My Uncle's Team

Chap 1

Overwatch Gibraltar Base 2078

"Is everybody ready?" A gruff voice asked. This voice belonged to Soldier 76, the current leader of the recently reformed Overwatch.

"Yes, dad." A young British woman said, rolling her eyes. The voice belonged to the young, peppy, nearly always cheerful Tracer.

"Chica. This isn't one of your more casual strolls with gramps when you first joined Overwatch." The infamous hacker, Sombra said, annoyed.

"We are heading to take on one of Talon's more heavily fortified bases." The ghostly voice of Reaper, formerly known as Gabriel Reyes, added.

"And if we are not careful, they can easily overwhelm us." The cold, indifferent voice of the infamous sniper, Widowmaker, added with a snarl.

"Please. We can do this, no problem. We have the calvary here." Tracer said, with a wave of her hand, yet never stopped smiling.

"As much I prefer to stay out of other people's conflict, I have to say that they are correct, Tracer. This base is one of the more important ones that Talon has. This is why they have fortified it with everything they could spare. This is why we are bringing everyone available on this mission." The robotic voice, belonging to the omnic monk, Zenyatta, said in a soothing, metallic voice.

"As much as I don't want to agree with an omnic, he is correct. All of us are needed to be in top shape for this mission. For only when we are together, we are strong enough to win the coming fight." The Russian soldier, now an honorable member of Overwatch, Zarya, declared.

"You know." The international musical celebrity, Lucio, said, getting everyone's attention. "I noticed how you always say omnic, and never robots like most who are against omnics do."

"Personal reasons, long time ago. Story for another time." Zarya quickly answered, trying her best to stop painful memories from resurfacing. "Anyway, what is the plan when we get there?"

"Genji, Hanzo, Widowmaker, and Anna will take out their outer defenses while Sombra will hack their alarms and communications so they can't call for reinforcements." Soldier 76 answered.

"Symmetra and Torbjörn will be setting up defenses, sentries, and turrets to cover our rear while also giving us time should we have to fall back." Reaper added.

"Where exactly are we headed? I never got a clear answer." Overwatch's resident explosive junker, Junkrat, asked.

"Ilios in Santorini, Greece." Overwatch's head healer, Mercy, answered with a motherly smile.

"I didn't know there was a Talon base there. And we have had countless missions there before." Brigitte, one of the younger members of Overwatch and squire to another Tank, said, surprised.

"We were as surprised as you are, Brigitte. But there is a Talon base located there. How and why we never noticed before doesn't matter now. What matters is that we take it out before more harm can come from it." Reinhardt, a former German Crusader and mentor of Brigitte explained.

"Do they know we are coming?" Pharah asked, eyeing the former Talon agents.

"No." Reaper growled out. "We made sure to leave no trace behind. Plus, I had Sombra send out hints to throw Talon off and make them think we are attacking a different base."

"I still can't believe you are now part of Overwatch." Resident climatologist Mei-Ling Zhou said, surprised.

"Neither did we. But then again, we didn't expect for Doomfist and Talon to sink to these levels." Windowmaker said, sounding still in disbelief at what Talon has done recently.

"What's done is done." Soldier 76 interjected before any fighting could commence. He then turned to Winston, the super-scientist and gorilla of Overwatch. "Have Athena take us to Ilios. Meanwhile, we will be going over the plan one last time."

"Right." Winston said before heading up to the cockpit.

"Alright. After the outer perimeter is secured-" Soldier 76 began discussing the plan.

However, while everyone listened intently, for the most part, Zarya wasn't paying attention in the slightest. Instead, she was looking down at the unique yet odd pendant she kept on her necklace. While never one for jewelry, she held the pendant dear to her heart. It was a two-hundred-dollar, custom-tooled cartridge spent bullet casing. While most would find it questionable to be wearing one around her neck like jewelry, Zarya kept it for a different reason. She kept it as a reminder of the promise she made long ago and to keep a memento of who she made the promise to before she lost him. Gripping it, she said a small prayer as the Orca slowly ascended into the air before heading towards Greece.

'Uncle, watch over me as this will be a difficult fight. And I hope wherever you are; you are resting. Hopefully, you are proud of me for everything I have done.' Zarya thought before putting the pendant away. Composing herself, she turned back to listen to the plan, as it would do her no good if she didn't know what was happening.

Three Hours Later

"BIOTIC FIELD ACTIVATED! GET OVER HERE AND HEAL UP WHILE WE HAVE A CHANCE!" Soldier 76 shouted over the gunfire coming our way.

"My ultimate is ready. I need a shield so I can break through their lines and give us some breathing room." Genshi told Zarya while gripping the handle of his sword.

