Ch 1

Max sat on the footsteps of the dinning hall. It was the last day of camp where all the parents are supposed to pick up their kids and of course he would be the last one. reluctantly he had to say goodbye to the only friends he made at camp, honestly the only friends he had, Niel and Niki. Though Niki gave him a crushing bear hug when her mom came and him and Niel fist pump when his dad came. No surprise that both their parents are apparently a thing now.

Niki looked ecstatic about it, but Niel wasn't as thrilled. Still while he won't admit it Max was sad to see them gone. David looked at Max with sympathy, he hated seeing his favorite camper like this but he knows how much Max hated being pitied so he left him alone for a while. Five hours later and Max's parent still haven't came. David looked at his watch to see it was 7:45. The sun was coming down and at this point the campus is closed. He went back to where he left Max to see the boy asleep on the steps.

"What are we gonna do?" He turned around to see Gwen looking at Max with a sad expression. Ever since Parent's Day she knew that Max's situation at home was a complicated one, but had hope that at least his parents wouldn't just abandon him like this. It made her blood boil on who would do this to their own child.

"I...I don't know. Have you tried calling them?" Gwen gave an angry sigh.

"Those bastards haven't even written a contact number or anything."

"Then We would have no choice but to take him to the sheriffs office." It killed David to do this, but what choice do they have? Maybe he could try to file to be a foster parent for Max, but still he'll go through the foster system. Gwen saw the expression on his face.

"I know." She said as she put a hand on his shoulder. David was starting to form tears. No one deserved this, especially a child and for their parent to basically abandon them was heartbreaking. He went over and gently gathered Max in his arms. The boy stirred in his sleep for a bit as he was being moved, but stayed asleep. As Gwen watched David walk to his car something in her snapped and she made a decision that she never thought she would make.

"Wait David." She called out to him making David stop.

"I know what you're planning on doing and we both know you're not in the best situation to take care of a kid."

"I can't just leave him Gwen." He said desperately. "If it's what I think this is, then he's going to need someone for him."

"I know, so that's why you should give him to me." David raised his eyebrows at her suggestion.

"Not to be mean Gwen, but you're in no better spot than I am."

"I know... but, it won't just be me." She left that part hanging in the air and David immediately caught on to it. Say what you want about David, but he's not completely retarded.

"He proposed." David said excited but made sure to contain himself as to not wake up Max.

"Yeah." She replied as she took a ring out of her pocket which was a beautiful black diamond ring. " it was before the start of the summer. I'll be moving in with Ryan."

Gwen did her best to keep it a secret that she actually had a boyfriend and the only one who knew was David. It's not that Gwen is ashamed of Ryan in fact it's the opposite. He's a famous and rich Author and she loves the books that he has written, but she didn't want any of the attention.

Ryan is such a great guy and always make her feel like she's worth a shit. Though he's just as sarcastic as her he really is a sweet guy and can always make her laugh.

They've been together for three years and he actually proposed to her before she left to Camp Campbell. She was in tears the whole time cause she never thought that it would happen to her.

Speaking of Camp Campbell, Ryan has made his opinion many times on why does she have to work in such a "shit show" of a camp. And at first she wouldn't admit it, but if she was honest it's for the kids.

If parents were actually bringing their kids to this hell hole, then she had to help them out or at least be there so that David doesn't try to delude them. Besides without her this place would have burned to the ground by now.

Ryan gave up trying to convince her from going and just said that as long as she was happy about it then that's all it matters. She did mention to him about Max quite a few times ever since the little shit first came to the camp two years ago.

And she knew that Max's home situation was a strained one, but after Parent's day it became more clear to her and now that they essentially abandoned the kid, she couldn't take it. while he wasn't extremely adamant about it, she knew how much the man wants to have kids.

"Are you sure?" David asked more time.

"Yeah I am. It'll be best if he's with us. Give him here." She said with her arms stretched out. David went over and carefully transfers the 10 year old to Gwen who had a nice hold on him. She was still a bit unsure and apprehensive about it and it clearly showed on her face.

"Don't worry. You'll do great and you have Ryan." Gwen nodded her head and David went to pack the rest of his things. Once he was done he gave Gwen who was still carrying Max one last hug.

"By the way congratulations Gwen."

"Thanks. Now get out of her camp man." David smiled as he went to his car and drove off. Watching the car disappear Gwen went back to her cabin and laid Max on her bed and covered him up.

"Don't worry kid." She whispered as she patted Max's head. " we'll figure this out. I promise." She walked out and made a call on her cell.

"Hey Babe. Yeah it's over and I'm getting ready to go. Hey, so you remember that kid I always tile you about?"