This is a plot bunny, a stray thought. What if the letter redirect on Harry had redirected his Hogwarts Invitation Letter. The Harry Potter Universe belongs to JK Rowling and to whom she has granted Rights, which does not include me. This story mentions the attack before Harry turned 7, his near death experience and his reaction to it. The story begins with Harry's 11th birthday and will have a fairly lengthy prologue.

Harry awoke on Wednesday 31 July 1991. His relatives had already left on their holidays. His bedroom was the cupboard under the stairs. If anyone had looked in it, they would have noticed how large it seemed. The boy knew his name was Harry and he shivered as he woke up, like someone was walking across his grave. His Aunt and Uncle called him 'boy' and 'freak' and never Harry. He'd learnt his name from the first roll call he'd attended at school. He hadn't responded to his own name and everyone had laughed at him. He'd shown them. His grades were the best in the school.

Harry had been found on the doormat in a crib, with a blanket and a letter on the morning of 2 November 1981. Vernon and Petunia Dursley were his Uncle and Aunt. He was related to Petunia, but looked nothing like her. Her neck suggested she was part giraffe. His cousin Dudley was tall and fat. He looked two years older than Harry, Harry got Dudley's old clothes that really did not fit him. Dudley had four friends and they attacked Harry and other children. Since the Headmaster was friends with Vernon Dursley, everything got swept under the rug.

Vernon complained bitterly that he did not get any money for Harry. Harry thought that could not be right. He'd been beaten, starved and forced to do everything around the house and in the garden. He had a wiry and thin look. He'd have been thinner had he not taken steps, years earlier. Of course that was how he looked.

His relatives always went on holiday on his birthday. He'd not been taken anywhere with them since a second nutter had almost yanked his arm out of its socket whilst shaking his hand. Except for that visit to the zoo on Dudley's eleventh. Harry smirked. If only that snake had been poisonous. He hoped it had made it back to Brazil. Their names had been Daedulus Diggle and Emmeline Vance. They were dressed like it was Halloween. Harry had never been allowed out on Halloween, either. No trick or treating for him.

His relatives claimed they were normal, but they were not. Vengeance was about to strike them down and there was nothing they could do about it. He'd been planning that since Vernon had left him for dead, just before he turned seven. He had been to hospital, but had no idea how he'd got there or got back. He hadn't gone to stay with Mrs Figg, the woman who babysat him. She bred cats, though they weren't like any cats Harry had ever read about. That was a little white lie, Harry thought.

Harry had gone back to the hospital. He had searched for his file. He knew it existed. It had to exist. He was very thorough. It was the first time; Harry had been methodical. It took him several days to find it. The staff had been shocked at what the file showed. He convinced them that the sheer horror of what they had seen made them want to forget about it and him. He told them he was a fast healer. The doctor who had operated on him couldn't apologize enough. Vernon had broken a lot of Harry's bones over the years. The doctor told him all about how they had not healed correctly and what that meant. Harry learnt a lot about anatomy that summer.

Harry, full name Harry James Potter, went to County Hall in Guildford. He found Child Services. He asked how come his relatives got no money for him. He then explained how they treated him. They wanted to put him into foster care. Harry said that he was already too damaged to ever be made right. He explained about how he'd been found on their doorstep. He said he'd started school with out knowing his own name. The social workers were horrified. They began building a case against the Dursleys. Harry explained about school and how it was just wrong for him. His cousin and his friends hunted him and beat him up when they caught him. He was being threatened with savage beatings, if he continued to get better grades than his cousin.

The social workers agreed he should change schools. They studied the bus and train times and worked out that it was easier for him to go to school in Crawley in West Sussex than to get to an almost as good school in Guildford.

They were going to pay for him to attend that school. The costs of the transport and uniform. He'd get the money. They asked him which bank he'd like the money paid into. Harry looked at the animals associated with each bank before choosing the eagle bank aka Barclays. That was when the fun started.

