Important Note: This story will contain spoilers for Justice League x RWBY: Super Heroes and Huntsmen, Part One. If you haven't seen it yet and wish to, please turn away now.

So, this story is certainly in a bit of a unique position. A bit of context on this one. My original idea after I finished up "Always Protect You" was to go onto the next installment of Pokémon Legends and, after that and getting to play the dang game, was going to off and on work on the next Hero chapter since it's come a decent way along. Then I actually got an art trade. I left a comment on Twitter to a user named Dudurra, and they said they were cool with me doing a story and were kind enough to tell me to just go with whatever inspired me recently.

Sincerely, I do appreciate this and am happy to go ahead and do this. I am going to give a quick plug to the other user involved in this trade. Their username on both Twitter and Instagram is Dudurr_a, and they are currently accepting commissions via Pay Pal, going for $30 for a profile and upwards for anything else. I wasn't asked to do this or anything, but I did want to include a quick plug for their work because it is really great.

Now then, onto today's piece.

Somewhat recently, the third attempt at a Justice League and RWBY crossover was released in the form of a movie, "Justice League x RWBY: Super Heroes and Huntsmen, Part One". Compared to the other two ones, both in comics, this one was actually REALLY good. The plot ends on a bit of a cliffhanger and we already know a second part is coming. Presumably, given the loose basis part one had on the first crossover, part two will be taking the RWBY characters and putting them into the DCU. We'll see.

But, honestly, the plot worked out really well for what it was. There's a great sense of mystery and the JLA bounce off of the RWBY characters fairly well. One of the absolute highlights of the movie is Jessica Cruz, the Green Lantern chosen for the crossovers. I'll admit I'm not quite sure how recent the character is and I hadn't actually heard of her until the first crossover comic was revealed, but, after this movie… she's easily shot up to tying with John Stewart as my favorite Green Lantern.

They absolutely caught lightning in a bottle with Jaune and Jessica. The way that they supported each-other, the way that they cared for each-other, the way they fought as a team, and just the interactions. And that is highlighted by the superb voice work done by Miles Luna and, to my genuine shock, Jeannie Tirado. Yeah, Jessica is voiced by the same person as female Byleth. That is really cool.

I did end up spotting some observations that lead to people speculating if the version of the JLA in this movie are actually supposed to be the DCAU versions, just minus any veteran VAs. I did check the roster of the League and… well… including "Justice League vs. The Fatal Five", the only members of the League featured in the crossover that don't line up is that Wally was The Flash in the DCAU, and Cyborg was flat out never in ANY of the DCAU projects. So~... hmm.

I guess we'll find out for sure when part two comes out, assuming it does go the way most people are expecting it. And, I will say, the rest of the DC voice cast did great work. Always a joy to hear Khary Payton as Cyborg. Only veteran DC VA as far as I was able to tell. …also, he's been the voice of the character for almost 20 years now. Wow. Just impressive and cool to see a voice for a character last so long, y'know?

Anyway… not a whole lot more to actually say about this. I hope that you enjoy this story.

RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth, the late Monty Oum, and its various other owners. Justice League belongs to Warner Brothers, DC Comics, and its various other owners.

"Alright guys… not much longer…" Jessica quickly spoke, struggling to maintain the focus to keep the paths back to both their worlds open from the virtual realm.

Ruby and Weiss both nodded a little. At the moment, the only ones left in the virtual realm emulating Remnant were them and Jessica herself. Ruby took a moment to turn around to give Jessica a bit of a non-verbal "thank you" before she proceeded along the portal home.

Thus, left only Jessica Cruz as she was still maintaining the two paths back. One back to the world that she was from, known mostly to them as 'Earth-1' of their section of the multiverse, and to the life that she knew pretty much in and out. While their world wasn't exactly perfect, it was the world that the people who had helped her from her darkest days had come from.

On the other end was the world that Ruby, Weiss, and their friends were from and the world that was the basis for the simulation that some virus being had trapped all of them inside of… a world known as Remnant. It was quite a different realm from what she was familiar with and what she had seen in her times exploring as a Green Lantern.

'Such a… special world…' Jessica thought for a moment as she stared at the two portals. She took a few steps forward, but then she just stopped. Her eyes darted between the two portals for a little bit in a bit of anxiety.

The anxious girl took a moment to take a deep and calm breath, while maintaining focus on the paths, before her mind drifted back to the friend she had made from Remnant. A scraggly young teen named Jaune Arc, who had more or less become her supporter while the people from Remnant and the people from Earth-1 were in the situation they were in.

