Chapter 1:

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(1967 Somewhere outside Las Vegas, Nevada)

Underneath the empty desert a bald man with a scar starting beside his right eye and going down the side of his face sat in a black chair stroking a cat with fluffy pure white fur.

"Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to my underground lair." the man says in a neutral tone as he looks out over a table around which multiple men and women of various races and nationalities sit. "I have gathered here before me the world's deadliest and most infamous assassins… and yet each of you have failed to kill one man… Austin Powers! That makes me angry, and when Dr. Evil gets angry Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset. And when Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset…People DIE!" Dr. Evil says before pressing a series of buttons on a console in front of him.

As he presses the buttons with the names "Jurgen, Generalisimo, Rita, and Don Luigi'' next to them the chairs of the corresponding people tilt back and said people fall back into a hole in the floor with a yelp before screaming in agony as they are burned alive by a torrent of flames.

"Why must I be surrounded by frickin' idiots? Mustafa, Frau Farbissina I spared the two of you because I need you to help me rid the world of Britain's Top Secret Agent, the only man who can stop me now. Before my plans can come to fruition we must kill Austin Powers!" Dr. Evil says, looking at the two remaining people at the table. Mustafa, a man wearing a red fez and sunglasses pats at his forehead with a handkerchief fearing that if they aren't successful then he could very well be the next one to die.

(London, England)

A brown haired man wearing a pair of black square rimmed glasses, a blue and black pinstripe suit, a silver male symbol necklace, and black leather shoes walks down the sidewalk with a spring in his step as people gawk at him in amazement. The man suddenly stops and starts to dance with several women joining him. However they all suddenly stop when a constable walks up to them with a stern look on his face…only for the constable to suddenly start dancing as well causing even more people to start dancing as the man runs off.

The man turns a corner and sees several women in modeling outfits before grinning and pulling a camera out of his back pocket. "Alright babies show me love!" he says before taking several pictures as the women start modeling for him.

However the impromptu photoshoot is cut short as a woman sees this "IT'S AUSTIN POWERS!" she shouts at the top of her lungs in an excited tone causing several other women to scream as they smile as well and start running at the man causing him to run away with the excited women chasing him.

Austin runs down the streets with more and more women and even some men joining the horde chasing him as he goes. Thinking quickly he turns a corner and ducks into a phone booth as the horde runs by. After it passes he steps out only to have to run again as the back of the horde turns and sees him resuming the chase. Running down another street he takes a seat on a bench next to some women who have their noses buried in some magazines. Picking one up himself he opens it and pretends to read it revealing his face is on the cover of the magazine as the group starts to run by.

After they pass Austin puts the magazine down and lets out a sigh of relief only to gulp when the women next to him also puts their magazines down "IT'S AUSTIN POWERS!" the woman closest to him screams, causing him to get up and run as they soon follow him with the horde turning around and resuming their chase.

Running down another street the horde follows him with the tail end of it just turning the corner before stopping as Austin comes speed-walking around the corner, a marching stick in hand as he leads a marching band parade around the corner. Austin suddenly stops and begins to dance again with all the people gathered around the area following his movements. As Austin finishes his dance a car horn beeps twice as a 1967 Jaguar XKE painted to look like the British Flag pulls up with a brown haired woman in the driver seat. Seeing this the man makes a break for it and does a front handspring over the back of the car before landing in the passenger seat next to her.

The woman chuckles at this before they drive off "Eventful morning out on the town Austin?" she asks with a smile.

"Why yes it was Mrs. Kensington. However I did manage to have some sexy ladies do some modeling for me. Though I have to ask why don't you ever model for me Mrs. Kensington?" Austin says with a smile as his eyes drift to her curvy body.

"You know how Mr. Kensington feels about that, Austin." Mrs. Kensington says with a coy smile as she turns to look at Austin briefly before returning her attention to the road.

"Oh behave." Austin says with a purr and chuckle. "Yeah baby yeah!" he adds before laughing some more with Mrs. Kensington joining him in his laughter. The two are suddenly interrupted by a phone ringing before a panel on the dash of the car flips down to reveal a small television screen that turns on.

