Title: Disguise
Rating: T
Summary: What is so mysterious about that woman?
Setting: 15th Century, Russia (random town)
Characters: Blitzkgrieg boys, Queen, Gerry, Figel
Pairings: Yuriy/Queen, implied Boris/Queen

Disguise ~

It was the nocturnal sky widespread in a portion of Russia. A group of four warriors was seated at a table. The dining was situated quite far from the markets. The place was quite secluded from the markets and street shops. They got to enjoy the serenity and peace of the sea that was aside. The chefs and the Waiters were doing their tasks. The leader of the gang ordered drinks for them. While the waiter was gone, they started their talks and gossip.

The tall guy was silent. The lilac-haired couldn't shut his mouth. The others were decently engaged.

Suddenly, their eyes spotted some new faces around the dining. They weren't Russian at all; One with a bob cut, and the other had a Mohawk fringe covering his right eye. They seemed suspicious.

Yuriy kept a close eye on them. Sergei and Boris wanted to rag them, but Yuriy restrained them.

"No, this is not the right time. We aren't sure if they are local thugs. Don't take action without proper assurance. We might face the consequences."

Sergei nodded and sat. Boris unwillingly sat down and made a face. Ivan couldn't care less.

The two strangers were involved in a serious discussion. One hid behind the bushes, whereas the bob guy remained seated.

"We'll be here till they leave. Possibly, let's follow them and report to the higher officials. I have the gut feeling; Just saying." Yuriy narrowed his eyes.

Boris yawned and was left bored. He wanted to sort that out immediately.

Soon, a boat landed on the shore, having a beautiful woman around Sergei's age. She wasn't a Russian but seemed like an Indonesian. Deep wine-colored eyes were intoxicating under the moonlit night. She stepped out of the boat and went towards the strangers' table. Her white Kebaya was dazzling.

The lilac was stunned to see the seductive beauty. Sergei was a muscle head, and Yuriy was neutral yet curious about her. Ivan was nothing less than a fanboy in a crush.

The boys snapped out of their senses. They were back on guard, stealthily spying on the situation.

"Ivan, Bryan! Hide! I'll raise my hand. Then, you guys attack. Spencer and I will keep a closer eye."

The two hid behind the opposite bush. Spencer had his dagger ready. Yuriy held his fists on the table.

"Sheesh, I thought I could save her directly and become the hero! I missed it! And she is so alluring! Damn Tala, I knew you wanted this girl!" Bryan seethed.

"Cool down! We intend to save her, not to make love!" Ivan yelled.

Bryan frowned. Yet, he blushed.

Sergei and Yuriy carefully set their eyes on the strangers.

"Hi, Queen!" Gerry greeted her.

Queen blushed and sat beside him.

"Well, a little bit about yourself?" He asked her.

"Oh no! Is she dating him?" Bryan was alarmed.

"You're too late to realize this. Your brain is still in the trash." Ivan mocked him.

Boris hit his head and turned his face away.

"I've had enough of you. Please cooperate. You'll get a better girl than her.

Queen and Gerry were having drinks and laughed along.

"Ah, man, I guess we over-estimated the situation. They were just dating. The other guy went away so that they could talk privately. It seems so," Sergei said.

"Could be; because the guy doesn't seem suspicious. He looks terrific, anyhow."

Sergei kept back his dagger.

In two hours, all chefs left since it neared the closing time. The waiters were gone too. The owner and some of his men were winding up for the day. Boris lost hope of impressing Queen and went to the bar close to the dining. Ivan left home. Yuriy and Sergei were still there.

Gerry and Queen were tired after dancing.

"Well, can we go somewhere?" Gerry offered her.

"Still? It's late already."

"Why not? We are on a date."

"I understand, but umm….. Okay, well, where shall we go?"

"To my house?"

"House? Why? Isn't it too early? We met each other just today."


Queen felt awkward, "If you don't mind, I have a few things to tell. We need not get too personal right on the first day. We'll gradually know about each other. Is that fine? There are limits."

Yuriy grew suspicious and pulled out his weapons. Sergei was about to attack Gerry.

