Meet the Parents

Re-terraformed Eridanus II, 2565




Those words would perfectly describe how someone would see the current status of Eridanus II if they suddenly arrived. Yet, they would be equally ecstatic if they knew the reason behind the chaos.

It was eight years since all the wars ended.

It was five years since peace was established through the galaxies, with only remnants of hostiles remaining.

But most importantly, especially for the galaxies' savior, it has been three years since his partner became human.

These would be more than enough reason to celebrate. However, those reasons were dwarfed when compared to the real reason that caused everyone to go wild.

Today was the day the Master Chief and his partner, Cortana, were getting married.

Elysium City, UNSC Vehicle Hanger

"We've certainly have come a long way since we first met, right John?" Cortana asked her long-time guardian, now fiancé.

"Indeed. But our adventure isn't over yet, Cortana. We may have finished our journey in the wars as partners, but we're starting a new adventure. This time as a family." Master Chief, A.K.A Sierra-117, A.K.A. John-117, answered. They were currently at the entrance of a UNSC vehicle hanger watching people come and go as they prepared for the marriage ceremony. While they would have preferred a small ceremony with only a couple of friends, they decided to let it proceed as it was a big day, and they wanted to try something different for a change.

"I don't think Halsey planned this when she created me."

"I don't think anyone could have foreseen this, Cortana."

"True. But then again, those who genuinely know us could have seen this coming a mile away. And considering what we have been through, I don't think it comes off as too much of a shock or surprise."

"You know I don't believe in luck, Cortana. But even I have to say that we were fortunate enough to be here in one piece after everything we've been through."

"Honestly, with how much of a caveman you are sometimes, I think some divine being is watching over us."

Chuckling at the nickname she gave him so long ago, John wrapped his arms around Cortana and pulled her into a tight embrace. Letting go, they grabbed each other's hands and decided to explore the outer edges of Elysium City. Eridanus II was only recently re-terraformed, and they've been waiting for a chance to see first-hand the fruits of their labor. Plus, they wanted to spend some time together away from everyone as they knew it would be impossible once the ceremonies began later. Walking through the hanger to a static AV-22 Sparrowhawk, they got in and turned it on. After a few moments, they were slowly ascending and were flying out of the hanger towards their destination.

Two Hours Later

"We certainly did a good job, John." Cortana said as they sat at a river's bank.

"Almost seems like the Covenant never glassed it." John agreed as a gentle breeze hit him. "But we still have lots of work left. While we have finished most of the rivers and forests, there is still a good amount left. Plus, we still need to introduce-"

"Chief, John. You're killing me. Remember, live in the moment." Cortana said, leaning into him. "Besides, the war is over with only remnants of any hostiles left. Plus, we got help in the form of our Covenant allies. So, just relax. We have time."

"I know. It's just-"

"That you feel strange having a lot more free time on your hands?"

"Yeah. How did-"

"John. I've been in your head for most of our time together. I was with you through all your ups and downs. I know what you're feeling and what's going through your mind before you even say it."

"Right." John sighed, looking down at his hands.

He never liked remaining idle for long periods of time. He was a Spartan, after all. The UNSC practically created them for the sole purpose of fighting off hostiles and protecting innocents. But now, the UNSC no longer needed them, as conventional troops were more than sufficient now. The only time the UNSC ever called them to the action was when there were riots, or they detected loyalists' fleets. But even then, only a few would be necessary. Outside of that, the Spartans were rarely ever needed. Thankfully, the UNSC allowed them to continue wearing their Mjolnir armor. Which they greatly appreciated as it gave them a sense of comfort during these confusing times.

"It will take some time to get used to all of this extra time."

"I know, John. But you won't go through this alone as I'll be by your side." Cortana assured as she moved to sit up straight. She then gently grabbed his face and turned it toward her so she could look into his eyes as a smile graced her lips. "Besides, after today, we're going to be pretty busy. Not only with sorting all the post-celebration things out but also helping the others finish re-terraforming Eridanus II. And after that, we'll be busy setting up our home and moving in."

"And that will mark the start of our new adventure." John added, letting out a chuckle before wrapping his arm around Cortana and pulling her close.

