What's this? I have a new story? 54Godamora, why create a new story when you have several others that you haven't worked on for so long? Well this one is more or less a spiritual successor to my early fanfics. . . . which I look back and cringe at how bad they are.

The premise is more or less akin to RWBY's Monstrous Education by Katana Blade. Same cast but instead of Monster Hunter, it's Prehistory. Each character from RWBY will get a Prehistoric Companion(s) and be given information about such animals. With my DinosaursXDevils avatar as the host, providing information about the animals they get. Now I have the know-how but as for reactions, that's where Katana Blade comes in.

Fair warning: the host/yours truly does have a strong hate for the villains of RWBY but for the sake of professionalism, I will do my best to keep it under control.

Without further ado, let's begin!

Chapter 1: Introduction

As Katana was showing the RWBY gang the Marvel Universe and the world of Monster Hunter, she suddenly got a message on her phone. "Huh? What's this?" She asked, checking it. "Oh. Really? Well, that's an interesting decision." She said.

"What's up, Kat?" Yang asked.

"Oh, one of my fans actually wants to meet you guys and show you things like I have." The ice demon explained.

The cast looked at each other with varying degrees of uncertainty. "That is all well and good, but aren't we already taking a lot of time to view the things we're currently watching?" Glynda asked.

"What exactly would he have us reacting to, anyway?" Winter questioned.

"Oh, well, he's rather fascinated with prehistory, dinosaurs and creatures from times long since past, so that was what he thought to show you." Katana explained.

"Really?! Awesome!" Ruby cheered.

"Yeah! Dinosaurs are epic!" Yang agreed.

"And they're my favorite kind of chicken nuggets!" Nora added with a giggle.

"I was always curious what the world was like in the time before I was alive, so this would be a nice chance to see that." Ozpin said.

"I suppose it would be educational, so there is merit to observing it." Glynda sighed in defeat.

"Whatever we decide to do is fine with me." Blake said, earning shrugs of agreement from Ren and the Schnee sisters.

"We're probably gonna wind up doing it one way or the other, so I wouldn't mind seeing how much different the world was back then." Emerald admitted

"Whatever extends my free vacation from Huntsman work, even just a little, is fine by me." Qrow said, laying back in his seat.

"Right? It keeps my bun-bun away from Cardin and those jerks if nothing else." Coco agreed.

"But aren't the monster's we're getting basically already dinosaurs?" Cinder asked, less than impressed.

"Exactly. And they have elemental super powers, so regular dinosaurs hardly seem interesting in comparison." Adam added.

"Yeah. Old stuff is boring. Why do you think we don't listen to records or watch movies on film anymore? Because those things are old, dumb and outdated and we have better, cooler new stuff." Roman agreed.

However, before the discussion could continue any further, a set of wooden double doors appeared. "Well, it looks like he's ready, whether you guys are or not." Katana said, ushering them towards the doors.

Jaune and Ruby lead the group up to the doors, stopping as they reached out for them when they noticed the handles looked like the ribs of an animal. "Well, that's... inviting." Jaune said nervously.

"Well, it's a bit more atmosphere, I guess. Gives things a bit more flare." Ruby said awkwardly, before they both took a deep breath and steeling themselves, pushing the doors open and walking inside.

They entered and were greeted with what looked like one of the classrooms from Beacon but with some differences. Decorating the walls were several replica skeletons or skulls of prehistoric animals. Hanging from the ceiling was a fan with pterosaur models, like some kind of mobile. Towards the front it was expanded with equipment that wouldn't be out of place in a science lab and hanging next to the board was the skeleton of a scaled-down T. rex.

The students (those not eager to learn) groaned at the prospect of it being exactly like their Huntsman classes at Beacon while the adults (mainly those that work at Beacon) said it makes the place feel more familiar.

Some of the students who were... less than enthusiastic about academics groaned at the familiar scenery. "Ugh. It's like we're back in Professor Port's class." Yang grumbled.

"Yeah! Half of the fun of this place was getting AWAY from school!" Nora complained as well.

"Yeah, it is a bit lame. Why couldn't it be a cool cave with ancient drawings on the wall and... tar pits or something?" Jaune asked.

"Oh, come on, team. At least it has some form of atmosphere. That's one thing Katana's white void was lacking." Pyrrha tried to cheer up her friends.

