls had calmed one of Hiro's arms, Trina was doing to try and seduce him while Karmi was actually scared, it didn't help they where watching a movie with a lot of robots being destroyed.

The movie finished and Hiro finally decided to have a shower, the girls were having a another talk about Hiro when Cass came in, "hi, girls hope I'm not interrupting anything important but here," she said handing them both a box, "I don't want to be a great aunt, so I thought yous might need these." she finished.

They looked a the boxes, they were condoms, the girls turned red after Cass left they looked, "let's not tell Hiro about what she just gave us." Karmi said Trina nodded.

Hiro came up embarrass to see them, they knew his aunt had told him about the presents, they got into their sleeping arrangement with Karmi on him right and Trina on his left, since they knew Trina would just sneak into his bed and Karmi didn't trust her with him, they pretended to sleep but were embarrassed, uncomfortable or still rattled from the movie but eventually fell asleep.