Maraki with his broadsword slashed at the flanks of a Direwolf, All around him were the disintegrating corpses of four other Direwolves. He sighed before continuing his trek to the 'Town of Beginnings' to resupply on items befor- Why was he warping? He looked around his enviornments and it seemed to be at the Plaza of the Town of Beginnings... Well, that was convenient. All around him were hundreds and possibly even thousands of other players that were being warped or was just warped and was as shocked and suprised as the next one. Was this a game event?

He looked towards a sky to see a red Hexagon with the letters Warning before that hexagon expanded to encompass the center of the area, Maraki narrowed his eyes to see a gigantic, red robed humanoid with gold trimmings as he spoke with a loud voice evoking authority throughout

"Attention Players."

"Welcome to my world."

"My name is Kayaba Akihito. And as of this moment, I am the supreme entity in control of this world"

"You may have noticed that the Logout Button is missing from the U.I."

The right hand of the gigantic 'Supreme Entity' flicked the air to showcase the menu which was enlarged to account for the size of Kayaba's figure, Kayaba then navigated to where the Logout button should've been placed.

"This is not a mistake,"

"I repeat, This. Is Not. A. Mistake."

All around Maraki where people nervous and anxious, but it seemed Kayaba had no concern for any of that.

"This is an intended feature, You cannot log out of Sword Art Online by simply logging it out or shutting it down or removing the NerveGear."

"Should this be attempted, The NerveGear will emit a Microwave Pulse, effectively frying your brain and killing you."

The Players around Maraki were all terrified and horrified of the news, Some were shouting yet were muted off by the Games Creator, and Some were on the verge of fainting, Some... fainted. Nevertheless, Kayaba Akihito resumed his talk

"Unfortunately several players' friends and families had attempted to remove the NerveGear"

"Due to this, 213 people are now deceased."

Maraki tuned out the rest of Kayabas little speech and merely thought of only one thing... He now had a purpose.

"Thank ye, adventurah!" A short, stout man praised Maraki, The three side-quest he accomplished was actually really simple and easy. Kill some Direwolves at a Farm. Beat down some drunks. Kill a Raging Deer.

To the front of Maraki was a pop-up notifying him about his increased XP and his Cor, and to the right of Maraki was a woman breaking down which meant that he should move to his left. Dismissing the pop-up, Maraki walked again into a man having a mental breakdown, Maraki turned to face a small little passageway in between the streets.

Good. He quickly entered into the small passageway leading to a broken down church when he heard a shout "This place is haunted... Haunted, i tell ye!" An old man with raggedy clothes with a walking cane. "I'll pay... I'll pay to get rid o' them"

Maraki walked towards the decrepit old man "Ah, see yer of tough hide! A priest was killed in this here Church, His soul could not seem to find some matter of rest. I am the Landlord of this area and this church is scaring away and hurtin' my potential tenants! Use whatever method is suited for you but dispel that spirit." Maraki interrupted the elder, before being given the prompt which read.

LVL 5 {Special Quest}

It is recommended to level up first

Do you wish to Proceed?


He quickly accepted the request, went to the wooden gates of the Church. "If this place is haunted then there's bound to be a ghost," Navigating to the menu where he opened the Adventures' Guide Book which was given out for free then navigated to the portion about the Ghosts which read,

"[This Section is Incomplete, Help us by editing this page and filling in some missing information] If facing a Ghost or a Specter, It is recommended to dodge rather than block any attacks as it the Ghost will simply phase through the shield. It is also recommended to fight the Ghost within the day as it is more weaker during those times."

He closed the Guide Book, looked at the sun which was at its peak, placed his shield inside his inventory and unsheathed his sword and kicked open the wooden gates. A dusty Pulpit with broken down and destroyed benches was littered throughout the Church,

He walked slowly towards the Pulpit, his steps creaking on the wooden planks when suddenly a fast hand struck the cheek of Maraki's face. "Who dares ente-." Maraki slashed his sword upon the general direction of the voice which stained the Church with its Pale Phantasmal Fluids and there appeared a transparent, mummified, cloaked, and hooded figure.

Maraki's ears guided him through the general direction of where the Ghost was headed. He sidestepped the attack from the Ghost then retaliated with Six Consecutive Strikes from his sword, More and more of the Phantasmal Fluids stained the collapsed seats of the Church, He then kicked the Ghost for greater measure. The ghost had disappeared, yet that had not meant that it was gone.

He waited for the Ghost to strike again he quickly darted his eyes all across the room when-


Maraki was thrown outside the windows of the Church by a sort of Force, He opened his menu navigated into the Healing Crystal and fully healed himself. He then breathed deeply...

He then ran back into the dilapitated Church and saw the faint figure of the Ghost which he quickly sprinted over to deliver two hits which was responded by the Ghosts more quicker slashes which in turn caused Maraki to dodge which give the Ghost enough time to disappear.

Maraki sighed and readied his blade, The Ghost quickly reappeared to the back of Maraki and sent out five hits to his back. Causing Maraki to stagger down, The Ghost tried and took advantage of this yet Maraki rolled to the side and delivered a slice to the neck of the Ghost. Causing the Ghost to explode into a tiny blue pieces which quickly disintegrated alongside his starting sword. He sighed.

"Hmm Adventurer, You've slain the poor soul then? That is good..." A two pop-up appeared to the right of Maraki indicating both his ascension to LVL 3, and of how much Col he earned. He skimmed it then speedily dismissed the pop-ups, He exited out of the small area with strain accompanying every step he took. Everywhere he looked, more and more Player's were all around in a state of both panic and fear, A small portion of Player's tried to establish some calm and order with their fellow man.

Due to his low health, He decided to rest somewhere in order to regain some of it. Due to his recently acquired Col, He had to find an Inn but... he didn't know where an Inn was. Running to a nearby Blond, Pony-tailed Player who was ominously looking at the Sun, He slipped on a piece of parchment and hit his skull on the pavement-

He felt the softness of whatever he was lying on giving him the illusion of being real, Opening his eyes, He opened his eyes to see a, plain, wooden ceiling. "Ah! You're awake, Thank goodness for that." He snapped his head to his right to find a blonde man with an obscure stubble sitting besides a window that showed the moonlight, He gripped his- He doesn't have a sword, He grimaced for half a second before moving to sit at the bed "Now, none of that! I did save you."

Maraki blushed for a moment at the embarassing experience before letting out a soft "Thanks..."

"It wasn't an inconvenience, Reminds of when... it doesn't matter now. My name is Solaire, What is yours friend?"


"Well i've preposition to offer you," Maraki raised his eyebrows "Ever since this game trapped us here, More than a hundred players have began to adventure only to meet an unfortunate end. I wish to help other unlucky players, and to reach the top level and slay the boss with as little casualties as possible. The way i see it, our fates appear to be intertwined... So, what do you say? Why not help others in this treacherous journey to see the real sun?"

Maraki paused in his movements... then "Yes,"

"Ahh... Then let us engage in Jolly Good Cooperation!" Solaire navigated through his menu to reveal a small emblem and threw it at Maraki who promptly catched it, "Here! A sign that you're a part of my clan!" Maraki inspected the emblem which was depicted a sun with a face, "Excluding me, You'll be the first member of this clan."

Standing up, Maraki questioned Solaire "What is the name of this clan of yours?"

Solaire answered with a beaming smile "Warriors of Sunlights, I know it to be a silly name."