"Hello Austin, Mrs. Kensington" a blonde haired man said with a smile on the screen.

"Hello Basil, what does British Intelligence have for us this time?" Mrs. Kensington asks with a smile of her own as she continues driving.

"We have just received word that Dr. Evil is planning a trap for you tonight at the Electric Psychedelic Pussycat Swingers Club here in swinging London, Austin." Basil says with a wide eyed look on his face.

"We'll be there" Austin says, turning serious before shutting off the mini-television as Mrs. Kensington continues driving the two of them down the road.

(Later that night)

Austin and Mrs. Kensington pull up outside of a large building with lots of neon signs on it and a "Big Boy" statue oddly placed in the center of the building. The crowd of people outside the building quickly surround the car in excitement as they see Austin in the car. Said man gets out of the car and with a wide grin and does some poses for them before Mrs. Kensington gets out and joins him before they walk inside the club.

As the two walk through a bead curtain door they see a full-blown party underway complete with music and people dancing everywhere. "Austin its a swinging shindig." Mrs. Kensington says in shock as she sees several people stop dancing with their partners and start making out or flatout having sex right in the middle of the dance floor with a completely different person.

"It's my happening, baby, and it freaks me out! Yeah man!" Austin shouts in excitement before running down the stairs and jumping up on a platform where a woman is pole dancing before he begins dancing next to her.

After dancing next to the woman for several minutes Austin hops down onto the floor and a woman walks over to him holding a drink tray. "Can I get you a drink Mr. Powers?" she asks with a smile.

"Sure." Austin says and is about to order a drink when Mrs. Kensington dance-walks over to him.

"Austin we've got to look for Dr. Evil" she says as she starts to dance in place to keep up appearances.

"Wait… I've got an idea." Austin says thinking for a moment before turning to the drink lady and punching her in the face sending her crashing to the ground and unconscious.

"Austin! Why on earth did you hit that woman!" Mrs. Kensington yells in shock at Austin just punching the woman for no apparent reason.

"Right, let me show you baby." Austin says before kneeling down next to the woman and pulling her up so she was sitting. "This ain't no woman baby, it's a man, man." Austin says before grabbing the woman by her hat and pulling it off to reveal the hat and hair are not only connected but also a wig thus revealing the woman is in fact a man. "It's one of Dr. Evil's assassins," Austin adds, dropping the man to the floor and standing up before walking back over next to Mrs. Kensington.

"Lookout he's got a knife!" someone in the crowd shouts as the assassin stands up and pulls out a switchblade before lunging at Austin only for Mrs. Kensington to kick him in the side of the head, sending him falling back to the ground.

"Good work Mrs. Kensington… Now where is Dr. Evil hiding?" Austin says complimenting his partner before grabbing the assassin and pulling him up. However before the man can say anything a harpoon enters his back with the head of it popping out his chest killing him immediately. Austin drops the dead man and looks up towards a staircase to see Dr. Evil holding a harpoon gun. "There's the bastard," he says before Dr. Evil starts to run away as the two spies give chase.

The two chase Dr. Evil to a hallway where he runs towards a silver egg-shaped compartment and sits in a chair inside the egg. "I've got you now Dr. Evil" Austin says, holding his pistol out at the ready.

"Not this time Mr. Powers…Come Mr. Bigglesworth!" Dr. Evil shouts before his cat goes running between Austin and Mrs. Kensingtons legs and over to Dr. Evil before jumping up in his lap. "See you in the future Mr. Powers" the mad man adds before laughing maniacally as the doors of the pod close to reveal the words "Cryogenic Freezing Chamber" on them.

"My god Austin he's freezing himself!" Mrs. Kensington states in shock before she and Austin open fire on the pod trying to prevent Dr. Evil from getting away. However this is ultimately futile as the pod is pulled up into the ceiling of the room and the whole building starts to shake.

