Chapter 1


"Are you sure this is a good idea?" A small girl asked her friend. However, this wasn't any ordinary girl when in reality, she was the Goddess Illusion.

"Don't worry, Illusion. It'll be fine. At the very worst, we get a front-row show on how that damn adventurer will deal with our obstacles in a brand-new way. But if everything goes our way, he will die as he should have a long time ago." The God Truth answered.

"And what about the one we send away?"

"Oh, she stays trapped, as I doubt she would find a way to return."

"But what about the other Gods?"

"They are fine with it as long as we don't do anything too big or disruptive in the other place."

"If that's the case, let's do it." Smiling, both Gods put their plan into motion. Yet, little did they know their plan would end up biting them in the ass.

Adventurers Guild

"Good morning, Goblin Slayer." A young woman greeted her party as she sat at her table. The young woman had blond hair and blue eyes and wore white robes over blue garbs, both laced with golden outlines. In her hand, she held a golden-colored staff decorated with blue jewels.

"Morning, Priestess." A large figure clad in relatively cheap armor greeted back.

"Morning, everyone." Priestess said as she turned to the other members of her party. The group consisted of her, Goblin Slayer, High Elf Archer, Dwarf Shaman, and Lizard Priest.

"Morning, Priestess." They said before returning to their meals.

"Do we have any requests or missions today?" Priestess asked.

"No. Guild Girl told me there were no current goblin or adventuring jobs available." Goblin Slayer answered, slightly annoyed.

"In that case, does anyone else have any plans for today?"

"I will be taking a small job offering enough money to buy some more cheese, Priestess." Lizard Priest answered as he finished eating a block of cheese.

"Guild Girl asked me to overwatch some Porcelain adventures and help them get the hang of casting spells." Dwarf Shaman said before downing some wine.

"Like Shaman here, Guild Girl asked me to help some Porcelain adventures with their aim." High Elf Archer added.

"Are you sure it's not to practice to improve your terrible aim?" Dwarf Shaman commented, earning a glare from the Archer.


"What about you, Goblin Slayer?" Priestess asked.

"I'm heading to the farm to help Cow Girl and her uncle. It will take most of the morning as I'm also going to set a few traps to protect them from Goblins. Afterward, I'll be heading to the tavern to have a few drinks with Spearman and Heavy Warrior."

"What are you planning to do today, Priestess?" Lizard Priest asked.

"Well, since there are no adventuring quests, I guess I can go see if Guild Girl has any jobs I could take. And if not, or if I finish them quickly, I'll head to the temple to pray."

"Just be careful." Goblin Slayer said.

"I will." Priestess assured with a smile.

With a nod from the Goblin Slayer, everyone returned to their meals. It was mostly silent for the duration. That is if you don't count the occasional teasing from Dwarf Shaman to High Elf Archer and yelling from the High Elf Archer. After a couple of minutes, everyone finished and bid their goodbyes before going their separate ways. And after saying a quick prayer for the food, Priestess made her way over to where Guild Girl was.

"Hello, Guild Girl." Priestess said, smiling.

"Hello, Priestess. What can I help you with?" Guild Girl asked.

"I wanted to know if you had any jobs available for me."

"Hmmm. Let's see here." Guild Girl began flipping through a book and some sheets for a few seconds before finally stopping. "Ah, yes. This job here specifically requests that you take it."

"That's odd. That's never happened before."

"Maybe it's because you're a Sapphire rank adventurer now."

"Possibly. What's the job?"

"There's a freshwater supply that just came into town. However, the adventurers discovered some impurities in it."

"So they want me to cleanse it."

"Yes, which is why they probably asked for you."

"But why me? There are others who can purify the water."

"I'm not sure. Then again, they probably heard about your adventures with Goblin Slayer and thought you were the best candidate." Guild Girl suggested. "Will you take it? The payment is ten gold coins."

"Okay, I'll take it."

"Alright. The water the adventurers brought is at the north end of town near the gate."

"Okay. Thanks, Guild Girl."

"Anytime." Guild Girl said while handing Priestess the paper holding the details about the job. She then turned to help another adventurer.

Looking over the paper, Priestess figured it wouldn't take too long, and the payment was nice. Putting it away, she exited the Adventurers Guild and inhaled the fresh air. But before she could take a single step toward the temple, she felt someone place their hand on her shoulder. Priestess nearly shrieked in fear before turning around to face the person or creature. Thankfully, it was only Goblin Slayer.