"You are more than your fears. You are more… than that ring…"

"I know you can do this! I know you can get us out of this, Jessica!"

The more she recalled his words, the more her mind drifted towards the other realm. She was quiet as she contemplated things for a little bit, only for the area around her to start to distort. Time was clearly running out for her to make her choice.

Jessica whispered to herself for a moment, then dashed forward, cementing her choice before both portals closed…

Over in the realm of Earth-1, the various Justice League members walked out of the pathway into the center of the Watchtower that was in orbit above the Earth. The League members took a moment to observe their surroundings and then most of them grew a lot more relaxed upon seeing the familiarity around them.

"Booyah," Cyborg smiled as he walked over to an observation area for a moment to look at the Earth down below.

"Easy… easy…" Vixen spoke as she helped The Flash move over to somewhere he could sit down at.

"Okay… I think I need to lay down for a little bit…" The Flash spoke as he took a seat and pulled off his hood, his orange hair fluffing out, " the way, why were you guys calling me 'Barry' earlier?"

"Honestly? I'm not sure…" Superman admitted as he walked over, "Just… something about that world made me feel… obligated… to call you that."

"Same here," Vixen admitted.

"That realm still feels like a bit of a hazy dream to me…" Cyborg commented from nearby, "And the way it changed us… it made me feel like I forgot a lot."

Nods from the others came in response before Wonder Woman turned towards Batman as the latter was rubbing his head a little.


Batman soon got very quiet and eventually started to walk away. Wonder Woman went over to him for a moment, but Batman just gave her a look that simply said he wanted to be left be, before he exited the room completely. She was quiet as she watched him for a moment, then simply turned around to rejoin the others.

"I think he'll be okay…" Superman spoke up.

Wonder Woman could only nod, then sigh a bit, before Cyborg walked over to the two.

"Um… where's Jessica?" Cyborg eventually spoke.


The League members looked around a little bit, only to see that Jessica wasn't with them.

"Do you think she got stuck in the other world?" Vixen spoke.

"Or… she went to Remnant…" Superman added on.

When Jessica opened up her eyes, she saw that the area in front of her was mostly caked with snow. She slowly walked forward and began to take in her surroundings. From what Ruby and the others had mentioned, the area she was in was known as the Kingdom of Atlas. It appeared to be fairly high tech, about on par with the Watchtower's tech level, and there were people simply going about their business without much to say.

'Looks pretty big…' she thought as she continued to walk forward, '...gonna have to hope it won't take me forever to find the others…'

The brunette continued roaming around the town and taking some observations about the environment. She was mostly able to keep to herself as she walked around, not bothering to say much to the people going about their day. It took a few hours, but she eventually spotted somebody she recognized.

'...wait… is that him… or…?' she thought. She slowly walked a bit closer and recognized the fairly simple clothes, the holsted sword and shield, and tried to get a bit of a better look at him. She gave a small gasp and a smile upon getting a better look at his face.

"Jaune…?" she eventually spoke up.

The other person turned towards her and gasped a bit in surprise. He soon walked over to her side and she initiated a hug.

"Jessica?! How are you here? Why are you here?!" he asked in genuine shock.

Jessica cuddled up a bit with Jaune for a moment, but could almost feel like people were staring at her. She slowly turned around to see some older woman around who were just staring at her. She took a moment to glance around and saw that Jaune had been acting as some sort of stop sign person for some kids at a nearby school.

"Yeah… just… just pay them no mind…" Jaune told Jessica, before he saw the time, "Actually… I'm just about done here for the day. Wanna head back with me?"

This made the girl smile and nod. After Jaune clocked out, the two started on their way away from the area.

"I'll admit I almost didn't recognize you," Jessica admitted.

"Let me guess? The banana hair?" he asked.

Jessica tried her best to stifle the laughter that came on from that observation. Jaune gave a bit of an exhausted smile as he could tell that she was at least attempting to not laugh.

The duo eventually arrived at the entrance to Atlas Academy. Jessica couldn't help but whistle as she took the building in, visually, and could see how fancy it was.

"You not have anything like this back in your world?" Jaune asked.

"Well… we had the Hall of Justice and the Watchtower back where I'm from, but this just looks… higher tech than Beacon…" Jessica commented.

Jaune blinked a little bit, but simply walked forward a bit. Jessica followed alongside him as the two approached some of the others.

