Hello everyone I'm back once again with brand new story for you all; since Ashigaru Kitsune and Sasuke's Disciple is now done and done I'm starting up another story. This series begins after the Land of Waves Arc but 1 month before the Chunin Exams. I hope you like the story and with nothing else to say let's begin

Mist and Maelstroms: Chapter 1

Konoha Streets

Naruto was walking down the street with an angry look and cursing up a storm "Stupid Kakashi" Naruto said "Stupid Sasuke, Stupid Sakura; I can do my training without you" he said.

Flashback 30 minutes ago

Kakashi had told his team that he recommended his team for the chunin exams; all 3 were excited as after their mission to the Land of Waves they were glad to be recognized.

"So Kakashi sensei" Naruto said "what do you intend to do with us; like training us in super powerful jutsu to blow away the competition" he said and Kakashi nodded.

"Well yes and no" Kakashi said "I am going to train Sasuke because he activated his sharingan and that will be a valuable asset to you all" he said. "Sakura will be joining us so I can help her brush up on her genjutsu" he said "however Naruto; you are far behind the both of them that I think it will be unfair" Kakashi said.

Naruto looked confused "well how am I suppose to get better if I don't train" he said and Kakashi eye smiled.

"Well, I got you a tutor Naruto" Kakashi said getting the boys hope up "come on out Ebisu" Kakashi said. A jonin wearing sunglasses and a bandana appeared and stood in front of Naruto.

"Hello again Naruto" Ebisu said making Naruto point a finger at the man.

"Seriously" Naruto shouted "you take Sasuke and Sakura but leave me with this pervert" Naruto said making Ebisu frown. "Ok I get it" Naruto said raising his hands up "nobody want to train the dead last so you stick me with someone else because you don't want me" he said.

"Now Naruto that is not fair" Kakashi said "I do want to help you but- hey where you going" Kakashi asked as Naruto began to walk away.

"Same shit different day" Naruto said "favoring Sasuke and Sakura over me; I'll help myself then… like I always do" he said as he exited the training ground.

"What can a loser like you do" Sasuke taunted "you will always be the dead last and I'll always be the elite" he said arrogantly.

"Ha what a idiot" Sakura said; Naruto heard this but just kept on walking.

Flashback end

"Dumbass sensei" Naruto said "he always does this; he prefers the golden boy and Sakura over me. I've seen him and Sasuke train after the team is dismissed" he said. "I'll show them I'll- "he began until he bumped into something; as he fell down and looked up, he saw that he actually bumped into someone.

There was a beautiful woman with long Auburn hair covering one eye, she had on a blue dress and wearing light pink lip stick. She was by far the most beautiful woman he has ever seen; Naruto then got up and bowed.

"I'm so sorry miss" Naruto said "I wasn't paying attention and I- "he began until he heard the woman chuckle.

"It's quite all right" she said "are you all right" she asked; Naruto then pouted.

"No" he said "my dumbass sensei is playing favorites again" he said. "He prefers to train my 2 other teammates and leave me behind; I was going to train on my own because I have to participate in the chunin exams in one month" he said. The woman's eyes went wide and she spoke.

"Is that so" she said "what is your name if you don't mind me asking" she said. Naruto then smiled.

"Naruto Uzumaki" Naruto said "and you better remember it because I'm going to be the next Hokage of this village; that's the top ninja of the village if you didn't already know" he said. The woman chuckled.

"Well, I'm not from this village so I didn't know" she said "well I hope you succeed in your quest Naruto" she said. "Oh, my how rude of me" she said "my name is Mei Terumi; try not to forget it either" she said and Naruto nodded.

"I probably won't" Naruto said "you are probably the prettiest woman I've ever seen" Naruto said; Mei then giggled.

"Such a flatterer" Mei said "well then, have a nice day Naruto" she said as she began to walk off. When she was far enough away her face became serious 'Lord Hokage looks like we have more than an alliance to talk about' Mei thought as she began to walk to the Hokage tower.

The next day

Naruto was walking to the Hokage tower; he got a message from one of the Anbu that the Hokage requested him.

'I wonder what the old man wants' Naruto thought as he entered the tower; as he arrived at the doors o the Hokage's office he entered.

