Sleep Together

Shuichi Akai is a left-handed person.

Shuichi Akai is a sniper with incredible accuracy.

Shuichi Akai is a control freak.

These three things are not related to each other.

No, the woman beside him, Shiho Miyano didn't agree with this

For the umpteenth time, Shiho woke up in the early hours of the morning with the nightlight at the darkest level. It emitted a warm and gentle light in the corner of the room.

After a year of working day and night to create an antidote for APTX in a child's body, the antidote finally worked and got her life back on track. She started to get stuck in waking up in the middle of the night, but there were no dreams to frighten her, she just woke and stayed awake.

When she lives alone, she sleeps for four hours, then wakes up to read, falls asleep, and catches up on reading if she gets sleepy during the day.

There was now another person lying beside her, a man who even while sleeping had his left arm around her waist.

On their first day living together, they had a serious discussion about who would sleep on the left and who would sleep on the right, and meanwhile Shiho preferred the right side which was closer to the dressing room. Akai says that he sometimes has to go out in emergencies and sleeps on the right side which is closer to the door so it doesn't disturb Shiho.

Shiho thought about that, and his opinion seemed to be on point.

But on the other hand, she had never seen him on an emergency mission in the middle of the night once in the past month or so, but he had always held her in his arms night after night and refused to let her go. One hand is under her body, the prized left-handed marksman's right hand, the other hand mostly around her waist, occasionally holding her arm or gripping her fingers with superior left-handed sniper strength and dexterity.

Shuichi Akai's control freak personality is still there.

The awakened Shiho didn't dare to move. She could feel the warmth of the large palms on her waist, caressing her waist and stomach. It was times like these that Shuichi Akai would wake up if she moved just a little.

Shiho vaguely remembered when they were still in the organization, when Shuichi Akai was still Dai Moroboshi, he was a man who could fall asleep with his arms crossed at any moment, and many times she would only get out of the car for five minutes to run some errands, and when she returned to the car, the man was asleep.

And now just by feeling the woman in his arms move and he would wake up. When he woke up and saw that Shiho wasn't sleeping, he would stay awake for another night. Even a person with good energy wouldn't be able to stay awake at night and work during the day like this.

Shiho thought he also had PTSD, and even in his sleep he was still restless, and afraid he might lose her again.

No, he's not like that, thought Shiho. It's just the instinct of the best marksman. As for Dai Moroboshi, he was only pretending, and she saw the same tactic he used again when he was Subaru Okiya, baiting her with a straight line.

Shuichi Akai's sleeping face right in front of her was gentle and serene compared to the sharpness of his eyes when they were open.

Soft like the light of a night lamp, and like his current state of mind.

Shiho discouraged him from getting up.

Ah, it's because he loves her.

This man.

She couldn't wake him up.

With that in mind, Shiho closed her eyes again.