They stayed like that for the next hour, listening to the breeze brushing against the trees and the gentle sounds of birds chirping. The tranquility was only broken when they heard the familiar sound of an aircraft rapidly approaching. Looking to the sky, they saw a Covenant Banshee and UNSC Transport Hornet flying overhead. After a few seconds, both ships landed nearby. Curious, they got up, walked over to the aircraft, and waited for the occupants to get off. And to their surprise, the occupants were The Arbiter, Kelly Shaddock, Linda-058, and Frederic-104.

"Looks like we finally found the lovebirds." Frederic said, chuckling.

"Hey, guys." Cortana said, chuckling when John let out a groan at the nickname.

"Is something wrong?" John asked, smiling. Even though he groaned at the nickname, he could never be in a foul mood when he was with his friends.

"Nothing's wrong, John. We just came to tell you both that we just finished all preparations and that there are no signs of hostile forces anywhere near here." Kelly answered.

"That's good." Cortana said, relieved.

"Everyone is just waiting for the main stars to arrive." Linda added.

"But you two should know that everyone is already making rumors that you two tied the knot in a different way if you know what I mean." Frederic added, causing him, Linda, and Kelly to laugh as Cortana blushed while John had a confused look on his face.


"I'll tell you later, John." Cortana said, composing herself.

"I'm not too familiar with human customs, demons. But, if one sees one's mate before the espousal, doesn't that mean misfortune will come to them?" The Arbiter asked, curious. Even though they were still not exactly friends, they still trusted each other with their lives. But it was slowly getting there.

"That's only an old wives' tale." Linda answered.

"Wives' tale?"

"Just some tales or beliefs that we used to tell each other a long time ago. But none of them were real or held any weight to them."

"Plus, while some might say that we Spartans live or rely on luck, none of us actually believe in luck or superstition." Cortana added.

"Which reminds me." Kelly began, turning back to Cortana and John. "After the ceremony, will you two keep your last names or take the others?"

"Um-" Chief began but stopped when Cortana cut in.

"I'm not sure. I mean, when I became human, Dr. Halsey allowed me to use her last name as my own. Plus, unless there is something between all Spartans that I'm not aware of, no Spartans have last names."

"Well, since we all consider Dr. Halsey as our mother figure and she cared for us like a mother, we could make a claim that all Spartans have her last name." Linda said, placing her hand on her chin. "But that is a big stretch if we go down the route."

"Must one member take the other's surname?" The Arbiter asked.

"Not really. Not every culture does that, and the ones that do, it's not mandatory." Cortana answered.

"But you two can just use Hasley as your last name on the papers. Besides, when have either of you used any other name outside of Chief, John, and Cortana." Frederic reminded. "So, it wouldn't be that big of a problem."

"True." Cortana agreed before gaining her notorious smirk that always sent chills down John's spine. However, they all failed to notice that he wasn't paying attention. "Plus, I have a few nicknames I could begin calling him after the wedding."

"Oh, I've got to hear them." Kelly said, chuckling.

"I actually do have a last name." John said, surprising everyone.

"You do?" Cortana asked, shocked that she was unaware of this.

"What is it?" The Arbiter asked, curious.

"It's Aran."

"Is that your father's last name?" Kelly asked.

"It's my mother's last name. My father doesn't have a name." John answered before clarifying. "Well, he does, but he doesn't remember it, and there are no records of him still in existence."

"That's weird."

"Isn't there another human courtship custom that dictates both parties should meet their spouse's parents?" The Arbiter asked.

"Again, not mandatory but is common when the people in question are minors. However, that's not always the case, as multiple things could prevent them from meeting their partner's parents. One example could be that they are orphans." Kelly explained. "And the parents of the Spartans think their kids died a long time ago.

"Plus, there is a high chance they were killed during the wars." Linda added.

"So, the chances of meeting John's parents are incredibly slim. That is if they are still alive." Cortana finished.

"Actually, that's not one-hundred percent true." John said, surprising everyone again.

"What do you mean?"

"The family that the UNSC took me from was not my birth family. When they took me, my uncle Link and Aunt Zelda were watching over me."

"What about your birth parents?" Kelly asked, shocked.

