In this faded dream,

Can you hear me when I scream?

To you...

He kept staring at his reflection in the only mirror that was allowed to him on the floor. Not that he could recognize the man looking back. He had the look of someone dead unlike the man he last saw in the mirror back home or even in that hotel room.

Who was he here even?

Who was this man looking back at him and making him afraid of the dark corners?

Where was here?

Ever since he came to his senses two days ago he didn't know it's been a whole month…

But the shadow of the man he killed will follow him forever…

Did he really..?

Staring back,

Empty mirrors only fill my eyes,

Nothing's left to recognise,

So I tell myself that I'm alive,

I still hear you

He shook his head and watched the reflection do the same almost as if checking they're still the same person.

His eyes get stuck on the hair… long and shaggy… lifeless…

Almost as if the person in the mirror reflection is someone else who mimics him because he feels like doing something else..

But he's not. He's stuck in front of a mirror and can feel another presence near…

The looming man from his shadows..

''Son, you can't dwell on that forever. There's life out there, crimes to solve, my boy, don't let them take it away from you.'' the voice he hoped to never hear again sounds exactly like he remembers it. And he hates it…

And he blinks….

Have they been in vain?

I am still the same,

All my fear endured my pain,

Explain what remains

The sting he feels as his eyes open again to a much darker lighting binds his reality back to one he was hoping to escape…

He can smell the blood in the air around him and it suffocates his lungs….

He can see the broken pieces reflecting back… the face of his father smirks back at him…

''Oh my boy, no need for theatrics. This was such a waste of time, son.''

The voice reverberates in his brain as if lost to the dark tunnels there.

He feels his hand grip the shard of the broken mirror tighter… and it doesn't shake….

"I told you, my boy, we are the same."

So I tell myself that I'm alive,

I still hear you...