This is a plot bunny, a stray thought. What if the letter redirect on Harry had redirected his Hogwarts Invitation Letter. The Harry Potter Universe belongs to JK Rowling and to whom she has granted Rights, which does not include me. This story mentions the attack before Harry turned 7, his near-death experience and his reaction to it. The story begins with Harry's 11th birthday.

Rupert Torrington-Smythe ran his left hand through his slicked back platinum blond hair. Nobody knew that he was a Malfoy squid. Elder brother, no less, to Lucius Malfoy. He ran M division of the UK's intelligence service. Both MI5 and MI6 claimed him. He played both off against the other.

It had been Margaret Thatcher's rise to power that happened to bestow upon him the resources to fulfil her directive to 'get a grip on these high and mighty wizards who think themselves above us'. He knew her premiership was in its twilight. The seers working for him had told him so. He had a limited amount of time in which to secure the wizarding world and reduce it to being under his command.

His agent in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement (DMLE) had provided him with a list of Death Eaters. Like the Malfoy estate, the properties of those wizards was known to squibs from those families, who worked for M division. Airstrikes against the 30 Death Eater properties and the Crouch estate were drawn up. A fleet of warships would hit Azkaban, landing 2 full Royal Marine Commandos to take the island. They would see how the Dementors fared against 8" shells delivered by the warships.

Normals had taken the murders of their fellow citizens by Voldemort and his cronies very badly. They had taken the lack of punishment with similar displeasure. The lack of punishment had indeed stuck in their craw. They wanted payback. Rupert was about to do that. Rupert selected the troops who would storm Diagon Alley and the Ministry with him. Mid August would be the go date. Rupert still had to select the 31 detachments that would go into the Manors of these evil people and kill anything that still moved.

Rupert had prepared everything and sent the units on the movement to their start positions. All that was needed was the Iron Lady's sign off. Rupert was confident that she would. He had saved her from the Hurd-Major conspiracy that would have seen her lose the premiership the previous year. He took the papers for her to sign an hour before zero hour.

Lady Margaret signed all the pages that she needed to. There was no lily-livered liberal handwringing over what need to be done. "Rupert, go wreak vengeance upon them. Make them pay." Rupert notified Agent A at Hogwarts that it was time to begin.

At zero hour, 31 flights of bombers took off and began their bombing runs. Landing craft docked at Azkaban and Royal Navy guns began shelling and Sea-Harriers rose into the air to begin engaging the Dementors. Muggleborn wizards who knewthe Expecto spell well enough to drive off Dementors cast them to protect the troops. Troops swept through the island killing guard and prisoner alike. It did not matter to them whether there were innocents there or not. All died, including Sirius Orion Black. The wizards in the attacking force watched as the dementors headed towards Norway.

The aircraft attacking the manors hit their targets. Troops swept towards the now visible buildings, killing whatever they found. House-elves put up a defence, but they were severely outnumbered and they died. So too did the Death Eaters and their families.

Rupert and his assault troops entered Diagon Alley through the entrance at the back of the Leaky Cauldron. He and his troops moved rapidly towards the Ministry building. They were soon within the Ministry and standing in the Wizengamot Chamber. Rupert announced that the separation between Wizard and Normal was now over and the Wizengamot was henceforth dissolved. Minister Fudge and Senior Undersecretary Umbridge disputed this, but died under a hail of bullets.

Amelia's secretary had persuaded her not to send aurors against the troops. Amelia had agreed. She had been told she would play a significant role in reconstruction. She had been delighted by the prospect.

Agent A had secured the time turner that Albus Dumbledore had long been suspected of having. It was not his to begin with, so Agent A felt no shame about stealing it. Agent A left Hogwarts and took the floo to Diagon Alley. There was a large smile on the face of Filius Flitwick. He had left Hogwarts to return to the Duelling Circuit. He was in the mood to make a killing. He had already done that literally as the bodies of Sevverus Tobias Snape and Quirinius Quirrell proved. Filius doubted that Hogwarts would ever re-open. That could only be good for the quality of magical education in magical Britain.



These are the Houses and pupils in Harry's year, for this story. For ALL Double lessons the pairings are Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw and Gryffindor/Slytherin. A heads up: there will be at least one resorting, quite soon after term starts. Astronomy is taught to the whole year

Abbott, Hannah - Hufflepuff
Bones, Susan – Hufflepuff
Entwhistle, Kevin -Hufflepuff
Finch-Fletchley, Justin - Hufflepuff
Hopkins, Wayne - Hufflepuff
Jones, Megan - Hufflepuff
Longbottom, Neville - Hufflepuff

Macmillan, Ernest – Hufflepuff

Moon, Lily - Hufflepuff

Smith, Sally - Hufflepuff

Brown, Lavender -Gryffindor

Finnigan, Seamus - Gryffindor

Patel, Pavrati - Gryffindor

Patel, Padma – Gryffindor

Perks, Sally-Anne - Gryffindor

Rivers, Oliver - Gryffindor
Roper, Sophie - Gryffindor

Smith, Zacharias - Gryffindor
Thomas, Dean - Gryffindor
Weasley, Ronald - Gryffindor

Boot, Trevor - Ravenclaw

Brocklehurst, Mandy - Ravenclaw

Corner, Michael - Ravenclaw
Cornfoot, Stephen - Ravenclaw

Goldstein, Anthony - Ravenclaw

Granger, Hermione - Ravenclaw

Li, Sue - Ravenclaw

MacDougal, Morag - Ravenclaw

Potter, Harry – Ravenclaw

Turpin, Lisa - Ravenclaw

Bulstrode, Millicent -Slytherin
Crabbe, Vincent -Slytherin
Davis, Tracey - Slytherin

Goyle, Gregory - Slytherin
Greengrass, Daphne - Slytherin

Malfoy, Draco - Slytherin

Nott, Theodore - Slytherin

Parkinson, Pansy – Slytherin

Runcorn, Enid – Slytherin

Zabini, Blaise – Slytherin