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Warning: abuse mention suicide mention

The girl always saw the world Through a bloody red everything was red, every color was red, she doesn't hate the color the color red even if she can only see that color. The color red wasn't annoying she likes it very much, all her life she was stuck in a hospital. Her parents were dead. Her older sister died in a house fire with her parents. She doesn't know where her big brother is she's guessing he died to. The law gave a hospital custody over her. Being as she was 3 when admitted in there and they were still trying to figure out her illness but they don't know what it is. The child was scared but never showed emotion. She looked porcelain, when ever she didn't move people mistaken her for a porcelain doll. The little girl was now sitting on her bed in the white room but to her it was red. The girl showed no emotion.

Anna was seating at the red leathered couch in the bar looking at her marbles that were now rolling around on a map that was on the coffee table. Her marbles stopped at district 7, a hospital. The child blinked her eyes confusion written on her face. She then heard the chain Mikoto wore signaling he was coming she turned her head and looked at him, he looked at the girl then to her marbles. "Mikoto," Anna said when suddenly the door burst open Yata was standing right in the door way his head hung low, his shoulder was bloody there was a gash in his left side, there were a bunch over cuts and gashes on his legs he clutched his skateboard to his right hip, he opened his mouth to speak but the only thing that came out was a river of blood. He took a step forward but than collapsed, Anna looked at his wide eyed.

Izumo hurried to the now collapsed teenager, and picked him up then glanced at Mikoto who nodded in affirmation. Izumo rushed to the second floor as he carried Misaki bridle style, Mikoto grabbed the first aid kit, and rushed to Yata and Izumo, Izumo put Misaki on the couch and Mikoto was now helping fix the teen's injuries Anna was also there next Mikoto and had a worried look on her face. Once done Mikoto and Anna stayed upstairs to look after Yata while Izumo stayed downstairs and waited for the other members. "Mikoto," Anna said.

"Ah," Mikoto responded.

"My marbles they showed a hospital near SCEPTER 4," Anna told her guardian.

"Yeah?" Mikoto said with a bit of curiosity in his voice.

"Yes," Anna said.

A few hours later Misaki was still unconscious Mikoto told Anna to go feet ready for bed since it was about her bedtime once she was done getting ready he went up there and read her a story and tuck her in giving her a goodnight kiss like any loving parent/ guardian. He then got ready for bed himself and threw a blanket over his vanguard and gave him a goodnight kiss on the cheek just like he did with Anna and then climbed into bed and fell asleep within seconds.

Anna had a dream...no a nightmare, a little girl was in front of her the background was hospital the child was dressed in a Lolita dress that was a bit similar to the one Anna wears but not at all similar at the same time, the child's arms were wrapped around her, "HELP ME! PLEASE!" The child said with tears welling up in her eyes then Anna woke up gasping for air, that dream was according every night for a year she always told Mikoto, now she's definitely sure that it's a vision. Anna ran down to where Mikoto was resting peacefully he slightly opened his eye after hearing, the little girl "Same dream?" Mikoto asked Anna nodded

"Mikoto it's not a dream it's a vision I know it is," Anna said, "Mikoto, tomorrow I want to go to the hospital my marbles pointed to me on the map something's not adding up my marbles they want me to go there I know and that little girl is we when I sleep she's gotta be in danger there, please," Anna said.

"Ok, Anna tomorrow we'll go there with HOMRA," Mikoto said.

"Thank you," Anna said as she climbed into the bed her guardian slept in, she cuddled up to him.

"Goodnight," Mikoto said.

"Goodnight," Anna said.

Finally it was the next day, Anna had woken up and woke up Mikoto she went upstairs and got ready for the day she washed her face brushed her teeth and hair and got dressed. And went downstairs to the bar where Izumo and Mikoto was. "So Mikoto tells me you want to go to a hospital with HOMRA because of a dream," Izumo said.

"Yes, the little girl she's in danger i know it," Anna replied. Footsteps,

" ?" Misaki asked in a monotone voice as he walked down the stairs and sat on a bar stool next to Anna.

"Hey," Izumo said.

"'Sup," Mikoto said.

"Hi," Anna said.

"I'm gonna call in the rest of HOMRA," Izumo said.

About an hour later the rest of the HOMRA members came and were informed about how they were going to a hospital and the reason why. "But what if Anna's wrong?" Akagi asked. "Oo! How about Anna finds out if it's something we should trouble ourselves with, by using her other powers, ya know Clairvoyance," Akagi said.

"Shōhei is right I should use my other powers before going to the hospital," said Anna.

And with that the little girl was off.