It turned out that he had several accounts with the bank. This was certainly news to him. His mother's parents had left him a trust fund for his education. £60000 was quite the sum for a University education. Then there was his share portfolio managed by the bank. That was a tidy sum. He had an account paying the bills for a property in Godric's Hollow. Harry had never heard of the place. He had an account tied to a solicitors in that place. Then there was an account that paid out a couple of thousand pounds a year to those looking after Harry. £20000 had been paid out to the Dursleys. Harry calmed himself down. The pay outs would stop, with immediate effect. Harry closed that account down and transferred the remaining £10000 money to a post office account. The Bank provided a statement showing all the transactions on that account for when he showed it to his solicitor to get the money back on account that he had never received a due standard of care.

Harry had to work out how to get to Godric's Hollow. First, he found it on a map in an atlas that Dudley had never opened. That had been the way of things. Harry had taken every book that Dudley had thrown out into 'his second bedroom'. Harry had helped himself to various items that Dudley had to have only to then discard as his enthusiasms tuned in different directions. Harry had got a working torch out of Dudley. He'd use that, too.

Harry had been told to never go into the attic. He was to stay out of his aunt and uncle's bedroom. However, he'd been left instructions to clean the whole house. So that was what he did. He found Dumbledore's note explaining what had happened in Godric's Hollow to Petunia. He found letters from his solicitor demanding back rent. These had gone unanswered. Harry now had the person's address. He also had proof of the money they had received for him. He took that proof.

Harry did some jobs around the neighbourhood to get himself some cash. The neighbours now knew the lie that he was a troublemaker for the lie it was. He had to keep his petty cash genuine.

It was what he found in the attic that changed his world forever. There sitting in plain sight were the two trunks belonging to his parents. Now he just had to get them down into his cupboard. He read his mother's instructions about how to shrink the trunks and make them featherlight. He got to use his mother's wand for featherlight spells and how to reduce and then make them big again. It was a big step for a seven-year-old to take. He succeeded, eventually. His cupboard now had something of his parents in it and that made it his home.

What with everything he had to do, getting to Godric's Hollow would have to wait until the Dursleys went away for at least a week again.

The Dursleys returned from their holiday and began to talk loudly so their neighbours would get all jealous. It was so totally normal - not. The first day of the new school year and Harry made his way to Crawley. Of course, Dudley took his absence to mean he was terrified of Dudley and his gang. He didn't say anything to his parents.

Harry spent his first week putting his hand up to challenge a rather bossy brunette with two big front teeth to see which of them could answer the most questions. Finally, Harry said to her, "I think we've demonstrated to all our teachers that we know the subject matter. They'd like to know the rest of our classmates understand it as well. Let's agree not to answer questions. I feel sure our teachers will come to us and then our answers had better be understood by everyone else."

The girl looked sheepish, but did what Harry asked. Then she asked him what his name was. Harry had a friend named Hermione. Hermione Granger. He was what Hermione talked about non-stop at home, much to her parents' amusement. They thought he was her first crush and she'd get over Harry pretty soon. She did not. They began to plan a way to meet this Harry. They suggested a sleepover.

Hermione did not think this a good idea. Her parents, however, told her to give a letter to Harry, since she wouldn't speak to him. She did as she was told. Harry read the letter. The very idea that he was using Hermione made him want to laugh out loud. He decided against doing so. Hermione was just as fragile as he was.

Instead, Harry realised he had to tell the girl the truth about everything. Well, not about his parents being magical. He gave Hermione permission to tell her parents everything he told her. He even included his address and the fact that Social Services in both counties knew and approved what he was doing.

Her parents were very concerned for Harry's welfare. They did allow themselves a chuckle at how serious Hermione was as she told them everything. They laughed when she was out of earshot about how the Dursleys didn't know that Harry had changed schools. They confirmed Harry's story though their contacts. They found that they did have the Dursleys on their patients list. They were all due for an appointment soon. They put a plan into action.

The Dursleys were surprised that the Granger's knew that Harry Potter lived with them. He was on their list, too. The Grangers offered to pick Harry up one Saturday morning and give him a dental examination. The Dursleys bought that, hook line and sinker.

So it was that Harry spent a Saturday morning with the Grangers. He did have a dental examination. His teeth were fine. However, the Dursleys were told that Harry needed corrective action and needed to wear a brace. The Dursleys loved that.