"They're alive. We communicate when we can, which is difficult considering they're both often swamped with work."

"Can we meet them?" Frederic asked.

"Possible. Again, they are alive but are generally swamped with work. And their work takes them across the universe or dimensions."

"No offense, Chief, but I doubt their work takes them across dimensions. Maybe universe but not dimensions."

"Either way, I would like to meet them in the future if possible." Cortana said, smiling.

"And we could see if she had any pictures of the Chief when he was a baby." Kelly said, smirking. But that quickly changed when they heard the sounds of an aircraft rapidly approaching their location. Taking out their weapons, they aimed to the sky and readied themselves if it was a hostile ship. However, John lowered his rifle when the aircraft came into view.

"Chief, why did you lower your gun? Do you recognize the ship?" Kelly asked, never taking her eyes off the ship.

"You guys said you wanted to meet my parents. Well, you're all about to meet my mother as that's her ship." He answered as the ship slowly descended.

And even though John told them it was his mother's ship, the others did not lower their weapons. Once the aircraft landed and powered down, John walked towards the back with the others following right behind him. Soon, the ramp came down to reveal a figure clad in a yellow and red amour that Kelly, Frederic, Linda, Cortana, and The Arbiter had never seen before. The mysterious figure looked over everyone before walking down the ramp. Once at the bottom, the ramp went back up with John walking towards the figure. They stared at each other for a moment before finally speaking.

"Good to see you, mother." John said, extending his hand. The figure looked at the hand in what seemed like surprise before, with lightning speed, pulled John into a hug.

"John. You know you don't have to be so formal with me." The figure said, letting go of John and placing a hand on his shoulder. "And I'm so proud of you and everything you've done."

"Thanks, mom. But I was just doing my job."

"And you did a great job, son." The figure said, pulling John into another hug. But the figure let go and stepped back while taking a stance when it saw the others approach. "Who are you?"

"We're John's friends. This is Kelly Shaddock, Linda-058, Frederic-104, and The Arbiter." Cortana answered, pointing to each of John's friends. "And I'm Cortana, John's fiancée and soon-to-be wife. Who are you?"

"Normally, I wouldn't reveal who I am outside of those I trust. But, since you four are my son's friends, and you are going to be his wife, it's only fitting that you know my name and what I look like." The figure said before removing the helmet to reveal a beautiful woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. "My name is Samus Aran."



"Kind of. But we're more curious as to what suit you are wearing. I don't recall seeing it in any UNSC's archive." Cortana answered.

"That's because it's not. While I cannot say who or what created the suit, I can tell you that the only place that has records of it is the Galactic Federation Army."

"Galactic Federation Army? I don't think I ever heard of them." Frederic said, trying to recall all organizations he knew.

"Wouldn't surprise me as we are practically on the far side of the other end of the universe. Not to mention, we were preoccupied with another dangerous enemy, so we couldn't lend a hand with the wars you all experienced."

"What rank are you?" The Arbiter asked.

"I no longer have a rank as I resigned from the G.F.A. a while back. Now, the Galactic Federation employs me as a bounty hunter. Although, that's close to being finished as my enemies are defeated."

"That's good. Perhaps both sides can meet up to discuss allying with each other as we still have a couple of different enemies lurking around." Cortana said, thinking of all the benefits forming an alliance could bring.

"I would have to talk with some of the higher-ups about that, but I'll put in a good word about the UNSC."

"We would appreciate that." Kelly said, nodding.

"Now." Samus said, gaining a mischievous smirk only a mother could pull off, turned to Cortana and the others. "Can you tell me more about my baby boy's adventures?"

"Mother." John said, groaning, yet everyone could tell he was still smiling.

"Oh, we have plenty of stories to tell you." Cortana said, smirking.

"Both heart-warming and embarrassing tales of John throughout his adventures." Kelly said, clearly loving where this was heading.

"And plenty of him being a true warrior. So many that my kind called him a demon for his fighting prowess." The Arbiter added. However, they all became confused when Samus's eyes went wide with fear.

"Just as a future reference, please don't call John a demon while his father is anywhere near here. He won't take that lightly, even as a joke or badge of honor, and will brutally kill the person who said that." Samus warned in a grave tone that caused goosebumps to appear on everyone's skin.

