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The Guild of Gamers: The Gambler

Chapter 01: The True Hell

Come on, come on, come on…

Watching the cards turn one at a time, I curse my worthless luck as common after common is revealed despite my ten pulls.

A single uncommon consumable, beyond that all I got was trash.

Fucking Gacha games, if the gameplay for this piece of shit wasn't so fun I wouldn't be sat here in my underwear at 3am desperately trying to pull anything good. The Guild of Gamers taunts me, it's probably Shiro, the bastard.

I actually got lucky with my early pulls, got one of the Founders, Kuro Tepes, and he's completely busted., plus Raven and she's fun to play.

But I want to unlock Noire, or maybe Jin. Noire is the best magic user in the game beyond Grayson, and Jin is the probably best social character.

Apparently their drop rates are currently increased but the greed sensor is too good, it senses my desires and laughs in my face as it gives me useless drops that I either already have or just don't need.

My wallet sings to me, reminding me that I could get more pulls for the low price of… maybe skipping a meal or two.

Checking my online banking, I briefly do the maths of how much I'll need to survive until payday, sighing as I buy more pulls.

I actually have quite a lot of savings, thanks to crypto trading (and being smart enough to get out before everything went to shit) so in the worst case scenario I can open that account up.

I get some decent pulls on my next set of ten, Kaito is a pretty powerful character with his monster taming, but the greed has overcome me and I can't stop now, pulling more and more as I try and get the best waifu in the game, Noire.

One extra ten pull becomes two, which becomes five, and then ten as the Gacha laughs in the face of my emptying bank account.

I've never been good at self-control, but my persistence is finally rewarded as the cards turn around.

One of the cards has a golden, glowing border which is new, but as it flips around I pause in confusion.

It's not Noire, or Jin for that matter (despite the gold), instead it's blank.

Have I been cheated? Has the bastard system stolen my hard-bought reward?!

Before I can throw my keyboard through the window, the card moves into the middle of the screen, and words start appearing.

Do you like Gacha?

There's nowhere to reply, but pausing for a minute I think about the question before I shrug and type yes.

I do like Gacha, because potential prizes easily tempt me, and at least in this game you're always guaranteed to get something even if it's not always something useful.

I like the thrill of pulling something good, it's one of the only thrills I get since I dropped out of college and became a shut-in.

Yes, I like Gacha. Well actually I just like games, pretty much every time of the game to be honest.

Do you enjoy your life?

Hm, do I enjoy life? That's kinda personal.

Not really, it's dull and usually more trouble than it's worth. I have very few people I even talk to outside of my dead-end job.

Do you like your world?

Meh. I'm indifferent about it at best. It has some nice sights and great people, it also has a load of assholes but what can you do?

Would you like to leave this world for a more interesting one?

Another weird question, but I certainly wouldn't mind seeing another world, a more interesting one sounds wonderful.

Can't be worse than this place.

May you live in interesting times.

The screen goes completely white, which catches me off guard for a second, but after that I'm too busy focusing on the fact that my computer screen just became a fucking vacuum as I grip my computer desk and try to hang on as the screen grows, my eyes widening in shock and confusion as the vacuum grows stronger and pulls my head towards it and into it.

My grip tightens as my head sinks into the screen, which ripples like liquid as it drags me into it but my computer desk wasn't made for this and simply creaks and then breaks as my grip is lost and I'm sucked into the screen.

As I find myself floating in a void, I can only ask myself one thing.

What the fuck just happened?

Congratulations, if you're reading this then you pulled the one of a kind ultra rare drop, the Gacha system, and accepted my offer.

I am Kuro Dantalion, and if you played my game you should definitely know who I am, if you can't remember I'm the guy who you talked to for the tutorial mission.


Anyway, this recruiting thing was getting tedious so I automated things a little, sorry I'm not there in person to welcome you to the guild but I don't wanna be.

…well at least he has the same personality he had in the game. The entire tutorial is just doing his chores.

You, lucky player, have won the chance to join the Guild with a system of my design. Woo. Anyway, blah blah welcome to the guild, blah blah don't die and disappoint me.

Have fun, and pray that RNGesus treats you well.

This is bullshit right? Maybe I just fell asleep at my computer, but despite my doubts, I know this is real, I can feel something deep within me awakening, or perhaps starting up as my system

I know how the Guild operates, I've read the lore of most characters, and this does seem hilariously in character for the laziest founder, but-

Information floods my mind, interrupting my thoughts as the knowledge of how to use my new system works enters my brain with all the subtlety of a drunken bull.

