Even Shuichi Akai, a well-built man, noticed that the current Shiho Miyano was very different.

Shiho Miyano who goes in and out of the institute on weekdays, dresses simply. Although her elegant beauty didn't require excessive outfit, it was still interesting to see Shiho Miyano's style change drastically.

She wore a high-collared white shirt with delicate lace trim at the neck, and an ankle-length light blue skirt. Rarely is her hair on the side of her left ear pinned back behind her ear, braided, and tied with a ribbon that matches the color of her skirt. This made Shiho Miyano's already small and cute face more pretty. Paired up with her bright smile, the whole exudes a somewhat unusual atmosphere.

Shuichi Akai who regularly came to her house to check the tapping devices and monitor suspicious people (although she had repeatedly stated that it was unnecessary) accidentally saw the picture.

"Ah, Mr. Investigator, you came."

Shiho Miyano entered the door while humming a song. Seeing Shuichi Akai, she greeted him without hiding her flowery mood.

"Hmm.." Shuichi Akai was intrigued by her overly straightforward gaze and blushed slightly for a few moments.

"Did you meet someone today?"

Shiho Miyano nodded vigorously, "Do you know that?"

"Well, you look very different..."

He wanted to praise her beauty today. Akai felt his heart beating uncontrollably, and cursed to himself.

Shiho was completely oblivious to Akai's inner drama, and simply said quietly and shyly, "It's Mr. Higo."


A knife suddenly plunged into Shuichi Akai's heart.

"Last week, I went to a soccer match with my colleagues from the institute. I didn't expect his junior to be the manager of the BIG OSAKA team, so he let us into the waiting room to greet the players. I met Mr. Higo and we chatted. Today, there happened to be a movie we wanted to watch ..."


"I'm so excited. I didn't expect to be able to talk to Higo as a woman. I thought that was the last time I would be able to meet him." Shiho Miyano's eyes sparkled with excitement, "Ah, that's right!. That time I lost the pendant!"

"..." - Of course I knew it at the time.

"Ah, I'll change first. Let's go out for dinner."

"..." - Why did you change your clothes while going out with me?

Without noticing Shuichi Akai's increasingly sullen face, Shiho Miyano entered the room while humming a song. When Akai wanted to open his phone, the doorbell rang.

He looked at the intercom, and the face of the brown-skinned soccer player was reflected.

"Is that you, Shiho-san?. You left your handkerchief in my car. If you don't mind can we meet, I'd like to return it."

- Your handkerchief left in my car?. Shiho?

Shuichi Akai's face darkened, and he opened the door without saying a word.

When he got out of the elevator, Ryusuke Higo was surprised to find a tall mixed-blood man waiting for him at the gate of Shiho Miyano's house. Judging from his posture, it seemed that he was the male owner of this house.

Higo looked at the house number hesitantly, and said in confusion, "It's Shiho's house, isn't it?..."

"Yes." The man opened his mouth with a grin, but his grin was more frightening than unsmiling, "Thank you for looking after my Shiho."


"Give me the handkerchief, I'll give it to her!"


"Do you have any other business with my Shiho?"

"No, no..."

"Then, please go home."

Shiho Miyano who came out of the room happened to hear the last few words of the dialog of Shuichi Akai who slammed the door in front of Ryusuke Higo. She doubted that she was dreaming, because in her dream there was such a scenario where Shuichi Akai closed the door of her house when Higo came to her house.

Shiho Miyano was silent for a moment.

Akai returned to the living room, sat down, and began drinking tea quietly.

"Shuichi Akai...?"


"What happened?"

"Ah, there's a weirdo who wants to see you. I just threatened him. Don't worry, he'll never bother you again."


Akai leaned back calmly, spreading his arms on the couch, "I don't allow you to associate with a weird bearded man who don't look like good person."

Shiho Miyano pointed at him, her voice trembling with anger, "Shuichi Akai, you, do you believe I poisoned your tea?"

Akai looked at her, smiling brightly.

"Is that so?. Where are we going for dinner?"