Hello again, everyone!

54Godamora with the 2nd animal for Ironwood. The title is the only clue you're getting about what it could be. This one will be much longer and has taken more time to create than the last one. This is for a couple of reasons.

A: From June 30th- July 5th, I'm on a trip to Memphis, TN for a family reunion.

B: E.D.G.E (Expedition Discovery Guild Enterprise) has a 7-part video series discussing the Mesozoic animal in question. As such, that will be my go-to source for information. Being so long, I'll be working on this one in increments.

C: Part of this chapter is lifted from DinosaursXDevils, a story set in the world of Highschool DXD anime over on Hareta Kuso's page.

Oh and one last thing, here is a list of which RWBY characters are here, and what Monster Hunter animals they have.

Ruby: Stygian Zinogre

Weiss: Gammoth

Blake: Nargacuga

Yang: Rajang

Jaune: Glavenus

Nora: Kirin

Pyrrha: Shrouded Nerscylla

Ren: Mizutsune

Roman: Yian Garuga

Glynda: Abyssal Lagiacrus

Cinder: Lunastra

Ozpin: Kushala Daora

Velvet: Seregios

Penny: Valstrax

Emerald: Nightcloak Malfestio

Ironwood: Bazelgeuse

Neo: Ahtal-Ka

Coco: Tidal Najarala

Adam: Duramboros

Winter: Zamtrios

Qrow: Ebony Odogaron

Hazel: Brachydios

Ilia: Chameleos

Summer: Alatreon

Without further ado, let's begin!

Chapter 2: Fear Nothing Titan

During their 1 hour break, the Remnant crew came across a room across the hall from the Professor's that was a prehistory- themed lounge/arcade. It was decked to the nines with prehistoric stuff.

Bean bag chairs shaped like over-sized dinosaur eggs, bar stools shaped like bones, green lighting coming from the ceiling, couches decorated to look like a primordial jungle, as well as similar decorum to what the professor has. And the music playing is a softer version of the theme to Mesozoic Park.

The arcade was adjacent to the bar with games of all kinds.

"Oohh, this looks so fun! So many games to play, which means so many Dino's to see!" Excited Ruby stated, while Yang pointed to a particular game.

"How bout we go play that one, Rubes? Looks like fun!"

"Lead the way, the older sister." Ruby, with a mock salute, followed her sister.

Meanwhile, Jaune made his own excitement known. "All this looks so cool! Egg beanbags, games galore. This is dinosaur nerd heaven!"

Pyrrha, with an amused giggle, suggested for them to go play a separate game, which he happily agreed. Ren and Nora once they are separate ways from their other teammates, with the girl just as giddy as her fearless leader, almost dragged Ren to another game. Not that he complained.

Most of the adults, like James, Winter, Penny, and Summer just looked around and admired the room. Ozpin, meanwhile, had some thoughts to himself.

'Quite a fascinating set up for a break room, I suppose it makes sense for the topics we're going over. I wonder if they're more rooms like this?'

Qrow, Roman, Emerald, Hazel, Adam and most of the others mostly gave looks of indifference. With Blake just sitting down in a specific area when she noticed that there were books here.

Most of the teens/young adults head for the arcade while some just take the time to relax on the soft seating.

Qrow did check out the bar which had non-alcoholic soda drinks, including one called Dinosaur juice, which was basically fizzy red Kool-aid. It even had a few dinosaur gummies in it.

'This looks as if coffee and nightmares had a baby.' Qrow thought to himself, a little disturbed. But then he started drinking anyway. "Not bad. Sweet but not tooth-rotting." He commented.

The teens engaged in various games. Ruby & Yang were playing a fighting game called Dinosaur King which was similar to Pinchermon but with 6 elements. Yang chose a Fire Type while Ruby chose a Wind type. Their partners, on the other hand, were reading. Blake had found a bookcase that contained. . .prehistory themed books akin to Ninjas of Love [1] while Weiss was reading over her notes.

Jaune & Pyrrha are playing a dinosaur racing game, while Nora & Ren are playing a rail-shooter.

Ilia & Emerald had found a prehistory-themed dancing game which had attracted the attention of their friends, with each taking turns.

Meanwhile, Ironwood was speculating what his 2nd Prehistoric partner would be. The only clues he had to go by where it's from the Age of Dinosaurs & was big. Emphasis on the latter.

