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The Guild of Gamers: The Gambler

Chapter 05: Sett's Day Out

Aisha Laborn —

Something nefarious was going on.

Sitting in her kitchen, she stared at her mother with increasing suspicion. Her mother was awake before her, not passed out in a drug-addled state.

Her mother had made her breakfast. Was it great? No, the bacon was a bit burnt, but her mother had actually remembered that she existed long enough to make food for her.

Celia moved around the house, cleaning up as Aisha watched in suspicion, eating her breakfast slowly. Their old shitty laptop was on the counter, Celia's CV open on it.

It was like seeing a different woman wearing her mothers face, one who cared for more than her next fix.

Very nefarious.

…yes, she'd heard that word in a show and liked it. No, she didn't actually know the definition of it, but she was pretty sure it meant something like suspicious.

"What are you doing?" Aisha finally asked, not having the patience to stay quiet anymore as Celia stopped hoovering the floor, pausing as she looked towards Aisha with a guilty look.

It wasn't just her personality that was suspicious, even her looks were different. It looked like her mother but a better, more beautiful version of her that didn't have the damage from years of drug abuse.

Taking a breath she moved to the table and sat down, hesitating for a moment.

"I almost died last night. I got caught trying to steal drugs from a dealer, if they'd caught me I'd have been lucky to die quickly," Celia finally admitted, making Aisha's eyes widen.

She didn't speak for once, letting her mother gather her thoughts before she continued.

"It was dumb luck that saved me, Sett, the new hero, was flying above and saw me being chased. He rescued me, escorted me home, even healed me, after I lied to his face about why they were chasing me," Celia admitted with a look of disgust. "I didn't deserve it, but he was so nice… and I didn't notice at the time, but his healing got rid of my addictions, I don't feel that itch for my next fix."

Aisha's eyes widened further as Celia gave a sad smile. She knew who Sett was, she'd seen his nudes, and had heard he was some super cape.

Honestly she'd been briefly worried for her idiot brother, like she wouldn't work out who he was after she found out he had powers. The Undersiders were good at running away, but they'd never faced demon Eidolon either.

"I didn't realise how far I'd fallen, until Sett pulled me out of that abyss. I've been a terrible mother, no I haven't been a mother at all. You deserve better," Celia said, placing a hand on Aisha's. "I'm staying sober. I know I've said that a million times but this time I truly mean it. If I fall again, I want you to leave and go to your fathers house, no matter what I say. If I can't stay sober, I don't deserve to be your mother."

"I… you've said that before as well," Aisha said, hiding her emotion behind a facade of anger as Celia smiled sadly.

"I have, but this time I've taken steps to make sure it sticks. I've spoken with your father, he's got it in writing that he can request a drug test at any time and if I fail, he gets full custody. I won't let my vices put you in danger again, ever," Celia swore, smiling softly. "I know I don't deserve your trust, Aisha, but I hope you'll give me a chance to earn it. If you'd rather go to your fathers house immediately, I'll understand and arrange that as well."

Aisha liked to think she was pretty badass, so she definitely didn't end up spending the next few minutes crying and hugging her mother, and if anyone said otherwise she'd kick them in the dick.

Returning to her room, she laid on her bed and considered things. She knew Brian was trying to get her out of here, he thought he was pretty close, but if her mom was seriously trying then she should stay here right?

She had vague memories of her mother when she was younger, before the drugs, before the endless cycle of shitty boyfriends and one-night stands, and she missed that mom.

The woman currently scouring the apartment in disgust at herself for allowing things to get so filthy felt a lot like the mother she could barely remember.

She knew one thing though, Sett was the best hero around. Fuck Alexandria and Halbeard, even if they'd had saved her mom they wouldn't have inspired her to change, plus… he was so fucking cool.

Going on PHO, she looked at the pictures of him and his giant fucking fire bird, before she froze at one picture, a familiar figure wrapping her arms around his waist as she-

Her mom got to ride the firebird?!

…what'd a girl have to do to get a ride on the giant firebird?

Sett —

Feat Achieved

[Acquire a truly devoted fangirl]

Pull Granted

…but I didn't do anything?

Sitting in the little cafe we stopped at on our little tour of the nicer side of Brockton Bay, Sophia gives me a questioning look at my brief confusion before I shake my head.

Emma doesn't notice, too busy sitting entirely too close to me as her fairly large breasts press against my arm. Is it Emma? She seems to like me but I don't think so.

Whatever, a pull is a pull.


Result: Junk Summon, Pet (1 Pity Point added)

[Pet Rock]

Source: None

It's a rock. Don't forget to feed it.

…this too, is Skidmark's fault. How? I don't know but I'm sure of it. Skidmark is the avatar of bad rolls, until he is ruined I will not recover from this curse.

The rock, a fist sized regular grey rock, has a smiley face carved into it. It's just that, a rock like any I could have found on the floor.

"This is a nice place," I say, looking around the cafe as I sip my hot chocolate. They have small private booths, and while I'm attracting attention I get the feeling people are trying not to make it obvious that they're staring.

"It's alright, I just like it for the privacy," Sophia admits, the booths are far enough away from each other that listening in on our conversation would be fairly difficult.

But I actually have something for this, having started my investigation into household magic. The spell to help keep your noisy children from ruining your night.

[Sound Barrier]

Source: Tome of Household Magic

Creates an invisible barrier around a small space or room, preventing unwanted sound from travelling in or out.

