Why are we here?

A/N I thought it would be funny if Fred and Wesley just left the gym. Like in what universe would those two be working out? Sorry if this is crap, I just have to work out something.

The Gym, 2003

Fred walked past the sign for the library about a mile ago. She had lost her classes a few days ago and apparently she had not memorised the way there. So she just kept on walking, until she met someone she knew or saw something she recognised. So now she was standing in a lobby. There was a fresh chlorinated carpet smell she didn't recognise. It was almost choking her but she did her best to try and work out where she was. She squinted and walked forward a few steps, but something stopped her.

"Oof," there was a guy standing right where she wanted to go. "Oh I'm so sorry," she said, her hand moved up to her face to push her glasses up but then she realised she wasn't wearing them.

"It's quite alright. Sorry Miss, are you okay?" The polite English man replied.

"I'm sorry I didn't see you there, I lost my glasses." She said, gesturing to her face and chuckling awkwardly.

"Well do you need any help?"

"I'm tryna to get to the library."

"Oh. It's about a mile from here, I can take you in my car if you like. But it might be hard to read without your glasses."

"Good point, wait what's your name?"

The nice man stuck out his hand for her to shake. "Wesley, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce," she took his palm in her own and squeezed it. His skin was warm and gentle on her own. Her mind whooshed through a series of scenarios, really just a whole relationship flashed before her eyes.

"Hi," she said shyly and blushed a little as he took his hand back. It dawned on her that she'd been holding it for just a bit too long. "I'm Fred, pleased to meet you," she held her hand out for him. He laughed but took it.

"So Fred, what were you hoping to work on at the gym today?"

"Oh um," she stumbled, "uh I don't know."

"It's okay, I'm just teasing." Wesley finished before guiding her over to some seating in the cafe area.

When Fred looked at him he was a little fuzzy around the edges but still pretty handsome by her submission. She had a weird feeling that something new was starting right now. She hadn't expected it of today, and it really was completely stupid of her to go out of the house without her glasses on. But now there was Wesley. And that couldn't be a bad thing right? Right?

"Would you like me to get you some coffee? We could sit and drink it together, or I can take you straight to the library."

"My mama says I shouldn't have caffeine, it gets in my brain." Fred said, pointing to her head and smiling clumsily. Her smile often fell off her face like this, it ran around her features and usually settled in her lap. She looked down to try and find it but Wesley's finger tipped her chin back up to face him.

"Hey, it's okay." He said reassuringly, ordering some tea and cake for the two of them. "In England we mainly drink tea anyway, and the cake here is really good."

"Did you come here to use the gym? I don't wanna keep you."

"Well I was thinking about it seriously doing something, but I didn't quite get around to it. Truth is I only ever sit in the cafe and watch other people work out, that's exhausting enough." Fred chuckled, she moved again to push up her glasses.

"I really enjoyed talking to you Fred, I am going to call you I promise." Wesley said as he made to leave her at the library. His car was parked by the sidewalk and his gaze was wandering. He couldn't focus because he was so nervous, this woman was interesting. He liked that she was so obviously quirky, but she didn't mind being herself around him. Not many girls were. They either saw him as too serious or too geeky. Fred was different from the other girls he'd dated.

Is it weird if I kiss her now? He asked himself, we literally just met, like an hour ago. But Fred answered for him when she waved and walked through the library doors. He half-heartedly waved back and smiled sadly to no one. Then he got in his car and drove home. He called her that night before he went to bed, she picked up and he thought he could hear her smiling on the other end of the line. Her laugh was infectious and adorable, like a squiggle. He asked her out on a proper date - with dinner and everything. Her first real one! It was perfection, there was more cake. Then there was more tea at his house before he was a gentleman and took her home.

When they did kiss it was warm and fuzzy. Just like Fred had thought it might be. It was on their second date after their gym meet-cute. His lips were softer than she thought they were going to be. And his hands cupped the sides of her face, the perfect first kiss with someone. The perfect someone.

Fred's relationship predictions were all correct apart from one; she hadn't anticipated Wesley's proposal so soon. He put the ring in the frosting of a cupcake he'd made her, thankfully he told her it was there before letting her eat it. Otherwise it could've been a close call. She said yes because she'd never met anyone else like him, someone who took care of her when she was lost, who was there for her when she didn't quite understand the world. And when she lost her glasses.