In deep thought, 'The largest I can think of off the back of my hand are Tyrannosaurus, Brontosaurus, Triceratops, & Stegosaurus. It might not exactly be those animals, but it could be related to them. And with the emphasis on big, my best guess would probably be sauropods. But which one?'.

Once the hour was up, they heard the tell-tale bark of a raptor from Mesozoic Park followed by an intercom.

"Ladies & Gentlemen, your 1 hour break is up. Please return to the classroom for the 2nd lesson." George's voice came on.

This was met with many groans, but some were interested in what was next.

Upon returning to the classroom, they see that there was more than one George! Two others are seated at different desks, typing away at computers.

This led to some rubbing their eyes, and questions.

"Hey George, did you spike that juice, because I think I'm seeing more of you then I like." Qrow said in both a serious and joking way.

Cinder, next to Ruby and Penny, who were rubbing their eyes, turned to Emerald.

"Are you using your hallucinations? Cause now it's not a good time."

Emerald, while in shock, turned to send her with a look of exasperation. "Bwah! What makes you think that this is my doing?! Besides, you already know how I use my hallucinations."

"Fair point." Cinder conceded.

Adam decided to cut the middleman and asked, "Why are there three of you?"

"Oh those two? They're my clones. And these two are just a fraction of all I have. And before you ask, the George you are speaking to is George Prime. One is working on something related to a Kaiju story, while the other is typing up a resignation for my current job." He explained.

Upon being asked what his current job is, "My current job is a restaurant connected to the local college I graduated from. Been working there for over 2 years. But due to little customers + very little hours available = not much money. So now I have chosen to resign and work retail at the same store my dad works at." He explained. "The problem is making it sound like a proper farewell without being rude or making me feel guilty." He added.

Yang, Ren, Nora, and Jaune nodded in understanding.

"Yeah, working in the fast food industry can actually be a lot harder than it looks. Especially when you have seven sisters that want to be "Supportive" when they come to see you at work." Jaune said hauntingly.

"Try doing it when you have literally nowhere else to go." Nora challenged, with Ren nodding supportively.

"I had it relatively easily, but you will not believe how many times guys tried to grab my TnA when I was a waitress." Yang groaned, with an angry and annoyed look. Summer looked worried at her daughter, but her sunny little dragon quickly reassured her that she got out of it OK, and that she even got to deck some of them. She got fired, of course, but it was worth it.

Upon getting to their seats, time for the lesson to begin.

"So Ironwood's 2nd Prehistoric animal is a Mesozoic Mount. This is an animal that can be ridden into battle and also be a potential morale boost for allies. And what better morale boost than a giant whose name literally means "Fear Nothing"?" He begins.

"I present to you. . .Dreadnoughtus!"

On screen, is a large sauropod. The head was vaguely rectangular, neck long & thick, torso was rather compact, limbs are columnar, a scattering of body armor behind the neck & base of the tail, and the tail was less than half the length of the neck with a tapered tip. And for scale, a human barely came up halfway up the leg.

The size alone made a good impression on them all, as it's taller than any of their Monsties, even at full size.

"Sweet brothers, that is big." Roman stated, with a surprise look.

"It looks as big as my Gammoth!" An amazed Weiss spoke, taking in the sheer size of this animal.

Ironwood was also impressed but he had something very important to ask.

"Will these creatures be given the same size adjustment spell that Katana gave our monsters?"

"Oh, don't worry, they will. Gonna be careful with giving them." George said reassuringly, much to the relief of the general.

"Oh and they'll be given the opportunity to have Aura & Semblance. The difference is that the size of the animal determines how much Aura they have." George explained.

That got them excited and wondering what semblance a prehistoric animal could have.

"Will mine have the power to break the legs of an entire army?!" Nora asked with a crazed excited look.

"Will they be as smart as Zwei!?" A happy and excited Ruby eagerly asked, missing her little corgi.

"Do you believe that they may have the same abilities as our monster companions?" A curious Penny pondered, which brought discussion between the teachers, and most of the audience.

George settled them down so they could begin the lesson in earnest.

"However, before we begin, there are some Sauropod facts I need to talk about- how they fossilize, their feet, and the way they breathe." He informs them.