"Outside!" Austin yells before he and Mrs. Kensington make a mad dash for the exit of the building making it outside just in time to see the Big Boy statue lift off having now been revealed to be a rocket in disguise as the building collapses under the strain of said rocket's liftoff. The two spies just watch on helplessly as the Big Boy rocket ascends into the sky and Dr. Evil escapes. They let out a sigh at having failed their mission and are making their way back to British Intelligence to report their failure all the while wondering when Dr. Evil will ultimately make his return.

(Timeskip 2 Years…1969…British Intelligence Agency)

Basil sat behind his desk with a worried look on his face. It had only been two years since Dr. Evil's escape and cryo-freezing with Austin opting to also go into Cryostasis not long after so that he could be at his peak to combat Dr. Evil when the madman made his return. However that's not what had Basil so worried. No, the man's worry came from the report he just received that there had been several failures in the Cryogenic Stasis storage facility resulting in widespread issues with the pods of every person currently in stasis there. Some had died completely and immediately, others had woken up only to die from severe hypothermia, while others seemed to be okay but there was no telling if they had been affected internally.

The man let out a sigh as he read the report thankful that Austin's pod wasn't among those that had failed completely though it had been affected by the failures so there was no telling what his state was. Basil knew that when Dr. Evil returned Austin was their best if not only chance to stop the madman. However he also knew that there was no guarantee that Austin was even going to be able to stop Dr. Evil given the recent event. With that being the case and not wanting to leave the safety and fate of the world to chance he had to make a choice on what to do.

However, before the man could think on it anymore his intercom sprung to life with the voice of his secretary "Mr. Exposition, Commander M is on the video call for you." she said, causing Basil's eyes to widen.

"Thank you Linda I will take the call immediately." Basil says before turning to his office bookcase and pressing a button on his desk causing a tv screen to flip out and turn on revealing Commander M the man who was the current head of not only MI6 but also the British Intelligence/Spy Agency as a result. "Sir, what can I do for you today?" Basil says in a proper tone one uses when addressing a superior.

"At ease Basil. I just got word of the incident at the Cryo facility… How bad is it?" M, asks with a stern look on his face.

"Very bad sir, the failures affected no less than 88% of the cryo pods. Of those pods affected roughly 40% of the occupants died immediately, another 30% either died of hypothermia after emergency re-animation, and the remaining 18% remained with no noticeable changes despite being affected. However our experts believe that the 18% might have internal issues that we are unable to see or detect at this time and thus might not survive the reanimation process as well." Basil says grimly not sparing any of the gorey details in his report.

"Good god, was the pod containing Austin Powers among those that were affected? What is his status?" M asks wanting clarification on the status of the spy.

"Unfortunately Mr. Power's pod was among those affected, however he was not among those that died immediately, or was attempted to be re-animated. However his pod is among the 18% so we have no way of knowing his condition." Basil reports somberly in worry for his friend's health.

"I see that is most grave information. Do the experts have a theory on the percentile chance of Mr. Powers being reanimated successfully for when Dr. Evil makes his return?" M says folding his hands in front of his mouth in a thinking pose.

"They estimate at only a 30% chance of him being awoken successfully. It is the highest among the 18% group but still the odds aren't looking good. Sir pardon me for asking but when Dr. Evil returns do we HAVE to awaken Austin and risk him dying? Could we not leave it to your 00 Agents to handle Dr. Evil? From the reports I have read, 007 in particular could potentially stop Dr. Evil." Basil says before suggesting a possible alternative to awaking Austin until such a time he could be awakened safely.

"Unfortunately that isn't possible. My 00 Agents are constantly being called away on other assignments and as for 007 he is getting up there in age and needs to start the process of looking for and training his successor which will take all his focus. There is also the factor that we have no idea when Dr. Evil will return so there is no way to plan around it. However we are not how the Americans say "Up Shits Creek Without a Paddle" yet Basil as we still have the Legacy Contingency." M says causing Basil's eyes to widen in shock.