"All right. We won't." Frederic said, taking a few steps back.


"Speaking of which, where is John's father?" Cortana asked.

"And is it true that he doesn't have a name?" Kelly added, curious.

"Well, he had a name a long time ago. But he doesn't remember it, and even if he did remember it, he would have never used it." Samus explained.

"Where is he, anyway? Does he know his son is getting married?" Linda asked.

"And is he and Hayden still driving each other insane?" John asked, chuckling, surprising the others.

"When aren't they driving each other up the wall? Luckily, Vega and that intern are still there keeping the peace." Samus answered, smirking. But before she could answer the other questions, they were startled when they heard a near-deafening alarm coming in the direction of Elysium City. All the Spartans also received a message saying to report back to Elysium City as a high-level threat had appeared. "What's happening?"

"I'm not sure, but it can't be good as we only use this alarm for high-level threats." Frederic answered.

"And those high-level threats include large-scale invasions." Cortana added.

"Then we better respond quickly." Samus said, placing her helmet back on.

"Think you can lend us a hand? I'm curious what your-" Kelly began before going silent when Samus activated her arm cannon.

"Of course, I'll lend a hand. Besides, there's no way I'd miss the chance to fight alongside my son."

"Then follow us back, and we'll see what's going on." John said, already making plans on what to do when they arrived back in the city. Nodding, everyone got back on their respective ships and flew back to Elysium City.

Ten Minutes Later

Elysium City, UNSC Vehicle Hanger

"Chief, thank god you and the others are here." Sergeant Major Avery Junior Johnson said, running up to the Spartans. Next to him was Sarah Palmer.

"Who's this?" Sarah asked, pointing towards Samus.

"We'll answer that later." Chief answered. "Just know that you can trust her and that she's on our side."

"What's happening?" Samus asked.

"The A.I. assigned here, Palutena, picked up sudden energy reading that broke all the scales and is still growing." Johnson answered.

'Sergent Johnson, Commander Palmer. The energy readings are spiking again.' Palutena warned over the speakers.

"Can you pinpoint the source?" Frederick asked.

'It's coming from within the hanger.'

"You heard the lady. Let's mo-" Sarah began but stopped when Palutena cut in.


Not evening hesitating, everyone quickly moved towards whatever cover they could find. Bracing themselves, they waited patiently for whatever was going to happen. And with each passing minute, Palutena kept informing them of the current energy levels. Everyone could even feel the air teeming with electricity and energy. However, after what felt like ten minutes, everything quickly calmed down, with Palutena stating that the energy levels suddenly and without warning dropped to safe levels. For a moment, everyone thought that it was safe to come out and begin investigating what caused the spikes. But that quickly changed once the levels rose exponentially again in seconds. And before Palutena could say anything, a large red portal opened up in the center of the hanger.

"That's strange." Kelly said, aiming her gun at the portal as everyone slowly walked out of cover.

"What could it be?" Linda asked cautiously.

"Perhaps it's a portal for troops created by a modified slipspace drive. But if that's that case, where could it lead to?" Frederic said, curious.

"Well, whatever it is, we can't let out guard down." Johnson said, not trusting the portal.

"Right. We better get some reinforcements and start preparing if whoever's on the other side proves-" Sarah began but stopped when Palutena interjected.


Everyone quickly aimed back at the portal. For the next few seconds, nothing happened. However, the portal soon started cackling with electricity. And not long after, a tall, menacing figure stepped out of the portal. The figure appeared humanoid but had deathly-pale skin and visible veins all over its body. It was wearing some strange kind of green, gothic-looking armor. On its left leg was a holstered double-barrel shotgun with extra rounds stored on the figure's hips. But what stood out the most about the figure was its face and the weapon it was holding. The figure had sunken glowing red eyes, horns on its head, and a row of spikes going down the center of the head. However, the weapon in its hand appeared to be nothing more than a metal stick at first glance. But that was thrown out the window when the figure flicked its wrist to have red energy blades come out the sides.

"Shit, that's a Marauder." Samus said, staring down the imposing figure as it locked eyes with her.