"Yes, Goblin Slayer? Do you need something?" Priestess asked.

"I just wanted to remind you to get some new armor from the local smith. Your chainmail is in bad shape, and I doubt it is repairable."

"Right. Thank you, Goblin Slayer. Anything else?"

"Did Guild Girl have a job for you?"


"What is it?"

"Some adventurers had brought a fresh supply of water to town but discovered it had impurities, and they want me to cleanse it." Priestess answered before taking out the paper and handing it to Goblin Slayer.

"Seems simple enough. And the pay is decent." He said as he looked over the information. "Do you want me to come with you?"

"No, it's fine. It won't take more than a few minutes. Afterward, I'll head to the smith to get some new armor and then to the temple to pray."

"Alright. Just be careful."

"I will."

Nodding, Goblin Slayer patted Priestess's shoulder before turning around and leaving. Smiling, Priestess turned around and headed in the opposite direction while mentally thanking Goblin Slayer again for reminding her about her armor. Honestly, she had forgotten that her amour was practically unusable after their last adventure, which required them to eliminate Orges. It was another reason why Priestess was glad Goblin Slayer was a part of the party, as he constantly reminded everyone of what they needed to do. It certainly did make putting up with his cruel methods of dispatching goblins easier.

'I honestly doubt I will ever meet someone who comes even close to how brutal Goblin Slayer can sometimes be.' Priestess thought as she continued walking toward her destination. Although, she did choose to take the longer route as the day was gorgeous, and she wanted to enjoy as much of it as possible.

Twenty Minutes Later

'Okay. There's the water. But where are the adventures? Better yet, where is everybody?' Priestess wondered as she reached the water supply the adventurers had brought. 'They probably went to get some food or rest.'

Figuring that was the case, Priestess went to the water and began inspecting it. While she didn't see any obvious signs of impurities, Priestess knew she couldn't take any chances and decided to cleanse each barrel. However, before she could start casting the spell, a sudden bright glow caught her attention.

"What's glowing?" Priestess asked as she carefully moved the barrels of water to the side as the source of the glow was coming from the center. And in the center, much to her confusion, was a rock with a weird marking glowing a bright red. Briefly, Priestess felt compelled by some unknown force to touch it. However, she resisted the urge as she did not trust the symbol, as it gave her an uneasy feeling in her gut. But Priestess knew she couldn't just leave it. Yet, Priestess knew she would need to get Goblin Slayer and the rest of her party here just in case something terrible happens when they touch it.

"I should probably get them before I cleanse the water. It might not react well to my miracles." Priestess said as she moved the water barrels back to hide the rock, as it wouldn't do anyone any good if some unlucky soul found it and accidentally caused something terrible to happen.

However, before she could leave, the rock glowed even brighter. It was so bright that Priestess had to turn around and shield her eyes unless she wanted to go blind. Knowing that she should get out of there, Priestess started walking toward what she hoped was the town. But after a few steps, Priestess suddenly felt incredibly weak. Her mind became foggy, and she found it hard to breathe, let alone move.

"What's happening?" Priestess managed to choke out before passing out with the glow covering her body a moment later. After a few seconds, the light faded to reveal that Priestess was no longer there. But that's not to say there was nothing there. In the spot where Priestess was moments ago lay a weapon of a weird design that no one had seen. It had two barrels, each stained with blood, and underneath the barrels was something that resembled a chain. And next to the strange weapon was a mysterious note.

Fortress of Doom

"What are you looking for?" The voice of Samuel Hayden asked. But the voice wasn't coming from a person; rather, it came from an AI that's part of the Fortress of Doom.

'He is looking for his Super Shotgun, Dr. Hayden.' Vega, another AI, answered as the Doom Slayer meticulously checked his private quarters for his prized weapon.

While the UAC and the ARC had many rumors and debates surrounding the legendary Doom Slayer, there was one thing that both sides considered undeniable truth. And that was the Doom Slayer always kept his guns close. There were only two times in recorded history when the Slayer lost his weapons. The first time was when the Hell Priests trapped him in the sarcophagus. The second time was when Hayden pulled the Doom Slayer from Hell and had him suspended in the air with the Tethering Device. But even then, it took the Doom Slayer only a few days to retrieve his weapons.