"Sir, surely there is something else we could do as that is the last resort. It's not only a massive violation of Agent Powers but it also requires the consent of our best female Agent and will likely render her unable to take missions ever again." Basil says in shock at that specific plan being used.

"I'm afraid we have no other choice Basil, the fate of the world is at stake… I will leave the arrangements to you. And Basil, you have my condolences on Agent Powers. I know how close the two of you were given how you attended Spy School together, I hope he pulls through." M says before ending the video call.

As the screen turns to black Basil sinks down deeper into his chair and suddenly feels much older than he is as the weight of the situation sinks in. However he has a duty to perform so he collects himself and presses a button on his desk to summon the person he needs to see to carry out said duty. After a few minutes there was a knock on his door "Come in" Basil says looking to the door.

The door opens and in walks a woman with long crimson red hair that goes down to her mid-back, blue eyes, and a curvy figure mainly featuring her d-cup breasts, thin waist, and curvy hips that gave her an almost hourglass-shape to her body. She was wearing a standard black woman's suit. "Agent Uzumaki reporting sir" The woman says giving a brief salute to the man.

"At ease Kushina, and please take a seat" Basil replies as the woman's posture becomes less rigid and she takes a seat in the chair in front of his desk. Steeplinghis hands in front of his face and interlocking his fingers Basil lets out a sigh "Have you heard the rumors about the malfunction in Cryogenic Stasis facility?" the man asks.

Hearing the question Kushina raises an eyebrow "Bits and pieces sir, something about a malfunction?" Kushina responds having heard a few things from some of her fellow agents.

"To be brief there has been a massive failure in the stasis pods resulting in the deaths of many, and unknown conditions regarding the rest. Among those affected is Agent Power's pod and as such Commander M has put forth that we initiate the Legacy Contingency" Basil says with a serious look on his face as he steeples his hands in front of him.

"The Legacy Contingency sir?" Kushina asks in confusion, having never heard of it.

"It was a failsafe we came up with prior to Agent Power's going into cryo-stasis. Essentially it boils down to using some of Agent Power's seed to artificially impregnate our best agent in hopes that the genes of both and proper training will result in a super spy. One that would be able to stop Dr. Evil if and when he were to return" Basil explains. Hearing this Kushina's eyes widen in realization which he takes note of "As I can see you have figured out just who we have in mind for this. Now I want you to know Kushina that this isn't being ordered of you. The choice is entirely yours and should you not wish to go through with it we will respect your decision" he adds not wanting her to feel pressured into making the life changing decision.

Kushina was silent for several minutes as she mulled over everything she was just told before making her decision "Sir I will go through with the procedure. Lately I have been thinking about settling down and having a child, and while I must admit I find Agent Powers's personality to be repulsive…not to mention his teeth. I can't help but admit he was also a top notch agent, and that a child born of us would be an exceptional spy. Therefore since I don't actually have to sleep with said man I accept" she says explaining her choice.

"Very well then we shall proceed with the operation in the next couple hours. Furthermore on a personal note, thank you for doing this Kushina" Basil says with a soft smile glad that a part of his friend shall live on in the event there were complications with the reanimation process to which the woman just nods.

(9 Months Later)

Kuhina sat in a hospital bed with a tired smile on her face as she clutched her newborn child to her chest. The door to the hospital room opened and in walked Basil who smiled at the scene "Congratulations Kushina" he says.

"Thank you Basil." Kushina responds as she shifts her newborn's blanket to reveal the baby's head which had a tuft of crimson red hair much like her own on it.

"Have you decided on a name?" Basil asks wondering if the baby was a boy or girl.

"Yes his name is Naruto Powers Uzumaki" Kushina says with a smile as Naruto lets out a yawn before snuggling into his mothers embrace. Hearing this and seeing the scene just causes Basil to smile happily.

(5 Years later, 1974, Naruto Age 5)

Kushina smiled as she had signed her son up for some extra curricular activities, some physical and some more for him like cooking. She was impressed how quickly he took to some of them for being so young, she had reported to Basil recently as he compared Naruto's history to Austin's and it was to no shock to her that Naruto was out doing his sperm donor in every possible way in his early life.