I get rolls for making progress, in what? Anything, as long as I'm doing something interesting I'll be earning progress towards my next pull, or I can complete quests to earn more pulls that way.

The pulls can be anything, from godlike powers if I'm extremely lucky to curses. If my pull is bad enough, I'll get something negative, which seems a little mean. They come in three categories, minor, major and ultimate curses.

I also get pity points, whenever I pull a curse or a junk pull I get points based on how bad the pull is that I can save up to do a special pull where I choose the rarity of the pull.

It's still random what I get, but if I get enough points I could force a divine pull, the rarest kind.

Gacha System online.

You have been granted three pulls, which are guaranteed to be uncommon or higher. All pulls will be drawn from a much smaller selection of items, and will be far more likely to synergise to increase the chance of you gaining the power needed to survive.

No curses in the tutorial, huh? Lucky me.

So, quick question. What does it think I need to survive?

You can gain extra pulls by rolling a drawback, these pulls will also be at least uncommon and drawn from the same selection.

The amount of pulls I get depends on the drawback's severity, but I also don't get to choose the severity or the drawback. That's a risky proposal right there.

First, I should at least see what I get with my free pulls.


Result: Uncommon Magic Tome.

[Tome of Roots (Nature Affinity)]

In front of me, floating in the void, appears a brown tome. Bound in what seems to be bark, the book has small roots and vines growing out of it, my mind racing.


That book can teach me how to use magic, and I can somehow tell it's one of the simpler tomes of nature magic.

Even still, within it lies the knowledge on how to summon roots to bind my foes or protect and heal myself and my future allies.

But my mind is still focused on the simple fact that I have access to magic. What nerd hasn't dreamed of throwing spells around and fighting monsters? It's the same fantastical part of the brain that sees a stick and goes 'that would make a good sword to fight off imaginary monsters.'

Sure, most grow out of that phase but I don't need to because magic is right in front of me.

Magic Tomes will be stored in your Astral Library, they cannot be destroyed or stolen and will be indecipherable to anyone but you without a Perk to teach others how to use magic.

I can feel a connection to the astral library, in the back of my mind, watching as the tome vanishes and in my astral library, a series of bookcases appear, made from wood that still seems to be alive as roots grow out of the ground around them.

That's where my nature tomes will go, and there are lots of empty spaces, waiting to be filled. I can sense that there's many types of magic as well, just waiting for me to get a tome of the right type.

I'm going to be a fucking wizard. I suppose druid would be more correct given the material I'm working with but it's definitely wizard shit since I'm learning from books.


Result: Uncommon Knowledge.

[Cooking Mastery: Adept]

You have an amazing natural talent for the culinary arts, including baking. Your cooking wouldn't be out of place at a high-end restaurant.

Okay, while that's not quite as impressive as magic, I definitely won't say no to not being reliant on take-aways. I guess even pulls of the same rank can vary massively, but who knows what other knowledge is hidden away in there.


Result: Uncommon Item.

[Horn of Plenty]

This enchanted horn is eternally filled with produce, herbs, fruits and other edible ingredients. Once they've left the horn, they will disappear in 24 hours unless they are eaten or used in cooking.

As I watch the large golden horn appear, floating in the void for a moment as the food that should be falling out if it given how much it's overflowing, I reach out and grab a strawberry, popping it in my mouth as the Horn vanishes to the Astral Vault.

My items can't be stolen, given away but not stolen, my system reassures me of that. Much like the tome, it can't be destroyed either now that I've gained it. It will reconstitute itself in my vault if it is destroyed.

But you see, this is why Gacha is evil. Even when the system is made to work in my favour, it works against you. The rolls try to synergise, it's trying to get an item that fits with one of my other two rolls.

But it rolled something that synergises with my cooking skill, instead of the magical one.

Don't get me wrong, it's great. Never go hungry, don't mind if I do. I have access to plenty of top quality ingredients to utilise with my new cooking skill, but the system clearly suggested that I'm going somewhere unpleasant, somewhere dangerous, and I'm going there with a starter book on magic and two skills that have no use in a fight.

Plus, I need time to delve into my tome and I don't know that I'll have that time. I could get dropped straight into a fight for all I know, with nothing but a book, a horn and the knowledge of how to make a great meal on my side.