The Dursleys went away for the bank holiday. Harry made it to Godric's Hollow. He had some papers from his mother telling him how to end a Fidelius Charm and make a property Unplottable and Untraceable and what that meant. He had a property to reclaim.

Harry's solicitor was an elderly man in his 70s. His name was Benjamin Nathers. He had dealt with the Potters for over 50 years. He didn't need Harry's name to know he was a Potter. The hair gave it away. He was pleased to see that Harry understood things. He wanted to collect his back rent or he'd initiate court proceedings. He wanted the money back that had been paid for his upbringing, yet had not been. Repairs to his property would be undertaken. Harry had cast the three spells his mother had written out for him. He'd destroyed the plinth with accidental magic. He hadn't intended to do that.

It was not until Christmas of 1987 that the Dursleys discovered that Harry was not attending school. Well, not the school they thought he was attending. The local Little Whinging primary school had contacted them about Harry's non-attendance. Vernon had attempted to attack Harry. A silent, wandless disarming curse later and he impacted the wall. He tried again, when the solicitor sent him a letter demanding back rent and the repayment of money that had not been spent on Harry. Marge was complaining to Vernon that she was being taken to court to force her to pay back rent and evict her. Harry's answer was that if they paid back what they owed and kept up the rent payments, they would not be evicted. As Vernon had just become Managing Director of Grunnings, he had appearances to keep up.

Like Vernon, Harry had appearances to keep up. He got quite good at using the glamour spell to look like the Dursleys expected him to. He loved reading the books his parents had. Even more, his mother's diary was the connection he had not had with her. She'd made James, his father, write things in a diary as well. His had been about the Potters and their place in the wizarding world. It was not an intimate case study, but Harry did get a sense of the man his father had become.

Harry had become distraught reading about his mother's attempts to persuade his father to use other Potter properties that were more secure. She did not trust the Fidelius solution proposed by Dumbledore. James would not budge. He trusted Dumbledore implicitly. He read how she had wanted Sirius Black to be the Secret Keeper. To no avail, he was too obvious, he had said. She had taken steps to protect Harry. It was all she had left to give. Harry so wanted to let Hermione read his mother's diary, but there was this Statute of Secrecy, which meant he could not.

As the years passed, Hermione started doing accidental magic. Harry was able to persuade her parents that it was normal for Hermione. He said that he'd read that girls often developed strange powers or pretended to as their teenage years approached. Her mother sighed. Her father looked relieved, though the looks he gave Harry made Harry suspect that Hermione's father thought he was spouting BS. He was, too!

Harry made sure to visit Mrs Figg often enough to ensure she did not become suspicious. Harry doubted the old bat was involved, but he was not taking any chances. He made the ward scheme respond to his blood and not drain his magic, any longer. He followed his mother's guidance on constructing ward schemes. Harry made the mail redirect total for items from the magical world. Harry wondered what happened to the Marauders after Hogwarts. Where were his father's best friends, Black, Lupin and Pettigrew?

As the fateful Halloween of 1981 had approached, Lily's diary got more painful to read. She knew she would die. She told him what he must do, if they weren't around and if his relatives had not showed up. On his 11th birthday he must present himself before Boneaxe, the Potter Account Manager and claim the Potter Lord ring and wrote the words he must say. If it didn't appear, he was to repeat the words, but substitute the Heir ring for the Lord's.

She told him about the ward scheme he should use for their house. It would work for any house, Lily had said. She told him their trunks had been sent to the last place anyone would think of looking for them. Even at 7, Harry could work out that putting the diary in the trunk meant he would not know unless he found the trunk. His mother must have forgot in her rush to set everything up for him. Her love for him practically leapt out from the pages of her diary.

She wrote down how to create portkeys. Harry thought he'd find that very useful. His early attempts weren't successful. Both the wands that he had the use of were longer than his arms. He had to do exercise, just so he could hold them for any length of time.

One thing he'd done early was get an extra set of house keys cut for himself. He didn't want the Dursleys to know he had them.