Kushina didn't pile on activities for Naruto because she was overbearing nor Basil tried to order her to raise her child a certain way she'd have shot him in both his kneecaps if he did. No she did it because he was bored as her son excelled in many talents and certainly took after her in being a free spirit. In pure honesty she didn't see Naruto having any of Austin Powers traits as far as she could tell. With that thought in mind the single mother decided it was time to begin Naruto's learning in the basics of spycraft.

(15 Years later, 1989, Naruto Age 20)

Naruto walked through British Spy Agency headquarters before stopping at the door to Basil's office and gave it a knock and after a moment Basil could be heard saying "Enter" to which Naruto did and closed the door behind him.

Hearing the door close Basil looked up from his files. "Ah good to see you Naruto and once again congratulations on being named International Man of Mystery in your class year at the academy." he says with a smile on his face.

"Thank you sir, I was informed that you have a mission for me?" Naruto says with a small smile on his face at the praise.

"Yes, it's a joint mission alongside someone you are rather familiar with. You are to head to and infiltrate the Arkangel Chemical Weapons Facility in the USSR where you will link up with a 00 agent and destroy the facility before heading to the extraction zone" Basil says, informing the agent of his mission.

"Understood sir, when do I leave?" Naruto asks with a nod as it wasn't the first time he had worked alongside a 00 agent. In fact one of them had even been a mentor for several months after his graduation from the academy.

"First thing in the morning, so get some rest, and do stop by and tell your mother where you are headed. God knows she would cause an international incident if you didn't, we don't need a repeat of the Greece incident." Basil says with a sigh near the end as he was still dealing with the fallout of Kushina tearing her way through the Greek crime syndicates in search of Naruto who had been spending his time in bed with the wife and daughter of one of the crime families leaders.

"I will be sure to do so sir" Naruto says with a chuckle as he remembers that particular incident. The secret agent then snaps a quick salute before taking his leave as Basil goes back to work.

(Uzumaki House)

Closing the front to the house behind him Naruto takes off his shoes and sneaks into the kitchen where he sees his mother at the sink doing dishes. Stealthily making his way towards her he picks up a knife from the kitchen table and slides up behind her with his knife to her throat "You're dead Kaa-chan" he says with a cheeky grin only to feel a slight jab at his abdomen cursing him to look down and see a knife pointed at where his liver is. "Still my win Kaa-chan, liver isn't guaranteed fatal, throat is." he adds before hearing a click and feels a pistol pressed to the back of his school.

"Think again, sugah," a feminine voice says in a tone filled with mirth causing Naruto to sigh and lower the knife before turning to see a african-american woman with a large afro and model like body grinning at him.

"Not fair Aunt Foxy, you know this is a one on one game between Kaa-chan and I." Naruto says with a bit of a pout on his face.

"Ah what's the matter baby you not up for tangling with the Foxy?" Foxy teases as she runs a finger under his chin.

"Oh I assure you Aunty I am more than capable of tangling with the Foxy. In fact I think the Foxy would be yipping all night long if I were to tangle with her" Naruto teases back with a sexy smirk on his face that has melted the hearts and moistened panties of many a woman. However he suddenly winces as his mother starts pulling on his ear.

"How many times have I told you young man, no using your 'Mojo' on your Aunt" Kushina says with a twitching eyebrow while Foxy chuckles.

"Ah dammit Kaa-chan I was joking!" Naruto yelps out in pain from the ear pulling.

"You had better have been, young man! I know how you can be with women and I will be damned if I let you do that with Foxy" Kushina says with a stern glare on her face while Foxy just chuckles

"Geez I come home to tell you I am going on a mission and crack one joke and this is how I am treated." Naruto says rubbing his sore ear.

Hearing this Kushina raises an eyebrow. "Oh a new mission, anything interesting this time?" she asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Not really just a joint mission with a 00 agent to blow up a chemical weapons facility so nothing big. Anyway I need to get ready to head out so later kaa-chan." Naruto says with a shrug before giving his mother a kiss on the cheek and exiting the room.