My hands briefly flash, the sound of other conversations immediately cutting out as I form the barrier around our table, the sounds of the coast and nature still filtering in as Emma gasps.

"So, I take it you wanted to talk about something? We won't be overheard," I say easily, making Sophia nod with a light smirk.

"Emma knows I'm Shadow Stalker, she also knows how things really work. Emma, I'm joining Sett, he's the biggest thing around here and he's gonna rise past the other heroes in no time. He's a fucking apex predator, a megalodon in this small pond," Sophia says bluntly, making Emma pause.

"What about the Wards?" Emma says quietly, not entirely trusting the barrier unlike Sophia, but Sophia just scoffs.

"Please, the PRT are desperate to get Sett on their side. I've been praised more in the last day for 'forming a positive relationship with Sett' than I have in my entire time in the Wards," Sophia scoffed, ah they were worried about my reaction after the whole Gallant thing. "I don't know where Sett's going, beyond his whole 'fix the Bay' thing, but I'm going with him."

Sophia's confidence in me is heartwarming, even if her mindset is a little fucked up.

"I don't plan to leave Brockton Bay until I can truly say I've saved it. It's a pride thing, I'm going to crush the gangs and drive out the villains, and whoever comes after," I say confidently, not quite feeling it, but the girls don't seem to notice it.

"Even the ABB?" Emma asks, getting a look from Sophia.

"Of course, I've looked into the gangs here. The Merchants are just trash, the Empire are moronic racists with delusions of supremacy and the ABB are basically slavers and thugs, I plan to drive them all out," I say, my course set. Emma looks up at me with something between awe, hope and lust.

I'm going to take a wild guess she's had a bad experience with the ABB.

I'm not sure who I'm joining up with yet, if anyone, but my goal won't change either way. Besides, gangs have loot I can take to satisfy my greed.

"If he joins the Wards, Piggy will have to kiss my ass and thank me, if he stays independent I'll wait till my probation is up and join him, not like they'll be able to stop me," Sophia continues, getting Emma's attention. "And since I actually like you, I thought I'd give you a chance to get in on the ground level."

Emma freezes at that, and so do I as I give Sophia a questioning look.

"What do you mean? I'm not a cape-" Emma starts, pausing as Sophia scoffs.

"Doesn't mean you can't be useful, and if you're useful, you get to ride Sett's fame, right?" Sophia asks, making me hesitate before I nod.

"Honestly, you not being a cape won't exactly be an issue. Given enough time I could probably make you one myself," I say, making them both freeze.

"Of course you fucking can," Sophia says with a roll of her eyes, hiding her shock well, though not well enough.

"H-how can I be useful, sir?" Emma asks, her tone submissive as Sophia gives a smirk of triumph.

I can't deny, that word sends a thrill through my body, sir.

A thought occurs to me. I can barely handle my lust, my hand just isn't doing enough to take the edge off, and here I have two hot teenage girls that could… help to work off my lust.

Emma is apparently a model, she certainly has the figure and looks for it, and right now she's staring up at me with big green eyes almost begging me to take her.

It's now that I realise that greed isn't limited to treasure and wealth, because the image of me sitting on some lavish throne with Emma and Sophia at my feet in nothing but golden collars flashes through my mind, both looking up at me in adoration.

Emma Barnes —

After that day, after the alley, she had only one desire. To never be prey again, to not be weak.

She was a survivor, but she didn't have powers, she couldn't fight, she wasn't Sophia.

She hated the ABB, cheered every time Sophia regaled her of stories about her unsanctioned patrols in ABB territory, the thugs she beat up, hoping each time that it was one of her attackers.

And now Sett was here, claiming he could make her strong, that he'd push the ABB out of Brockton Bay for good, something the PRT utterly failed to do, time and time again.

For that, to see the people she hated the most wiped out, to become strong like Sophia, she would do almost anything.

"Emma, you're a hot teenage model, can you think of what Sett might want you for?" Sophia asked, making her blush briefly before she looked at Sett. She couldn't deny she found him very attractive, his inhuman features only adding to his appeal. "We couldn't even get through our patrol before he had his hands all over me."

"I'm only human, despite appearances to the contrary, I do have needs, and desires," Sett admitted shamelessly, her eyes narrowing in thought. "Though, I don't think you'd be satisfied with just being an outlet for my lust, you want to be strong don't you?" Sett asked, making her nod sincerely as he gave her a smile. "Very well, I want my girls to be happy, if you join me I will make you powerful. It might take time, as my powers are rather random, but I already have an idea of how to start. It's actually something I wanted to talk to Sophia about today, but we can discuss that later."

Sophia gave him a look at that, and Emma felt a shiver go through her body at the possessiveness in his words.

She would be powerful, maybe she'd even be able to help Sett and Sophia drive out the gangs…

"I'm in, sir," Emma said demurely, noticing his enjoyment at her calling him that earlier.

"Emma's great with people, way better than me, she's got half the girls in Winslow wrapped around her finger," Sophia said, backing her up as she gave her friend a smile.

"Sounds like she's better with people than me too," Sett joked, his hand resting on her thigh under the table experimentally, his warm hand making her gasp a little.

She was wearing a cute designer skirt and blouse today. One of the perks of working as a model was that she had a massive wardrobe of designer clothes.