"I'm here old man" Naruto said happily "what can I do you for" he said.

"Naruto I was just talking about you" Hiruzen said as he saw his surrogate grandson; as Naruto walked in, he saw 2 other people. One was a guy with blue hair and wearing an eye patch who looked annoyed and the other was a familiar face.

"Mei" Naruto cheered as he walked over "how's it going… what are you doing here with ji-ji" Naruto asked confused making the woman chuckle at his straight forwardness.

"Don't talk to lady Terumi like that boy" the eyepatch man said sternly "she is a important figure and I will not stand for- "he began until Mei put a hand on his shoulder.

"Ao" she said sweetly "shut up… or I'll kill you" she said making the man pale. "Ignore him Naruto; I'm happy to see you too" she said to the boy who basically ignored the threatening of the one-eyed man.

"Naruto" Hiruzen said gaining the boys attention "Mei here is an important figure from Kiri; she is the leader of the rebel army that just ended the civil war. She is also the next person to become the Mizukage; she is here for a few weeks to establish diplomatic relations with our village" he said.

Naruto then got to one knee and bowed his head "I'm sorry to talk to you like that Miss Mei" Naruto said sweating "I didn't know you were royalty; please don't draw and quarter me" Naruto said begging for forgiveness. 'Great I insulted a world leader' he thought 'the village won't kill me it will be her' he thought his stomach going into his throat.

Mei burst out laughing at this "I'm not here to get you in trouble" Mei said Naruto looked confused "I'm here to train you" Mei said making Naruto go wide eyes.

"Here" Mei said handing Naruto a piece of paper "pump your chakra into it please" she said and Naruto nodded. Naruto pumped chakra into the paper; it split in half and then became soggy. "Perfect" Mei said "he had a water affinity; he'll do great" she said.

"Great for what" Naruto asked curiously.

"Naruto" Hiruzen said "part of the alliance we discussed was for both villages to trade jutsu and training techniques" he said. "We were going to let someone like Kakashi or another jounin trade our fire jutsu for their water jutsu but Mei had an idea" he said "after you told her about your team basically handing you off; she decided that a solution to both problems could be handled" he said. "My son Asuma will instruct Ao here on fire jutsu for recording while Mei here will teach you water style jutsu and you record for us" he said.

Naruto looked between Hiruzen and Mei "so you're saying I'm going to be trained by someone super duper strong and all I got to do is record it down" he said and they both nodded. Naruto then grabbed Mei and pulled her into a hug "Hell yeah" Naruto shouted "I get a badass teacher to teach me; then I can kick ass in the chunin exams" he shouted.

Mei looked down and saw how happy Naruto was 'he's so adorable; so innocent and cheerful. Not like Ao who's a total stick in the mud' she thought. "Ok Naruto I get it I'm awesome" Mei said not hiding her self-satisfaction; Naruto then let go and looked at her eagerly.

"When do we start Mei sensei" Naruto said and Mei smiled.

"First" Mei said seriously "you will not complain or whine as those are the 2 things I hate the most" Mei said as Naruto nodded and Hiruzen and Ao sweat dropped. "Second we will start training tomorrow; so, go home and get some rest" she said "we will be training at training ground 2; the one with the big lake in the middle" she said and Naruto nodded.

"Ok" Naruto cheered; he then began to walk out and turned around "wait do you think that one month of training will be enough" he asked skeptically.

"Naruto" Hiruzen sighed "make a shadow clone and walk out of the room" Hiruzen said; Naruto did just that and walked out. Hiruzen looked at the clone then threw a kunai killing it; Naruto came in a few second later.

"What the hell ji- "Naruto paused "wait… how did I- "Naruto began.

"Shadow clones can transfer memories Naruto" Hiruzen said "how do you think I do all my paper work, grocery shopping and attend meetings all the time; you know you really should've read the scroll when you learned the technique" he said. Naruto blushed and scratched the back of his head.

"Whoops" Naruto said "my bad" he said with a chuckle. "Ok then" Naruto said "Bye Mei sensei bye ji-ji, bye eyepatch guy; thanks for all the help" Naruto said as he exited the room.

