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Hmm...M-Medli? That you, then? Are you here to rescue me?

"Quill, wake up."

Mmm...Just a little longer please. I'm sleep deprived.

"QUILL! For the love of Farore, if you want to escape, WAKE UP!"

"Oh! Oh. It's only you, Makar..."

"...Only me, Postman Quill? What are you talking about?"


"Well, anyway, here's my plan. The top of our cell has no ceiling. We could easily fly up, and out of this cave, and then we can fly back to Windfall, and then go our separate ways!" Makar did a tiny flip to show his enthusiasm.

"...In broad daylight."

"No. Two hours until the sun is down."

"All right." Quill quickly slicked his hair up and coughed. "So until then..."

"Why are you in here, Postman Quill?" Makar sat next to the tall Rito, looking up at him.

"Huh? Oh...well, A Moblin bagged me on Windfall. I was drunk, and singing Ganon's downfall. He didn't like it too much." Quill sighed. "See if I ever drink again..."


"Never you mind, Makar! So, how'd you get in here?"

"I'm 'small' and 'vulnarable.'"

"Oh! Well, that sucks."


Quill gave an annoyed sigh. "Nothing, Makar. Let's just wait this out..."


Medli sat in her room, seething. Seething at Quill, Seething at herself for seething at Quill, but mostly seething at Komali who would just not give it up!

"C'mon, Medli, at least get some Ramen! You need to eat!"

"I'm not hungry, Your Highness."

"Oh for Din's sake!"

"You have quite a mouth, Prince. I know you didn't learn that from me!"

"For your information, MEDLI, it often came out of Quill's mouth. Quill, you know? Your boyfriend?!"

Now he had done it. Medli fell silent. She'd win yet.

"Medli?...Medli, stop it! Aw, Medli! Come on, look, I'm begging. I'm, look, I'm, down on one KNEE for the love of Din!"

Sorry, Prince Komali. You blew it. Hehehe.


Link snoozed on the beach of Outset island. 'Bout time he caught a break, with all the shit that's been happeneing to him. There was only one disconcerting thought. Quill and the Ritos haven't contacted him in almost a month. He wasn't exactly sure if he should worry or not, but it sat in his stomach either way.

It was Tetra that woke him. "Hey, lazy! You said you'd swim with me!"

Link opened one eye and grinned. "I said I'd come to the beach with you. I said nothing of actually swimming, did I...? Nope, not me." He closed his eyes, his grin widening, knowing what was to-


Link spluttered. Tetra had taken Aryll's bucket, filled it with icy ocean water and proceeded to dump it on Link.

Link coughed and laughed as he stood up and tackled Tetra and pinned her to the ground. They both looked at Aryll momentarily and were pleased to find out that she had fallen asleep. Link settled on top of the girl and kissed her.


Link smiled a little. "Sorry."

Tetra grinned. "Don't be, Li-"


The two children scrambled off of each other as a young Rito came fluttering down to them.


"Naw, it's Ilari. Route three post, Windfall through Deku Forest."

"Oh. What's up?"

"Quill's been-"

Link sprang up before the poor Postman could finish his sentance and grabbed the collar of his uniform. "WHAT'S HAPPENED TO QUILL!?"

"Ack! Link, PUT ME DOWN!"

Link panted. "S-sorry...but what's happened? Why haven't you all been writing?!"

"Quill's been taken captive. I'm his replacement until he's freed."

"Taken captive?!"

"Some Moe the Moblin used his girlfriend, Maggie's description of him and found him, drunk one Friday night. Moe had no problem snatching Quill."

"Well, hell."

"We've sent a rescue party."

"That's not stopping me."

"I'd knew you'd say that."

"..." Link shot up, and tore down to retrieve the King of Red Lions with Aryll and Tetra on his tail as Ilari shot into the skies.


"Skett? Hey...are you alright?"


Akoot flew formation but watched his friend closely. Skett had come to the realization that the Ritos were not immune to all the horrors done in their tiny world. And, Quill was a great loss. He was the only postman without a nervous tick. A tick other than Medli of course.

"We'll be all right, Skett. Quit worrying."


"I'm going insane."

Now Medli was worried.

"Nnngyaaaah..." Komali proceeded to smack his head into the wall repeatedly.

"Komali, what on earth?" Medli opened the door and Komali jumped, seizing her. "HA! You're out! Now I can force you to eat! Mua~~hahaha!"

Medli made a face as Komali tried to drag her down to the eating place.


Medli stared at her bowl of Ramen, but made no move to touch it. "Do you think everyone's okay?"

"Everyone but Ilari. He's probably had a nervous breakdown by now. Medli, would you please eat?!"

Medli forced herself into a mouthful of noodles. "I'm sorry, Komali, it's just...just that..."

"You miss Quill? You're maaaaaadly in looooove with him, I know. There are some things that you can't hide, Med. And besides. It's only natural. You're, what, fifteen now? And he's eighteen. You should be looking for a mate, yah? And he SHOULD already have one but he's so obsessed with his Goddess bedamned POST!" Komali was obviously peeved about something, but it only made Medli stare in bewilderment.

"Uh, Komali? You okay?"

"Fine, fine. I'm great." He choked down the rest of his ramen and sighed. "They'll get him, Med. Quill's all right. They'll get him."

Medli nodded.


"What does Medli look like, Postman Quill?" Makar asked as the two of them made preperations for escape.

"She's pretty. She has long auburn hair, and firey eyes."

"Like you!"

"Yeah. All of us Ritos look pretty much alike, but man, is she different! Her skin is cream colored, you know? Not dark like mine. She doesn't even wear any makeup."

"You really like her. You should marry."

Blush alert! "Uh, yeah. Sure."

"All right, ready...? One. Two...THR-Aaaaaaugh!"

Quill seized Makar and took off-he was obviously up to something. He blew through the wooden cage as if it were cardboard, and was greated almost immeadiately by an exhausted Chieftain Eagline.


"Chief? What in the name of Din...? And you always taught us that storming a place was a bad idea!"

"Ah, only in certain situations is it appropriate. How did you know I was coming?"

"You made more noise, fighting the moblins, then I've ever heard Ritos make before!"

"I am ashamed."

"Okay, let's go."


The two Ritos, along with Makar, exited the holding cell and signaled to the other Ritos with a caw. They all withdrew and flew formation.

"That was...too easy."

"We had Link and Tetra too."

"You had...Link...?"

"Yep." Said Ilari, joining formation with him. "I went and told him. Don't worry, they took out the blunt of everything and then managed to escape."

"You'd better be right, Tweak."

It wasn't sinking in. Quill was going home! Home to Medli...He smiled to himself. "Makar!"

"Yes, Postman Quill!"

"Would you like to come see my home?" The Rito craned his graceful neck to look at the tiny Korok.

"Yes! Yes, it would be delightful!"

"All right then! To Dragon Roost Island!"


End Chapter 2.

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