"You know Kushina if I didn't know any better I would think there is some kind of ulterior motive behind you not wanting Naruto to 'Tangle' with me" Foxy says with a smug smirk on her face.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Kushina says with a nonchalant look on her face.

"Mmhmm whatever you say baby, now how's about we have some fun." Foxy replies with a glint in her eyes and a smirk on her face.

"Oh yeah can the two of you please not destroy the house this time while I am away on a mission thanks!" Naruto says poking his head back into the kitchen before pulling it out just in time to avoid the knife Kushina threw at him in embarrassment as Foxy just laughs.

(2 Days Later, Russia)

A single engine plane flies through a deep ravine before flying up and over a massive dam. Meanwhile on the top of the dam Naruto wearing black spy fatigues stands at the top of it before diving off the side of the dam with a bungee cord attached to his ankles. The crimson haired spy plummets through the air before the bungee becomes taught and slows his descent. However before he starts to fly back up Naruto pulls out a grapple gun and fires it down into the roof of an observation booth section of the dam and begins reeling himself down to the point. Upon reaching the roof he unclips himself from the bungee cord and proceeds to use a laser emitted from his wrist watch to cut a hole in the metal before entering the hole and into an air vent.

The agent stealthily crawls his way through the vents before stopping at a grate above a bathroom stall in which a Soviet soldier is in the middle of using, causing him to grin. The soldier was in the process of doing his business as he read a newspaper when he felt like someone was watching him so he lowers the paper. For a brief moment the soldier's eyes widen as he sees a crimson haired man hanging upside from the ceiling with a grin on his face "Sorry about that chap, didn't realize this stall was occupied" the man jokes before lashing out with a punch that knocks the soldier out.

Naruto then climbs down from the vent and makes to exit the stall when he looks back at the unconscious soldier and grins. After a moment the agent exits the stall with the door closing behind him the soldier briefly being seen on his hands and knees facing the toilet with said head in the toilet "There ya go mate, probably better testing than the slop they feed you poor bastards here" he jokes before exiting the restroom. The spy proceeds to stealthily make his way through the halls of the base with his silenced pistol at the ready. Naruto makes it to a kitchen area and notices a cook loading a cart with frozen meat before he enters a darkened room filled with food supplies for the base and comes face to face with the barrel of a suppressed pistol.

Said weapons holder is hidden by the shadows of the room and quickly snaps at him in Russian causing Naruto to sweatdrop "I disagree Miss February is much prettier than Miss June…though between the two Miss June is tighter" he says with a grin.

A chuckle is heard from the shadowy figure before he lowers the gun and steps into the light to reveal a middle-aged blonde haired man with blue eyes "Only you Naruto would think that blonde beats dark hair and also have slept with both of them" he says with a grin.

"Well it was at the same time and with the other months leading up to now as well but no big deal" Naruto replies with a cheeky grin and shrug of his shoulders.

Hearing this the man just shakes his head at the absurd luck of his younger companion "You and your blasted Mojo. You're late by the way, did you get tied up seducing some poor Russian girl on your way here?" he asks with a cheeky grin.

Naruto just shakes his head at this "No unfortunately I have yet to find such a girl in which to explore the tantric arts with woe is me and said girl" he says in a fake dramatic tone "I had to make a quick stop at the bathroom " he adds with a shrug.

"Right, are you ready to save the world again? And do you remember what I have tight you?" the man asks with a slight grin on his face.

"Age before beauty 006 and of course I remember your lessons" Naruto replies before the two begin stealthily making their way through the base towards their objective.

As the two agents exit a grate in the floor and watch either way down the hallway 006 turns to Naruto "For England, Naruto?" he asks with a grin.

"For England, Alec" Naruto replies using 006's real name as they enter a lab filled with all sorts of chemicals in tubes and gun down a pair of scientists with their suppressed pistols. Naruto then uses a device to hack the security door leading towards the manufacturing floor of the lab that's filled with dozens if not hundreds of canisters of chemical weapons. As the two scan the empty room Naruto frowns "This is too easy" he states finding it odd that there is such a lack of security.