…so, do I roll a drawback to keep pulling in the hopes of getting something that's immediately useful in combat? I have no idea where I'm going to end up after all.

Fuck it, I should take advantage of the fact that the Gacha is currently fixed to only give uncommon or higher, the more I roll now the better it'll be in the long run.

Rolling Drawback.

Result: Major Drawback, two Pulls granted.

[Drawback: Case 53 (Minor)]

Your powers aren't entirely compatible with your human body, not understanding the human form, and have altered your body into something decidedly inhuman. In addition you lose non-essential memories.

This drawback can be rolled multiple times, making you more inhuman and monstrous each time.

A sudden burst of pain hits me as my forehead starts to change, a pair of horns growing out of it as my skin changes tone, gaining a pale red tint.

The horns don't stop growing, curving backwards as my ears also grow and become longer and pointed.

The rest of my body isn't left alone either, as I grow quite a bit, I've always been on the small side and having my body shoot up to just over six feet doesn't seem like a drawback to me, beyond the pain as my bones warp.

A tail grows out of my backside as a pair of leathery wings burst from my back, making me gasp in pain as my clothes don't survive the process, a mirror appearing in the void to show me the changes.

What stares back at me isn't my chocolate-brown eyes but a pair of golden eyes, with pitch black sclera.

…I'm a fucking Tiefling, that's my first thought as I stare at myself in the mirror, admiring my newly-grown six-pack and more handsome face.

For a moment, I laugh at my good luck. Sure, I'll probably stand out a lot but getting hotter isn't a drawback.

Then I try to work out what the system thought were none-essential memories. I remember the game I played that got me here, I remember all the games I've played actually, all the movies and shows I've watched…

But what the fuck is my name?

Any details about other people are gone, I vaguely remember that my parents died a few years ago but I can't remember their names or faces, my classmates? My coworkers? Gone.

The entire plot of Spiderman 3, that's essential knowledge apparently, but anything that involved me is gone.

Spiderman lived in New York, but where did I live? I genuinely don't know, I can't even remember what country I am from.

My skills seem unaffected and I vaguely remember my life, but it's blurry at best. I remember dropping out of college, a teacher trying to convince me not to, but I can't remember their name or face.

After a moment, a thought hits me. The world I'm going to has other races, right? I vaguely remember the term Case 53 but I can't remember where I heard it. I'm not going to a world full of humans where I'll be the only inhuman person, right?

Because that would make my cosmetic changes considerably more problematic.

I suppose I'll have to wait and see, but for now I should see the prizes I got for my drawback.


Result: Epic Magic Tome.

[Tome of Sanctuary (Order Affinity)]

Another Tome appears, bound in black leather with gold filigree and glowing with a soft golden light, it has the image of a staircase leading up to a bright light on the cover.

My power supplies the basics, it's a tome about healing and defending, unlike the tome of roots this isn't a starter Tome for Order magic but a mid-tier one. It will take me longer to work out the magic inside this Tome, as it's more complicated than the Nature magic I have access to.

Well, you can't go wrong with healing magic? Again it's not something I can use to fight immediately since I need to study this for it to be useful, watching the Tome vanish and reappear in the astral library, a set of bookcases for order magic appearing.


Result: Legendary Power.

My eyes widen as I see the result, the thrill of pulling something great flooding me as I see my first legendary.

That's the third highest result, just below mythical and divine.

[Escalation Engine: Demonic]

You thrive in battle, growing in size and strength as the battle continues. You will grow into a demonic form during combat, getting stronger and more durable the longer the fight goes on.

Escalation? Why does that sound so damn familiar, searching my memories I vaguely remember some dude who turned into a dragon in battle, something from a fanfic I read once.

Why does that fill me with a sense of…

Oh fuck, I'm going to Worm. That's where I remember Case 53 from. That's where I remember this power form, it's a demonic twist on Lung's power.

Because it is obviously synergising with my new Tiefling body like the Gacha said. Well, I wanted a combat power and I certainly got one.

I'm going to fucking need it. I don't have the best knowledge of Worm, but I know enough to know it fucking sucks. They have apocalypse monsters attacking on a schedule.

Endbringers, that's what they were called, the fanfic I read ended after the one called Leviathan attacked Brockton Bay, so I don't know what happened after that. Simurgh was the scary one, the angel who could mind fuck you and see the future.

…I should take another drawback, I need everything I can get my hands on if I'm going to that death world.