"Hey, Jaune," Ruby greeted as she walked on over to the duo, initially not seeing Jessica, "Hope that the job you got handed is going well."

"It… kinda is," Jaune said. He then smiled a bit, "Well, I did actually happen to run into somebody we know while I was at it today."


Jessica nervously stepped forward and gave a small wave towards Ruby. The silver-eyed girl went bug-eyed upon seeing the girl from the other world there.

"Jessica?! How are you here? Did we not get out?"

"Oh, no. We're fine. I'm sure of it," Jessica responded, "I just… decided to come over here."

"...but… why?"

"There's… hundreds of other Green Lanterns out there. Thousands maybe. There are even, like… four other people with the same powers as me back home…" Jessica commented as she looked towards Ruby, "They don't need me. And… I feel more at ease with you all."

Ruby went quiet for a moment as she took that in.

"There's more people like you…?" Jaune asked.

"Yeah," Jessica nodded.

"...kind of odd, cause, well… your powers became your Semblance and those really can't be exactly the same…" Ruby commented, only to think back over what she just said, "...right. Nevermind."

This made Jessica give off a soft giggle in response. Ruby gave a small chuckle in response before she and Jaune brought Jessica inside.

Jessica was soon inside the academy and awaiting Ruby to return to the room to tell her what she should do next. Jaune had gone off to tell the others about her being there, leaving Jessica alongside a girl that she didn't recognize from the virtual realm she had met Ruby and the others in. She had orange hair, green eyes, and appeared to be some sort of android based on the way she looked and the metallic steps she was taking. Jessica had overheard her name was Penny and was trying to figure out what to say to her.

"Um…" Jessica spoke up after a few minutes of not saying anything.

"Oh. Sorry. I've just had something on my mind…" Penny admitted.

"Ok. Um… can I help at all?"

"It does involve you, actually."


"Have we… met before…?" Penny asked as she looked at Jessica for a bit, "You seem familiar… but also not at the same time…"

"It's… complicated. But, in case we haven't, I'm Jessica."

"I'm Penny. Nice to meet you or see you again," Penny smiled.

Jessica smiled back before Penny sort of went back to walking around a little. Eventually, Penny tagged out with Nora and Ren to keep an eye on Jessica.

"Is everything alright?" Jessica asked.

"Yes. Ruby's just trying to make negotiations so you can stay here with us," Ren calmly spoke.

"It's really great to see you again, by the way," Nora added on with a smile, sitting down next to Jessica, "I didn't think we'd see you again."

"Well… here I am. And I don't quite know if I could go back, so~..." Jessica responded.

"If Ironwood protests you staying here, we'll try to do our best to accommodate you in other ways," Ren assured.

This made Jessica get a tiny bit nervous, but she was able to focus a bit on what was around her. The two nearby could tell that she was a bit worried, so Nora got a bit closer to speak to her to keep her mind off of it.

"So… if you're now our fourth group mate… I guess that makes us… Team JNJR?"

"Ginger? Jessica repeated.

"Yeah. Teams of four have color names. Ruby has… well… RWBY… and then the two of us and Jaune used to be JNPR," Ren explained.

"Oh. Well… I guess JNJR sounds nice…" Jessica figured.

Nora and Ren both smiled a bit at her for a little bit. Jessica eased up a fair amount around the two, a calm smile on her face.

Eventually, Ruby came back to lead Jessica over to Ironwood. The two were just in front of the entrance to his office when Jessica turned towards Ruby.

"...promise you'll stay with me?" she asked.


With that, the two walked in and the general looked towards the two. Jessica took in the general's appearance for a moment before he turned towards something to double check it.

'Kinda reminds me of the commissioner Bruce works with…' Jessica thought.

"She asked me to stay with her," Ruby informed.

"Understandable," Ironwood spoke. He then glanced towards Jessica for a moment, then back towards the technology he was checking, "We have met before, haven't we?"

"...I believe so…" Jessica responded.

"Oh, right, you were from Team DELJ," Ironwood recalled.

"Deluge…" Jessica mumbled.

"What kind of a color is that…?" Ruby couldn't help but ask, "It's just… been a while."

"Kind of a pastel blue or purple," Ironwood said in a reminding tone, before he turned towards Jessica, "Where have you been since the attack on Beacon?"

Jessica went silent as she tried to think of how to respond to this question for a moment.