Harry began to spend most Saturdays with Hermione and her parents. He noticed a photo of a boy aged around 7 and a younger Hermione aged 3 or 4, Harry thought. When Hermione was off doing Hermione things, he asked them about the boy. He eventually got the story out of them. 4 years previously, Hermione had been in the middle of the road, telling off a cat for just crossing the road without looking, when a car sped towards her. She hadn't seen it, but her brother Ethan had. He saved her at the cost of his own life. They had obviously forgiven her. Harry thought they hadn't forgotten and this created a strain in their relations. They spoke about going to Australia, changing their names and starting over, leaving Hermione behind as she was the cause of so much pain. Harry had his own painful memories. He understood. He encouraged the Grangers in their plans to emigrate and start over.

Harry celebrated his ninth birthday by going to Nurmengrad, a rather batty old lady had just given him a book and a portkey and told him about the place as he was sitting in a park minding his own business. He killed Grindelwald and took possession of the Castle in its vast resources. He got himself a wand from Gregorovich for 10 galleons -. 13 1/2 " unyielding birch wand with a jacklelope horn core. Harry had no idea what a jackelope was and had no interest in finding out. This was his, his very own wand.

On Hermione's 11th birthday, Harry was at the Grangers – this was not unusual. Hermione had been so moopy on holiday aged 8 that Harry had got his own passport and flown out, at his own expense, to spend time with the her. Harry did not begrudge spending money, he had plenty. Unfortunately, both the Dursley renters paid what they owed and became regular paying tenants. Harry was less happy that Snivellus, as his father called Snape, was also a regular paying tenant. Harry wished he could evict the lot of them. Anyhow, on Hermione's birthday, a Professor McGonagall had shown up and explained all about Hogwarts to Hermione and her parents. Harry was eavesdropping. The professor was certainly only giving a biased overview of the wizarding world and Hogwarts. She had then taken Hermione to get her books. Naturally, Hermione wanted more books. She wanted to know more about the wizarding world and Harry Potter. Harry gave her 50 galleons, enough for a bottomless bag and every Daily Prophet, since Halloween 1981. Mr Granger paid for her subscription to the paper. Harry accompanied Hermione on her 'extra' forays to buy more books.

Harry spent 20 galleons on his first year textbooks, picked up the muggleborn introductory pack with the Hogwarts rulebook and bought all the Young Harry Potter adventure book, including the new one, by Roy Lock and published by Bumblebee printing. His glamour got a good work out. He found out the prices ted Tonks charged for his legal work. Harry bought A History of Magic and Hogwarts: A History. He cross checked this edition of the History of Magic with the one the batty old lady had given him. He also bought The History of Goblin Rebellions that had been written by Cuthbert Binns.

The Grangers progressed with their plans to start a new life down under. The planned to leave on September 1st. They'd see Hermione off, leave her a letter and move. They'd sold their business and house. They had cleaned out their bank accounts and gradually changed the money for Australian dollars. They knew Hermione would be fine with Harry.

Hermione was being stalked by Albus Dumbledore. He was using his de-illuminator to talk to her. She talked about her schoolfriend Harry, a lot. Dumbledore told her she could not tell Harry about what she could do. He had no reason to suppose this Harry was Harry Potter. He knew Harry was being mistreated at the Dursleys and would receive his letter and Hagrid would visit him. Naturally, Hagrid had no business delivering Hogwarts letters, but Harry didn't know that. In fact, Dumbledore had made sure that Harry did not know anything. Dumbledore would be the kindly grandfather. It was an act he had perfected.

Hermione told Harry what Dumbledore wanted her to do. She felt dirty telling Harry that she was to be Dumbledore's spy or one of them, on Harry Potter. The other was to be Ronald Bilius Weasley, a member of a pureblood house and Dumbledore said that like Ron was a superior being. Hermione was getting advanced spell training, though she had no idea that Harry knew everything a fully trained auror knew thanks to the books in the trunks of his parents. She would receive the answers to the three questions Snape would ask Harry about and then ridicule him for failing to answer the questions. Harry checked to see that the answers weren't given in first year textbooks. They were not.

The Grangers thought Hermione was going mad. It would be Harry's job to look after her, they reasoned. Harry knew Hermione was not going mad, but did need to be protected from Dumbledore. He did not know how to do that. Harry would research what he could do. He'd been spending time in Godric's Hollow in his repaired House and making potions. He had visited Nurmengard a few times and perused its vast library.