The skirt didn't quite reach her mid thigh, which meant Sett was currently gently caressing her bare thigh, but she didn't try and stop him as his hand cautiously moved up her thigh, hesitating for a moment before she parted her legs just enough for his hand to go all the way, brushing against her black panties as she blushed.

They couldn't be heard apparently, but Sett would always attract attention with his looks so discretion was important, keeping her cool as the conversation moved onto more innocent things, Sett's hand not going any further but not pulling back as she occasionally bit down a moan from his hand brushing against her crotch.

She gave him a sultry look, the one she used to get boys to do what she wanted, but Sett wasn't one of the dumb boys she could wrap around her finger as she smiled at him.

"Can I get past you? I'll be back in a moment," Emma asks, watching Sett finally pull his hand away as she fixed her skirt and headed to the ladies bathrooms

Putting her plan to show Sett she was serious into action, she made a few minute changes to her outfit before she returned, reclaiming her seat.

Sett's hand went down again as he joked with Sophia about Skidmark, pausing as she passed him something under the table, stopping him from lifting it above the table as he looked down at the thin black lacy piece of cloth she'd just handed him, a small smirk on her lips as she took a sip of her drink, seeing him pocket her removed panties.

His hand returned to her leg, moving up quickly to explore the newly-exposed spot, finding a dampness between her legs as a single long finger ran along her slit slowly, before sliding in.

She, Emma Barnes, the most popular girl in school and a fucking model, was getting fingered by a man she just met in the booth of a public cafe. The taboo of it excited her more than it should. Daddy would be so disappointed to know what a slut his precious daughter was.

She put all her acting experience to work, years of lying to teachers and her parents paying off, as she hid her reaction to Sett's ministrations.

She couldn't stop it entirely, the occasional sexy gasp or cute moan slipping out as Sett pumped two fingers into her virgin slit, though probably not virginal for long.

"Oh, Sophia, are you up for some… unscheduled patrols into Merchant territory? I've decided to teach the Merchants how unwelcome they are first, while Skidmark is out of the picture," Sett said, making Sophia grin.

"You're damn right I am, won't even have to hide them since the PRT wants me to spend as much time with you to 'show you the benefits of the Wards program'," Sophia scoffed, a savage grin on her face at the idea of hunting Merchants.

His fingers sped up, pumping into her as he avoided looking at her, leaving her clutching his arm as her face became increasingly flushed.

Sophia gave her an amused knowing smirk, the booth luckily blocking anyone from being able to properly see Emma due to it being in the corner of the cafe, but she couldn't keep her voice down as he pushed her over the edge, a lewd moan slipping out of her as she came right there in the cafe.

She had never done anything like this before. Sure she touched herself, but never in public. The closest she'd come to something this naughty was having Madison eat her out during a sleepover, with the aid of some stolen alcohol.

She could probably get Madison to jump into bed with Sett, the thirsty slut was already obsessed with him and his pictures. She wouldn't need to know about the rest. She clearly suspected Sophia was a cape but Madison knew when to not ask too many questions.

Pulling his hand back, Sett gave her a cocky smile as he licked his fingers clean of her juices, making her blush intensely as he finished his drink.

Her decision to take her bra off as well, which was currently stuffed into her handbag, was proving to be a questionable one as her hard nipples clearly poked against the thin material of her blouse.

Sophia paid for the drinks as they left the cafe, Sett briefly stopping to sign an autograph and remove the sound barrier he put up.

As they walked through the Boardwalk, she was incredibly aware of how short her skirt was, ready to expose her lack of panties at any moment if she bent over even a little, her nipples still visible through her top as she walked beside him.

She got some disapproving looks from the older hags, jealous of her looks, and hungry ones from the men, but no one dared approach her while she was walking next to Sett.

An attractive blonde girl gave her an amused look as she approached Sett, asking for an autograph, being bolder than most as she took a selfie with Sett, kissing him on the cheek for one picture, but Sett didn't mind as he played along.

He did briefly jump as her hand got a little adventurous, briefly grabbing his ass before she pulled back and left with a smug smile.

Sett —

Did that girl just grope my ass?

Feat Achieved

[Meet Tattletale]

Roll Granted.

Would she like to do it again? Tattletale, she's a villain, right? A minor one, from the Undersiders, a group of teenage thieves who are mostly good at running away.

My mangled memories of Worm tell me she's more important than her middling reputation suggests, and the fact that I got a roll just from meeting her agrees with them.


Result: Uncommon Item, Consumable

[Potion of Healing]

Source: DnD

This potion will heal most wounds once drunk, cannot restore limbs or cure diseases but it can do just about everything else. Holds enough for three doses.

The cursed streak is over! All hail Tattletale, I promise I won't be too rough when I take her down in thanks for this glorious gift.

Sure, it's not great but this gives me a way of healing even if I run out of mana, and more healing is never a bad thing.

As I walk, I pause as I feel something in my back pocket. Ah, she didn't grope me for her entertainment, she's a sneaky one. A letter? I'll check it when I have more privacy.

"So, where are we headed next?" I ask, making Sophia and Emma pause as they consider it. We don't actually have plans, we're just aimlessly wandering around, which can be fun as well.

"How about the park? The one good park in Brockton isn't too far from here," Emma suggests, getting no disagreements because Sophia doesn't care and I'm new here, so we head towards the park.