This puzzled them, mainly regarding feet & how they breathe.

"How do they breathe?" Emerald, Adam, Hazel said, at the same time, one deadpanned, one confused, and one curious, respectively.

"Why their feet? You got a foot fetish?" Coco joked. Velvet blushed & reprimanded her as did Glynda.

"Very funny," He deadpanned. "I don't have a foot fetish." He moves on.

"When it comes to being fossilized, Sauropods are one of those extinct animals that don't often survive the fossilization process. Their large size means most remains we do get are very fragmentary, their skulls especially being a sort of rarity if you will. So as a result, the remains we do get are often compared to more complete specimens. Dreadnoughtus is one of the more complete Titanosaurs out there when it comes to remains. . . except for the head." He starts on how Sauropods aren't fossilization darlings.

"How come long-necks don't preserve well?" Emerald asked.

"As someone who has witnessed sharks feeding on whale carcasses, it's likely that Sauropods are magnets for carnivores, their bodies torn apart, resulting in very little getting fossilized." Winter hypothesized. She had started learning about sharks more after getting Glatteis, her Zamtrios. Among such facts, Great Whites love to eat dead whales.

"That is one possible theory. The other is being torn apart by the elements- high winds and floods. The third is preservation bias. These are factors that affect the potential for an organism to become a fossil. For example, seashells you find on a beach. Thin-shelled ones are less likely to get preserved while tough-shelled ones are more likely to be preserved." He explains about preservation bias.

"Yeah, that makes sense. I can remember one time when Ruby and I were on the beach, I stepped on some shells; some were easy to break, and others just sank into the sand." Yang shared, putting her own input on the term.

Ruby's eyes widened and she smiled in remembrance, before George continued the lecture.

"Exactly. Now for Sauropod feet. And for that, time for some visual aids." He pulls out four skeletal feet: one of Dreadnoughtus, one of an elephant, one of a bear, and one of a dog.

"Now when it comes to walking there are 2 ways the feet contact the ground. Ok technically 3 but the last one is used for derived equids, like horses. There's plantigrade where the whole foot & toes touch the ground. This is seen in animals like bears & people." He talks about plantigrade motion.

"The other type of locomotion is digitigrade. Walking on just the toes. This is seen in dogs, birds, & dinosaurs." He discusses the other mode of walking.

He even gave a demonstration of the two by walking on his toes. . .which looked like he was wearing heels, which got a laugh from the ladies. After that show, he puts away the ursid & canid foot and brings out a Dreadnoughtus back foot.

"So what's with the elephant foot?" Jaune inquired.

"It's a common trope or paleo-meme to reconstruct the feet of large herbivore dinosaurs- Sauropods, Armored Dinosaurs, & Horned Dinosaurs- off animals like elephants & rhinos because those are the closest analogues we have. However, that is not the case with sauropods." He talks about how using the feet of elephants & rhinos to reconstruct the feet of certain dinosaurs is wrong.

"Sauropod feet are, for lack of a better word, weird. The front feet are essentially a fleshy horseshoe shape. The toe bones were pressed together into a column-shape. They did have 5 toes but only digit I, the thumb, bore a claw. The back feet are kind of like a mix between a tortoise & elephant's overall shape. Still 5 toes, but only digits I-III, the thumb, pointer & middle finger, bore any claws at all. Some Titanosaurs, the Sauropods that dominated in the Cretaceous period like Dreadnoughtus, have no front toes and just use their metacarpals for walking on." He talks in-depth about sauropod feet.

When asked what the metacarpals are,

"Those are the bones that make up your hand and are the connection between the finger bones & wrist." He said.

None can hardly imagine trying to walk like that.

"Now for breathing. I know what you all are thinking. 'How much different could the way it breathes compared to us?'" George stated before he gained a smirk, rubbed his hands together, and laughed like a trickster.

"Oh this will be very enlightening. . ." He said. [2]

Appearing on-screen are the skeletons of four Archosaurs: T. rex, Brachiosaurus, Pteranodon, & a crow. Highlighted are several internal organs/sacs throughout the body.