Hermione's letter had arrived a week before her birthday. A week before Harry's and nothing. No letter, no visit. That was fine, because Harry wasn't worried. By the time of his birthday and still no letter; now Harry was worried. He still had to go to Gringotts. He'd already bought a lot that was on the list. Dudley had thrown out a really good telescope, so Harry did not need one of those. It was better than the ones Lily and James had used. He wanted a really good cauldron. He could use the one he had at Godric's Hollow for Hogwarts.

This was the first time that Harry was visiting Diagon Alley, as himself. He entered Gringotts. He ignored the promotions around the place and the warnings, too. He requested Boneaxe. The teller seemed to be a little uncomfortable. Harry did not care. A few minutes later, Harry was ushered in to Boneaxe's office. He sat down. His father had been very clear. Present 2 knuts, right away. That's what Harry did.

"You've paid for ten minutes of my time and limited the withdrawal to 50 galleons, plus 2 knuts." Boneaxe went through the Potter holdings. Harry was impressed. There was a lot of stuff. Then he found he couldn't access the really cool stuff, until he was 21. He couldn't access another Vault until he was 18. He could access the Vault his parents had left him. Boneaxe listed the missing items. Invisibility cloak (heirloom), Time Turner (Charlus Potter), the Potter Pensieve(heirloom), the Potter Grimoire and Harry's Vault Key.

Harry claimed his Lord ring, to Boneaxe's shock., Harry varied the wording to include Heir rings. Harry wasn't sure he was old enough for the Potter Lord ring. It turned out he was. He also had the Black Heir ring shimmer into place around a finger on his right hand. Boneaxe was thoroughly shocked. Harry decided to claim his Wizengamot seats, using a variant of the wording he'd just used for his rings.

Boneaxe announced that, "You've just got the Potter, Black and Gaunt seats. The Gaunts sold their rings long since. They used the Peverell Lord ring. That it did not come means the ring is restrained, somehow. I don't know how you've got the Black Heir ring, but it does mean I have to arrange a meeting for you, under the same terms as this meeting with the Black Account manager, today. The best Wizengamot finery will set you back 3000 galleons, but you'll never need another set as this one will grow with you and always show the crests of the seats you hold.

Eight Potter Wills (including your mothers muggle parents) are sealed by the Wizengamot. You'll have to win a simple majority vote to unseal them, so that you can read them.

I can search for the location of the five items using goblin magic."

"How much will the search cost?" Harry asked.

"100 galleons for each item. When I search for the first one, it will tell me the location, who has it, how many of the items they have, and where they are."

"Okay, 100 galleons and let's start with the Vault Key." Harry needed to gain access to one of his Vaults.

Boneaxe waved his hands a few times and stared at the parchment bearing the results. Dumbledore has all of the items at Hogwarts. Dumbledore's family are banned from having any Gringotts Vaults, so you'll have to foot the 50-galleon fee for a new Vault Key. Your Vault has 50000 galleons in it. Most are in galleons, though you have some broken down into sickles and knuts."

"Fine, I'll pay the 50 galleons for the new Vault Key. The old one is disabled and that's included in the price. Is it not?"

"It is. You've spent 200 galleons today with Gringotts, Lord Potter and you've still the Black account to sort out. It'll take an hour to prepare your new Vault Key. I suggest you talk with your Black account manager and go price up what you need for Hogwarts and the Wizengamot from Madam Malkins."

"I need to know what arrangements my parents made with you regarding the account and me," Harry said.

"They paid for regular account summary's to be sent to you. You've a mail redirect on you, so Gringotts was unable to fulfil the contract. Most of your money is bound against use until you reach a certain age and your Vault was not to be touched, except by you. I can offer you a quarterly statement collected here, by you and waive the 200 galleons you've just spent with us."

"That is acceptable," Harry said. Had he realised what would happen, he'd have waited until after he'd spoken with the Black Account Manager and spent some money.

Harry had left Gringotts before realising that he did not know the name of the Black Account manager and would have to put in his 2 knuts, again.

Harry went to Madam Malkins and got measured for his clothing. 3000 for his Wizengamot finery and 100 galleons for his Hogwarts clothing. Twilfit and Tattings offered the same product for 500 galleons more. Harry decided to stick with Madam Malkins.