"I take it you know this guy." Frederic said nervously as the figure started to look at everyone with malice. But before she could answer, the figure spoke in a tone that sent chills down everyone's spine.

"I am a Marauder. I have come here to fix what went wrong. To fix what the Usurper corrupted. To mend what the false idol broke. And what better way than to destroy this world and give a home to my kind." The figure spoke, dragging the weapon's tip along the ground.

"Not today, asshole." Sarah shouted before firing a fully charged plasma pistol shot at the creature. However, aside from Samus, everyone became shocked when the figure quickly raised a red energy shield that effortlessly blocked the attack. Thinking that it was similar to the Covenant's shield or their own, everyone fired with everything they got hoping to cause the shield to go down. But it absorbed all their attacks without showing any signs of breaking.

"Well, that did jack-shit." Johnson said, pissed and worried as the monster seemed to take pleasure in proving that their attacks were worthless.

"Samus, do you know how to take down this thing?" Cortana asked, aiming her M6B handgun at the Marauder.

"Yeah, and it's going to be bitch doing so without draining lots of ammo." Samus answered with everyone's attention shifting back to the Marauder as it spoke.

"Ah, the Usurper's wife and child. What better way to break the false idol than to destroy you both."

"That will not happen." The Arbiter said, activating his energy sword and pointing it at the Marauder.

' As if you can stop-augh!' The Marauder began but stopped when he coughed up some blood. Looking down, he saw metal spikes sticking out from his chest and instantly knew what it meant. 'Curse you, Usurper.'

"Um, what just happened?" Kelly asked, confused and worried when the Marauder suddenly flew back into the portal.

"My husband." Samus causally answered as screams of immense pain came from the portal, followed by what they can only describe as a small earthquake.

"Your husband?" Frederic asked, sweating.

"And John's birth father."

'Be advised. I'm picking up another unknown life form coming through the portal. It could be another Marauder.' Palutena warned.

Everyone, aside from Samus and John, aimed their weapons at the portal again. Like the last time, energy started cackling around the portal for a few seconds before stopping with a figure emerging afterward. But unlike the Marauder, this one appeared human. It was wearing a green and brown armor that clearly had seen more than its fair share of battles. Yet, it seemed just as sturdy as when it was first created. In its right hand was a double-barreled shotgun that had smoke coming out of the barrels. The figure looked around at everyone as pure rage, and unrelenting anger emanated from it. It then started making its way towards them. Everyone was torn between wanting to stay and running away as fast as possible.

"John, what are you doing?" Cortana asked, shocked and worried, when John got up and started walking towards the figure. Everyone held their breath when John and the figure were inches apart. The figure clenched and unclenched his hands a couple of times, causing everyone to tense up. But everyone relaxed but also became confused when the figure patted John on his shoulder.

"Thanks, dad." John said, nodding. The figure nodded before wrapping an arm around John's shoulders in a quick embrace before letting go.

"What is going on?" Frederic asked, confused. However, he flinched when Samus suddenly shouted in anger.

"AND WHY AREN'T YOU DRESSED UP!?" She shouted, storming over to the two. The figure rolled its head before reaching around its back, pulling out a bow tie, and placing it on, confusing everyone further. "Better."

"Alright. Now that we have some time and everything seemingly calmed down. Can someone explain to me what's going on?" Johnson demanded.

"Simple." Samus answered as she and the figure moved to stand on either side of John. "A family reunion and visit to our child's marriage."

"What?" Sarah asked, shocked.

"Everyone, meet Samus Aran and The Doom Slayer. My parents." John explained, somewhat enjoying everyone's shocked expression.

"Oh, this is a story I have to hear."

Six Hours Later

"You may now kiss the bride." The priest declared with John and Cortana kissing afterward.

Everyone watching cheered for the newly-wed couple. Although, nearly all were still on edge after meeting John's parents. And even though Samus repeatedly assured them that he would not harm them, no one dared even look in the direction of The Doom Slayer. However, that did not mean nobody was hurt, as twenty ODST soldiers could testify. After learning about what happened to John, and the long feud between Spartans and ODSTs, Samus and The Doom Slayer had more than a few words with them. Luckily, none were killed, but they all now required counseling. But now, both were currently seated in the front row, clapping at seeing their son kissing his wife. Well, Samus was clapping and cheering while the Doom Slayer only nodded in approval while letting out an occasional grunt.