The chance of my drawing the same drawback twice is slim, so I shouldn't be at too great a risk of becoming even more inhuman.


I miss you, Wallet, times were simpler when I could just buy pulls, but these pulls are considerably more important than trying to get a waifu.

Yeah, it's gonna be fine, I just need to get more pulls and I'll be fine.

Rolling Drawback.

Result: Minor Drawback, one Pull granted.

[Drawback: Unstable Arrival]

Normally, a Guild member arriving in their new world is a subtle thing, going unnoticed by the world at large. Not for you, your arrival will be noisy, drawing attention to you and the teleportation will do some damage to you.

I… suppose it could have been far worse. Of course from what I remember about Worm, getting attention immediately could be problematic but I'll just have to move quickly.

They won't know it's a sign of otherworldly travel, probably thinking it's just a Parahuman power. Depending on where I arrive, I might have to get moving immediately. Who knows who is going to show up and investigate?

One last pull, come on RNGesus, please have mercy upon this lost sinner.


Result: Legendary Perk.

[Blank (Legendary Tier)]

This power protects you from Master and Thinker powers, including precognitive ones, making you essentially invisible to their powers.

It's not a combat power, but I'm certainly not going to complain about being immune to two particularly scary power sets.

RNGesus has my back, all hail the god of rolls.

But I think I've pushed my luck enough, I don't want to see what the top tier drawbacks do, I have a combat-based power, I have access to magic and now I'm immune to the scary thinkers and masters who could turn me into a puppet.

Let's not push my luck any further.

Even if I really want to.

Let's get this show on the road.

Initialising World Jump.

The void shifts as I'm violently yanked in one direction, gasping as my drawback makes itself known, instead of a smooth flight I'm practically dragged to my new world, feeling like a pinball as I switch directions several times at ungodly speeds, seeing something in the far distance but I'm too busy spinning out of control to see what it is.

I get a brief glimpse of what looks like a tear in the void before I'm pulled through it, the hole barely big enough to fit as I feel like I'm being compressed, my body crying out in displeasure at this rough treatment.

My vision is filled with light as something roars in my ears, the noise almost head-splittingly loud as I reach up and cover my ears, noticing the cuts on my arms as my vision starts to clear.

I notice two things immediately.

One, I'm still butt-ass naked. Two, I'm standing in a crater in the middle of a city street.

It's late at night, judging from the darkness, and the city around me seems… rundown, to say the least.

The buildings are boarded up, windows smashed and graffiti basically everywhere, even the road that I didn't accidentally destroy with my arrival is covered in pot holes and trash is everywhere.

Knowing that my arrival was far from subtle, I immediately got moving, because I didn't know where I was but I don't want to be here when whoever saw that entrance shows up to investigate.

Heading for an alleyway, I slip into it and pause as I make eye contact with what looks to be a homeless man, staring back at me in shock and fear, a sleeping bag on the ground in the alleyway.

Okay, whatever my name is, you can do this. Sure, you're not the best with people but that was before you got superpowers. You can handle this.

"Hello!" I say cheerfully, making him flinch back as I step towards him. "Sorry about waking you, but would you be so kind as to tell me what city this is?"

Nailed it.

"Demon! Demons are invading!"

Watching the man flee the scene, screaming about demons from the bowels of hell, I pause and scratch my chin.

Hm. That could have gone better.

Oh well. There's always next time.

Heading through the alleyway, I decide to go the opposite way to the unfortunate man. I don't want him to think a naked demon is chasing him down as my tail swishes behind me despondently.

I could fly, as my wings are just waiting to be used, but I don't want to risk that when there are probably people looking this way already.

It's better if I stay on the ground for now, even if I'd love to try them out and take to the air.

My second encounter doesn't go much better, a dirty-looking woman with bloodshot eyes and yellowed teeth freezes as she spots me, her eyes widening.

She's not afraid though, staring at me in confusion as she reaches forward and pokes me in my face with a dirty nail.

"Fuck, am I hallucinating?" she mutters, her tone slurred as I pause and consider things.

"Yes, I'm just a hallucination, don't mind me," I say, giving her a smile as I walk around her, hearing her muttering to herself about not having done anything that should be making her trip.

She also says something about skidmarks but I don't wanna know what she means by that as I leave the area quickly.

I really need to find some clothes. It's not cold, my new body seems to be naturally warmer than a regular human body, but I'm feeling a little exposed here.

