Physical Description:

Jenni Graves

Full name: Jennifer Penelope Graves

Gender: Female

Alias: Jenni Graves

Nicknames: Jenni, Jen (by everyone); Jenni Penni (by her parents)

Species: Black-footed cat

Fur color: Cream, white, black spots

Eye color: Light Blue

Height: 5-8

Weight: 105 lbs.

Weapons: Smith and Wesson model 19 (primary), Beretta M950 (secondary), daggers, claws, tail

Abilities: Agility, stealth, marksmanship, bilingual, charisma, martial arts, acrobatics, intimidation, above-average intelligence, mathematics, night vision, keen hearing

Clothing: White-collared shirt, red tie, black trench coat, black jeans and shoes (day-wear), All black, long sleeved turtle neck, gloves, long pants, boots with spikes on the bottom (assassin outfit); Purple and blue dress with purple heels and a brown purse with a golden latch (dinner wear), Red ruby necklace in a golden chained locket

Status: Alive and Active

Personal Description

Personality: Cold, apathetic, curt, snide, sassy, sympathetic, empathetic, deadpan, snarky, humorous, fun-loving (on occasion), headstrong, cynical, charismatic, charming, bold


Marigold (current)

Lackadaisy (through Marley Dash)

Graves Railways (family-owned business)

Unnamed businesses managed by victims


Marley Dash (best friend and partner in crime)

Alaska Snow (tech savvy and close friend)

Kassian Dash (waiter at Blue Orchid, Marley's cousin, and another close friend)

Sierra Serval (bartender at Little Daisy Café and a close friend)

Bella Vista (close friend and spy)

Leslie Pumes (police officer and close friend)

Dolly Fisher (close friend and spy)

Suzana Egypt (close friend and spy)

Marcus Jags (close friend and spy)

Asa Sweet (boss, current employer, and would-be victim)

Mordecai Heller (mentor, rival, and future husband)

Nico and Serafine Savoy (colleagues)

Wes Clyde (colleague and rival)

Fish (colleague)

Rocky Rickaby (would-be victim)

Mitzi May (would-be victim)

Atticus Rogers (priest and close friend)

Father Moore (former employer and recent victim)


Father: Bruce Graves (deceased, shot by mobster)

Mother: Luna Graves (deceased, broken heart)

Brother: Jeremiah Graves (alive, owner of Graves Railways)

Sister-in-laws: Rebecca Graves (alive), Rose Heller, Esther Heller, Hannah Heller (deceased)

Husband: Mordecai Heller

Nephews: Louie Graves (alive); Vincent Graves (alive)

Niece: Lucy Graves (alive)

Sons: Justin, Jason

Daughters: Serenity, Ashkenazi

Religion: Pagan

Heritage: Latin American (matrilineal descent)/Scottish (patrilineal descent)

Language: English, Spanish

Hobbies: Gymnastics, practicing her aim, reading, talking with her friends

Likes: Tea, Biscuits, Reading, Being alone (most of the time), Dancing, Singing, Poetry, Symmetry (to a lesser extent), Traveling, Keeping her family safe, Marley's singing, Her necklace, Mordecai's vocabulary, Mordecai (specifically)

Dislikes: Her family in danger, Seeing Marley upset or sad, Mordecai's "stalking" and nosiness, People claiming her mother killed her father, People making jokes at her family's expense, Alcohol, Smoke, Killing children, Killing unarmed and/or injured people, Harming the innocent

Flaws: PTSD (of her father's death), Photophobia (Eyes are sensitive to bright lights)

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Memorable Quotes:

"One way or another, they all meet the same fate." -Jenni talking about her victims

"I'm more Pro, than Protégé." -Jenni to Nico and Serafine

"¿Dónde está ese gato?" -Jenni speaking Spanish


Serial Murder

Mass murder




Hostage Taking


Animal Cruelty




Organized crime



Type of character:

Female Protagonist


Vengeful Serial Killer



Father Moore (fed to alligators)

Midas Prano (overdosed)

Rhadamanthus Stone (stabbed)

Ms. Duncan (hung)

Asa Sweet (would-be victim, spared)

Mitzi May (would-be victim)

Rocky Rickaby (shot but not killed, spared)

Wes Clyde (knocked unconscious, spared)

Calvin McMurry (spared)

Ivy Pepper (spared)

120 + unnamed victims (numerous ways)