"My name is Ao" Ao shouted to no effect "little shit" Ao said which got him a slap in the back of the head from Mei.

A few hours later

Kakashi was walking up the stairs to the hokage's office 'wonder what lord Hokage wants' he thought as he entered the room "Kakashi Hatake reporting- "he was stopped when the hokage unleashed killer intent.

"You're 3 hours late Kakashi" Hiruzen said in an angry tone "sit down and shut up" he said; Kakashi sat down in a seat and was starring face to face with Hiruzen. "Is it true that you are training Sasuke and Sakura for the chunin exams" he asked.

"Yes sir" Kakashi said nervously.

"Is it true that you, his sensei; pawned him off on Ebisu for training" he said.

"Yes sir" Kakashi said getting mor nervous.

"Kakashi" Hiruzen said trying to keep himself from exploding "what did I tell you about favoritism; I told you to train your 3 students as equals. So why did you ignore my orders" he said.

"Lord Hokage" Kakashi began "Sasuke has the sharingan and requires extra tutoring; Sakura is a genjutsu prodigy and need to have her skills honed. Naruto however has trouble with the most basic techniques; he needs to learn the basics before I- "he was interrupted by Hiruzen slamming his fist in the desk sending shockwaves through out the room.

"It's your job to teach him the basics; you are his sensei" Hiruzen shouted "I was able to find a teacher who was willing to teach him; but that does not excuse your failure" Hiruzen shouted. Hiruzen then sat back down "when Naruto attends the chunin exams and gets promoted he will no longer be a part of your team; he will be better off on another team and better off without another sensei kneecapping him in his career" he said.

It wasn't until Naruto became a genin did Hiruzen see that the academy instructors except for Iruka were sabotaging Naruto; Hiruzen had fired and demoted all of them in order for it to never happen again.

"What do you mean when he becomes a chunin Lord Hokage" Kakashi asked "there is now way that Naruto can improve in such a short amount of time" he said. Hiruzen then got an evil look on his face.

"Oh, I'm 100 percent certain he'll be promoted" Hiruzen said "and just to give you a little incentive; if he becomes a chunin so, will you" he said making Kakashi pale. "If Naruto becomes a chunin I'll be demoting you; and just to make it even sweeter, he'll be your new commanding officer" Hiruzen said making Kakashi's eye go wide. "You better hope that that doesn't happen; so, you better step up your teams training. They're going to need it" he said and Kakashi nodded.

"Y-yes lord Hokage" Kakashi said "I-I'll- "he began.

"Get the fuck out of my office" Hiruzen said dismissing him; Kakashi didn't move "now god damnit" he shouted and Kakashi bolted out of the room.

The next day

Naruto got out of bed early and ate a breakfast of ramen and juice; he was eager to start his day.

"Hehe training day" Naruto said as he opened his door and walked out locking the door.

"Hey Naruto" came a voice he wishes he didn't want to hear; Naruto turned around and saw Kakashi "yo" Kakashi said with a eye smile.

"What the hell do you want" Naruto said annoyed.

'Oh boy he hates me' Kakashi thought "listen I wanted to apologize for what happened 2 days ago" Kakashi said. "I know I messed up and- "Kakashi began until Naruto spoke up.

"Save it" Naruto said "I have a sensei now, a real sensei; now you can take your apology and what ever else you have to say and shove it" he said walking past Kakashi. "Just you watch" Naruto said "I'm going to compete in the exams; kick Sasuke's ass, sweep Sakura off her feet and make you look like a chump" he said.

"What does your new 'sensei' have that I don't" Kakashi asked.

"She's strong as hell, really smart, nice to me and she's like super-hot too" Naruto said "now if you don't mind, I have to meet my super awesome 'true sensei'" Naruto said as he walked away with his head held high.

'Great' Kakashi thought 'looks like I better up both Sasuke's and Sakura's training' Kakashi thought; he then looked down at his watch. "Crap I'm 3 hours late" Kakashi shouted as he disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

At training ground 2

Mei was standing in the middle of the training ground waiting for Naruto; he was a few minutes late. Just then Naruto walked into the training ground with a small scowl on his face.