"What you see inside the skeletons are air sacs. They're found in lizard-hipped dinosaurs, the Theropods, Birds, Sauropods, & Pterosaurs. It's unknown if bird-hipped dinosaurs had these, which could mean they had metabolisms more like those of mammals." George began on air sacs. "I'll explain what bird-hipped Dinosaurs are in a later lesson but here are nicknames each of you are familiar with: three-horn, spike-tail, club-tail, dome-head, & duck-bill." He added.

"So what's the purpose of these air sacs?" Neo asked.

"For starters, they're connected to the lungs and are found in multiple places inside their bodies, even invading their vertebrae. As for purpose, that's the amazing part in that much like every feature in animals today, they're multipurpose." He began to talk about the air sacs.

"The first relates to breathing. The process is rather complex so in layman terms, they're constantly breathing even when exhaling. This is a big boon, resulting in being more energetic, more stamina, growing & healing quickly, and making incredible sounds that could be heard & felt." He starts on the first function.

"So the last one is like when someone plays a sound with lots of bass that causes us to feel it internally." Yang pointed out. She has played loud rock music before and could feel it in her bones once or twice. . . though so could everyone else, either at home or in their dorm.

"The other relates to them growing big. The air sacs helped save weight. Two examples. The largest sauropods, Titanosaurs, rivaled the largest whales for length, but weighed less than half their weight. The tallest pterosaurs, Azhdarchids, could look a giraffe in the eye but weighed about 25% of a giraffe's." He explained the weight saving advantage.

When asked about what Azhdarchids were, he only had this to say:

"Killer. Giraffe. Storks." In an ominous tone.

"….." Everyone was in deadpan silence. Then George moved on like nothing happened.

"The final talking point is heat management. Dinosaurs were endothermic, meaning warm-blooded; however the bigger an animal gets, the more heat is in the body, and finding ways of shedding heat. Elephants have large ears to shed heat called thermal windows. Air sacs allow for the inhalation of cool air, it travels through the body, and hot air is exhaled. Biological air conditioning." George talks about heat management.

All they've heard about these air sacs sounds cool and some imagine what it would be like to have them.

'I could be the tallest one here. Goodbye Ms. short-stack, and hello Ms. Amazon!' Nora thought to herself, picturing herself as a giant redheaded goddess worshiped and given pancakes every day.

"Were there any. . .issues these air sacs presented?" Ironwood asked.

"Yes. Much like any animal of today, animals of the past could still become ill. Not too long ago, paleontologists found parts of sauropod neck vertebrae that had scarring and abnormal bone growth likely caused by some kind of respiratory disease. In short, it had a lung infection. . . in its spine!" George talks about one way a Dinosaur could get sick.

The cinnamon roll trio (Ruby, Pyrrha, & Velvet), winced thinking how bad it would be to have a common cold in your spine.

"That sounds horrible." Ruby whimpered with sad eyes, never liking the idea of an animal hurt or sick.

"How is that even possible?" Pyrrha, just as sad, wondered out loud.

Velvet, with her ears down slightly, turned to the Crimson-head, "I would rather not think of it."

Ironwood is also concerned since being in Atlas, the cold could also negatively affect his Sauropod.

"I will need to hire a veterinarian to help me with my sauropod, to make sure that he is in a suitable position for life. Maybe I should also ask them what antibiotics to give them, bird or crocodile?"

"I should also mention that Sauropods are mesothermic, having a metabolism and body temperature between that of a warm-blooded or endothermic animal, and that of a cold-blooded or ectothermic animal." George added.

Ironwood was even more concerned about keeping his giant Sauropod alive if it could hardly handle the cold.

'This just got harder. I need to do whatever I can to give them their best life!' Ironwood promised himself, and his future dinosaur, with a determined look.

"So with everyone caught up on basic Sauropod facts, at least until I decide to talk about more, onto Dreadnoughtus. This Titanosaur, despite being known from just two specimens, and being recently described, has managed to quickly gain popularity, especially last year in 2022." He starts the lesson on Dreadnoughtus.

"We began in 2004/2005 when the first remains were discovered in the Santa Cruz province of Argentina. The particular area is very remote and can vary from blistering heat to frigid cold. Paleontologists go fossil hunting in the summer and so have a very short period to extract fossils. As a result, it took four summers to fully excavate the remains. By 2009, the remains were shipped via ocean freighter to Philadelphia for preparation & study. By 2014, they were formerly named by Kenneth Lacovara as Dreadnoughtus schrani." He talks about the discovery.