I'm completely lost, just running around with no real direction, I don't know this city at all, and frankly this place looks the same no matter how far I run, all rundown and trashed.

Gang symbols make me wary, as I remember that gangs with capes were a thing in Worm, but the streets seem mostly deserted at this time of night.

Or people are just doing the smart thing and avoiding the crazy streaking demon, that could also explain a lot.

The few people I do see either record me running around wildly, or simply avoid me, turning and heading the other way immediately. They're smarter than the ones filming me, god this better not go viral, this isn't how I wanted my arrival in another world to go, light-red cock swinging in the wind.

Hey, at least it's a nice cock. My height isn't the only thing that grew, so I have nothing to be ashamed of on that front. Still not how I'd liked to have handled this.

"You know, just because Scion does it doesn't mean any cape can just run around in their birthday suit," a feminine voice says loudly, making me freeze as I turn to the source of the sound, looking up at the girl hovering above the street level as she glares down at me, arms crossed over her substantial chest. "Streaking's still a crime."

The beautiful blonde girl is wearing a fucking golden tiara, which seems a little arrogant, and a white dress with golden accents, which ends at her mid-thigh. From here I can clearly see that she's smart enough to wear bicycle shorts under it since she's flying basically directly above me.

Okay, let's try this again. Come on, me, you're basically a devil; you're supposed to have a silver tongue.

"Erm, hi?"

Fucking nailed it. She'll definitely not see me as a threat with how I just squeaked. Damn you dating sims, you failed me.

Her glare does subside as she lowers herself, seeming somewhat amused even as she stays on guard, smart girl.

Victoria Dallon (Glory Girl) —

Whatever she thought she'd find when she went to investigate the pillar of light (that had left a smooth crater in the middle of a street ), a naked demon-looking guy wasn't it.

With light red skin, leathery wings and large horns, he definitely stood out even without the golden and black eyes locked onto hers, in truth she had been getting ready for a fight before his awkward greeting. His tail swished back and forth nervously.

She went to speak before she spotted something on his shoulder, a black symbol that stood out on his light skin.

The Greek letter for Omega.

Fuck, a case 53? Probably a new one, judging by his confused expression.

His body also had countless small cuts and bruises on it, but as she watched she noticed that they were slowly closing and healing.

"Do you know where you are?" Vicky asked, making him sheepishly scratch the back of his head. "Okay, do you know who you are?"

He blinked at her question, tilting his head as he stared at her.

"How did you know-"

"Fuck, you are a Case 53. I'm guessing that flash of light was you?" Vicky asked, making him nod, once again looking sheepish.

He got lucky. She'd seen some truly monstrous Case 53's in her time as a heroine, he was actually very attractive now that she took a closer look, more like Weld or Newter than Gully or Gregor the Snail.

He also looked young, she doubted he was older than her. Probably around the same age or a year or two younger.

"I'd offer to pay for the repairs, but as you can see I'm a little… bereft of resources at the moment," he replied, making her snort. His voice was pretty sexy, a deep rumbling sound, and his accent sounded both familiar and exotic, she couldn't place it.

"Don't worry, you aren't in trouble," Vicky said as she landed. "We should probably get you some clothes, and get out of here before Skidmark and his lot show up."

"Skid… mark? Somebody actually calls themselves that?" he asked, making her laugh and nod.

"Skidmark isn't what you'd call cultured. He's the leader of the Merchants, a gang of drug-addled idiots, whose territory you just made one hell of a light show in," Vicky explained, before glancing at his wings. "Can you fly?"

"… Good question, I can certainly try," he replied, his wings flapping once as she nodded.

"Now's as good a time as any, the Merchants don't really have a way to deal with fliers that isn't just shooting at them, and most of them are too high to aim straight," Vicky explained, taking to the air again. "Try it out, if you fall I'll catch you."

Her new friend paused as his wings started to move, his face focused as he took to the air himself, far more awkwardly than her as he almost hit a building on the way up before his flight smoothed out as he followed her higher and higher.

He had a few upsets, but she didn't actually need to catch him as he stabilised himself as they flew towards a spot she knew, an abandoned hotel.

It was high up enough that getting up there when you couldn't fly was awkward, so it made it a good place for fliers to brood or stop for a talk.

She quickly found out that his ability to fly didn't mean he could land as he crashed into the floor, rolling slightly as he grunted in annoyance.