"Naruto" Mei said seriously "why are you late" she asked; Naruto looked sheepish.

"Sorry Mei Sensei" Naruto said before becoming angry again "Kakashi stopped me and tried to apologize to me and stuff" Naruto said as Mei was no longer angry. "He was spouting some crap about being sorry and other stuff; so I told him to piss off" Naruto said "I told him my super strong and super-cool sensei is going to train me and I'm going to kick Sasuke's ass" Naruto said.

Mei smirked at this "well let's not disappoint him then" Mei said "now what jutsu do you know" she said.

"Hmmm" Naruto said thinking "shadow clones, henge, replacement, tree walking and the sexy jutsu" Naruto said.

"Sexy Jutsu" Mei said confused and Naruto nodded "may I ask what that is" she said.

"Sure" Naruto said forming a hand sign "transform" he shouted. Naruto burst into a puff of smoke; Naruto then appeared as an 18-year-old girl with big boobs, shapely hips, a cute face and long hair done in 2 pig tails "this is my own jutsu; I made it up myself" Naruto said.

Mei was stunned at this; just then 4 Kiri anbu fell out of the trees surprising Naruto making him look around.

"What the hell who are those guys" Naruto shrieked like a girl.

"My bodyguards" Mei said pinching the bridge of her nose "they were supposed to guard us and not let in any intruders; elite soldiers who got knocked out by a naked girl" she said annoyed. Mei then walked closer to Naruto "I don't know why this jutsu exists" Mei said reaching out "but- "Mei then grabbed Naruto's boob and Naruto shrieked.

"Ahh stop it" Naruto shouted before dispersing the jutsu and turning back to normal "when I'm in that jutsu my… girl parts are sensitive" Naruto shouted.

"Holy shit that was real" Mei shouted "I thought it was an illusion; your telling me you can really shapeshift into a woman" she said and Naruto nodded.

"Not just that" Naruto said "reverse sexy jutsu" he said before transforming once again; just then Naruto turned into a handsome older version of himself that looked like he belonged in a boy band. "What do you think Mei" Naruto said hunkily; he then saw Mei with hearts in her eyes and a bloody nose.

"Well, I don't think that the justu isn't all bad" Mei said panting; Naruto then undid the justu and chuckled. "Damn it" Mei said a little disappointed; she then slapped her forehead "no I'm 21, not some fangirl out of the academy" she said.

Around Konoha

Sakura Haruno, Ino Yamanaka, Hinata Hyuga and Tenten all sneezed at the same time.

Back with Mei and Naruto

"Ok Naruto" Mei said "since your 'sensei' for lack of better words hasn't really taught you anything; I have an idea" she said and Naruto looked at her eager "make 39 clones of yourself" she said.

"Yes mam" Naruto said and he made a hand sign; the next moment 39 clones formed and Mei nodded.

"Ok my turn" Mei said making a different hand sign "Water clone jutsu" she said and 3 water clones formed.

"Woah" Naruto said "you did the same jutsu Zabuza used" Naruto said making Mei go wide eyed.

"Zabuza… Zabuza Momochi" Mei said and Naruto nodded.

"Yeah, they guy with the big ass sword and no eye-brows" Naruto said "I fought him in wave with his partner Haku; kinda crazy but he was cool. He died on the bridge when we fought for the last time" he said.

"Naruto" Mei asked "where exactly is Zabuza's sword" she asked and Naruto looked thoughtful.

"Umm on his grave" Naruto said "east side of the bridge going to the village there; why" Naruto asked. Mei then looked to one of the Anbu who was getting up.

"Oh dolphine" Mei said cheerfully as he ran over without hesitation "could you be a dear and go to wave to collect Zabuza's sword and bring it back here; also, please mark the grave so we can collect his body and take it back to Kiri" Mei said.

"And Haku too" Naruto said speaking up "Haku was his partner; I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him" Naruto said.

"And Haku too please" Mei said.

"Yes mam" Dolphine said as he disappeared in a swirl of water.

"Cool" Naruto said.

"Ok then Naruto" Mei said "I'm going to split you and your clones up into 4 groups of 10; I'm going to teach you 3 techniques and see how you spar" she said.