Harry spent 20 galleons on a bottomless bag. He checked out the Trunks at Billy Unwing's Trunk Emporium. For 20 Galleons he could buy the standard Hogwarts Student trunk. For an extra 50 galleons you could add charms to make it featherlight and capable of being shrunk and expanded again. Harry thought that a very good idea. A student could fit everything in there that he or she would need. It wasn't secure. It didn't come with a security option. That was a major failing in Harry's eyes.

The first option that did was the Tutor's commode. 11 compartments, security and everything a visiting tutor might need. At 150 galleons, Harry thought it very reasonable. The 200 galleon Professor's Commode certainly caught Harry's eye. All the charms, security and the clothing side was extendable to the left and up. It had other compartments for cauldron and scales, potions plus ingredients, hygiene, quills, inks and parchment, library, pets and money. For an extra 100 galleons, you could add Disillusionment and Notice-me-not charms. Harry put himself down for 300 galleons worth of trunk.

His cauldron set him back 150 galleons. The scales were 15 galleons and the cleaning kit another 5 galleons. The wand set him back 7 galleons and the cleaning kit was twice as expensive, almost. 20 galleons for that. He would choose the wand later.

Harry's post owl with stand and treats was another 50 galleons. Harry totted up what he had committed to spending. It was 3640 galleons. Harry saw the brooms. He had to have a Nimbus 2000. That was another 200 galleons and the broom cleaning kit was 20 galleons. 3860 galleons pledged to various shops. If he drew out another 140 galleons that would be a round 4000 galleons.

Harry was satisfied he'd got everything he needed. He went back to Gringotts and another meeting with Boneaxe. He handed over the new Vault Key to Harry and told him the name of the Black account manager. Stone rug was his name. Harry was escorted to see him.

"Lord Potter, Heir Black, you have 3 minutes and 40 seconds left on your ten-minute clock. You've your main Black Vault account, number 75 and the one Sirius Black has and that's 711. It has 11,291 galleons, 15 sickles and 12 knuts. It will take me about 5 minutes just to list what the Black property/Vault account has in it. Neither account is sealed, so the money in them is used in investments. It will take me at least 13 minutes to describe what you're invested in."

"Where is Sirius Black?" Harry wanted to know.

"Sirius Black is in Azkaban."

Merlin, thought Harry. These goblins are harder to get information out of that stone would be. "Why is Sirius Black in Azkaban?"

"He was erroneously believed to have betrayed your parents, Lord Potter."

"Are the trial transcripts available?" Harry asked.

"There was no trial. Wizard justice. They just threw him into Azkaban." Stone rug seemed put out that His wizard could be treated like that. Harry left Gringotts. He was surprised to know that he knew the house of the Blacks was to be found at 12 Grimmauld Place. That was in London.

Harry had used his bottomless bag for the money. 4000 galleons all fitted. He had 4 galleons in sickles and 1 in knuts.

Harry spent his money and decided to go to Grimmauld Place. He entered the property. He was immediately heard a grilled little beastie insult him and a portrait screaming at him. He held his right hand aloft and allowed it to shine. That quieted the raucous noise.

"I'm Lord Harry James Potter and I am the heir to house Black. Its Lord, Sirius Black got thrown into Azkaban without trial."

"I'm the portrait of Lady Walburga Black. That's not allowed. He had to have a trial before being sent there."

"I am Kreacher, the Black House-Elf and you're a dirty halfblood. You're no Black."

"And that means?" Harry asked.

"I can tell you what I was commanded to do by Master Regulus," the House-Elf seemed quite happy to be able to do that.

Harry learnt all about Regulus Black's theft of an item of Lord Voldemort's and his death and command to destroy it. Harry was introduced to the Locket of Slytherin.

"Do you think fiendfyre would take care of it?" Harry inquired.

"Kreacher thinks so, young Master."

"Is there a safe place to cast it. I've been itching to try this spell out."

"There is," Kreacher said.

"Well bring the locket and portrait."

A few minutes later Harry was about to try out his new Ollivander wand.

"Fiendfyre," Harry yelled. It took the locket apart and destroyed it. The spell then got out of control.