Nevertheless, the times the Doom Slayer lost his weapons were when others were in favorable positions, and he was unable to do anything. But this was not one of those times. Only an hour earlier, the Doom Slayer was at his desk going through articles and reports on his computer for anything relating to the demons. And while he did so, the Doom Slayer was also polishing and inspecting his weapons. However, after the Doom Slayer finished cleaning his Plasma Gun, he moved on to his Super Shotgun.

But to the Doom Slayer's surprise, it was not in his warp space backpack. Thinking he simply placed it down while working on something else, the Doom Slayer began inspecting his room. But after not seeing it, the Doom Slayer started searching the entirety of the Fortress of Doom. Yet, he still did not find it. Confused, the Doom Slayer went back to his quarters to search again.

"How exactly did the Doom Slayer lose his Super Shotgun? He never goes anywhere without it." Hayden asked.

'That's what I am trying to figure out, Dr. Hayden. I have reviewed all security footage and can confirm that the Doom Slayer had his Super Shotgun on his desk an hour ago. But now I can't find it on any of the security cameras.'

"Hmm. That's odd. Something like the Slayer's weapons does not go missing like that. Vega."

'Yes, Dr. Hayden?'

"Check for unknown energy readings originating in the Fortress or Argent D'Nur. I do not think the Slayer misplaced his weapon; rather, someone took it."

'Right away, Dr. Hayden.'

Hearing this, the Doom Slayer wondered what could have taken his weapon without alerting him, Vega, or Hayden. While portals and different ways of traversing dimensions have improved, they are a ways off from being stealthfully or quiet. And there was also the question of how the security cameras did not catch the intruder. But before the Slayer could think it further, he snapped his attention to the ceiling of his room when a golden portal appeared.

"That's new. Vega. Can you tell us anything about it?"

'I am sorry, Dr. Hayden. There is not much I can't determine from it. All I can gather is that there is no trace of Argent, Sentinel, or Hell energy coming from the portal.'

Thinking that a new threat, or whatever stole his Super Shotgun, could be appearing any moment, the Doom Slayer pulled out his Combat Shotgun with the sticky grenade mod attached. Moving to stand right under the portal, the Doom Slayer readied for whatever was about to come. Yet, to everyone's utter shock, a young woman fell out and hit the floor hard instead of a powerful entity appearing. Surprised but curious and slightly worried, the Doom Slayer walked over to the young woman.

"Vega. Can you check her vitals?"

'One moment.' Vega answered. 'She appears fine and should come to in a moment.'

"Hopefully, she can tell us what happened and how she came here." Wanting to check for himself, the Doom Slayer carefully picked up the unconscious woman and placed her in his chair. He then checked her pulse and determined it was normal.

'She's waking up now.' Standing up, the Doom Slayer stepped back to give the young woman some space.

"Huh, what's going on?" Priestess asked as she struggled to open her eyes. But they snapped open when she made out the tall green figure in front of her. She could feel her fear rising, and her heart rate quickened as the air grew tense.

"Do not worry, young lady. We will-" Hayden began as the Doom Slayer put away his Combat Shotgun. However, as soon as Priestess heard the mysterious voice and saw the strange man magically stow away a menacing-looking weapon, she lost it. And the blood covering the intimidating towering green figure did not help.

"AAAHHHH! DON'T HURT ME!" Priestess shouted before dashing out of the Doom Slayer's room at speeds that surprised the Slayer, Vega, and Dr. Hayden.

"I was not expecting that." Dr. Hayden said, unsure what to make of the current situation.

'Slayer. You better get her back quickly, as I fear she might accidentally hurt herself or stumble into the Ripatorium.'

Nodding, the Slayer dashed out of his room after the woman. Yet, in the back of the Doom Slayer's mind, he wondered where this strange woman had come from and if he could send her back. And if they can't, what then? He certainly wasn't in a position nor the best option to take care of someone, especially someone from another world.

Yet, as the Doom Slayer ran after Priestess, Priestess's party and friends were looking for her in the other world. But what they didn't know was that the Gods, Truth, and Illusion were enjoying the show. Unaware of the wrath they invoked by sending Priestess into another world and taking away the Doom Slayer's Super Shotgun.