The next morning, Gogo and Hiro were at Aunt Cass Hamada's café.

They had a small conversation between them. Aunt Cass notices that they're in love and decides to go play.

She goes to their table and gave them iced tea and her homemade buffalo chicken wings and drumsticks.

"Hi Hiro and Gogo" Aunt Cass said.

"Oh Hi aunt Cass. What are you doing?" Hiro said and covers Gogo's face after she got her food and drink without him.

"Me? I was just admiring how pretty you two are when it comes to love. Don't deny it Hiro" Aunt Cass replied.

Meanwhile Tadashi Hamada is looking at Honey Lemon with love.

It had been two years since she found him in the fire and got him out of there alive.

Thanks to her, he's alive.

He embraced her back and leans his head on her right shoulder.

"Hello Honey Lemon" Tadashi said.

"Hi Tadashi" Honey Lemon said.

"Do you know that there's a Disney's Moana film coming out this November 23, 2016?" Tadashi said.

"No" Honey Lemon said.

"Will come with me to see this movie? As friends" Tadashi asked her.

"Yes" Honey Lemon replied and blushed.

Queen Beryl washed Tuxedo Mask who was looking for the silver imperium crystal.

She refused to let him have it.

To be continued.