"Which techniques" Naruto asked curious.

"Water walking, Water clones and water bullets" she said "all relatively easy and will be a good starting point; you stay with me and the rest of you split up and go to opposite sides of the lake" Mei said. The clones of Mei and Naruto split up and Mei looked at her group of 10 Naruto's "Ok Naruto you and me are going to spar" Mei said "all 10 of you will attack me at once; make more clones if you have to. But we are not going to stop until you are too tired to move" she said getting into her taijutsu stance "bring it on" she said.

4 hours later

"Holy shit" Mei panted as she blocked and countered another punch from a Naruto clone dispersing it "are you tired yet" she asked and the real Naruto spoke up.

"I'm a little hungry" Naruto said and Mei groaned.

"You've hit me 10 times the entire spar; but you are not even breathing heavily" Mei said slightly impressed. "Ok stop" Mei said "please" she said trying to catch her breath 'damn I finished my fight with Yagura faster than this spar' she thought. "Ok Naruto that's enough" Mei said "disperse all you're clones and lets see the results" she said.

"Ok Mei Sensei" Naruto said as he dispersed all his clones; Naruto then fell backwards as the world went black.

"-Ruto, Aruto, Naruto" Mei shouted shaking the boy.

"Huh" Naruto groaned "what happened… oh my head" Naruto groaned.

"I guess dispersing your clones all at once over loaded you" Mei said "You've been out for 10 minutes; can you remember anything" Mei said. Naruto nodded.

"I think so" he said.

"Ok then" Mei said "go try the water walking exercise on the lake" Mei said.

Naruto got up and walked towards the lake 'ok Naruto focus' Naruto focused his chakra and took a step onto the lake, then another, and another. "Hey look at that" Naruto said as he began to dance around "I can walk on water now" he said. "What next" Naruto said stopping.

"Hmmm… make 3 water clones" Mei said.

"Copy that" Naruto said as he went through hand signs "Water clone Jutsu" he shouted; 3 water clones then formed. "Wow" Naruto said looking at one of them "I can see a little difference between the water clone and my shadow clones; but they both feel the same when I make them" he said.

"Ok now shoot them with the water bullet Jutsu" Mei said and Naruto nodded.

"Ok here goes nothing" he said making a single hand sign 'water bullet jutsu' Naruto spat out 3 water bullets that went to the clones. All 3 clones were hit and dispelled back into water. "Hey it worked" Naruto said "that's pretty neat" he said chuckling.

Mei was smirking 'he got 3 techniques done in a single afternoon' Mei thought 'this training is perfect for him; oh boy I can't wait to see him in action in the chunin exams. His taijutsu could use a little more honing though; but with his stamina he shouldn't have a problem' Mei thought. "Ok Naruto bring it in" Mei said and Naruto ran off the lake to stand in front of her "I think this will be a good stopping point; don't want to over work you" she said.

"Awww… Ok" Naruto said a little disappointed; Mei then flicked his nose.

"Don't be sad" Mei said "you did better then I thought you would; you still have almost a whole month to train. You got plenty of time" Mei said and Naruto cheered up.

"Ok" he cheered he then had a thought "hey; you want to go eat at Ichiraku's with me" Naruto asked and Mei looked confused.

"Ichiraku's; what do they serve there" Mei asked.

"Ramen; the worlds greatest food" Naruto said "my treat; I get one free bowl with every purchase" he said. Mei looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Do they have a sea food option" she said and Naruto nodded.

"Yeah, they have Crab, shrimp, squid, clam, oyster or the sea of fire bowl with everything in it" Naruto said and Mei looked intrigued.

"Ok then let's go; lead the way" Mei said as Naruto began to lead her to his favorite restaurant; Naruto was happy he had a new sensei, new jutsu and going to eat his favorite food.

'I think things are starting to look up' Naruto thought.

Ok first chapter done; I hope you all enjoy this new series I started. For context I aged down Mei, she isn't Mizukage yet but is going to be after her diplomatic mission and this isn't so different from what real militaries do. I've trained with the Brits, Aussies, Germans and Emiratis so sharing military techniques isn't too outlandish. Ok then please like, comment and share with your friends and until next time, bye.