Sophia whispers that this is on the edge of Empire 88 territory, and I do see some gang tags, but apparently it's close enough to where the PRT regularly patrol that they shouldn't cause any trouble even with Sophia's skin colour.

I do see some suspiciously bald guys giving us, and more specifically her, dirty looks as we start to walk around the admittedly-nice park but either the threat of the PRT patrols keeps them away or I do.

Finding a spot, we sit down out of the way, vision blocked from the main path by some foliage as we enjoy the oddly nice weather. It's still winter but it's pretty warm at the moment.

Emma noticeably presses her breasts against me, she's a naughty one, eager to please as well. She doesn't even comment when I wrap my arm around her waist, reaching up and groping her chest as we talk.

Well, they talk this time, mostly about Winslow which is apparently the worst high-school in the city.

Our conversation is interrupted as two figures approach us, from the air as a floating platform lowers itself.

Both girls stiffen as the platform touches down, seemingly being controlled by a girl our age in a black and red hooded robe.

It's a much cooler outfit than her companion, who is just wearing a pair of torn jeans and a pale tiger mask.

"Rune and Stormtiger," Sophia mutters, sounding slightly worried as I stand up, moving in front of the girls.

"Peace, Sett, we aren't here to fight," Stormtiger says, raising his hands as he sees me getting ready to start growing.

"Despite the company you keep," Rune continues, giving Sophia a glare, her eyes are covered but her lower face is exposed and scowling, she gets a warning look from Stormtiger though, which even catches Sophia by surprise.

"Oh, then why are you here? Last time I checked, I don't fit what your gang thinks is good company," I say with a light smirk.

They're white supremacists, not light red supremacists.

"Ah, the line gets rather blurry when it comes to Case 53s, and your features appear Caucasian enough, but that's not why we are here," Stormtiger says awkwardly, making my eyes narrow. "We simply wish to know if Scion has truly gone, and if he will be returning anytime soon?"

"Heh, everyone's scared of the golden guy, huh? Though I suppose villains certainly have a reason to fear the hero who could take on your entire gang by himself if he felt like it. He has gone, though even I don't know where, and he claims he will return but he's not one for details," I say easily, making them exchange a glance.

"You don't have a way to contact him?" Rune asks, making me scoff.

"He didn't leave a phone number, no. It's not like I can say, 'Scion, come here' and he'll just-" I trail off as a golden flash fills the clearing, Scion appearing with his usual blank expression. "Huh."

"Can you bring her back yet?" Scion asks immediately, making me shake my head

"I'm getting there, but it's gonna take more time than that. These two were just asking about you," I say, watching them both freeze as Scion turns to them.

I think Rune actively whimpers as Scion stares her down.

"But I'll be nice. Scion, do you plan to get involved with gangs and villains of Brockton?" I ask, making him pause again.

"Would it help bring her back faster?" Scion asks, and while I can't see Rune's eyes I'm pretty sure she's begging me to say no.

Honestly it'd probably make it take longer, but I'm not gonna say that.

"No, I'm afraid not," I say, making Scion turn back to them as he stares at them for a moment.

"Should I? That would be… heroic, yes?" Scion asks as Stormtiger cowers back from the intense glare.

"Perhaps, but with your power I think you're a little bit… overkill, they're honestly not worth your attention," I say, making them both nod rapidly, eager to make it clear that they're beneath his notice.

"I see. I will find more important villains," Scion finally says, nodding to himself. "Salvation?"

"Sure thing, buddy," I say, casting my spell again as he closes his eyes in enjoyment before he opens them again.

"I will go and find a threat worthy of my attention," Scion says, erm… oops? "I will return, buddy."

And with that, he vanishes once more as Rune actually collapses to the ground, Stormtiger not looking much better all things considered, his skin having gone extremely pale.

"There, Scion isn't planning on getting involved in street level stuff, happy now?" I ask, getting no response for a few seconds.

Feat Achieved

[Make a Villain Piss Themselves]

Roll Granted

…I'm not even going to ask which one.

"I… yes, that answers Kaiser's question," Stormtiger says, stuttering slightly as the smell of urine comes from him. Ah, it was him. "Can you actually restore the dead?"

"Do you think I'm brave enough, or dumb enough to lie to Scion?" I ask, and somehow my answer doesn't seem to settle them. "I can't do it now, but my power assured me that it's possible."

"I- I see," Stormtiger finally says, giving me a half bow. "Thank you for your time."

"Goodbye, racist villains! It was nice meeting you, but I'm sure we'll see each other soon enough," I say cheerfully, watching as they fly away with considerable haste. I do notice Rune's nose scrunch up as Stormtiger gets close to her, making me chuckle.

Well, guess I'll see what making a neo-nazi piss himself is worth.


Result: Divine Perk

[God of Crafting]

Source: None

Anything you make comes out several tiers better than your skill would normally allow, you can make things even when you only have a third of the resources you would normally require, and you can repair anything with the greatest of ease, no matter how complicated or damaged it is. Any item you work on will have its efficiency and quality massively increased. Crafting times are reduced to a quarter of what it would normally take you.

Scion is my good luck charm! The almighty Scion has cleansed me of the curse of Skidmark! All hail Scion, all hail Scion, all hail Scion!

The Gacha has spoken, humiliating neo-nazis is my new priority, they will piss, no shit themselves in fear by the…

The Tome of Pranks.

