Karmi sat there holding her phone in her hands, "I don't think I can call them." she said to Hiro.

"well you don't have to call them right now." Cass said coming to support her.

"why don't we go check up with Liv to see how much longer you will have to be in Trina's old body." Hiro said trying to distract her form her Parents.

"that's a good idea, I'll try and get Trina out of bed." Karmi said quickly going up stairs.

Karmi came back down stairs, "I think Trina's going to stay here today, so are we going to walk or fly there?"

"Well we can't go flying everywhere, it would definitely draw attention to you and you remember what happened last time that happened." Hiro said.

Karmi scoffed at his snarky comment, "well then you better do something for me later." she said sarcastically.

after an hour and a half of walking they arrived at Sycorax and where greeted by Liv, "hey you two good news the project is finally done, do you want to come see it?" she was petty ecstatic about what they done.

In the elevator down they started talking about what they did, "so why are you so excited Liv?" Hiro asked.

"well we successful grew a blank human body, if we can do this cost effectively we could make replacement organs for people with unique blood problems and shorten waiting lists dramatically." Liv explained trying to remain professional, "and it's because I owed you two for saving me."

Karmi was embarrassed because of the praise, "to be fair Hiro did most of the work."

They walked off the elevator, "that's not true if it wasn't for her my micro-bots wouldn't have worked inside the body." Hiro told the truth.

"well Trina's body is ready, so now all you have to do is put everyone in the right body." Liv said, "um, how are you going to do that?"

"well we have the machine at our base, we'll move it here to swap them, it should take three days to set it all up." he said.

Karmi bit the inside of her cheek, after they left she sighed.

"what's wrong, you don't look to happy." Hiro said.

She looked up to the sky, "I'll have to call my parents and tell them about the offer."

"that's a good point, not to mention that they'll probably try to keep you away from the city." he sighed.

"well I can't put it off forever," she pulled out her phone and made a call, "hey mum I need to talk to you and dad. No I'm not in danger but it is important. OK see you tomorrow bye." she hung up and put on a tense smile.

They walked all the way home talking about what they where planning to work on, it took them over two hours, upon returning to the café, they walked up stairs to talk to Trina.

Trina ran over to Hiro, "so how is my body going?" she asked.

"good, your body is ready but it will take us two days to set up the body swapper." Hiro said.

Trina hugged him making sure to press her chest against him, "thank you Hiro, you're the best."

Karmi walked over and pressed her body against Hiro as well, "I'll just be happy when I get my body back." she said glaring at Trina.

Trina knew that Karmi had decided to go after Hiro as well now she smiled, "you know Hiro went I get my new body I think I might just let you do what ever you want to me." she said tapping his nose.

Karmi wasn't comfortable with talking like that, "you're not going to even wait until you are used to it." she said sarcastically.

Trina glared at her, "well I could just use your body." she joked rudely.

Karmi let go of Hiro and stomped up stairs, Hiro looked at Trina, he pulled away, "Trina that was mean, you should go apologize." he said.

She didn't want too but if she didn't she might lose Hiring to Karmi, she walked up stairs to the bedroom and saw Karmi fiddling with her hand, "you know I didn't actually mean it, I just wanted to stir you up."

"I know you where, it's just, I forgot this isn't my body." she said opening and closing the hand of Trina's former body.

"I didn't mean to make you remember that I'm in your body." she said felling guilty.

"well it's not just you, my parents are coming tomorrow and I have to tell them about the offer." she sighed looking her feet.

Trina smiled, "well maybe you can convince them by saying that you'll be near Hiro, your dad seemed to like him." she did have a point.

Hiro knocked on the door, "I thought that you might want some food." he held up a tray of baked goods.

"thanks, your aunt is really nice, it probably explains how nice you are." Karmi said.

"I say that's true, he's nice enough to give me a second chances." Trina smiled.

They continued to talk about what they thought about each other before they started their bed time routine while thinking about what would happen tomorrow.

Karmi looked up to Hiro, "Hiro, if I'm able to stay when I get my body back, can we go on a date?"

He looked at her and slowly nodded, Trina sat up, "no far I want to go on a date as well."

Hiro nodded again and thought about how the chaos was was just starting.