After explaining everything about his parents to everyone, the preparations for the wedding resumed. But the tension and fear everyone felt did not leave. However, when Sarah and Johnson learned that the Doom Slayer was the king of the Night Sentinels and Samus was a bounty hunter employed by the Galactic Federation, they promptly tried to ally with them. While Samus agreed to call up some of her higher-ups, she assured them that an alliance was possible. But, that proved more difficult with the Doom Slayer. Mainly because, aside from Samus and John, nobody could understand what he was saying. Luckily, to John's delight and Cortana's annoyance, Vega, another A.I., came to help. Although, in the end, it didn't help much as numerous obstacles still needed to be overcome for the partnership to work.

"CONGRATULATIONS, YOU TWO!" Frederic and the other Spartans present shouted.

"We're so proud of you, John!" Samus said, wiping a tear from her eyes while The Doom Slayer nodded.

"Well, our first journey has come to an end." Cortana said before kissing John again. "But now, our next adventure begins."

"I'm looking forward to it." John said, smiling. He then pulled Cortana in for yet another kiss and embrace. It was such a beautiful moment that almost everyone present was tearing up in joy.

Unfortunately, life has a way of ruining moments like this.

'WATCH OUT! TWENTY INCOMING DROPSHIPS! INSIGNIA SHOWS THEY ATE THE COVENANT LOYALISTS!' Palutena warned right as a few ships crashed nearby. Everyone quickly scrambled to get anything they could to defend themselves. Soon, the doors of a nearby aircraft opened to reveal two unusually large hunters.

"Your destruction is the will of the gods, and we-" One Hunter began, only to be silenced by a bone-shattering punch to the face and sent flying into the other Hunter. Shocked, everyone wondered what could have caused that but got their answer when they saw John's father staring down at the hunters menacingly.

"Rip and Tear, Slayer." Samus ordered in a bone-chilling voice.

Everyone quickly turned back to the Doom Slayer and felt the anger emanating from him tenfold. The Slayer cracked his knuckles as a blade came from the wrist of his left hand. Then, with speeds that shocked everyone, he dashed towards the hunters that had recently recovered. Seeing the figure charging at them, the hunters tried to bash him away with their shields. Unfortunately, they missed, which caused them to be left wide open for a counter-attack. The Slayer tore off the first Hunter's shield before using it the destroy the arm cannon. The Hunter began to scream in pain, but the Slayer silenced him by plunging the DoomBlade into the Hunter's skull with ease.

Seeing that the figure had killed their comrade effortlessly, the rest of the Covenant began to tremble. Some even started to walk back as the imposing figure towered over them. Finding his courage, the remaining Hunter steeled himself before charging at the Doom Slayer. However, this proved fatal and fruitless as the Slayer effortlessly avoided the attack. The Slayer then pulled out his chaingun with the mobile turret mod and riddled the Hunter with hundreds of bullets. Its armor did little to protect its host against the high-velocity plasma rounds. After only three seconds, only a bloody, steaming pulp remained from the Hunter. Hearing high-pitch screaming around him, The Slayer looked around and saw twenty grunts running towards him. Grunting in annoyance, he stored the chaingun away and pulled out the Plasma Rifle with the heat blast mode attached. And as soon as the grunts were only feet away from him, he released the stored energy, liquefying all the grunts.

"Damn." Linda said, shocked and slightly disturbed.

"Remind me never to piss him off." Frederic requested, doing his best not to vomit. However, a menacing roar caught everyone's attention. Looking toward the source, they saw a Brute wielding a gravity hammer charging at the Doom Slayer.

"WATCH OUT!" Sarah shouted.

"MOVE!" Johnson shouted as well when the Slayer turned to face the Brute.