Oh yeah, it's all coming together.

"Did you see the way they fucking cowered?" Sophia asks, laughing as I smile.

"Forget cowering, I'm pretty sure Stormtiger pissed himself. Did you see Rune's face when he got close to her?" Emma asks, gigging herself as we watch the neo-nazis run away with their tails between their legs, but my mind is elsewhere.

God of Crafting improves my skills massively, but it depends on the skills I already have.

Sure, I could do any type of crafting and even my novice skills would come out at master tier, which is the equivalent of being one of the best in the world. I can pick up a pencil and draw better than 99.99% of artists.

That said, if my skills are already up there?

My cooking is merely adept, but with this it's been bumped all the way up to mythical. That's a level above grandmaster, which is the equivalent of being the best mortal at that skill.

I'm better at cooking than any mortal in the multiverse, much better given that God of Crafting also buffs the end product even better.

Mythical is where my cooking can actually provide tangible buffs, I could make meals that slowly, meal by meal, turn people into superhumans.

I have recipes that can make people smarter, enhance their powers, make them stronger and tougher.

And I barely need to use any of the hard-to-get ingredients because God of Crafting literally provides the rest of the ingredients as long as I have 30% of what I need to make it.

Which I do, in my Horn of Plenty.

…I could make the greatest sandcastle the multiverse has ever seen. Fuck a sand castle, I could make a sand kingdom.

"Sett," Sophia says, getting my attention. As I turn to her, she grabs my tanktop and pulls me in for a rough kiss, can she do anything without it seeming angry. Pulling back, she gives me a hungry look. "Watching those Nazi fuckers cower from you was so fucking hot. I want you inside me," Sophia says bluntly, not playing around as she stares me down.

Emma, not wanting to be left behind I assume, also pulls me in for a much softer kiss, pushing her breasts against my chest as she gives Sophia a look.

"My parents aren't home, they aren't due back for hours, why don't we all go back there and I can… show you how useful I can be," Emma whispers, making me grin as I pull both girls towards me, my hand on both their asses.

"Do you have a picture taken in your bedroom?" I ask, making her pause before she nods, my smile growing.

Sophia Hess —

Stepping through the portal, Emma didn't even hesitate before she undid her blouse with a sultry look as they arrived in her bedroom, a pseudo striptease for Sett who she pushed back onto the bed, getting him to sit down.

Emma was putting her modelling talents to use as she opened her blouse, revealing a pair of breasts bigger than Sophia's own, spinning around like a stripper as she bent over and slowly peeled her skirt down, exposing her tiny little slit for Sett's enjoyment.

The bitch was trying to get ahead, she'd taught Emma too well. Sophia wasn't the top dog in their group anymore, and Emma was trying to win over Sett to get above her in the pecking order.

She'd be impressed at how quickly Emma fell into her new role, if she wasn't so pissed off. Her clothes weren't as sexy, her tits and ass weren't as big, making her feel oddly self conscious for once as she stripped off quickly.

"So, sir, how do you want me to please you first?" Emma asked, her tone coloured with lust. "Do you want me on my knees, using my tits and mouth to worship you, would you rather we skip to the good part, so you can pound my pussy. I've been dripping wet all day, ready to accept your big fat cock," Emma said, spreading her legs to show how wet she was.

"Get in line, Emma, I was here first," Sophia growled, and for the first time Emma didn't back down as she scoffed. "Sett, I want you to fuck me hard enough to break this princess's bed, unlike her I can actually take that big fat cock without you needing to hold back."

"I can take it, I bet you won't be able to take even half Sett's cock before you're whimpering for a break," Emma scoffed back, watching as Sett undid his belt and pulled them down, his cock flopping out, already fully hard as he stripped.

She couldn't deny she was a little nervous, the biggest thing she'd ever had inside her was Sett's fingers, but while Emma could talk a big game, Sophia knew she was just as inexperienced. Emma had a dildo- Anne had bought it for her as a gag present- but it wasn't anywhere nearly as big as Setts cock.

It was barely six inches, Sett was probably closer to ten or eleven inches of thick red meat.

"You? Don't-"

"Girls," Sett said, his tone firm as they both went silent, turning back to him. "If we are doing this, we'll all be working together for a good long while. I want to make something clear, I'm a possessive guy and I don't plan to let either of you go after this. If either of you have a problem with that, we can stop this right now."

Tch, damn right he wasn't tossing her aside after he'd had his fun. Emma certainly didn't seem to have a problem with it either.

"But that means the three of us will be spending a lot of time together, and I don't want you two arguing like this," Sett said, making them both look away at being scolded.

"Sorry, boss," Sophia muttered, feeling like a child.

"Yeah, sorry Sir," Emma agreed.

"Now, I want you to kiss and make up," Sett said, making Sophia freeze as she looked at him, then to Emma who was staring at her with a raised eyebrow.

Emma was bi, and honestly Sophia thought the whole obsession with Taylor was at least 50% sexual, but Sophia just liked guys.

But Sett had given them an order, and she moved forwards, her body pressing against Emma's as their lips met, sharing a deep, sloppy kiss as Emma made sure to put on a show for Sett, who she could see was slowly stroking his cock while he watched them make out.

Emma tasted good, kinda sweet.

Breaking the kiss, she felt her cheeks burn as she looked away from the smug Emma.

