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Quill's thoughts

Medli's thoughts

Komali's thoughts (Yes, Komali will be important. .; ))


Skett grumbled as he walked carefully down the wooden walkway leading down to the Village postbox. HE wasn't even a postman! HE was a Royal Guard! Of course, the chieftain wouldn't make his beloved Quill do it. Or even the other postmen. Oh, no, the chieftain was far too in love with the less-lovely postmen. The Royal Guard in whole had lost much status since he came to be king.

And Komali! Why, he was, if anything, their saving light, until he befriended that Goddess Bedamned Quill! Skett gave a sigh. He didn't know why he was blaming his problems on Quill. Even he got along near-perfectly with the postman! He gathered the mail from the box, suddenly wondering where the younger Rito was, and why HE wasn't here gathering the mail. Skett shrugged it off. It must be a good reason, he thought. He must be sick. Otherwise he'd be here. He bloody loves this mail duty.

Akoot snoozed pleasantly by the door in the royal chamber. There was nothing to worry about, nothing going on. Nothing worth his attention. He slept through Chieftain Eagline having a go at Komali for leaving his golden feathers around the village carelessly. He slept through Medli calling for Quill for help with a delivery to that boy, Link. He even slept through Skett as he slid into the village squawking like the bird he looked of.

"H-He's gone! Ohhhhhhhhhh, GODDESSES, HE'S GONE!" Skett wailed, tears pouring from his ruby-red eyes.

Akoot jumped awake as Chieftain Eagline dashed from the room to meet his guard that was so ferociously crying. Akoot followed. Skett *was* awfully close...he'd be upset if Akoot didn't come to see what's wrong. Akoot jumped off the landing and fluttered to a halt next to his friend. The chieftain stood on the other side of him, and gave a sigh. "Tell me, Skett? What makes you cry so?"

Skett looked up at Akoot, then Chieftain Eagline, and in a voice that was not his own, quietly said, "Quill's gone. He was thrown in prison."

Medli and Komali knew that the two of them were not meant to hear the older Ritos discussing Quill's disappearance and capture. Komali gave Medli a look of pure shock, and wasn't at all surprised at her angry, yet saddened expression as she tore off to her room and slammed the door. It was the slam that directed everyone's attention to Komali, who stood straight, alarmed, and said, "I didn't mean to hear it. And Medli didn't either."

Akoot sighed. "This is really bad...isn't it Skett?"

"I'm afraid you couldn't be more right, Akoot..."

Quill sat miserably in the cell. He'd been here for days...thank god he had managed to slip that letter into the post box. He drew his knees close to his chest and suddenly cursed. "Damn this!" He turned his head and closed his eyes, forcing his oncoming tears of frustration back into his skull and gave a mighty squawk instead. He then drew in a deep breath and laid back, staring at the ceiling. "I hate this damn fortress."

He was stirred an hour later by a frantic squeaking noise, and he was alarmed. "What the-?" He sat up, his usually meticulously styled hair now sticking every-which way from laying on the hard stone floor. He blinked frantically and looked up. The guard was jumping about, wrestling with something tiny and brown. Finally, the guard managed to pull the cell door open, and tossed the tiny thing inside. It gave a squeal, but was only slightly too large to fit through the bars.

"Oi, shu' up, you bleedin' li'l blighta!" Shouted Moe the Moblin angrily. "Jus' shu' up an' be goot an' quiet loik yer bleedin' bairdy friend!" He stomped out of the room, and the little thing turned to Quill.

"What did he say, Rito Postman?"

"I believe it was 'Oi, shut up, you bleeding little blighter! Just shut up and be good and quiet like your bleeding birdy fri-' HE CALLED ME A BIRDY!?" Quill crossed his arms with a huff and slumped into his corner. The little thing adjusted the leaf on his face and waddled politely up to Quill.

"Don't worry about it. I'm Makar, a Korok! What's your name, postman?"

"Name's Quill." Quill gave a twittering sigh. "I have to get out of here." His thoughts turned to Medli and he felt a blush pass through his body. He shrugged it off. "I miss my job."

"Do you have a Mrs. Postman at home waiting?"

Quill stared at the little Korok, before laughing at the creature's choice of words. "No. No, I'm not married. I should be considering it though, I'm almost seventeen, now."

The Korok giggled. "Invite me to the betrothal, Postman Quill!"

"I will, Makar. I will. If I ever get out of this place."

Makar studied him for a long time. "Postman Quill, you can fly, can you not?"

"Yeah, I fly. Why, what's up?"

"...I may have a bit of a plan..."

Medli's boiling. Poor girl.

Damn you Quill! You had to get caught! I told you it wasn't necessary!


Wonder what she's so ticked about? He'll get out.

Oh...it's all my fault...I should have never asked him to go in there for it...


Quill's never gotten stuck in a situation before. This won't stop him. He'll come home.

Ohhhh, Quill...you're more important to me than some dumb ring...even if it WAS Mother's...


I bet she has the hots for him.



Komali shot up from his bed and scrambled out of his room. "Coming, Father!" He ran up the stairs and slid to a halt in front of his father. "Hey Dad. What's going on? Why is everyone down here?"

"I'm sending a rescue party to find Quill."

"Aw, YES! When are we leaving?"

"WE are leaving as soon as Skett notifies Valoo. YOU however...you will be staying here with Medli."


"Medli hasn't come out in almost twenty-four hours. She refuses to eat. She refuses to TALK. You need to try and persuade her to come out and do both of the aforementioned."


"Good boy. Now, what is taking that blasted Skett so damned long?"


You've always been so incredibly kind to me. You'll never know how much I appreciate it.

Oh, what NONSENSE...Medli crumpled up the paper and tossed it aside, gave a whine of defeat and slumped over her desk and shook with tears. It was hopeless. Even if Quill DID come back, he'd never forgive her for the trouble she had caused him.

Medli gave a sob as she came to the following realization. She loved Quill...

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