The Burtonburger's Attempting Suicide - Kid vs Kat

People called Suicide Sewerslide but I'll guess that Suicide is a better way to pronounce it.

Summary/Clarification/Context: Cooper Davies Burtonburger had enough of Kat ruining his life and decided to commit suicide. While attempting suicide, he was stopped by someone that he would never expect.

Topic: Angst

This story will have:

- Suicide/Sewerslide

- Razor blade

- Knife

- Swearing

- Depression

- Anxiety

- Self-Harm

- Hospitalization

- Mentions of sensitive topics

- Gay

- Boy x Boy

- Kissing

Inspired by Confessions - Kid vs Kat on Fanfiction by toonfangrl. Credits to toonfangrl for their story, Confessions Secrets Revealed on Fanfiction.

Link To The Story: https/m./s/7448180/1/Confessions-Secrets-Revealed

Note: Cooper Davies Burtonburger is a teenager in this story, so is Millie Burtonburger as well. Kat is still alive in this story so enjoy.


The Story:

Coop's POV:

Upon my arrival to my house, I was in a bad state. My mindset wasn't so positive like colorful rainbows, it was full of darkness and suicidal thoughts. Lately, everyone in Bootsville has been despising me very much, because I was the "Bad resident" in the town. Even Dennis started to see me as an obstacle to his life and unreasonably, he stopped talking to me and spent a lot of time with Lorne and Harley. Fiona hasn't been around since we last saw each other at the playground where she saw me hurting Kat. Kat ruined my life! That bitch ruined my life! He ruined my relationship with the people in Bootsville! He ruined my relationship with Dennis, Fiona, Phoebe, Lorne, and Harley! Even my dad and sister started to ignore me and wouldn't even cooperate with me anymore. I hate KAT! As I was on my way to my house, I stomped directly to my room and laid down on my bed, years started to build up from my eyes and I couldn't see the full people of people's minds and lives. "I don't understand." I said "Why do people hate me? What did I ever do to them?" I always wondered why Bootsville really hates me so much "Am I... The bad guy?" I asked myself "We would've been good residents! But that Kat came into my life and made my life... Hell!" I obviously had enough of this pain that I've been bottling up for so long. Ever since my mother passed away, I wasn't the same anymore... I used to be a very good, modest, and responsible child... But after my mother died, I became a troublemaker. I would get into fights a lot, I would argue with kids around the school and, mostly I argue with Millie. Ever since Millie, my sister... Millie Burtonburger was born, my mother has been diagnosed with a terminal illness that has no known cure. I obviously blamed Millie for our mother's death and called her an accident to my life, and also a mistake to my existence. Millie, my sister... Tried to be nice to me but I would always push her away like she's some sort of trashy mindset to me. Soon enough, she stopped talking to me when she turned 7. She became a spoiled brat towards our father, who became a single-parent since our mother passed away. Our father, Burt Burtonburger... Became a single-parent... Being a mother and father at the same time. Perhaps that wouldn't have been the case if Millie hadn't been born. When I was a young boy, I never wanted to have any siblings because... I read a book about some kids around the world being only children and they would get the attention from their parents. I was dumb at that time, thinking that I would be getting all of my parents attention, but never had I ever... Wanted a sibling. When my mom was pregnant with Millie, I was obviously angry because I didn't want any siblings, I just wanted to be alone. Growing up without a mother was very difficult. Lately, my dad would only pay attention to Millie instead of me, his first-born child and his only son. This is child neglect. Seriously! By the time I turned 9, me and Millie started to argue on a daily basis, making our father even more stressed about being a parent and just... Wishes that he never had any children. Sometimes, I wished that I was an only child so I wouldn't have to deal with all of these shenanigans. I became jealous of Dennis when he told me that he's an only child, I secretly wanted to end my sister's life. I just had it.

I got up from my bed and headed to my drawer to pull out a razor blade. I looked at the razor blade and smiled very nicely "This is it." I said "It's time. It's time for my release of pain" Then I started to make marks on my wrist, very nicely and very gently. I immediately wanted more of this pain-free satisfaction. I started to make more cuts on my wrist very hard until I had more than 10 scars on my wrist. I just released my pain that I've been bottling up for so many years and I never felt this good before. I looked at my other wrist, the one without the cuts and stared at it for a few seconds before... "I'll do more cuts on my wrist tomorrow." I said, I put the razor blade inside my drawer, took out a pack of bandages and wrapped it around my wrist, the wrist that had my cuts on it. Man, I love it. Cuts will always make me feel so good. I always wondered, why don't I cut myself? I decided to do this everyday after school to release my pain and satisfaction. I went on my computer and while I was doing a book report about The Wednesday Wars, I heard a window crash. I looked behind to see a rock with a paper note on it. I got up from my chair and went to pick up the rock, only to discover a note.

