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So I decided to try and make a drabble with John Stewart and Superman's cousin. Enjoy!

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"You know, John, recently I've gotten into eating... chocolate."

Green eyes that radiated like sparkling emeralds shot up at the remark by Supergirl. Shifting his view from the cockpit window of the Javelin to catch her leaning over him, John Stewart raised an eyebrow. "Say what?"

Her shoulders slumped, as she didn't know what to do next. Then she suddenly remembered something she saw Black Canary do to Green Arrow when she asked him for a favor in the Watchtower's gym room the other day. Well, more like secretly eavesdropping on them with her super-hearing. Not to mention the sliding panel was left wide open, due to some sort of malfunction. As she hid behind the corridor wall outside the gym, Supergirl was able to catch bits and pieces of Canary massaging her boyfriend's shoulders following an intense sparring session. And being neither discreet nor subtle about her choice of words, either. So she decided to do her best Black Canary impression.

"Oh, you know... chocolate. I love Hershey's Kisses... Milk Duds..." Her slender hands ran along Green Lantern's big, broad shoulders to up and down his glistening pate, almost massaging it in a very sensual manner. "And lately, I've found myself into devouring... Malted Milk Balls..." she added, sighing.

The other teammates chosen for this mission – Elongated Man, Fire, Ice, Gypsy, Stargirl & S.T.R.I.P.E. – looked on in their seats, glances exchanged between them ranged from awkwardness to closed-mouthed amusement. Only Stargirl was trying her best not to go into hysterics at the sight.

Supergirl pulled away to see the older hero's reaction. "Batgirl tells me I have an addiction. What do you think?"

His response was firm and without hesitation. "I think you are being completely unprofessional, Kara. Get back in your seat and focus on the mission at hand. Those people down in Malaysia aren't gonna rescue themselves."

The Argosian simply shrugged. "Fine." As she sauntered back down the small aisle past the other heroes, Stargirl eyed her with a tight-lipped smile as she sat down across from her. She returned it with a fixed stare of her own. "What? I simply wanted GL's opinion on my taste for chocolate candy, that's all."

Stargirl didn't buy it. "Uh-huh. You're sure that's all you've got a taste for, Miss Perfect?"


"Could've fooled me."

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