"Half of everything is luck Naruto" 006 says as he puts the device on the door they came through to scramble the locking code and lock it. However this causes an alarm to trigger sending the whole base on high alert "And the other half is fate" he says before the two rush down to the factory floor "Set timers for Six minutes!" he says to Naruto as he shoots two soldiers on a balcony that enters through another door.

"Six minutes got it!" Naruto yells as he runs over behind large fuel tanks and starts putting timed-explosive charges on them. Running around to another tank he catches an assault rifle that Alec tosses him while carrying another one having pulled the weapons from one of the dead soldiers before Naruto continues placing charges.

Up by the door that the two spies entered through a bunch of soldiers and a higher ranking officer appear before the large window and open fire on it with the bullet proof glass starting to buckle from the barrage o gunfire.

"Closing time Naruto, Last call!" Alec yells over the noise using code to describe the situation.

"Buy me a pint!" Naruto yells back arming another charge as he can hear Alec opening fire on the soldiers after they break through the glass and start pouring into the room.

"This is Colonel Ourumov! Come out with your hands up!" the Russian officer is heard yelling over the gunfire.

Hearing this Naruto rolls his eyes "How original" he remarks sarcastically as he starts arming another charge. However he hears a blasting sound and peeks around the tank to see the door that he and Alec entered through is blown open with soldiers pouring in through it "Close the door Alec there's a draft!" he yells as he continues arming the bomb. However, after a moment there is silence and he doesn't hear Alec reply "Alec!?" he calls out before slowly peeking around the tanks to see Alec on his knees with a gun to his head being held by Ourumov with a bunch of soldiers behind him.

Seeing Naruto poking his head out from behind the tank the Colonel scowls "Move out, throw down your weapons, and walk towards me slowly" he orders

"Finish the job Naruto blow them all to hell!" Alec yells out from his kneeling spot.

"You have ten seconds" Ourumov says before he begins counting down.

Naruto quickly ducks back behind the tank and resets the nearest charge timer for three minutes instead of six as it begins counting down. He then tosses down his rifle and slowly starts walking out with his hands up.

"For England Naruto!"Alec yells out before Ourumov shoots him causing the crimson haired agent's eyes to widen in shock before he ducks back behind the tanks and the soldiers open fire for a moment.

"Hold your Fire! You'll blow the gas tanks!" Ourumov orders out as Naruto picks up his downed weapon from behind said tanks "This is your last chance! Come out with your hands up!" he orders before he sees Naruto hiding behind a cart of tanks and slowly pushing it across the floor towards a conveyor belt where he stops "You can't win" the Colonel states.

Naruto's response however was to jump on the conveyor belt and shoot at a lock holding back rows of gas tanks thus destroying it and causing the rows of tanks to crash down onto the soldiers as he exited the room via the belt. Now outside of the base he spots a single engined plane starting to make its way down a runway and runs after it just as the doors to the factory open up behind him and the soldiers start spilling out and opening fire at him. Briefly taking cover behind a cement block Naruto turns and unleashes a spray of fire at the advancing soldiers gunning several down before he runs out of ammo and resumes his mad dash towards the plane.

Managing to reach the plane he opens the cockpit door only to duck as the pilot fires his pistol at the agent. Managing to get in the plane Naruto wrestles with the pilot for a moment before both men fall out of the aircraft as it still rolls down the runway. Getting to his feet Naruto sees a soldier heading straight at him on a motorcycle so he jumps into the air and judo kicks the man off the bike before landing on it and taking off after the plane. Said plane however was nearing the end of the runway which led to a massive cliff so Naruto gunned the throttle and went sailing off the cliff after the plane which plummeted moments before him. Falling through the air he managed to catch up the plane and enter it before using all his strength to yank back on the control stick and pull it up from its dive and fly away just as the facility began to explode from the changes going off.

