So, this is a genderbent Jaune fic. Also genderbent Pyrrha as Pyrrhus and Blake as Blake. The other characters are left as normal aside from Jaune now having seven brothers.

I have no reasoning for why I changed the characters. I got the idea for this in my head and thought it had some potential, so I wrote a draft to keep myself from losing the idea. My eventual plan is to make an anthology of all of the Jaune x PRWBY pairings within the YGTUS/fantasy universe. I have already said I had ideas for a dragonslayer fic and I have some ideas for a potential Lancaster one in the future. However, those won't be fully realised until I bring my other stories to a finality.

Jeanne was in the middle of having a full-blown panic attack right now. The young girl locked herself in a storage room to weather the storm, but this space's quiet and calm confines did not help at all. After a few minutes, she dropped down on a sack of grain in defeat. Her soft breaths escaped her lips as her heart raced in anxiety-induced terror.

I messed up! What am I gonna do?!

Jeanne had finally done it. She'd left her home town and caught a ship to Vale. Her final destination: Beacon Academy. The one place where she hoped to get some training to pursue her dreams of becoming a hero. A school dedicated to teaching young aspirants how to fight and defeat Grimm and the many other monsters running amock on Remnant. To get there, Jeanne left without telling anyone.

In short, she ran away.

Running away was her only option if her parents refused to give Jeanne the training she needed. The girl just had to wing it and hope it worked out. She'd done minor sword training and much labour-intensive work to prepare for the last few years. Also, she saved up as much of her allowance and any cash she could get from odd jobs around town. Jeanne was sure it would last a few months if she spent it wisely.

However, the next daunting steps overshadowed anything Jeanne had done now. She could only ask herself, "What was next?" Because she had yet to get there. Only now did she realise she was way in over her head.

"Uhhh..." Jeanne groaned at the thought.

She fell back onto some more sacks. Her wild blonde hair splayed over the burlap, reaching just above her upper thigh in length. Her tall but gangly knobby-kneed form did not leave an impression on the provisions. Whatever dust accumulated on the bags soon clung to her black gambeson and form-fitting blue trousers. The few cases on her belts groaned at the pressure of being crushed under her weight.

Laying there momentarily, her wide deep-blue eyes turned to the ceiling. Staring at the worn boards of the upper deck, Jeanne reached out to them with a fingerless gloved hand, feeling they were so close she could run her fingers along them. As they were just out of reach, she allowed her arm to fall back on her torso, causing a light clink as her knuckles brushed against her armour.

"Ughghh," Jeanne groaned much louder this time. She sat up and clenched down on the sides of her head, pulling on her hair slightly. "SHIT!" Jeanne slammed her hands down on the sack. "What am I supposed to do?! I barely have any training!" She leaned forward, resting her elbows on her thigh-high boots. "I need a plan..."

I didn't think I would get this far! Dad and everyone else could have found me by now.

Turning her gaze to the other side of the room, Jeanne noticed something standing there. Narrowing her eyes slightly, she found it was a person standing right in front of the door. Jeanne hadn't even seen him come into the room. The surprise intrusion on her space immediately set off alarms in the girl's head, and she threw herself to her feet.

"Hey," Jeanne cried, reaching for her sword and shield.

Pulling her grandfather's sword, Crocea Mors, from its sheath, Jeanne brandished it out of instinct and hid behind the shield. However, when the person did not immediately attack her, Jeanne took a second to examine the situation.

The person standing before her was a boy around her age. Pale-tan complexion. Six foot one inch? He was slightly shorter than Jeanne and had a similar build akin to a dancer. His hair was kept short but was a messy mop with bangs trimmed around his eyes. Adorning his jet-black hair was a set of cute kitty ears that poked out of the top of his head.

The rest of the boy was covered by thick form-fitting leather armour hidden under a hooded black cloak. Daggers and swords were tied to his belt, giving the impression he was ready to use each of them. A single blade and bow were sheathed on his back, clearly the primary weapons.

His face didn't betray any intentions. Blank was all Jeanne could say. Only his amber eyes narrowed and darted back and forth across her. Though, he was a looker. Not handsome or hot, but cute.

