Saga of Megumin the Evil
"Hey! It's Megumin the Most Powerful and Evil Red Devil of the Rhine, get it right author!"
"Wait, how'd you get in here!? Wait, where are you pointing that? Wait, no! no no no-"


The battlefield of the Rhine was filled with the cacophony of artillery and gunfire, shouts and war cries of the conscripted soldiers that were fed into the meat grinder of the trench war rang out as the opposing sides waged war upon each other. With the soldiers of the Empire, most notably the commanders of every regiment and battalion, messengers were rushing up to each and every commander with panicked looks as they relayed their messages to the commanders; the commanders in turn when given a certain message from the messenger boys paled and began to whistle for their men to retreat with haste.

Meanwhile high up in the sky, Visha was hovering in the air with a pair of binoculars out and viewing the battlefield down below. "The cost is clear now, Major." She hollered out.

"Ahem!" Coughed a perturbed major from behind Visha.

Visha grimaced while putting her binoculars down before looking back at her Major, That is to say, 'Supreme and awesome bomber', or whichever her Major asked of her at the start of the day. "I mean, The area is cleared of friendlies, Great Megumin the Demon of Explosion." Visha said with a bit of mirth in her tone.

Megumin smirked in triumph and proceeded to get into a form of a stance while in the air as she held within her hand a carved 'magic staff' she had requested from Schuggel to 'amplify' her magical explosions. "Excellent my wonderful dark apprentice! Now behold my magnificence!" Megumin declared with a haughty expression of glee.

Visha could only sweatdrop with a cautious look as she hovered away from Megumin while said girl was building up magic within her, "Darker than black, darker than darkness." Clock-like circles began to encapsulate around Megumin as she 'chanted her incantation'. "Combined with my intense crimson, Time to wake up, descend to these borders and appear as an intangible distortion!" The air around Megumin began to distort and twist as the mana within her continued to build up for her biggest explosion yet, emphasis on yet as she's 'unfortunately' done one before.

Megumin directed her staff up as a ball of her magic began to coalesce at the tip of it, "Dance, dance, dance! May a destructive force flood my torrent of power, a destructive force like no other!" The clouds above Megumin and Visha parted ways as the ball increased dramatically in size, already there were attempts from the opposing army to shoot down Megumin, but was met with Visha's stalwart shield she erected to protect her and Megumin whilst said girl would be charging her explosion up.

Megumin then directed the tip of her staff down at the battle field with an excited expression, "Send all creation to its source! Come out of your abyss! Humanity knows no other more powerful offensive technique! It is the ultimate magical attack!" With her piece said, Megumin inhaled deeply before letting out her favorite word and spell.


What came after could only be described as some ungodly explosion, it was as if god himself slammed his fist down and cracked the earth while causing enormous tremors to be felt across the lands.

Strategic Headquarters

"...And you're sure this won't be considered a war crime?" Lergen asked Zettour and Rudersdorf within the room, in his hand was a full report of a swift victory against the Francois. The casualties were astronomical on the enemy's side, whilst their own were just lucky enough to get outside of the blast radius of their 'secret' weapon; though the secret weapon would no longer be secret now that Megumin of all Soldiers managed to blow up the entire battlefield of the enemy's side.

Rudersdorf blew out a smoke from his cigar before responding, "No where in the treaty of worms says otherwise." he answered.

Lergen could only let out a sigh of exhaustion, he wasn't sure how to deal with Megumin to this day.

AN; *cough* does anyone have any healing cream or bandages?