"You have to control the spell," Walburga yelled.

"How'd I do that?" Harry asked, panicking.

"Concentrate. Bend it to your will."

Harry did just that. He finished off with a flourish adding a top as Glorfindel had at the river facing the Nine. Harry then had Kreacher restore Walburga to her position in the Hall.

"I've been brought up by muggles and know nothing about how Wizards are supposed to behave. I've a friend who is in need of protection, but I don't know how to do that."

"I can teach you," Walburga said.

"Excellent. I plan on spending time here before I go to Hogwarts. I'll let Kreacher know my schedule and you can schedule the lessons then."

Harry just browsed A History of Magic and decided to call his post owl, Hedwig. She was a beautiful snowy-white owl. He then decided to send three letters. One to Sirius Black. Harry demanded to know, as the Boy-Who-Lived, where he was and why he hadn't visited him to rescue him. The second to Remus Lupin, demanding the same and the third to Peter Pettigrew asking him the same questions. He told Hedwig to wait for an answer from each.

Walburga introduced Harry to the floo, when Harry asked about contacting Ted Tonks. Tonks had the floo connection. Harry called him on the floo and asked if he could retain him. Tonks realised what having the Boy-Who-Lived as a client would do for his reputation. Walburga told Harry how to get back via the floo. Harry stepped through.

"Hello, Mr Tonks, I'd like to put you under a retainer, without letting on that you're working for me."

"That's 100 galleons."

"Here you are," Harry said, handing over the money out of his bag.

"What do you need me to do?" Tonks was all business.

"In the first instance, sue Roy Lock and Bumblebee Publishing for the young Harry Potter Adventures. They used my name without my permission and the works are fiction and not fact. I never did any of what those books said I did. I've never seen any of the money these books have made."

"I'll get right on it. I'll give you a list of my fees and you can decide what you want to do."

"Thanks, Mr Tonks." Harry took the list of fees. He'd look at it later. The fees were in sickles. Harry talked about the list with Walburga. She pointed out what Tonks needed to do. She spoke as though she had a bad smell in her nose. She confessed how her niece had run off and married Mr Tonks and had been thrown out of the family. Harry defensively pointed out that he wasn't hiring the man's wife. Walburga actually laughed. Her family would have sworn that could never happen. She then suggested that Harry contact the head of the DMLE.

"The what?" Harry had said.

"The department for Magical Law Enforcement or was that 'of'," Walburga couldn't remember. "Its Head is Amelia Bones. She wears a monocle in one eye."

Harry used the floo to contact Amelia Bones. Amelia Bones was surprised. First, she was being flooed from the Black House and by Harry Potter, no less.

"What can I do for you?" she asked.

"You can give Sirius Black, Lord Black the trial he didn't get before he got thrown into Azkaban."

"There is nothing I can do. It's the Minister's decision."

"You misunderstand me, Amelia Bones. His absolute right is to have a trial. You've been instructed to give him one as soon as possible, before the full Wizengamot."

"As I said," Amelia Bones, emphasised. I cannot make that decision."

"You have been instructed." Harry ended the call.

Harry began helping Kreacher to clean Grimmauld Place. He did jobs around the estate in Little Whinging, spent time with Hermione and visited his Godric's Hollow property and Nurmengard. He read quite a lot and practised his spells. He learnt the words he needed to say to offer Hermione his Protection. He thought she might not be speaking to him after his involvement in her parents' abandoning her. He would deal with that, when it happened.

Dumbledore did not understand why three seats of the Wizengamot did not vote for any measure in the August meeting. He was preparing Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger for their roles in guiding Harry Potter where he as the Great Man desired. If he'd been checking up on Ron Weasley, he'd have found the boy had denied that his rat could receive a letter and then write a reply. Scabbers was just an ordinary rat. As far as Dumbledore was concerned, all was progressing as he had foreseen.

Amelia Bones had entered the trial of Sirius Black on the Agenda for the next Wizengamot meeting in September. That was what caused a surprise, when the Agenda was published in mid-August. Both Dumbledore and Fudge wanted the item removed. Amelia acquiesced. She hoped Harry wouldn't get too mad.