Fearing the worst, they were about to charge in and help the Slayer but stopped when they saw him pull out a weapon similar to the Marauder. However, unlike the Marauder's weapon, this one was a hammer instead of an ax. Yet, they still feared that the Brute would crush the Slayer. But that fear turned to shock when the Slayer jumped and slammed the hammer into the ground, releasing a shockwave that caused the Brute to stumble forward. And before it could regain its balance, the Slayer jumped one more time and slammed the hammer onto the Brute's head, obliterating it. Seeing that it was all clear, for the moment, Chief got out from cover along with Samus and walked over to the Slayer.

"Well, you two certainly have left an impression." John commented, pointing toward the shocked expressions of everyone that did not faint or were not busy vomiting their guts out.

"And a mess. But that comes with the job. And they better get used to it if they want to work alongside your father and the Night Sentinels." Samus said, shaking off some blood that clung to her feet. Chuckling, they were about to return to the others but stopped when they heard tons of footsteps rapidly coming their way. Turning around, they saw at least one hundred hostiles charging toward them. While they could take them on all at once without much problem, they decided to try a different approach. And that approach was to use the Slayer's most powerful weapon.

"I still don't understand how you keep all those weapons on you nor how they don't slow you down." John commented as The Doom Slayer pulled out the BFG 9000. But to John's surprise, the Doom Slayer passed the BFG 9000 to him.

"Consider it one of our gifts, John." Samus explained, placing her hand on his shoulder. Nodding, and with his parent's help, although mostly The Doom Slayer's help, John aimed the BFG 9000 at the incoming hostiles. And as a family, they pulled the trigger, causing the BFG 9000 to release a green energy ball toward the enemies. And with each passing enemy, the energy balls released tendrils that connected to the Covenant. After a few seconds, the energy ball exploded, which caused all the hostiles connected via the tendrils to explode. Once everything was over and silence reigned, the Slayer stored the BFG 9000 away before heading back to the hanger with John and Samus in tow.

Three Hours Later

"Not exactly how I thought today was going to go." Cortana said, watching the clean-up crews wash the blood from the streets.

It was a few hours since the party crashers were dealt with in a way that left many visibly ill. Thankfully, no injuries or casualties resulted from the brief skirmish. And after checking the radars, everyone was relieved that there would be no more unwelcomed guests. Now, everyone was cleaning up the mess and storing away all the furniture and decorations. After all, they still needed the hanger for all the vehicles.

"I didn't expect this either. But I'm glad I did get to see my parents again." John agreed.

"It's true you don't see them often, right?"

"Yes. The last time I saw them was three years ago. And even then, it was only Samus for a brief video call. I didn't see my father for nearly eight years."

"Does he ever speak?"

"A few times. As you can tell, he's not a very talkative person. But we do communicate in our own unique way."

"Hey, Chief." A voice called. Turning around, they saw Kelly, Frederic, Samus, Johnson, and Sarah walking toward them.

"Hey, guys. Need something?" Cortana asked, smiling.

"Nah. Just checking up on the newly-weds." Kelly answered.

"But I also want to talk in private with my new daughter-in-law." Samus added, crossing her arms.

"Alright." Cortana said, slightly nervous but calmed down when John placed his hand on her shoulder.

"You know, I'm curious. What exactly do you two fight that requires such devastating weaponry?" Johnson asked.

"Well, for starts, I typically fight space pirates, bio-weapon projects, powerful and intelligent dark races that pose significant threats to all life. But my Arch-nemesisis an intelligent and sadistic dragon-like extraterrestrial named Ridley." Samus answered.

"And The Doom Slayer?" Frederic asked.

"That's a bit harder to explain. But to put it as simple as possible, he fights demons, people who help demons, titans, deities, and the literal creator of the universe he's from."

"I can't tell if you're joking or not, but after the creature that came out of the portal, I'm willing to believe you." Frederick said in disbelief.

"Chief." Johnson said, getting his attention. "Is it true that your father is the leader of a group of soldiers known as the Knight Sentinels?"

"Night Sentinels. There is no K there. And yes, he's their leader. Although, he did not start out like that."

"Think you can tell us the story behind that?"

"Another time as it's a long story, and almost none of it is straightforward or easy to understand."

"You know, after seeing John's father in action, I wonder who would win in a battle if they fought against each other." Sarah said, curious.