"The rest of her team hadn't made it," Ruby spoke up, "We sorta happened into her on our way to Mistral and she had other things going on with her life that she needed to sort out."

"Right, right," Jessica added, "I… don't quite recall when I got into town, but… I did…"

Ironwood was about to say something more, but he could tell that Jessica was starting to get anxious and decided to ease off of her. Ruby also noticed this was happening and got a little bit closer to Jessica.

"Can I…?" Jessica nervously asked as she inched one hand closer to one of Ruby's.

"Go ahead," Ruby smiled.

The teen soon held onto Ruby's hand, allowing herself a moment to ground herself from her anxiety, which made Ruby give her a calming smile.

"Well, I am happy to see that you're willing to help us with the fight. I'll work on getting you fully licensed to help the others as soon as I possibly can," Ironwood added.

Jessica just nodded her head a tiny bit in understanding. Ironwood got up and started to type away at his scroll to get the process going.

"It is great to see you once more, Miss Jade," Ironwood spoke before he headed off.

"...Jade?" Jessica blinked.

"Wasn't your last name something else?" Ruby whispered.

"Yeah. …guess it got adapted like everything else about me did…" Jessica whispered back.

Ruby just nodded a little bit in response, "Well… I'll try to get you caught up when I can. I kinda got some other work to do soon."

"Okay," Jessica nodded, letting go of Ruby's hand, "...thank you."

All Ruby did in response was give a calm smile towards her new friend from another world.

The next day came around soon after. Jessica was soon alongside Jaune in helping young kids get across the street. The brunette just smiled a little as she and Jaune eventually switched places of who had the 'stop' and who had the 'go' signs.

"You're a superhero and now you're doing something like this…" Jaune commented in a bit of a joking way.

"Eh, Clark would be willing to do stuff like this any day of the week if people found a way to ask him," Jessica responded, giving a slight laugh.

Jaune gave his own small laugh in response before the two eventually were allowed to take a break, "How are you adjusting?"

"It's certainly… different… but, I have you and your friends with me," Jessica spoke, giving an earnest smile to Jaune.

This made the blonde smile back at her as they took a moment to watch the clouds above the sky. Jaune slowly looked towards Jessica and got just a little bit closer to her. Jessica soon noticed this and moved one hand towards his.

"Do you mind…?" she asked in a bit of a quiet and almost nervous tone.

He just gave her a smile and let her hold onto his hand. Jessica eased up a fair amount, then she simply inhaled and exhaled in a calm manner. She turned towards Jaune and felt the bit of tension that she had fade away as she breathed easier.

"Everyday, in every way, I am getting better," Jessica said with a relaxed smile. She soon leaned a bit closer to Jaune and rested her head on his shoulder, which he accepted with a small blush.

Dedicated in loving memory of my Grandma Jackie

(1930 - April 28th, 2023)

Yeah… I had a relative pass away recently. That, admittedly, took a bit of the wind out of my sails on working on this. I did need to take some time to mourn. It… honestly really hurt. Couldn't get an exact birth date for this dedication. So… yeah. Rest in peace.

I will say that I had a lot of fun working on this. There were some parts that were major think moments in order to make it flow in a good way, but I'm happy with how this turned out.

The big thing I sort of struggled to find a good way to include were some cute Knight Light/Green Knight moments. The ending was the best thing I could think of to try to have a cute moment between them because I think them kissing would be a bit too quick.

And as for why others are struggling to remember her? Basically, reality is trying to account for her being there and not everything has reconciled yet. As for why Jessica's last name changed from "Cruz" to "Jade"? Well, as far as I can recall, "Jade" is not used by any RWBY character in any way so far, and the whole 'color name rule' sorta applied. Basically, Remnant adjusted itself to account for Jessica being there and retrofitted a colored name to fit. Plus, alliteration, "Jessica Jade".

If I had to label my favorite part… honestly… it's gotta be the "Team JNJR" bit. I was honestly really proud of that snippet. And then the ending with Jaune and Jessica. These two were, as I said earlier, lightning in a bottle. The fact Jaune trusted her enough to tell her about Pyrrha's weapons and was cool with her using them in the final battle in the movie… awesome.

I will say, there was a cameo that I had intended to include in this, being of John Stewart's Green Lantern, but I couldn't find a way to fit it in naturally. Sorry to my OG Green Lantern.

Wanna again say thank you to Dudurr_a for being willing to do an art trade. Hope you enjoyed this piece.

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