"Are you gonna say anything," Jeanne asked, keeping her stance up. "If you're gonna rob me, I don't have that much, so it's not worth it!" She raised her sword once more and pointed it at him this time.

Before Jeanne could react, it was knocked from her hand. In a flash, the boy had unsheathed his sword and batted it away, sending it skittering across the floor. Following that, Jeanne's hand cried out in pain due to the force of the attack.

"Owwww, that smarts!"

"Please don't do that," the boy finally spoke. His calm, monotone voice filled the room.

"Then, what're you here for," Jeanne shouted back, raising her voice. "Can I interest you in more monochromatic clothes?!"

The boy paused for a second and glanced down at his outfit. Looking back to Jeanne, he took a deep breath. "Listen, I'm not great at this sort of thing," he began, sheathing his sword. "Just hear me out..."

"I'm listening."

"You're vulnerable," he stated plainly.

"N-No, I can take care of myself," Jeanne stuttered before putting on a confident face.

"'I barely have any training,'" he quoted, crossing his arms. "'I need a plan...'"

Shit, he heard me!

"Okay," Jeanne defeatedly replied, giving up the game and plopping down on a bag. "Keep going."

"If you're on this ship, you're going to Vale," he continued, leaning against the door. "I'm guessing Beacon?"

"You going there too?"

"Yeah," he answered, nodding his head. "How much do you know about Vale?"

"It dominates the entire band of territory between the White Mountains of Valeria in the north and the Southern Heartlands in Caliban to the south of Mountain Glenn," Jeanne described as if from a book. "Even though it doesn't hold as much territory as Valeria and Caliban, it's still the central power of east Sanus. So, Caliban and Valeria are tributaries to the Valish Royal Family."

The boy seemed taken aback at the information dump. Jeanne didn't know what he expected, but it wasn't that much. It only made her smile a bit. All that tutoring paid off.

"You know about the bandit problems," he only replied.

"There are bandits everywhere," Jeanne shot back.

It seemed as though everywhere you went, there were bandits. They ranged from small tribes of thieves in the woods to full hordes that could have been their own kingdoms if they had settled down. Luckily, Jeanne's hometown was safe from bandits, thanks to her father and brothers. Though, they never thought to include her in that, leaving her behind to be tutored.

"And everywhere between the towns in Vale," the boy added. He glanced to his left and down to the floor. There was some hesitation in his voice before he continued. "I-It's not safe for a young woman without combat training to go through all that alone."

Jeanne frowned at that. She wasn't expecting it to be safe. Nothing about this whole journey was supposed to be a cakewalk. If it was too easy, then something was wrong.

However, Jeanne appreciated the concern. He may have been bad at it, but the boy was right. Jeanne was glad he didn't sugarcoat it or dance around the issue like her brothers.

"Then what do you want?"

He clenched his jaw and relaxed. "I need someone to travel with me," the boy confessed. He pointed to his ears. "You know I'm a faunus, and not everyone everywhere likes us around."

"You want me to do the talking," Jeanne asked puzzledly, cocking her head in confusion. "Then you sit back and look pretty?"

The boy's cheeks flushed slightly. "Yeah... I'm better at action than dealing with people." He nodded, clearly embarrassed. "And if you do that, I'll watch your back and give you some pointers while we're on the road."

Jeanne didn't need him to keep digging because he hit gold.

The girl shot to her feet, shouting "YES!" as she stepped forward with an outstretched hand. "When can we start?! Oh, I'm Jeanne Arc, by the way!"

Initially, the boy was hesitant but reached out and took Jeanne's hand. "Blake Belladonna," he said, giving her hand a shake. "And we can start now."

Jeanne raced over to grab her sword, beaming with a bright smile. Finally, someone came to her with what she needed most. If Jeanne could get just enough training to hold her own on this two-week voyage across the ocean before they hit Vale, she was golden.

Grasping her sword and shield, Jeanne turned to Blake and readied her combat stance. Without a word, Blake walked over and raised his boot, kicking the face of her shield and sending her flying across the room. When she landed with a dull thud on some barrels, groaning in pain, she looked over to find Blake standing ready.

"Your stance is too wide..."

Hope you guys liked this. It was a lot of fun to write and come up with all sorts of ideas I could apply here.