"Akai-san, there's really no more," Camel used his big body to protect the young lady who was crying next to him, "I don't blame her, flight tickets are very hard to grab these days, and we didn't expect you to complete your mission so soon..."

Shuichi Akai rarely showed anger on his face, this time was an exception, his voice sounded cold, "I told you, I have to return to Japan by the 21st at noon."

The young lady's tears swirled around her eyes and her voice was filled with fear of her senior's anger, "I'm really sorry, Akai-senpai, the mission was delayed and I booked a ticket for you for the evening of the 21st as expected..."

"Oh? You're so good at speculating? Then why don't you speculate whether I beat women or not?"

Camel was shocked, Shuichi Akai was really angry, this new employee's explanation obviously adding fuel to the fire, but it was impossible to make the newcomer withstand Akai's anger.

"Why don't you come and explain to your woman, I'm sure she'll understand."

It was common knowledge at the FBI headquarters that the wise and powerful Shuichi Akai was struggling to bring down that woman and had been forcibly drawn into his mission by James before he even succeeded.

What they didn't know was that he had spent the past month emphasizing that he would surprise that woman on the next full moon, a promise he repeated for an entire month.

At first, she had only responded with a blank stare and a passing comment, "Oh? Is that an assault rifle or a set of bulletproof vests?"

The first time he heard this answer, Akai replied seriously, "You want it. It's not impossible, there must be something better at the headquarters..."

Before the words were out of his mouth, a yawn told the man, seriously you lost.

"Akai," James wiped the sweat from the corner of his forehead without a trace, telling himself again and again that he was the one responsible for his failure to pursue his woman, "Even so, headquarters can't send a helicopter to you, it's too late to notify the Japanese air force..."

Akai's eyes did not leave the helicopter on the runway and said indifferently, "You should have known I could take that plane."


"I've been studying emergency landings."

"And your woman, will she support you?. Supporting you to notify the US and Japanese air forces just a few hours earlier, and risking your life!?"

Akai's gaze suddenly sank, James was right, if she knew that he was doing this, he was afraid that he would be banned from approaching her again.

"When is the ticket?"

The new employee still immersed in Akai Shuichi's powerful aura was silent for a moment, not responding to the fact that he was asking herself.

It was only after Camel looked away and gave her a gentle push that she hurriedly replied, "Seven o'clock in the evening, seven p.m."

Seven o'clock in the evening, very late.

"When the water is full, the moon is full," she muttered to the window as her slim and slender figure stood up, "An eternal truth."

At that moment, Shuichi Akai tried desperately to resist the urge to hugged this woman, his throat rising and falling several times, but no words came out.

"Don't make that face," she said as she turned around, smiling again, "I was talking about the design concept of Fusae's upcoming bag, quite an interesting full moon, isn't it?"

Before Akai could reply, an image came into view, accompanied by the woman's cold voice, "This, this is it."

"Do you like it?"

"What's the point of liking it, if you can't hold it." There was no regret in her tone, instead it was rather casual.

"Listening to the design philosophy, it's also more of a, well, regretful beauty," Shuichi Akai nodded in agreement, but his eyes seriously scanned the bag on the screen, "It does look good."

Shiho Miyano fumed, the sight of a mature man staring at a crescent white bag was a sight that made him wonder a little.

"Speaking of the moon, last night it looked so full and bright..."

He said nothing, the confusion on his face growing.

"I guess tonight is the full moon, if I want to enjoy the full moon again maybe next month..."

Shiho rubbed her eyes and refrained from wanting to hit Shuichi Akai, "Do you know what time it is?"

"It's past nine, it's time for you to get up."

Shiho was silent, someone had said that they would stay up late last night to enjoy the moon, and even though he didn't make it in time, she still didn't want to spoil the fun.

She have imagined countless moon admiring scenes, and guessed countless surprises in his mouth. The most unexpected thing was that she was released by this man.

As the moon sank and the morning light began to rise, the message bar on her phone remained blank, and she pulled the curtains of her room with a bitter smile.

"You stayed up late waiting for me?" Shuichi Akai couldn't say that he was happy to see her sleepy, but he still sneered inwardly as she thought of the reason.

"There were cockroaches in the house last night..."

"Well, it's cockroach season~"

The displeasure of having her lie exposed combined with the resentment from last night actually gave her a slight sense of flattery, "You want to take care of it?"

"I've come to make up for my mistakes," Akai repeated, unable to hide the smile on his lips, handing over the gift box in his hand, "Here, the surprise I promised you."

Seeing the size of the box, Shiho frowned involuntarily, "You're not going to tell me that you didn't come last night because you went to wait in line for this."

After opening it, her brows furrowed even more as she spat inwardly, "You bought a fake after all."

How many years of tacit understanding made Akai know exactly what she was thinking, and it must be said, the way she forced herself to hold back the words in her mind was adorable, "Fusae's Full Moon."

"Is that...?"

"Aren't you her biggest fan?. You can't even see the fake one?"


"I made this," he stepped forward and took the bag out of the box and slung it carefully over her shoulder, "I had an impromptu mission the day after yesterday and didn't make it to the opening party and I couldn't book a return ticket yesterday either."

Patiently, he adjusted the length of the bag's strap and explained to her.

Shiho Miyano felt distressed, it was obvious that he had explained the situation, but she always felt bad that he had done all this for her, and she had no time to rage with him.

"Well," the large palm left as Shuichi Akai admired his handiwork as well as his woman, "it suits you."

"Where does it suits me?" Shiho raised her eyebrows, her words deliberately chosen for a fight written in her cold blue eyes, "I'm wearing pajamas and you can see if this pair suits me?"

Shuichi Akai's smile grew as he continued to admire, "Ah yeah, this bag is made of bulletproof material."

Shiho, "..."