Harry Potter didn't like parties at the best of times, and even his wife who usually presented a facade of supreme indifference didn't like them either. As they faced one another in the dance through the ballroom the ICW had for events like this, the Potters slowly danced while holding onto each other gently, Harry found himself immersed in his wife's large, luminous silver eyes.

"How long before we can go home?" Harry asked.

Luna laughed. Many people nearby turned to gaze at the couple when they heard the siren call. Harry smirked down, feeling lucky to have someone as unique as Luna.

"Sorry, but you looked like James whenever he pouts when we tell him he can't have something," she said in amusement. "We can go at any time, but we've only just got here."

"I don't care, sweetie," Harry said. "I hate dances."

"So do I, maybe that's why you do it so well." Harry raised a brow at his wife's words, wondering not for the first time if Luna was playing a joke on him. "I'm serious, Harry. You always do brilliantly in subjects that you hate. Except for sex, of course."

"Luna!" Harry hissed.

"What?" Luna smiled dreamily and sunnily back at him. "You love the games we play."

"Yes, alright. Mm, there's a few people here who are glaring at the pair of us," Harry commented with a sigh. "I just wish they'd stop and get a life."

"They won't Harry. What we did caused many problems for many even if it saved our world, and there are dozens of people like Hermione Granger, who keep trying to find a way of reversing what we did to the muggles even if it's been years. They waste time because they fail to see the reality of what happened and what benefits came from it."

Harry nodded at his wife's words. When he had come up with the idea of de-ageing the muggles, he and his wife had spent weeks pouring over the pros and the cons before they finally found a way of putting the plan into action, but there had still been dozens of problems. One of the worst was finding a way of making muggles into wizards and fulfilling an elegant solution to the problems of muggle prejudice and giving a much-needed injection of fresh magical blood into the magical world.

But one of the biggest problems was how they were to look after those children after the muggles were de-aged. The answer was they would buy several old buildings, clean and renovate them and transform them into children's homes for all the magical communities. The MACUSA and several other communities across the globe had been completely segregated from the muggles, so they had the facilities to hold and care for a massive number of children, whom they removed from the muggles and wiped their memories. Those children would be raised in similar homes or would be adopted into other families, especially those where the parents weren't able to have children; for the children raised by the government, they would carry their family name forward into the magical world, and create new lines.

But what the Potters had done was more radical. The magical world had fought the muggles for a long time, and hatred towards them had left them feeling more disgusted for them. If the wizards won there would be no doubt in the Potters's mind the muggles would learn to wish they had never tried to commit mass murder. The alternative was to let them die, something Harry hadn't wanted.

Voldemort and Grindelwald, the two most prominent Dark Lords of the modern age, had wanted to use violence and that was the last thing Harry wanted as they were both stopped in their tracks.

He and Luna both knew many witches and wizards would find what they did to the muggles horrific, and they were right. But they'd argued with the ICW after the muggles were de-aged and showed signs of exhibiting magical powers, that the slate was wiped clean, and now they had to take care of the newest generations of witches and wizards in a world where muggles did not exist. It had been a decade since the war's end and while there were still problems, the children were growing up and learning of their new world. Soon they would learn what had happened, but in a world of magic, would they want to go back to a mundane world of nothing? Indeed, even now, magic was solving the trouble of moving people into space and combined with muggle knowledge and technology, there was no doubt new colonies on the moon and Mars would ensure human magic spread.

Now that was a world Harry Potter wanted his great-grandchildren to grow into.