"Good girls, now since you can't decide who is going first we'll start slow. Both of you come here," Sett ordered, making them both approach him, and she was gratified that Sett spent an equal amount of time looking over her toned athletic body as he did Emma's curvy model body. "Kneel."

She knew where this was going, both falling to their knees before his massive cock as they shared a look, nodding to one another as they looked up at him, those intense golden eyes staring back down at them.

"I want you two to work together to pleasure me, like a team. You're going to be working together a lot if Emma truly wishes to become a cape. Better start learning now since I get the feeling you're not the biggest team player Sophia," Sett teased as she blushed, not denying his words.

Moving forwards together, they both placed their lips on his hot shaft, their lips rubbing along either side of his length as he gently placed a hand on each of their heads, guiding them as they moved their lips up and down his shaft in tandem.

They were essentially kissing around his cock, their lips occasionally touching as they worked to please him, their breasts pressed together as she felt Emma's hardened nipples pressing against her boobs, their nipples occasionally brushing against each other, making them both moan around his cock.

Sett pulled back, leaving them actually kissing again for a moment as they both got the hint, before sliding his cock back between their lips.

Emma started to move her way down, and getting the hint she moved up at the same time, taking the bulbous tip between her lips as she stared up at Sett, while Emma obediently worshipped his balls, sucking and licking his sack.

She hated people looking down at her, but she knew she was inferior to Sett, this felt right as she tried to take as much of the fat cock into her mouth as she could.

It wasn't much, it was her first time doing something like this, barely fitting half in before she had to pull back, her and Emma's hands working together to service the rest.

Her free hand had slipped between her legs, touching herself in preparation for what was to come, she'd need all the prep time she could get, given his impressive size. She knew Emma was doing the same.

But of course he had a big cock, he was the ultimate example of what a man should be, as powerful in bed as he was in battle.

Heh, bet he'd wipe that stupid scowl off Rune's lips if he bent her over and pounded her tiny little ass with this beast. The thought of Sett dominating those racist bitches made her wetter.

Othala reluctantly riding Sett's cock with a beaten Victor watching, Sophia holding him in place. Those stripper Valkyrie twins on their knees servicing his cock, Rune on her hands and knees with her robe flipped up as Sett pounded her tight cunt.

Cricket, Purity, Night, they'd all look better with Sett inside them, showing them what a real man felt like instead of their pissy-ass neo-nazi boys.

Her thoughts were interrupted as Emma nudged her, swapping places as Emma took the tip into her mouth, Sophia moving down to his balls.

She watched Emma closely, noticing the way Emma skilfully swirled her tongue around the sensitive tip, the way she deliberately choked herself on his cock for a moment before pulling back, taking a couple more inches than Sophia had managed as her red lipstick left stains from the sloppy blowjob.

Was Emma a natural-born cocksucker or was she more experienced than she admitted?

She tried to put what she'd seen into practice the next time they swapped, making Sett groan, the sounds of his pleasure making her oddly proud as she felt him twitch and start to grow in her mouth.

She wasn't dumb enough to not know what was coming, unsure whether he wanted her to swallow it or wear it so she just kept sucking, until she felt the first heavy spurt of his seed strike the back of her throat.

Swallowing the oddly sweet seed, she was unsurprised when Emma, the jealous bitch, pulled her back, wanting her own. She did this just in time for the second spurt, which splattered across Sophia's face, making her close one of her eyes as the string of thick sticky cum dangled from her brow, his load continuing to spurt all over her face and tits.

Emma took the tip into her mouth, his climax seemingly unending as Emma obediently swallowed again and again, staring up at him with big green eyes before she smirked and pulled back, licking her lips.

"I could get used to that taste, sir," Emma said, before turning to Sophia and roughly kissing her, pushing some of the remaining cum into her mouth before Emma started to lick her face and breasts clean, the wanton slut.

As Emma finished cleaning her off, she made a show of showing off the cum gathered in her mouth before she swallowed it all, showing off her empty mouth again.

"Sir, can you fuck Sophia first? You played with me earlier, I shouldn't have tried to make this a competition, especially when Sophia was the one to introduce me to you," Emma said submissively, making Sophia narrow her eyes in suspicion.

That didn't last as she found herself picked up and tossed onto the bed, yelping in surprise even as her legs parted submissively, seeing Sett moving towards her, still hard cock swaying menacingly.

"Sure, but I don't want you feeling let out. Sophia's face is free," Sett said playfully, making her eyes widen as Emma gave her a questioning look, eyebrow rising as she waited for Sophia to argue.

Oh you sneaky bitch, she was still being competitive, she was just making it more subtle.

Sophia nodded with a blush, trying not to glare as Emma moved forwards and threw one leg over Sophia's head, lowering her pussy down onto Sophia's mouth, a light smirk on her lips.

Emma was already wet, and her tongue lapped up Emma's sweet juices with each reluctant lick, Emma moaning and gripping the headboard.

She knew Madison had gone down on Emma at a sleepover, but she hadn't gotten involved in their drunken experimentations, so this was new for her.

But before she could focus too much on the pussy she was eating out, she felt something hard press against her own wet slit, making her gasp in anticipation as she felt Sett start to push forwards, her lower lips parting to allow the thick tip to push inside.

He was gentle, slowly moving forwards and giving her time to adapt. A week ago she'd have called him a pussy, but now she was just glad he wasn't breaking hers. Sett's kindness wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

Something she'd read once stood out to her, she didn't even remember where, but it applied to Sett so well.