"Don't worry, everyone crashes a few times at first," Vicky said with a grin, happy she didn't just start this conversation by punching the demonic-looking cape.

She, collateral damage barbie, actually stopped and used her head instead of her fists for once, PHO would never believe it. Tch, you break one skyscraper and suddenly you're reckless.

Medhall had the money to fix the Vicky-sized hole anyway, and the only person who got hurt was Max Anders and he just got a little startled when she came through his window. The whiny baby only got a few scratches, if they were any worse he'd have accepted Amy's healing instead of milking a minor injury.

"Anyway, I suppose I should introduce myself, I've not had to do that for a while. I'm Victoria Dallon, better known as Glory Girl, a member of the independent hero group New Wave," Vicky introduced. "You can just call me Vicky."

"A pleasure, Vicky, I'd introduce myself in return but… well, you know," he said awkwardly, making her smile softly.

He was taking things very well, but any time his name came up his tail started to swish faster, a nervous tick he wasn't aware of?

"That's the case for all Case 53s. Inhuman bodies, no memories, and a tattoo of the omega symbol on their body," Vicky said, nodding to his shoulder, watching as he looked down at it, his eyes briefly widening. "I guess we need to pick a name for you, I can't just keep calling you naked devil man in my head."

"A name, huh?" he said, perfect eyebrows furrowing as he thought about it. "I've got nothing. Any ideas?"

"Lucifer?" Vicky teased before immediately freezing, don't make fun of the amnesiac, Victoria you fucking asshole. "Most Case 53s pick a name that's connected to their form, from what I've seen anyway. How about…"

She paused, thinking about as many devilish names as she could, before settling on one.

"How about Set?" Vicky asked. She was pretty sure that Set was the Egyptian devil or something, and his accent sounded faintly Egyptian if she focused.

Though actually naming yourself after a god was something that was usually done by villains so maybe-

"Set, huh? Set or maybe Seth? No, Set. I like it," Set/Seth said, testing the word before he nodded. "In that case I'm Set, and it's a pleasure to meet you," Set said with a grateful smile, and of course his teeth were absolutely perfect.

Welp, too late. She was probably going to get shouted at later. Don't give the amnesiac devil cape an evil name, Vicky.

He'd won the Case 53 lottery, she knew some Case 53's would kill to look half as good as him.

"So, what happens now? I'm afraid I'm rather out of my depth," Set asked; making her pause. What was next? She'd met new triggers before but never a new Case 53?

He didn't have a place to go, or any money to his name, hell he didn't even have any clothes.

"First, I need to get you something to cover up. Wait here a second, I'll be back soon," Vicky promised, heading into the hotel, the roof door long since broken.

She couldn't find any clothes that had lasted this long, but a torn curtain would have to do, just as something to cover up his manhood with.

And goddamn was it an impressive manhood, she hadn't been able to stop herself from taking a glance and he was packing. Dean was alright in that department but Set put him to shame.

Some girl was going to be very lucky.

Returning, she gave it to him and watched as he tied it around his waist, tearing it in places so it fit better as a pseudo-skirt.

It actually looked pretty good, the black silk of the once-expensive curtain tied around his waist, he looked like something out of a fantasy movie.

"Right, I'm not entirely sure what to do with you if I'm being honest. I think your best bet is to go to the PRT in the morning, they'll be able to set you up as a legal immigrant instead of you having no documentation at all. They'll probably try and recruit you into the Wards as well," Vicky explained, before slapping her forehead at his blank look.

Of course he didn't know what the PRT and Wards were.

Taking some time, she explained things to him, including the unwritten rules and the various gangs that might try to grab him if he stuck around.

"Honestly you're going to have a hard time getting a job, you stand out way too much so I'm not sure you'll have the choice to stay out of cape life," Vicky admitted, making him shrug with a smile.

"I didn't intend to, what's the point of powers if I don't use them," Set said easily.

"So, your choices are going hero or rogue I guess, or you could go villain but then I'd have to break your legs and I'd be sad about it," Vicky warned playfully, making him chuckle.

"And it would be truly sinful to make you unhappy. Consider me warned. I don't think villainy is my calling, despite appearances to the contrary," Set joked, pausing as he rubbed his chin. "I have an intuitive understanding of my powers, and I have access to healing. Perhaps I could go rogue as a healer, maybe in a city that doesn't have Panacea," Set rumbled, deep in thought.

He could heal? Huh, she figured he'd throw fireballs or something. Amy would either love him or hate him for charging for healing.