"There is way more to the story such as the actual process of excavating the fossils which is painstaking work no matter where you are and one undergrad student who never went camping before. . . almost going feral." He added. [3]

That got a laugh from those who have camped before about that one student and others having more respect for the work these Paleontologists put in.

"There is one more factor regarding the discovery. You see, most countries prefer keeping the fossils found on their soil there. This is because much like how animal poaching is a thing, so is fossil poaching and a black market for such. Mongolia & Brazil are countries where it's illegal to take fossils from them without permission, and even if you do, they have to be returned." He talks about fossil poaching.

That got under the skin of some, especially the Faunus.

"So what is the solution here for this case?" Blake asked.

"The fossils were scanned and then 3-D printed casts were made. The year after the remains were described, they were returned to Argentina." George said.

It was nice to hear that the researchers held up their end of the deal and the fossils were returned to their homeland.

"So what exactly did they find? And what does the full scientific name mean? For the latter, as I said, it does mean 'Fear Nothing'; however, there are 2 Argentine dreadnoughts so it also honors the country it's found in. The species name is after Adam Schran, an American entrepreneur who supported the project." He began the next section on description.

"As for the former, over 100 bones which have a combined weight of 16 tons." He pulled up an image that shows all that they found. While there's very little of the head or neck, much of the body & tail vertebrae, ribs, limbs, & hips are known. In short, about 70% complete. "And one final point regarding completeness, it's more complete than any other known giant Sauropod. The main record holder when it comes to the biggest Sauropod, Argentinosaurus, is almost 10% complete." He added.

That got a whistle from Neo. "Not bad, even if the skull is largely unknown. That said, how do we know what it looked like in its entirety?" She inquired.

"By comparing it to its relatives. Which brings us nicely to what kind of Sauropod Dreadnoughtus was. It was a Titanosaur, which were predominantly Cretaceous era Sauropods, with many found in Argentina growing massive. More specifically, a member of Lithostrotia. These derived or advanced Titanosaurs have a few defining features. These can include body armor or osteoderms. . . which isn't known for many. The other is the front face of their tail vertebrae being concave." He talks about Classification.

"And here I was, thinking all long-necks were related. . ." Cinder lamented.

"As for the physical features of Dreadnoughtus, it was beefy. The shoulder blade was nearly 2 meters tall, making it longer than any other Titanosaur currently known. This gives it the biggest forelimbs or arms of any Titanosaur, with the exception of Brachiosaurus or Paralititan. The ilium was also large and for lack of a better word, gave it a wide rear end. The back legs were equal in length to the front and lastly, the chest was barrel-chested. In short, a very muscular build." He described the physical characteristics of Dreadnoughtus.

Blake imagined a Dreadnoughtus faunus being built like Captain America albeit beefier and blushed heavily. [4]

"So we know that parts of its skeleton made it big. But how big was it exactly?" Nora asked.

"There has been much debate over the exact size of Dreadnoughtus. Current size estimates place it about 26 meters long/85 feet, nearly 12 meters/39 feet tall, and 49 tons/over 100,000 tons." He says with awe & wonder about the size. "But here's the shocking part. The only specimens we do have. . . aren't fully grown. So they may have grown even bigger." He added with a daunting message.

They can hardly imagine something that is so big, only a few other Monsters like Lao Shan Lung or the big snakes for example, could be so big. And the fact it's not fully grown just adds to the mystery of how much bigger could Dreadnoughtus be.

"What's the maximum size mine will have?" Ironwood asked.

"My best guess would be about. . . just 20% larger." George speculated.

Summer raised her hand, "Yes Mrs. Rose?"

"How do we know it wasn't fully grown?" She inquired.

"Microscopic analysis of the humerus shows it lacked an outer layer of bone found only in skeletally mature vertebrates. You see when it comes to basic biology, an animal can be sexually mature and still have a lot of growing to do before they are skeletally mature." He talks about the difference between sexually mature vs skeletally mature.

"A final point before we go into the last two categories for this lesson is that the first specimen contained soft tissue & collagen. This isn't the first time an extinct animal has been found with soft tissues preserved. There are in fact dino-mummies." He talks about the soft tissue.

"Wait, they're wrapped in bandages?" Yang joked.