"I find the familiar feeling rather welcoming, in all honesty." Glynda said.

"Indeed. I for one feel much more at home here." Ozpin agreed.

They saw there were designated seats in the first two rows. "Assigned seats? Really? Are we back in grade school or something?" Ilia asked.

"Well, they've went to the trouble of making this place for us, so we might as well not complain." Velvet said as they all sat down.

"I find the extra organization rather comforting." Weiss declared as she sat in her assigned seat.

"Of course the princess is already brown-nosing those in charge." Cinder said with a roll of her eyes.

However, it was at this moment, many of them noticed the one thing the classroom was missing: a teacher. "So, where exactly is our Professor for the evening?" Ironwood asked, earning nods of agreement from the other intellectuals.

However, some of them then noticed music quietly starting up over the speakers. "Hey, are you guys hearing that?" Neo asked.

And some of them began to recognize the music. "Is that... Mesozoic Park?" Ruby asked. [1]

Emerging from a back-door was the professor. Surprisingly, he only seemed a few years older than the students, mid 20s. His face was young but on the cusp of adulthood, with green eyes behind a set of glasses. Scalp has short brown hair while the rest of his facial hair is mostly shaved. The sharp-eyed among them saw a few scars on his face- one on his lower lip, another under his left eye, & a round one next to his right eye. He wore the garb of a scientist- white jacket, khaki undershirt, khaki pants, green shoes. His hands were covered by a pair of gloves that had a scaly texture to them.

He walked with a confident yet cautious step before he faced the class. With a snap of his fingers, the music stops.

"Ah welcome, I see you're all here. Greetings from Earth to Remnant. I see Mrs. Blade has informed you all briefly about this venture. Since I know who you all are," he began before thinking, 'some I regret knowing', and he resumes, "allow me to introduce myself. The name's Prof. George Henry Anderson. Paleontology is my game." He presented himself.

"Thank you for having us, sir. My name is Ozpin, as I'm sure you have heard from Mrs. Blade." Ozpin greeted.

"And I am Penny, sir! It's always a pleasure to meet someone new, especially someone with an interest in expedition and discovery." Penny greeted as well.

All the others then began to introduce themselves to various degrees of enthusiasm. However, when Blake introduced herself to him, she could've sworn she saw him wink at him. [2]

In contrast when the former antagonists did the same, he gave them all razor glare as if saying 'I got my eyes on you all.' This glare was the most pronounced at Cinder & Adam.

"With introductions underway, you may be wondering why such a setting to know about prehistoric animals that will be your companions? Why not something similar to what Mrs. Blade does? The answer is simple: since my middle school days, I gave short lectures about prehistory with various results of success . . . and ridicule. All because I was a paleo-nerd and not some sport gorilla who thinks with his muscle & trouser snake." He began.

A few less mature members of the audience laughed at this. "Well, at least this guy's not afraid to have some fun and crack a few jokes." Coco said.

"I would've preferred someone who would refrain from such vulgar childishness." Hazel grumbled.

"Be thankful that there's a very small % of me actually swearing. And I shall get this out of the way NOW." He points at the villains. "Hatred for you all, especially the ones I call Psycho Tuxedo Mask & Pyroach, is an understatement. Especially Pyroach for threatening my emotional rock that is your show." He snapped at them.

Many of them were shocked and intimidated by the sudden remark. "Whoa! Th-that escalated a little fast, didn't it?" Ruby asked.

"Definitely not the best first impression." Qrow agreed quietly.

"I'm not sure I'm entirely comfortable around someone who gets that angry that fast." Ren admitted.

"Long story short, my grandfather got me hooked on Prehistory from a very young age. He died Nov 13, 2014. So when I found out about RWBY after the creator died, I fell in love with the show and also one character in particular. And then Volume 3 rolled around and now I found myself losing count of the ways I want those two taken off the census. Volume 8 killed my love for the show." He marched up to Taurus and Fall both, staring at them. His eyes glowed a vibrant green and his voice took a slight reptilian/draconic tone.

