Chapter 5: Consequences

Chakotay was looking at three runabouts in front of him. Something seemed extremely odd. He was thinking about why Tuvok requested to go on the Caretaker's array alone. Why he didn't seem worried or concerned about them being so far away. He also couldn't understand why he was so adamant about helping the two random aliens from the Delta Quadrant either. Something wasn't adding up, and before he decided to wait and find out, he quickly ordered B'Elanna Torres "raise shields, power all weapons. Something is wrong here" "get us out of here, maximum impulse". The three runabouts, all from Deep Space Nine, the USS Mekong, the USS Orinoco, and the USS Rio Grande, all began powering their weapons and impulse engines and began chasing the Valjean. "Damn it" screamed B'Elanna in anger, "we used the last of our photons firing it at Gul Evek", "then transfer all power from all systems including life support into the phasers, if they want a fight, they will will get one" Chakotay said, with adrenaline flowing through his veins, exciting him. The Valjean disabled the Orinoco, which carried some crew of Deep Space Nine. The Valjean was once again entering the badlands, when the Mekong, piloted by Chief Miles O'Brien, and Kira Nerys, were able to get a partial transporter beam, and get a lock on Chakotay through the Valjean's intermittent shields, and with that, Chakotay was behind a force field in the Mekong, and while the Chief and Major Kira were ordered to get the rest of the crew of the Valjean as well, they couldn't, as they lost the Valjean, and the plasma flares in the Badlands were too severe to risk a chase. The Valjean got away, along with Suder, B'Elanna, Seksa, and others.

Chakotay asked the Chief, "who are you, how the hell did you know where to find us? Let me guess, it was Tuvok. He was working for Starfleet Intelligence all this time." "that's right" said Major Kira. "I hope you aren't disappointed", she quipped to annoy him. "If I don't kill him first, the Maquis will. Tuvok is as good as dead", warned Chakotay with assurance and confidence.

Back home, Janeway got the news. She learned Chakotay was arrested as well, knowing that he would spend the rest of his life, most likely, in a Federation prison. This isn't some small-time crime that lands you in a Federation penal colony, treason and betrayal, especially if it leads to casualties, is a guaranteed life in prison sentence. Janeway, looked down, somewhat uncertain if what she had done, was the right choice, but before she could think, Mark was contacting her, and she was simply too happy to respond, knowing they would be together as her missions would never leave her more than 1 month away at most from Earth, not to mention all the lives that were saved from death and from home-sickness by not being stranded 70,000 light years away.