"No. Dino-mummies are those that have lots of external & internal appearance preserved. Ranging from skin & feathers, to internal organs. Why sometimes we can even tell what color certain dinosaurs are!" He clarified.

"So how was it preserved in this Titanosaur?" Emerald asked.

"The specimen was buried rapidly, in a crevasse splay. Basically, an overflow of water onto a floodplain. The quicker the specimen is buried, the better chances of soft tissue getting preserved. This prevents it from being exposed to scavengers & harsh winds." He explained.

"Now for paleo-ecology. While I get the diorama ready, here are some cake donuts. You get two each and there are flavors that I'm sure each of you would like." Alvin came out with two donut boxes designed to look like a briefcase [5]. Upon opening, there was a myriad of donut types.

Ruby got two chocolate chip cookie donuts, Weiss got two vanilla with snowflake-styled frosting, Blake had two blueberry donuts, and Yang got two dark chocolate donuts with yellow icing. Jaune has two maple donuts, Pyrrha has two red velvet donuts, Nora two pink strawberry donuts, and Ren has two maple blueberry donuts. Velvet two carrot donuts, Coco two coffee donuts with orange icing, Emerald two chocolate mint donuts, and Cinder two Mexican chocolate donuts. [6]

Qrow got two chocolate donuts with a little bit of rum jam, Glynda got two plain donuts, Ozpin got pure chocolate donuts, Winter got two vanilla with chocolate lines and snowflake sprinkles like her sister. Ironwood got two dark chocolate, Penny got two sugar donuts, Roman and Neo got two cinnamon glazed and two powdered strawberry jam filled donuts, respectively. Adam got two green tea flavors, Hazel got two honey glazed, Ilia got two rainbow, and Summer got one chocolate chip and one chocolate with yellow frosting.

Each of them enjoys what they have. As they do, they hear George humming a theme, to what they don't know. . . yet. They look & see the professor setting up the ecosystem diorama.

Upon being done, George presented the diorama which is a low-lying forested floodplain criss-crossed with bodies of water.

"Dreadnoughtus comes from the Cerro Fortaleza Formation, formerly known as the Pari Aike Formation. It is between 76-70 million years ago. This formation based on the types of rock is thought to be a forested floodplain with much of the forests being near the rivers. The wet season was short." George began on the environment.

"So what was feeding Dreadnoughtus?" Ironwood asked.

"Conifers, cycads, ferns, gingkos, & flowering plants." George stated.

'I'm going to need truckloads of these plants. . . .' Ironwood thought with mild horror.

"What other animals are found there?" Hazel inquired.

"There's molluscs, bivalves, gastropods, seed shrimp which make up the base of the food chain along with the plants, algae, & insects." He started the basics of fauna. "The snails are also another piece of evidence for a wet climate." He added.

"As for fish, there's lungfish, ray-finned, & even sharks. The reptiles included turtles, and two kinds of crocodiles- the regular river ambush predators, and also the terrestrial variety." He talked about the other animals.

The land croc comment caught the attention of many.

"If you want answers, I'll give them when & if there's another formation with formally described genera and/or one of you gets one." He stated before they could ask questions.

"We now come to see what other dinosaurs lived alongside Dreadnoughtus. We start with Talenkauen, a unique type of Ornithopod."

What he shows in the diorama is an animal that at first glance looks a bit like a Gallimimus but the head is the wrong shape, arms aren't as bird-like, and is overall a bit bulkier.

"Almost looks like a Galli." Yang commented.

"As I said, this is a type of Ornithopod called an Elasmarian. These were found in the Southern Continents like South America & Australia. Very much adapted for running. Based on close relatives, could've had a coat of feathers. These would be like the fluffy down you see on a baby bird. Diet was predominantly herbivorous but could potentially eat some bugs & snails. As for size, it was large for its kind- nearly 5 meters long & over 600lbs." George described the Elasmarian.

"I bet I could beat one in a race!" Ruby said proudly.

"There is one more Sauropod alongside Dreadnoughtus. . . but is known from even less and much bigger- Puertasaurus."

The 2nd Dinosaur was another Sauropod. . but even bigger than Dreadnoughtus! Another factor about side is width in the torso.

Eyes bulged out from many and whistles of astonishment are heard.