"Let it be known. If I catch any misconduct from either of you, you will be restrained and forced to watch bad Monster movies, especially those by the Asylum. DO. I MAKE MYSELF. CLEAR?!" The last part he growled, sounding like a mix of an alligator bellow & booming call of a cassowary. The sound was felt in their bones and also heard. [3]

They both nodded rapidly. With closed eyes and inhaling through his nose and out through the mouth, George began to relax. "Good." He said, imitating the Galaxy Wars Emperor. [4]

The pressure in the room lifted as George returned to his station at the front of the class. "I do deeply apologize for the bad first impression. I assure you I'm not always like this. All it takes is one bad apple to ruffle my feathers and I go through a similar temper to a certain Sunny Dragon." He looks at Yang who understands as does her family and friends.

"That's a mood." Yang admitted.

To ease his stress, he pulled out from his hammer-space a colorful rubber ball that worked like bubble wrap with small buttons that could be popped and unpopped. After squeezing it for a bit, he was calm.

"Now with that out of the way, allow us to officially begin. Under the desk is a drawer with color-coded folders, notebook and pen." George acknowledged.

They each pulled open their drawer and pulled out their materials. "Oh, goodie. More studying. Like we didn't get enough of that BEFORE we came here." Neo complained.

"Ugh. It really IS like being back in school!" Nora complained.

"Now we simply need a syllabus." Weiss agreed.

"Thanks for the reminder, Ms. White Snow. Each lesson will follow this structure." The board behind him turned on, revealing the outline.


History + any notable specimens



Paleobiology (biology about the extinct organism)

Paleopathology (study of infections, disease, injuries, etc but in extinct organisms)

Paleoecology (study of the environment the animal lived in & talking about other animals it lived with)

Bonus: Any Pop culture appearances. If there's several, only talk about the most noteworthy


It seemed like an easy enough outline to follow. Then George gave a smirk, not unlike one Katana would do if she was being devious/hiding info.

"I shall warn you, some creatures & facts will make your head hurt; I have already suffered." George said, snickering like a mad scientist.

"No wonder you are so off your rocker." Roman said.

"I will ignore that. Oh and one more thing I almost forgot. My assistant." He clapped his hands and from the other backdoor came an odd sight.

It was a Dinosauroid (created by Dale Russell) in butler attire.

The crew was shocked at what they were seeing, before flying into a myriad of questions. "What is that!?" Jaune asked, a bit unnerved by the creature.

"Is it a Faunus?" Blake asked, amazed by the creature.

"Or some kind of dinosaur!?" Ruby asked in awe.

"What is it here for?!" Neo asked, excited to see what the creature had in store for them.

"What can it do?" Penny asked curiously.

"Why's it wearing butler's clothing?" Winter questioned.

"This is Alvin. He's a Dinosauroid, a what-if scenario of a dinosaur, in this case a Stenonychosaurus, developing sophant levels of intelligence." Before anyone could ask, "I will explain what that means later but for now Sophant means a being of intelligence equal to/greater than a human." He briefly explained.

"What is it's purpose for exactly?" Ironwood questioned, wondering what this creature was capable of and what they were like one not acting as someone's butler.

"As said, he's my assistant. Helping me with any tasks and also providing refreshments." Being given food & drink was a nice change of pace.

Alvin provided Mr. Anderson with a thermos. The thermos was decorated with the layers of geologic time.

"Your raspberry tea, sir." His voice sounded like Albert from Owlman: The Animated Series [5]

"Thank you, Alvin." With a quick sip, George was ready to go.

"Now we may finally begin. Engage the randomizer." With a snap of his fingers, a spinning wheel appeared on the table.

The wheel had their names on it, properly color coded. "This randomizer will decide who goes first in learning about their creature(s). I would like to provide you with at least 3, one from each geologic age if possible."

"To give a short summary of each geologic age: Paleozoic- before the Dinosaurs, Mesozoic- Age of Dinosaurs, Cenozoic- Age of Mammals/after the Dinosaurs." He explained.

"Makes sense." Jaune said.

"Simple enough." Ren agreed.

George spun the Randomizer for 24 seconds. . . . and it landed on. . . . Ironwood.

[1] Remnant's version of Jurassic Park

[2] Blake is my crush/my soul-mate. Despite her being fictional. . . .

[3] Closed mouth vocalization. The cassowary call is said to be one of the loudest bird calls ever.

[4] Remnant's version of Star Wars

[5] Remnant's version of Batman; that and my father likes owls.