I'm taking you to the hospital.

I got nervous... Did somebody see me, self-harming? I thought. I threw the rock outside and continued doing my book report. Later, I was in my room, doing my homework for Earth/Environmental Science when my dad, Burt Burtonburger came in. "Cooper Davies Burtonburger!" He said out loud to me "What did you do!?" He asked me with a serious facial expression on his face "What did you do!?" He asked me again. I was obviously confused about what was going on. I didn't know how to reach. "What are you talking about?" I asked my father, then he gave me a reasonable response. "Dennis came by to my house and explained that he caught you cutting yourself with a razor blade earlier today." My dad finally said "You do realize that Self-Harm isn't going to help you release all of your pain! I'm taking you immediately to the emergency room for help!" I obviously didn't want to go to the hospital. I've been in the hospital a few times, not for self-harm or attempting suicide. I refuse to go. "I'm not going!" I said "I'm remaining here until I graduate from highschool!" My dad came closer to me and showed his hand "Where's the razor blade?" He asked for the razor blade "Show me where it is." I decided to lie to my own father, I've been lying to him since I was in my early teens. "I don't have it!" I said "Why are you asking me!? I didn't SH! I didn't do shit!" My dad grabbed my wrist, the one with the cuts and said "We're going to the emergency room and that's capital!" My dad dragged me out of my room to the car, then he drove to the emergency room. I had to spend 4 days in the emergency room for check-ins and for other purposes as well. During my stay, I was treated with love and understanding of the medics, I honestly liked the food there, not the treatment. After I was discharged from the hospital, I went home and my life continued as hell.

One day, I was on my way to my Child Development class when I bumped into someone. My books fell to the floor and I looked up to see who I bumped into... When I looked up, it was someone else than Dennis Lawrence Chan, Fiona Munson, Lorne, Harley, Millie, and Phoebe. It was Leon Marris, an old friend of mine since we were both 11. It's been a while since I last saw Leon Marris because he moved to Israel with his father and sister. I was obviously scared to see him but then suddenly, he showed me his hand with kindness "Here.", Leon Marris said "Take my hand to Cooper Davies Burtonburger." He said, I grabbed his hand and he helped me to get up. "Hey," I said "It's been a while since we last saw each other." Leon Marris smiled "I know," he said "I heard some rumors about you being hated for being the local hero." I was obviously surprised "Dennis started to hate me like I'm some sort of bitch. I'm no asshole or something. He wouldn't even talk to me." Leon Marris was surprised about what he heard "I'm with Estelle now. I just started dating her when I moved back here with my father and sister." I remember Estelle, she was the one who had a crush on Dennis but when Dennis told her that he didn't feel the same way and that he's in love with someone else, she immediately became unstable. "I remember Estelle." I said "She used to be so sweet until Dennis ruined her." Leon Marris looked at me with confusion "I wouldn't say unstable, she gained trust issues now. I'm the only one who she trusts because I'm her boyfriend." I looked at the time, I'm a minute later from my Child Development class! "I gotta go!" I said as I got up, picked up my books and ran to my Child Development class.

When Child Development class ended, I headed to my Creative Writing class when someone grabbed me by the hoodie, I looked behind and it was Dennis Lawrence Chan. My old friend. "What are you doing?" I asked "We haven't spoken in a while." Dennis had a very serious but concerned facial expression on his face "I want to talk to you about something." I let go and said "Not now, I have to head to my Creative Writing class in 3 minutes." Dennis grabbed my wrist and said "I saw everything..." I was confused, I completely forgot about what I did before I went to the hospital because of my father. "I saw you... Cutting yourself with a razor blade the other day..." I let go of my wrist and ran to the bathroom, only to be stopped by Dennis again. "Where are you going?" Dennis asked "I'm not done speaking with you yet!" I didn't want to do anything with him since he left me in the dirt, just like how in the TMF Criminal Kids AU where Luke Peterson left Zander Wickham and Jake Sterling in the dirt after being obsessed with popularity. Luke Peterson, Daisy, and Sean Everett caused almost the entire school to gain mental illnesses, the three bully the kids for little to no reason, and Daisy rejected him and bullied him to no end. If I was in the AU, I would make sure that Luke Peterson, Daisy, and Sean Everett never breathe again. I really hate Luke Peterson, Daisy, and Sean Everett in the TMF Criminal Kids AU. Back with my story, I kicked Dennis off of me and ran away, to avoid him for the rest of the day.