Mercy was a privilege of the strong.

She'd thought it was bullshit, but it made sense. Sett was so strong he could afford to be nice, he didn't need to be the big dog growling at everyone because he was strong enough to handle any challenges his sweet side caused.

If they saw him being nice and assumed he was weak, he'd rip them apart with the same smile he always had.

He wasn't needlessly brutal, which she was thankful for now that she was the one under him, feeling inch after inch of his fat cock splitting her open, filling her up in ways she could never have imagined.

She focused on Emma, as he just kept going, finally bottoming out inside her as she moaned lewdly into Emma's mound, feeling him pull back before he moved forwards again, faster this time.

Emma ground her pussy against Sophia's face, as Sophia became… no longer capable of focusing on licking, gripping the bed-sheets desperately as Sett started to move, gasping and moaning as the bed began to shake.

Sett started slowly, but each thrust was just a little bit faster than the last, and soon he was truly fucking her. The sound of flesh clapping together barely audible over her pleas, moans and whimpers.

She didn't tap out like Emma had suggested, even gathering enough of her sanity to get back to her role in this, lapping at Emma's cunt as Sett pounded hers.

Her legs locked around his waist, begging for more as he truly pounded her into the bed, sweat and her arousal staining Emma's expensive sheets, not that Emma cared as the slut came first, squirting her juices all over Sophia's face.

Sophia might have put up some minor show of anger about the mess Emma was making, if she wasn't busy cumming herself from the increasingly-primal pounding.

Sett knew she could take it, even as she desperately whined, cumming around his cock as her cunt clenched down on the invading shaft.

He wasn't going to pull out unless she said something, but she couldn't say something because Emma was sitting on her face.

That was her excuse for not trying to get him to pull out as he pumped his hips faster, desperately. Was this his first time too? She didn't know but she hoped it was.

Long term consequences weren't her strong suit, so when Sett slammed his hips forwards with a primal grunt, making her come again, all she was thinking was how good it felt to be pumped full of his cum.

She had thought her first climax was powerful, blowing the one she'd had when he'd fingered her out of the water, but as her teen womb was flooded with his hot seed, she felt her eyes roll back in her head, pleasure on levels she'd never felt before overwhelming her senses.

The last thing she felt before she passed out was him pulling out, Emma being dragged towards him and laid down on top of Sophia's unresponsive body, before Emma squealed.

Then she knew no more, blacking out and leaving Emma to handle Sett's lusts alone.

When her consciousness returned to her, she opened her eyes to see Emma on her hands and knees, covered in sweat with her tongue hanging out of her mouth, Sett railing her from behind.

Emma's face and tits had cum on them, telling her she'd missed at least a round or two, as Sett spotted her moving again and slammed into Emma with a victorious grunt, making Emma cry out in pleasure, eyes rolling back as she fought to keep her consciousness.

Pulling out of Emma, Sophia's eyes widened at the sheer amount of cum leaking from Emma's stretched pussy, which had clearly been fucked more than once. That bitch actually did handle it better than her as Emma's arms gave out, face falling into the bed as her ass stayed in the air, but Sophia couldn't focus on her friend's fucked state as Sett grabbed her again, flipping them over as he manoeuveredher above him, her pussy hovering over the untameable beast that was his cock.

Then he pulled her down, demonstrating to her the meaning of the words "power bottom" as she gasped.

It wasn't long before Emma returned to consciousness, the slut moving behind her and playing with her breasts, kissing her neck as Sophia rode Sett's cock.

She had no idea how things were going to go from now on, but she knew one thing. She didn't have any regrets about her choice to throw her lot in with Sett.

Sett —

Laying in the bed with two beautiful teenage girls draped over me, the entire room smelling of sex, I stare at the ceiling in triumph.

Dealing with my lust is going to be far easier with these two horny teens at my beck and call.

Feat Achieved

[First Collaborative Blowjob]

Pull Granted.

Feat Achieved

[Lost Virginity]

Advantage Pull Granted.

(Advantage Pulls are rolled twice, taking the better result)

Feat Achieved

[First Threesome]

Pull Granted.

…I will never say no to pulls, but I'm briefly thankful I didn't know about these last night. Carol wouldn't have escaped unfucked if I knew I would get a pull for clapping her cheeks.

You know, knowing Kuro D from the game, I really shouldn't be surprised that my first advantage roll came from sex.


Result: Legendary Item, Artefact


Source: Forging a Waifu Harem

The ultimate tool for use against good little AI girls. On loan from a robussy-obsessed madman. Go forth and conquer.

It's a toaster.

Like, an actual toaster. I don't even know what it does, but it's a legendary rank for a reason. Does Worm even have AI?

I… moving on before I confuse myself more.


Result: Uncommon Item, Artefact

[Alchemy Jug]

Source: DnD

A ceramic jug that can hold a gallon of liquid, once per day it can be used to create a non-magical liquid that the user knows, filling to the brim.

Definitely useful given my new divine crafting perk, there's a lot of non-magical liquids that I can do a lot with.


Result: Nice Astral Plane

[Building: The Palace of Infinite Pleasure]

Source: None

The palace is fit for a king, or a sex god, in this case. While within the palace, all needs are suspended, you have no refractory period, and all pleasure is enhanced. The palace is equipped to host your divine harem, adding more rooms as needed, with several sex dungeons and toys galore. Time passes far slower while you are within the palace.