"Will you listen to me now or not?" He seethed.

"I just can't believe you are the same guy my friend told me!"

"I had no intention of hooking up with her. She wasn't looking up to my expectations. I never revealed this side of mine; because I wanted to reach you. But you look extremely enchanting, unlike your friend," He licked his lips.

"Stop it! This is bad!"

"How dare you?!" Gerry yelled at her and pulled out his dagger. Queen fretted and inched a step back. She attempted to run away, but Gerry caught her wrist.

"Leave me! Leave me!" she wobbled her hand vigorously. Gerry showed no mercy.

"I am taking you to my home! We'll have some fun; come on!"

Queen cried so hard.

"Yuriy, we'll attack him."

"In some time, he'll put away the dagger. We can attack him then. He has another man here. It's futile to attack now."

"At least she can escape and run away if we hold them off guard," Sergei suggested.

"No, be patient. We need to calm ourselves. We can get a better solution."

Figel came out of the bushes and stood beside Gerry.

"Who is he?" Queen asked.

"We both together will have fun with you! Come!"

"Please, some help!"

"Stop crying bitch!" Figel yelled. Both of them giggled.

Soon, Queen quickly searched for something in her baggage and pulled out her pistol. They dropped their daggers and lifted their hands.

"Surprise!" Queen smirked.

Yuriy and Sergei stood frozen.

"A gun? How the hell did you have one?"

"I am a pirate, you bastard! I've been living in Russia for five years. I'm part of the group which allied with the Russian Pirates. We heard that you and your goons are trapping women like this, and that's why I've come to catch you in disguise!"

"Uh, well! We-We don't do this seriously! I mean, for fun!"

"Oh my! Fun? Deceiving them, fucking forcing them, kidnapping them, and so on? Are we dolls to you? Can we do the same things with men like you? Huh? Do you enjoy destroying the lives of women like this? And you said that my friend doesn't look up to your expectations? She is beautiful!"

She snatched his ear and pointed the gun to his collarbone, "Listen, if I took control over this from the beginning, you would've been dead meat! Understood?"

Figel tried to escape. Her gun pointed toward him, "And you. If you move an inch, I will shoot your head. Clear?"

Figel cried and knelt.

"Please don't do anything to us!"

"I won't do anything now. They'll deal with it." she pointed backward. The owner bought the soldiers from the fortress.

"Thanks for helping me, sir," Queen thanked.

In a few minutes, they winded up the place. The thugs were taken to the fortress. Yuriy and Sergei sighed as they saw her leaving.

"Yuriy, shall we acknowledge her at least? I've never seen any woman brave as her."

"Hmm, I guess we'll leave it as it is. But…." Yuriy smirked, "Not a bad idea. I'll approach her differently."


"You join Boris in the bar; I'll deal with her."

Queen was taking a stroll, but she didn't care to notice Yuriy following her back.

"Where did all your sharpness go?"

She turned back to see the scarlet. Her eyes narrowed.

"So, were you watching me for the whole time?"

Yuriy smirked and captured her waist.

"Are you like them?" She asked as she pointed her gun toward his forehead.

"Nope, not at all. We were trying to save you. But, you….. Not only you saved yourself. But arrested them." He took his pistol out and pierced it on her hip.

"Wait, what the heck-"

"You still can't get it? I am going to arrest you in my arms. I won't let you go away."

Queen's eyes widened.

"Wait, you're the leader of-" Queen asked for confirmation. She placed her pistol back into her bag.

"Guess…. because there is one group where the members are not pirates. But they have pistols. They protect the town in the shadows," he chuckled.

"The….. Demolition boys." Her eyes turned. He felt her stiff body loosen.

"I appreciate your bravery, dear Pirate. Come with me on a date. The bar is still open."

Queen was drawn deep into his blue eyes. She snapped out and agreed.

"Let's go," she held his hand and strolled with him.

A/N: Learn some self-defense, dear girls.

I thought about Sergei/Queen too but couldn't fit it (it would've been BB boys x Queen, missed the ultimate T_T)

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