The battle was over.

Or rather, the fight was over; what happened could hardly be called a battle, since the Dark side, the Death Eaters and their master were losing their magic like water running out of a sieve. Lord Voldemort panted hard, looking up as he spotted the tall dark haired boy with emerald green eyes walking up to him, glaring down at him.

"Potter-," he gasped.

"Hello, Voldemort," he gazed down at the Dark Lord. "Do you remember when I told you not to push me when we met in my first year? But you refused to listen, you preferred to rant and rave."

"Oh, please, spare me-," Voldemort said.

Unsure whether to take that as a plea or just to stop gloating, Harry shrugged, "Why should I? You tried to kill me so many times when I was younger. I'm not the little hero Dumbledore kept trying to shape me into, but then…you know that, don't you?" A smirk rose to his face. "You've spent your entire return plotting, but I've spent it looking into you," Harry's smile was one a shark would admire.

Voldemort gasped. He was losing more and more of his magic. A quick glance around showed several of his followers passing out, losing consciousness, but he saw some of them still breathing. "What did you do?"

Harry looked down at him. "It started when I was a child, Voldemort. Y'see, you created yourself when you murdered my parents. Dumbledore placed me with my relatives, the Dursleys. They were just as bad as the kids in that muggle orphanage; they beat me, starved me and abused me mentally. It became so bad, I went from an innocent child to a bloodthirsty boy who wanted to lash out at the whole world. I took solace in books. They kept me sane. They told me I was not to blame for the things the Dursleys did. When I was young, I planned to murder the Dursleys. I became a criminal after I learnt how to control my accidental magic."

Voldemort was struggling to concentrate. The story was a mirror of his own, right down to the discovery of how accidental magic was controlled; it was a relatively easy thing to do, once the child realised strong emotion was the key; once they had learnt how that worked, they would soon find it child's play to manipulate magic.

What was it about the magical world which stopped them from using their common sense when it came to magical children?

Surely it had occurred to them to check on the boy as he'd grown up; Voldemort was more than aware of how complacent Dumbledore was with the badly thought out schemes he came up with, surely it had occurred to his small lemon-drop doped mind to check?

"When Hagrid came to me, I pretended to be a meek, innocent child. I listened as the oaf kept talking about how Dumbledore was a great man, adding he had taken me to Privet Drive; he was so proud about it. That's why I poisoned him," Harry added.

Voldemort gaped at him in surprise, although when he had heard how Harry viewed the half giant, he had quickly guessed that Potter had poisoned him. Hagrid had been found suffering from a massive dose of Manticore poison only a month ago, and while the half giant was strong enough to resist most of the effects, the sheer amount of venom was strong enough to down several herds of elephants.

"Oh don't look surprised; I poisoned Albus Dumbledore and I also slit McGonagall's throat. All three of them deserved it, just as the Dursleys will deserve their own deaths. I haven't gotten around to it yet," Harry shrugged.

Voldemort groaned, "What was your plan when you went to Hogwarts?"

"I planned to learn all the magic I could and then make my own way in life," Harry said, but the moment Voldemort said that he knew the boy was lying.

"Why did you go to Gryffindor?" Voldemort demanded.

Harry chuckled. "I found out Dumbledore placed me with the Dursleys and I learnt so many people expected me to go into Gryffindor. I hated it, the necessity, I mean. I liked the concepts of ambition, and the Sorting Hat agreed with me. It said I would have done well in Slytherin," a wistful sigh left his lips, a sigh filled with longing, and regret, "but I was under too much scrutiny, so I had to put up with it. I got started at once even if I had the moron Weasel and the mudblood Granger on my back."

Voldemort was stunned when he heard how he described the Granger girl. Harry spotted his confusion, and grinned, "Oh, I don't believe in blood purity. I believe in magical capability. Granger was a spy," he said simply. "She was paid with books by Dumbledore to keep an eye on me. It wasn't until I was twelve I got confirmation, and it was when I was twelve I achieved a major victory in my plan to become great. I got access to the Chamber of Secrets; true, I had a bit of trouble rearranging the castle's architecture so there's a nice little entrance behind my bed in Gryffindor tower so I can come and go without walking into the girl's bathroom. Once I got my hands on the books in there, I started my rise to greatness."

Voldemort's vision was fading in and out, but he clearly saw the shark like grin on Harry's face. "What else did you do?"

"Oh, I took advantage of you putting my name in the Goblet of Fire, thanks to you I became an adult. And I found the Room of Requirement," Harry smirked. "When you returned, you shook me since I knew you were coming back but I didn't know how to kill you, still you've given me a lot of incentive, don't you think so? When I found out how you'd become immortal, all I needed was to find a way to destroy your Horcruxes, and tear the magic out of your dark marks."

Voldemort panted. "Stop this," he begged, terrified. "I-I don't want to die-." He looked pleadingly up at Harry, but as he saw the boy's stony face he knew he was wasting his time. He was dead. He was going to die, the one thing he had feared for almost a century.

"You brought this on yourself," Harry said, reflecting on the long hours he had spent forced to run, to hide because of Voldemort, something he'd refused to allow.

Voldemort collapsed, feeling weaker than he had ever done. But before he faded away, he heard a sound he didn't expect.

Feet skipping towards them. He lifted his head, straining his blurred vision and saw a girl with dirty blonde hair approach and kiss Harry full on the mouth.

"Are we done, Harry?"

"Yes, Luna. We are. Oh, Voldemort," Harry attracted his attention, and Voldemort forced himself to look up…only to gasp in shock when he saw a familiar baby in Potter's arms. "I believe you know Delphini. She's going to be our daughter. We won't hurt her. In fact, she'll be our little princess among our other princes and princessses."

"We're going to change the world," Luna Lovegood said in her dreamy voice. "once you're dead and Dumbledore's gone, we will have the political power to effect changes. And we won't be killing anyone. Bye, bye, Mr Riddle."

Voldemort felt the world go dark, but his final thought was these two demons were living examples of the Slytherin nature. He wasn't; he had lost everything, his empire, his powerbase, his immortality; his Horcruxes were gone, his magic was drained as was that of his followers, and he had lost his own daughter.

And now Potter and Lovegood had their own plans.

One question; what did they plan in the long term?

And then he was dead.