6 unnamed gang members (shot)

Atlas May (implied victim)

Birthday: June 6th, 1899

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Age: 28

Home: New York City

Inspiration: Mordecai Heller (Lackadaisy), Dexter Morgan (Dexter), Agent 47 (Hitman)

Notable features: Red ruby necklace


Kill every head of mafia in the world (ongoing)

Eliminate Father Moore (succeeded)

Eliminate Asa Sweet (abandoned briefly)

Eliminate Mitzi May (abandoned)

Avenge her father's death (ongoing)

Clear her mother's name (ongoing)

Keep her brother and his family safe (ongoing)


Jenni Graves was born to Bruce and Luna Graves on June 6th, 1899 in New York. Jenni's father, Bruce Graves was the head of a railroad company called Graves Railways. Jenni's mother, Luna was Bruce's secretary. Jenni's older brother, Jeremiah or J.R. (who was 10 when Jenni was born) occasionally worked on the railroad. Bruce was a head gangster who was against the Prohibition Act and acted as a supplier to speakeasies such as Lackadaisy and Marigold. Bruce was one of the few mobsters who didn't kill people. He had them beat up or kidnapped but never killed. One night, a gang of gangsters broke into the Graves family's home. Bruce immediately ran to get his daughter from her room but a gangster found him. Jenni hid under her bed and watched as her father was shot and killed. She rushes to his aid but is nearly shot as well but Luna kills the gangster and escapes with Jenni. The two women go to the police but the only thing left in the house was Bruce's body. The police arrested Luna as a suspect for her husband's death, despite Jenni's objections. Luna dies 6 weeks later of heartbreak and Jenni is put into an orphanage. J.R. (who was in college at the time), had to quit school to run his father's company. He tried getting custody over Jenni but wasn't old enough. At some point during her time in the orphanage, Jenni met a young cheetah named Marley Dash and eventually befriended and escaped the orphanage with her. Jenni worked as a bookkeeper at the local library where she educated herself. At the age of 18, Jenni quit her job and started practicing marksmanship and other skills she would need in the future. As an adult, she was ready to hunt down her father's killer. Jenni and Marley began working together to take down mafias around the world. Jenni and Marley worked as assassins for hire for several mobsters before Jenni is hired as a trigger person for Marigold. Jenni originally had planned to take down Lackadaisy but sent Marley in as a spy instead.


Jenni is named after my late cousin, Jenny who died of a stroke a few years ago.

Jenni tends to mirror the personality of those she's around as to earn their trust. However, Graves is shown to have emotion and sympathy for those who seem weaker than her such as young children or unarmed civilians. She is also keen on helping those who are injured, even a target.

Jenni is a black footed cat, the deadliest feline on earth due to having a highly successful hunting rate. A fitting species for Jenni.

Jenni's father's railroad tracks are built on a cemetery, giving them their last names: Graves.

Jenni and Mordecai appear to have similar childhoods as they both grew up in New York, both worked as a bookkeeper, both worked and killed mobsters at young ages.

Jenni's sexual orientation is asexual.

Jenni is a non-smoker.

Graves states she hates the taste of alcohol.

She also states she's allergic to flowers but this can't be true as seen having no reaction to the flowers the rest of the members of Marigold wears. These might be paper flowers.

A theory suggests Jenni had killed Atlas May, a possible former employer. However, if this were true, Mordecai would have recognized her as a former member. However, Jenni could have assassinated him under the orders of another employer.

It's strongly suggested Jenni has PTSD of her father's death.

Jenni is ambidextrous

Jenni doesn't make any attempts to conceal her true identity.

Jenni is keen on using stealth to gain an advantage over her targets. In a training seminar with Mordecai, Serafine, and Nico, Jenni disables the lighting system to eliminate the possibility of her targets seeing her shadow. Using her black assassin clothing and keen night vision, Jenni is able to stalk and disarm her targets.

Jenni's kill method: She is hired by her target, mirrors the personality of her colleagues to win their trust, quickly kills the target, types and sends a letter of recommendation to her next target, and quits her current job shortly after.

Jenni's name has 2 references to her being a serial killer before she reveals her profession

Jenni's last name is Graves, so that's already a big give away. In universe, the Graves family owns and operates a railway built on top of a cemetery, giving them their name.

Jenni's middle name is Penelope. Penelope Graves is the name of a target from Hitman 2.