My second nice, on the roll for a threesome. How fitting.

The palace finally unlocks my astral plane, the demi-plane where all my stuff goes. I can actually physically go there now, though outside of the palace it's just a void.

I can sense that I'll be able to alter the terrain in time, but that's for another day.

Getting out of bed, I let the two girls recover from our rather intense first time, still semi-hard at the sight of them both coated in my cum.

…I don't know how Emma is planning to explain the sheets, but she didn't seem particularly worried.

Grabbing my trousers, I pull out the letter I'd almost forgotten about as I sit on the edge of the bed.

You need information if you truly want to drive the gangs out of Brockton Bay, I need protection if I want to live to see next month. Let's talk. Lisa x

The Undersiders came up during my introduction to Brockton Bay's villains, but they're a minor group of teenage thieves, apparently only notable because of how good they are at running away.

Lisa, her real name? Who does she need protection from? She's not wrong that I'll need information to truly drive out the gangs. If I cause too much chaos they'll just go to ground and it'll be a nightmare to root them out.

She's left a number and a PHO handle, and I can't deny I'm at least curious about what she wants.

As the girls wake up, we get cleaned up in the shower (and dirty again as I fuck Emma against the glass of the shower while Sophia presses her tits against my back and whispers lewd encouragements in my ear), before we finally stop our debauchery for long enough for us to actually talk.

We don't dress, sitting around Emma's practically trashed room as I turn to the pair of naked girls who have sworn themselves into my service.

"Emma, are you sure you want to become a cape?" I ask, making her nod almost immediately.

"I am. I know it's not all glamorous, but I won't be a victim again," Emma swears, making me nod as I consider things.

"Emma, Sophia. Come here," I order, standing up as they approach me. "Kneel."

They don't hesitate, but despite the cock near their face they know this isn't sexual as I place two fingers on Emma's forehead, making her close her eyes as they start to glow, a soft chanting in a language even I barely understand leaving my lips. It almost sounds Latin, but not quite.

[Racial Transformation (Minor): Anointed People]

Source: Tome of Sanctuary

Anoint your chosen people, blessing them with an increased resistance to status effects and diseases, as well as a minor increase to endurance and strength. This also enhances their natural beauty somewhat.

Emma gasps as the ceremony ends, my light entering her body forever more, staring up at me with beautiful green eyes.

Her beauty is enhanced, but I only notice because I'm actively watching for it. It's not supernatural beauty, it only enhances what is already there so it shouldn't expose her.

Even as exhausted as she is, she almost glows with happiness as she smiles up at me.

"It's not much, you would barely qualify for a Brute 1 rating, but it's a start. Over time, I will make you stronger as more options open to me," I promise, making her nod deeply, almost bowing.

"I won't let you down, sir," Emma swears, her tone almost zealous in its intensity.

Giving her a nod, and a kiss in the forehead, I turn to Sophia who tilts her head up and closes her eyes. The ceremony doesn't take long as I repeat the process, giving Sophia a kiss on the forehead as well which makes her blush, dark chocolate cheeks which manage to darken even further.

Now, the big one. This one I'm not so sure about sharing with everyone but these two are my first followers, they deserve it.

"Sophia, lay down on the bed, face first."

Sophia doesn't hesitate, not even flinching as my hand touches her backside. Her legs do part slightly but that's not what I have in mind, even if her firm chocolate booty is very enticing.

Drawing a symbol on her right cheek, as Emma watches in awe as it glows with soft golden light, I finish the symbol.

It's supposed to go on the forehead, but that would be a little over the top, the soft glow fading to a barely visible as it fades to black.

Emma doesn't even need telling as I give her a look, repeating the process though this time it's actually pretty noticeable on her much paler skin.

It looks like two small diamond shapes, interlocked with a flower-like shape in the centre, and this has a purpose beyond just marking them as my property.

[Unit Enchantment: Keeper's Mark]

Source: Tome of Sanctuary

The Light protects, and those who carry this mark will be protected from an instance of fatal damage, placed in a healing stasis. Once the stasis ends, the mark will lose its power for one day.

I spent so long fiddling with this one I actually reached Apprentice level with order magic.

"This mark will protect you from any fatal damage, once per day. If you take enough damage that would have died, will put you in a healing stasis protecting you from damage and tell me where you are so I can use my gates to rescue you," I explain, seeing their eyes widen.

The issue? Unit enchantments are a type of spell that's ongoing, it's small but this is two semi-permanent drains on my mana.

It's worth it.

Nobody is hurting my girls.

Before I can speak again, my girls share a look and immediately jump me. Ah and we just got clean as well…

Oh well.

Author's Note: A fucking Divine. If I do another Gacha story after this one, I'm making the odds much less fair. I'm gonna take a little break from this. Five chapters in just over a week is a little much and I'm getting fatigued of it, don't wanna burn out and lose interest in this because it's a lot of fun.

13, 6, 2 (Junk Summon, Pet)

Ysmir Dragon of The North

51, 1, 1 (Uncommon Item, Consumable)

Rain-Sama [Verified the Best]

100 (FUCKING 100), 5 (Divine Perk)


87, Legendary Item


46, Uncommon Item

Myth (who was trying for a ultimate curse)

69, Nice

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