She didn't blame him for thinking like that, he was about as down on his luck as someone could get.

"You'd still need to register with the PRT, otherwise you'd be breaking the law every time you heal. They need to test all Parahuman healing, too many have weird side effects," Vicky explained, making him nod.

It was what made Amy so valuable, unlimited healing with no side effects.

"Entirely reasonable, I suppose," Set agreed. "So, regardless of my choices it appears that the PRT is my next destination. I need to learn how to use my healing powers first anyway, my powers are rather odd," Set admitted, making her shrug.

"I've probably seen weirder," Vicky half-joked.

"I doubt they'd appreciate me walking in through the front door at this time of night," Set chuckled, making her shake her head.

"They're open 24/7, I can call them and set up a meeting," Vicky said easily, amused despite herself.

Every cape knew that the PRT, eternally outnumbered, was desperate for any and all capes they could get their hands on.

He could kick in the front door, completely naked, and they'd still welcome him and try and recruit him to their side, especially if he could heal.

Amy did her best for the heroes, but the only other healer was Othala, and she was a Neo-Nazi bitch.

The PRT desperately wanted their own healer so they didn't have to work with New Wave for healing, if Set could do what he said then he'd be in very high demand.

"Ah, how convenient. Crime doesn't sleep, so the heroes don't get to either, huh?" Set asked, his lips quirking up as she sent a message to the PRT helpline that independents got access to and to her mom.

"Why don't you come home with me, you can borrow some of my dad's old clothes so you're not showing up like that. You can crash on our couch for the night, and go meet them in the morning," Vicky offered, making him smile before he snorted.

"Do you normally invite strange naked men home with you?" Set asked, getting a laugh out of her. "Thank you, Vicky."

"Consider this an exception," Vicky said, giving him a smile as she got a reply from her mom. "Come on, I'll lead the way."

Taking to the air, she watched as he took flight himself, he learnt fast given how much smoother his flight was this time.

He cut quite an intimidating figure as he flew through the night sky, only visible by the light of the moon… at least until his makeshift skirt came undone and flew away.

She paused, wondering whether they should go back for it before shaking her head and speeding up, noticing that he was keeping up with her with relative ease despite her being close to her top speed.

Those wings didn't obey the laws of physics, but that was par for the course with powers.

Landing in her back garden, she giggled as he landed next to her, his dick flopping around as he looked away with embarrassment.

Before she could speak, the backdoor opened and drew their attention, her mother stood there in a dressing gown holding some old clothes.

The glare she got told her that she was in trouble for taking a flight so late but her mother moved in quickly as she held out the clothes for Set.

For the briefest moment, Carol's eyes flickered down to the manhood on display, making Vicky snort, getting a glare from her mother.

"Set, correct? Get dressed, I've moved a pillow and blanket onto the couch, we can talk about the rest tomorrow morning," Carol said simply, her tone as blunt as ever.

"Ah, thank you Mrs Dallon. I appreciate the help," Set said softly as he finished pulling on the somewhat oversized clothes, Carol's stare lessening as she sighed and led them in.

He wasn't able to put on the baggy top, it simply didn't fit over his large wings.

"Victoria, a word please?"

Ah, she was getting lectured. Again.

No good deed went unpunished.

Set —

With the two hot super heroines heading upstairs, I make myself comfortable on the couch.

Thanks to my wings and tail, it's more awkward than I expected, but I'm not sleeping in a decrepit building, so I'll take it as a win.

I've been here for a few hours and I've already flashed two heroines, one of which is married, great start Set.

Set, I like that name. It reminds me of something, but I can't quite put my fingers on what.

With the lights turned out, I notice that I can still see rather easily, and as I'm frankly not that tired I pull out my two tomes.

Starting with the Tome of Roots, I open it up and start to read. Purely theoretical at the moment as I don't think Mrs Dallon would appreciate me testing my spells in her living room.

Beyond the knowledge of how to create roots to bind my enemies or heal my allies, it also claims to possess the knowledge of how to enchant weapons to deal poison damage, or create a being called an Entwined Thrall.

Essentially a humanoid being made of wood and roots, made to serve the mage who created them. They aren't strong, smart or fast, but they are completely loyal and capable of understanding simple instructions.

The tome speaks a lot on the importance of roots in nature, both in a magical sense and in a biological sense. As I read, I can feel myself absorbing the knowledge, better understanding nature magic.