That night, I was pretending to sleep. It was 12pm so I decided to do my plan, commit suicide. I got up and slowly trended downstairs to go to the kitchen to get the sharpest knife that we got in the house. I found one that was all the way at the back of the cabinet, I grabbed it and placed it inside my pocket... I made my way upstairs. I was trending upstairs to my room with a knife in my pocket, I was grounded by my father, Burt Burtonburger for a thousand times, for my Self-Harm habit and for something that I didn't do... But Kat did. Apparently, I didn't want to live anymore... Every time I save something or someone from something so menacingly dangerous, I would be the one taking the blame. Everyone wishes that I was more like my little goodie-two-shoes sister, Millie Burtonburger. Life became hell after Kat appeared into my life and I've decided to... End it all. I decided to make everyone, especially Kat... Happy by putting an end to my own life. The only ones that would miss me the most would've been Dennis Lawrence Chan, Fiona Munson, and Phoebe. They didn't care for me anymore. No one cares for me, not even my dad or sister loves me anymore. I decided to put with it and decided that suicide was my only way out. I'll have no interest in living anymore. Suicide will be my way out.

As I headed to my room, I closed the door, I locked it to make sure that Millie doesn't go in, like last time when I almost attempted suicide, she stopped me because I didn't locked the door. After I locked the door, I closed the blinds and pulled the knife out of my pocket... This is time. I slowly pull the knife towards my neck to stab my neck when suddenly... I heard a scream, I looked down from the ceiling to see... Millie Burtonburger... My little sister!? I saw Millie, she was standing in the doorway with a horrified facial expression on her face. I saw the door, it was lying on the ground, broken and destroyed... Like Broken Roads by Arc North. I immediately shouldn't have locked the door even more secured. Millie ran to me, grabbed the knife from my hands and threw it to the floor, with a very serious facial expression on her face. "What is the meaning of this!?" She asked, pointing to the knife that was on the floor, the deadly object. I looked at her with my true expression on my face "I'm doing what I should've done a long time ago!" I said, finally snapped after so many years of bottling up my feelings. Millie grabbed my hand and said "What are you talking about!? Suicide isn't the way out of your pain!" I let go of my hand and I finally said my words "As if you don't know, every time something goes wrong, I'm the one to blame. No one in this bullshit town believes me that Mr. Kat is an evil alien, and I was just trying to save the world! It's not me! I'm sick of hearing 'WHY CAN'T YOU BE MORE LIKE YOU LITTLE SISTER!' I'm sick of it! So, instead of being something that I always wanted until that purple slut rat came into our lives and made me look like the bad guy in the scene! So... I'm going to end it all! I'm going to end it right here and right now! I decided to commit suicide!" I said it. I said my words. I had tears running down my cheeks like a rain of sorrowful and gloomy depression inside of my mindset. I looked down at the knife that was on the floor "I'm going to end it all!" I was about to grab the knife when suddenly...

Millie's POV:

I grabbed my brother's hand and pushed him away from the deadly object that was on the floor. I didn't want my brother to commit suicide. I love my brother. I didn't want him to do this. I don't want him to die. "You can't do this!" I said to my brother, who's 2 years older than me. "Then why shouldn't I!?" He asked, I was ready to express my feelings... To tell you the truth, ever since our mother passed away... We became very distant from each other and he would constantly pick on me for our mother's death, I don't remember much of my mother since I was only a little girl when she passed away. Dad barely tells me and Coop about my biological mother. Our father had to be a mother and father at the same time. Our father became a single-parent. When I started 1st grade, I decided to be mean to my brother... I didn't want to do it but I became more knowledgeable about how he felt about me. I'm only 15 and seeing my brother as depressed... Friend... It wasn't a good time for us. Our father is struggling financially due to lack of customers in our store, The House of Swap. I was struggling after Phoebe left me in the dirt. She stopped being my friend since she discovered my relationship with her boyfriend, I was a cheater back then. Later on, I broke up with her ex-boyfriend and remained single, all because I felt bad for the incident. Back with my story, I looked at my brother with my serious sad facial expression on my face "Because you don't know how much I envy you!" I said. The truth is that ever since Coop and Kat started fighting, I became very jealous of my brother and would argue with him a lot, like a Lion and Tiger would. Recently, Mr. Kat's litterbox smelled like poop and I decided to clean it when Mr. Kat was outside, only to discover something very true that my brother said... He was right. Mr. Kat is an evil alien. I found his lair when I was cleaning his scratching post with a couple of cleaning supplies. I was obviously shocked about what I saw, the machines, the computers, everything. Cooper Davies Burtonburger, my brother... He was right all along. Why didn't I believe him? I thought. All of this time, I didn't believe a single word about Mr. Kat but now since I discovered the truth, I immediately felt sorry for my brother. I swear that if he didn't provide me with evidence earlier, I wouldn't have kept Mr. Kat... But I didn't listen to him. I looked at my brother and he said something so relatable "You're jealous of me?" Cooper Davies Burtonburger asked me, his little sister... Millie Burtonburger. I nodded "You know," I said "You have your friends... Dennis Lawrence Chan and Fiona Munson, they trust you and love you as their friend. They both never blamed you for your troubles and mishaps. They care for you. I even had a crush on Dennis back then but I cheated on him with Estelle's brother, Ian McEvoy. I noticed that Dennis wasn't interested in talking to you recently. The other day, I came up to Dennis and asked him about why he hasn't been hanging out with you lately. He said that... He said that he didn't want to feel the same thing as you... He said that he secretly likes you more than a friend. I also spoke to Fiona and she said that she lost her feelings for you because she discovered that Dennis likes you. Do you like Dennis?" I saw my brother's reaction, I can tell that he likes Dennis much. "I kinda... I kinda do." Coop said "I honestly lost feelings for Fiona lately." I looked at him with tears rolling down my cheeks "Everyday, you get to live like an adventure. Whenever you fight with Mr. Kat, it's like an adventure. I even got more envy with you that I couldn't take anymore of me going a goodie-two-shoes innocent little girl to this town. I'm sick and tired of being the good behaved little girl, I want to be like you, do whatever the fuck I want, and at least... Get one punishment once in a while." Coop looked at me in shock "I'm so sorry Coop." I said "I'm sorry for always being annoying. For always tattling on you. For always yelling at you whenever you get into a fight with Mr. Kat. For framing you when I ate all the cookies. For saying I've never seen you before in my life. For embarrassing you in front of the whole school by being stronger. But mostly, for not believing you. You were right all along, Mr. Kat is an evil alien. Hopefully God can let you live for another few years." I started crying, then suddenly... I felt someone giving me a comfortable hug for me, I looked to see my older brother, Cooper Davies Burtonburger with a sad facial expression on his face, he felt bad for me. "I'm so sorry Millie, does this mean that you'll be by my side?" Coop asked me. "Maybe." I said "I don't think Mr. Kat knows about his secret, well for your Point of View." Cooper Davies Burtonburger giggled, that's my older brother. We both looked at the knife that was on the floor. "What do you think we should do with that knife? If our father catches one of us with that, we're going to be in big trouble." I picked up the knife and said "I'll put this back and we'll keep this secret from our father until he wants to know the truth." Coop nodded as I went to take the knife to the kitchen. After I placed the knife back into the cabinet, Coop and I headed to sleep for school the next day.

The Next Day=

I was taking my brother to the school's Cherry Blossom Tree that was behind the school. I took the blindfold off of my brother's eyes and he saw Dennis having a rose with him. "D-Dennis?" Coop asked "It's been a few weeks since we last talked for a long time." Dennis grabbed Coop's hands with his hands and the two blushed "I'm deeply sorry for ignoring you, I just became, romantically in love with you since I found out about your hospitalization. I really love you Cooper Davies Burtonburger and I love you as my friend. Will you be my boyfriend?" He finally asked. "Yes." Coop said, then the two kissed with compassion. We were full of overjoyed because of this amazing moment. Everything turned back to normal, except that Mr. Kat just disappeared and we haven't heard from him since then.