"Ok another contender for biggest Dinosaur right there." Emerald said in wonder.

"And just look how wide it is! It's almost comical!" Nora laughed as did others.

"You said there's less of this one but it's also bigger." Coco acknowledged.

"All we have is just 4 pieces of vertebrae. But what we do have suggests it was 30 meters/98 feet long & 55 tons." He explained the scant material & size.

This gave Ironwood a pretty good idea of how big his Dreadnoughtus could be.

"So now we know what the herbivores are. But what theropods are known?" Adam asked.

"There are 3 remains of theropods, but only two are given a proper name. There are indeterminate remains of Abelisaurids. These were theropods with short but tall skulls adorned with display structures or horns, osteoderms randomly across the body, and very weird proportions. I'll explain more in a later lesson hopefully." He explained briefly on Abelisaurs.

Some got curious and eager to learn more. But alas, they'll have to wait.

"The other theropods include Austrocheirus & Orkoraptor."

The penultimate dinosaur had a skull almost like an Allosaurs but the arms are smaller while the rest of the body was more like a regular theropod.

"What's the story with this one?" Glynda inquired.

"Austrocheirus is very fragmentary. All we have is a partial hand, a shin bone, hand bone, and not much else. This results in placing it with other Theropods to be a hassle, leaving it in limbo. What we do have suggests an animal just over 20 feet long." He talks about the 2nd-to-last Dinosaur.

The final Dinosaur shown has a very long/slender skull, and big arms tipped with 3 claws, two of which are large & curved, almost like a Raptor's foot claws but on the hands. The rest of the body is also large.

"Oooh I like the claws on this one." Ruby said with stars in her eyes.

"Orkoraptor is known from a bit more complete material- a partial skull, teeth, tail vertebrae, and a shin bone. This shows an animal about the same size as Austrocheirus and weighing a half ton." He paused & took a deep breath. "The problem is that it's a Megaraptoran." He added.

"What's a Megaraptoran? Are they like super Raptors?!" Nora asked with glee.

"At first, paleontologists thought so. But as more fragmentary remains turn up, they continue to be just as mysterious. Current evidence suggests either an off-shoot of basal Tyrannosaurs that traded jaw power for arm power or another member of Coelurosaurs related to Tyrannosaurs." They look at him completely lost.

"Trust me. The one field of Paleontology you don't want to get into if you value your sanity is classification. Or figuring out what place this animal or plant fits in the Tree of life. Megaraptorans are just one of the many aspects of Paleontology that give me a headache." He said, even being as lost as they are.

"Ok time for the Pop-culture section. To my current knowledge, Dreadnoughtus has made a handful of appearances but most prevalently in 2022. In just two months, there were two versions of Dreadnoughtus- one that goes against the status quo. . . and one that's bland. So let's do the latter so we can end on a high note." He began the final section.

"Dreadnoughtus appeared throughout the Jurassic World franchise before appearing on the big-screen, mainly in games. It finally appeared on the big-screen in the most polarizing Jurassic film yet, Jurassic World: Dominion." He talks about the lesser of the two.

"How was it so divisive?" Ozpin asked.

"Oh I could go on about the many problems but you don't want to hear me tear the movie apart. I'll just play the clips."

George started it up on the screen. It appeared briefly in the prologue. . . set 65 mya in North America! After that, in BioSyn Valley not doing much noteworthy outside of showing out-dated tropes (being in water) or just to look 'big'. The colors are predominantly bluish with some grays.

"My problem stems from the design and in the prologue. The former still has the same issues most depictions of Sauropods have such as the wrong feet, the large tail & head shape of more basal sauropods, and the jaws being very thin. However, it appearing in the Prologue just irritates me. A better replacement would be Alamosaurus, another giant sauropod that actually did live in North America. . . 66 mya." George explained his issues with JW Dreadnoughtus and they noticed his voice rising in frustration.

The former villains made a note to not get on George's bad side when it comes to paleo-accuracy.

"So time to end on a high note. A month prior to Dominion, Dreadnoughtus appeared in the documentary, Prehistoric Planet Season 1. The best dinosaur documentary to come out since the original Walking with Dinosaurs. . . well for the most part. Narrated by the legendary David Attenborough and with the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) returning to do the effects, directed by Jon Favreau, music by Hans Zimmer, and so many paleo consultants like Darren Naish & Mark Witton, it's truly a gem of a documentary!" He talks about the latter appearance, very excitedly. "All scenes are set at the end of the Cretaceous period, from 70-66 mya with Dreadnoughtus appearing in the 2nd episode, Deserts." He added.