'You are in luck then.' A voice said, surprising everyone. However, John and Samus knew who the voice belonged to. Turning around, they saw the Doom Slayer walking toward them. And anyone near him scampered away in fright.

"Who was that?" Cortana asked.

"Good to hear you, Vega." Chief said, stepping forward.

'It's good to see you in good health, John. And congratulations on the marriage.'

"Thanks, Vega."

"Anyone care to fill us in?" Frederic asked, annoyed but stepped back when the Doom Slayer turned his piercing gaze on him.

"That is Vega. An A.I. that was created back on the earth in the dimension that the Salyer is from and resides." Samus answered/lied. She did not want everyone to know what exactly Vega was and what he could do.

"I wonder if he is as powerful or more powerful than our smart A.I." Johnson said, curious.

"That would be hard to determine as your smart A.I. deal with alien technology while Vega deals with demon tech and relics. Comparing the two would be like comparing apples to oranges." Samus answered.

"That's true. But I still would like to see how our A.I. would compare to another dimension's A.I." Sarah said, disappointed. "Anyway, what's this about us being in luck?"

'The Slayer wants to test his son's battle prowess and see if he's worthy of obtaining a sacred relic of the Night Sentinels.' Vega answered, confusing everyone except Samus and John.


"Are you sure about this? That's something huge, and you know how the other Sentinels feel about outsiders. I mean, they only took you in because of your strength, will, and unrelenting endurance. And even then, it took until King Novik and the demons invading for them to accept you fully." Samus asked, worried.

"Again, can someone fill us in, so we're not in the dark?" Johnson asked, annoyed.

'To put it simply, Samus, John's mother, is worried about what could happen if they go through with this, as the Night Sentinels are old-fashioned and don't take kindly to newcomers or outsiders. The Slayer was only accepted into them when King Novik vouched for him, and the Slayer defeated an invading legion of demons and slew a titan.'

"Then what makes the Doom Slayer think they would readily accept the Master Chief into their ranks without any objections?" Sarah asked, raising an eyebrow.

'The Slayer is the leader of the Night Sentinels and has been making changes. But also, the Sentinels have placed great trust in the Slayer and will follow his every command without question. Plus, the Slayer has no intention of bringing John back to his dimension. He only wants to see if his son is worthy of obtaining a relic of the Night Sentinels.'

"I'm still not convinced that is a great idea." Cortana said, skeptical.

"Agreed." Samus said before sighing and turning back to John. "But ultimately, it's John's choice."

"What do you say, Chief?" Kelly asked.

"Let's do it." Chief answered without hesitation. "But where should we fight?"

"How about the center of the hanger? It's clear, and we're not expecting any vehicles to return within the hour." Johnson suggested.

'That would suffice.' Vega answered. Nodding, everyone headed to the center of the hanger. Yet, even though they were only talking amongst themselves, they quickly drew in a crowd of wondering spectators.

"How should we proceed?" Chief asked, curious as they reached the center. Meanwhile, Johnson, Sarah, and Samus began pushing the crowd back to make space for them.

'For this test, you would need a melee weapon comprised of pure energy or plasma. A Type-1 Energy Sword would suffice.'

"Here. Use mine, Master Chief." The Arbiter said, tossing Chief his sword. Nodding his thanks, the Chief activated the weapon before turning back to his father.

"Before you both begin, what exactly is the relic the Doom Slayer would give Chief if he passes?" Sarah asked, curious. But before anyone could answer, a bright glow followed by a loud, near-defending electrical cackle caught their attention. Turning back to the Doom Slayer, they saw that he was wielding a giant glowing red sword that had runes embedded along the blade.

'The Crucible.' Vega answered as energy continued to crackle along the blade. 'Ready, Slayer?'

"Ready." With that said, The Master Chief and The Doom Slayer engaged with each other as everyone watched in pure shock, terror, and fascination. While none of them could have imagined meeting Chief's parents today, they were confident they would never forget today's events. Especially Cortana, Hasley, and the ODST soldiers. And as the two blades clashed together, causing sparks to fly dangerously close to the spectators, everyone knew that nothing would ever be the same again.


An idea that came after browsing through some posts. This story is not to be taken seriously at all.