It doesn't really come as a surprise when I get a system notification, having felt that something was coming.

[Nature Magic Mastery (Novice)]

I'm very much a novice, but the mere fact that I'm holding a magic tome is enough to excite my nerdy heart. I'm a mage, in a world of heroes, and I managed to talk to a hot superheroine without making a complete fool of myself.

Today had gone fairly well, all things considered.

Moving over to the Order tome, I immediately notice the difference as I struggle to understand what I'm reading.

The Tome of Roots is a starter tome for nature magic, but this very much isn't.

It's like I've started learning maths, but I skipped adding and subtracting and went straight to advanced algebra.

It's not that I can't use the magic within these pages, but it will take me far longer to master these spells. It will be worth it, though, because these are powerful spells, fully healing someone and removing all negative effects while also bolstering their defence is just one of the examples.

There's also the knowledge of how to construct large golden spires that heal allies within their range, but it's a little beyond me for now.

[Order Magic Mastery (Novice)]

Ah well, I escaped day one in this place without getting into a single fight, tomorrow I'll speak to the PRT and decide what I'm going to do with my new life.

Do I want to become a hero? Vicky was nice enough not to try the recruitment speech immediately but from her explanation of the various forces in Brockton Bay (many of which sounded vaguely familiar), it's clear that the heroes are at a massive disadvantage.

But then, I do like supporting the underdog, it's boring if things are too easy.

Becoming a Rogue doesn't sound too good, sure the whole independence thing is nice but I saw the way she reacted when I mentioned healing. I won't be left alone and I doubt the various gangs are going to take no for an answer.

Villainy might be fun in games,where I tend to pick the dark paths, but in person? Killing someone with a controller and doing it with my own two hands are two very different things, I don't think I want to become a villain.

So, hero? The best of three bad options. This Wards thing doesn't sound too bad, and if it turns out that it's unpleasant after I sign up?

Well, I'm good at ditching responsibilities and running away. Sure, the PRT would probably complain a lot but they have bigger problems than me going awol.

I'll hear the 'good guys' out, see how that goes and what their offer is. I know how valuable I am, as my power will consistently grow as long as I'm getting Pulls, and I need to be doing something to earn them.

Fighting the good fight should keep my life interesting and my power growing, which only increases my value.

Basically, what choice do I think will earn me the most pulls? That's what really matters.

Completing Quests is the most effective method of gaining Pulls. Quests are created based upon your own desires and plans.

Quest Added

[Choose your Path]

Hero Path: Join the Wards

Rogue Path: Sign up with the PRT as a Rogue Cape

Villain Path: Declare yourself a villain and commit a public crime

Reward: A special pull drawn from a selection of items that changes depending on your chosen path.

Hm, I'm guessing the hero path gives me something a hero could use, same for rogue and villain. I get the reward either way, so it's not pushing me in any particular direction.

An additional method of getting pulls would be to complete a Tome, fully mastering a Tome grants a special pull that will always be from the Magic section and possesses an increased chance of being from the same school of magic.

Huh, that's good to know. I was planning on doing that anyway, it's nice to know that I'll be rewarded for my efforts beyond just mastering the spells themselves.

But for later, I simply need to sleep and leave decisions like that for future Set.

Amy Dallon —

Heading downstairs, she grumbled to herself in annoyance at needing to be awake this early.

She enjoyed sleeping, which made the fact that it was lucky for her to get a full night's sleep all the more annoying. She got pulled out of bed at stupid times to go and heal someone more times than she cared to think about.

She needed coffee, if she was going to be any kind of awake she required an injection of caffeine. She didn't even like the taste, but she couldn't live without her beloved coffee.

"Morning Amy!" Vicky said cheerfully, and even her love of her sister was tested by the presence of a morning person so early in the morning.

"Morning Vicky," she grumbled as she stumbled her way to the kettle, looking over at her sister and the shirtless demon sitting at the table.

How did Vicky look so damn good this early? She hadn't even been in the bath yet, which she knew because Vicky spent forever in the bathroom.

Vicky was giggling about something, but coffee first and whatever the foul morning person was up to later.

Pouring herself a coffee, she took her first sip as she sighed in relief before pausing.

Turning back around, she looked at the table again.

One sister, check and snickering.

One shirtless demon with large wings and horns, check and waving at her in amusement.

Turning back to her coffee, she sighed to herself.

It was too early to deal with this shit.

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