As he flew through the air back towards the safety of his extraction point Naruto didn't feel the accomplishment of his mission being successfully completed due to it being overshadowed by the death of Alec. The man had taught him so much during his time at the spy academy having taken him on as a pseudo apprentice due to Naruto's high skill level. To Naruto the man had become like a pseudo-father which made his death sting even more.

(8 Years Later, 1997, Naruto Age 28)

High above the earth just outside of its atmosphere the large 'Big Boy' rocket that housed the cryogenically frozen Dr. Evil flared it's boosters changing its course and breaking it's orbit of the planet to begin it's re-entry into the atmosphere.

(NORAD Station, Colorado)

A man sitting at his radar station has his eyes widened as he sees a blip on the radar screen before he picks up a phone "Commander Gilmour this is Ritter in Sou-West Com 3. Our radar has picked up potential bogey with erratic vectoring and an unorthodox entry angle…it appears to be in the shape of a Big Boy" Ritter says into the phone.

"My god he's back!" Gilmour says in shock.

"Well in many ways he never left sir. He's always offered the same high-quality meals at competitive prices" Ritter replies not understanding what the commander meant.

"Shut up Ritter, track it's location until it disappears and then forget what you saw here today" Gilmour says before hanging up. The commander then calls his assistant "Phillips, call the president, prepare the jet, and bring my overnight bag, I'm off to London, England" he says t his assistant before hanging up and getting ready to head out.

(Ministry of Defense, London, England)

Now walking through a large tightly guarded hallway wearing winter jackets Gilmoud was accompanied by Basil "Mr. Powers volunteered to be cryogenically frozen back in the 60's should Dr. Evil ever return" Basil explains to the mane as they enter the cryogenic storage facility.

"Well I sure hope your boy's up to it. We really don't want to have to bail you guys out again like we did after WW2" Gilmoud says following Basil into the vault.

"I assure you sir Mr. Powers will be able to stop Dr. Evil. Now this is our celebrity vault and in back here we have Mr. Powers himself" Basil says leading the man towards Austin's cryogenic tube.

"Who is this Austin Powers? I have heard rumors, and seen some files but most of them were blacked out" Gilmoud asks.

"He is the ultimate gentleman spy. Irresistible to the ladies, deadly to his enemies, a legend in his own time" Basil says before two technicians come over and move the capsule over to a hook that hoists it into the air and onto a platform above a vat of glowing red goo.

"Beginning thawing and reanimation phase" A woman's voice says over the intercom as the pod is slowly lowered into the goo until it's fully submerged. However mere seconds later a siren goes off causing Basil's eyes to widen in horror "Error, error, vital signs…gone" the woman says causing the man's heart to sink.

"I take it that's not part of the procedure?" Gilmoud asks, having a bad feeling about what he just heard.

"No it's not and our worst fears regarding Mr. Powers have come true. Shortly after he was frozen this facility had a large failure that resulted in many of the people frozen dying. We had hoped Austin was unaffected but it would seem our hopes were dashed" Basil says sadly at the loss of his friend.

"You have my condolences for the loss of your man, but we still have the issue of Dr. Evil. What are we going to do now that your best hope at defeating him is gone?" Gilmoud asks.

"We may have lost Austin but hope is not lost as we do have a last resort when it comes to stopping Dr. Evil… Agent Naruto Powers Uzumaki, the son of Austin Powers" Basil says before he and Gilmoud make to exit the room with Basil looking back one last time at the vat of goo in which his late friends body remains while vowing to have a funeral for the man when this was all over.

(Naruto's Penthouse, London)

In the master bedroom loud moans and giggles of delight and ecstasy could be heard as the originators of the sounds were oblivious to the news that was about to be delivered.

End CHapter 1

Author Note: Hey hope you all liked the chapter and as you can see things are going to be interesting. My plan for this story is that it will continue beyond the 3 Austin Powers movies into various other arcs, the first of which I have teased within this chapter. However this arc will take place a bit later likely after Spy Who Shagged Me.