He started it up and their attention is drawn in with just the opening music and David's narration alone. The segment with Dreadnoughtus is about a huge gathering of these sauropods in a salt flat that is similar to another documentary by BBC with sauropods. [7] The colors are slightly similar to Dominion but with some MAJOR differences.

Aside from a more accurate posture and with proper muscle & fat, there are distinctive differences in the genders with males having bright red-orange heads & necks. . . and inflatable sacs on their necks that inflate with a popping sound. The behavior is less of a herd and more of a lek, like sage grouse complete with their own display sacs, or gular sacs.

The spectacle is two males, one being almost 50 tons and caked with dust, fighting like elephant seals mixed with giraffes, with the music almost like that from a kaiju movie. Eventually, the larger one of the two is knocked over dead, until the deceased one was the only one left.

"That was totally wicked!" Ruby, Yang, & Nora yelled.

"I never thought I'd see such a display. I'll never look at a Sauropod the same way again and think of a gentle giant. . . ." Cinder said, fearful. George smirked, glad to have an impression on her.

Ironwood was also moved, thinking about the Dreadnoughtus he'll have, and imagining it crushing Grimm into road pizza.

"The behavior is based on known animals, like the Greater sage grouse or elephant seals." He played a clip showing a lek og the previously mentioned birds. . . which also included the, ahem, display of the males.

Some prudish in the group remarks on how it looked only to be reprimanded by Summer or Glynda.

"I would go into more depth on the science behind this but alas, we come to a close. So our thoughts?" He concluded.

Team RWBY and JNPR were ecstatic with what was shown, with those of a more calm nature, Weiss, Blake and Ren, calmly gave praise to one of the best sauropods they have seen, Pyrrha too but just a little more excited.

The big fans, Ruby, Jaune, and Yang were piling praise upon praise. They could never have imagined that sauropods weren't just the friendly giants in the movies, but were more like real living Kaiju. Nora had a particular reaction, and her words made it clear:

"YEAH! Fears Nothing! That is the power of thunder thighs!"

Both teams shook in fear, those good words brought back some horrible memories of her exercise regime.

Most of the adults had a more subdued reaction, but still still gave praise to the animal. Adam, in particular, started to imagine the idea of dinosaur Faunus, and trying to think what sauropods would've been like. Ironwood mostly kept himself, as he was thinking over the new arrangement with his Dreadnoughtus.

'It might be my most difficult task as of yet, to take care of an animal of this size and requirements would likely require some big costs.' But he's already accepted this, he's going to take this new activity with stride. Plus, the chance for a battle mount of this size and magnitude brought many ideas and imaginative thoughts to what the future might hold. And, even though you wouldn't hear from him, having something like that would be very cool.

"Dreadnoughtus may not be the largest Titanosaur from Argentina but it is most certainly the most complete. And having recently appeared in a brilliant documentary and a Jurassic World film, you can be sure that it will be a new favorite for many. To conclude, I'm proud to say this lesson is enlightening. And so should the next one." George concluded.

As they cleaned up & left, Ironwood asked for a hint about the final which would be from the Cenozoic.

George only gave one clue: an elephant trumpet.

And here it is folks! I was able to get this finished before my trip to Memphis! I'll admit compared to the previous one, this one was a lot more challenging, for two reasons.

A: Packing for the aforementioned trip.

B: The video series by E.D.G.E; very informative yes, but also extremely scientific, far above even my level of expertise.

1- Yes those exist. I haven't read them but I know they're out there. . . regrettably.

2- I'd like to thank Dane Pavitt for his Fossil Fix video about the information on air sacs.

3- I highly recommend checking out E.D.G.E's video series on Dreadnoughtus as he goes more in-depth than I could.

4- This is a joke based on how E.D.G.E compares the chest of Dreadnoughtus to Chris Evans.

5- If you get this reference, congrats!

6- Mexican chocolate contains chilis, making it spicy.

7- Ben Bartlett's Magnum Opus: Battle at the Salt Plains.