Rocky, Freckle, and Ivy have been working hard at the Lackadaisy speakeasy for the past few weeks without much of a break. So, when Rocky suggested they spend a day in St Louis, they all jumped at the chance.

They started off the day at the St Louis Zoo, admiring the lions and monkeys while snacking on hot dogs and popcorn. Rocky even won Ivy a plush monkey from one of the carnival games.

From there, they headed to the Gateway Arch where they took a tram up to the top and admired the view of the city. Freckle was a bit scared at first, but Rocky and Ivy assured him that it was safe.

Next, they stopped at a local diner for some lunch before heading to the City Museum. The museum was a bit strange but also incredibly fun. They crawled and climbed through all the tunnels and slides, and even went on a ferris wheel on the roof of the building.

As the evening approached, they decided to grab some drinks at a nearby speakeasy. The cocktails were delicious, and the music was live, making for a great atmosphere. Ivy even got up and sang a few songs with the band, surprising her friends with her beautiful voice.

Overall, it was a great day out for the three friends, leaving them with memories they would cherish for years to come.