Rocky was a young and ambitious tomcat living in the port town of St. Louis during the prohibition era. Despite not being a part of the notorious Lackadaisy gang, he idolized them and dreamed of one day joining their ranks.

One day, Rocky's life took an unexpected turn when he stumbled upon a Lackadaisy speakeasy while on a solo midnight stroll. Intrigued, he decided to sneak in and witness the action firsthand.

Inside the dimly lit establishment, he observed the intense atmosphere of the gambling den and the powerful figures that controlled it. As he watched, he realized that he had found his true calling. He begged the reluctant owner of the speakeasy, Atlas May, to give him a chance to prove himself and join the gang.

Atlas, impressed by Rocky's courage and determination, put him through a rigorous test of his loyalty and fighting skills. Rocky passed with flying colors, earning him a reputation and a place among the Lackadaisy crew.

As he adjusted to his new lifestyle, Rocky continued to prove himself as a valuable asset to the group. He showed great promise in running errands, handling negotiations, and even providing some comic relief with his charming wit.

However, Rocky was not without his share of troubles. He struggled to balance his loyalty to the gang with his own moral code. He sometimes found himself questioning the ethics of their actions, especially when things got violent.

Despite these inner conflicts, Rocky continued to thrive in the Lackadaisy underworld, rising through the ranks and earning the respect of his fellow gang members. With his quick wit and street smarts, he knew he would stop at nothing to achieve his dreams and ensure the survival of the Lackadaisy gang.