"Barrier's on you, go." Zarya said while using her particle cannon to project a temporary shield onto the ninja omnic.

"Ryūjin no ken wo kurae!" Genji shouted as he unleashed his sword before charging into the Talon hostiles.

"Use it well, omnic." Zarya said in disgust. Usually, she would never dream of helping an omnic or robot as she didn't trust them. Whether Genji was more human or machine didn't matter. But even she knew that now was no time for any trust issues as Talon forces pinned them down.

The plan, for the most part, started without any problems. Once they landed in Ilios, they quickly secured the landing zone while Symmetra and Torbjörn set up their defenses. With their defenses set, Genji, Hanzo, Widowmaker, and Anna proceeded to take out any perimeter guards. While this was happening, Sombra snuck into the base and disabled all the alarms and communication devices. This allowed the rest of the Overwatch members to storm into the base mostly undetected. Aside from a few scuffles, they got into the control room and downloaded all Talon's data with almost no trouble. And with them having what they came for, they proceeded to make their way out of the base. But before they left, they made a quick detour to the base's power room. While it would cost thousands in damages to the Ilios, they knew it would be worth it to make sure Talon couldn't salvage anything.

However, that's when things proceeded to go downhill very quickly. Apparently, Talon knew they would attack their Ilios base. As such, they had tons of reinforcements on standby, waiting for them to exit the base with the stolen data. And to make matters worse, the power supply had was controlled remotely off-site. Meaning, despite Sombra's powerful hacking abilities, they never controlled anything in the base. Worse of all is that Talon had cut off any hopes of them retreating into the base or escaping with the Orca. This meant that they had to defeat all Talon hostiles if they wanted to escape with their lives. Luckily, thanks to Orisa and Reinhardt, they managed to get into better positions to defend themselves for the time being.

Yet, despite getting into a better position near the well, they were getting overwhelmed. For the first ten minutes of the fight, things were looking up for them, especially since more Overwatch members arrived on the scene to help. It even seemed that they would win without any significant injuries. However, that quickly changed when Talon unveiled their new weapons and inventions. Thankfully, it appeared that without Reaper's help, Talon wasn't as coordinated as before since they had forgotten about some of their abilities. Unfortunately, that didn't mean the battle became easier as Talon's other invention gave them a tough time.

"SOMBRA! HOW LONG UNTIL THESE MECHS ARE OFFLINE!" Soldier 76 shouted before firing some rounds and killing a few hostiles.

The new inventions that Talon brought along with them were enormous mechs. While Overwatch has dealt with enemy mechs before, these were in a league of their own as the mech's armor was insanely durable. Despite not being as heavily armed as previous mechs, these had an energy shield that quickly recharges moments after they destroyed it. Yet, they could not damage the mechs after they destroyed the shield as Talon hostiles kept them pinned until the shields recharged. Thankfully, Talon only brought two mechs with them. Unfortunately, if they didn't develop a plan soon, only two would be needed to defeat them.

"HIJO DE PUTA!" Sombra shouted as she appeared next to them.

"You okay, Sombra?" Reaper asked in an unusual caring tone.

"Fine, dad." She answered before turning to Soldier 76. "Sorry, gramps, but those mechs have a firewall that I have never seen before. And each time I attempt to hack them, they change completely. Forcing me to start from scratch."

"Damn it." Zarya said before giving a few other teammates some particle barriers. Yet, each time she did so, they were destroyed not even a second later.

"Mercy. How are you and the others holding up?" Soldier 76 asked through comms.

'Not so good, I'm afraid. I'm unable to revive anyone else for the time being, and we are almost out of ammo. Thankfully, Symmetra finished constructing her shield barrier, which will give everyone a rechargeable shield.' Mercy answered before cursing, followed by more gunshots. Before they could ask anything, comms went dead.

"Anyone got any healing?" Tracer asked, suddenly appearing in front of them. Looking her over, they noticed that she was bleeding and hunched over, breathing heavily. It seems that she took a nasty hit that broke some of her ribs.

"Biotic field is recharging. Sorry, kid." Soldier 76 answered.

"Oh, let's break it down!" Lucio shouted as he slammed his sonic amplified on the ground and gave everyone a temporary shield. "I got you, Tracer."

"Thanks, Lucio." Tracer said, sighing in relief as the pain left her and her cuts slowly healed.

"No problem." He said while amplifying the power of his healing. "What are we going to do to get out of here?"

"Working on it. Those mechs are proving to be a hassle." Soldier 76 answered before turning to Reaper. "You know anything about these mechs?"

"Unfortunately, no. I may have been one of the leaders of Talon, but I didn't know anything of any mechs. Even going through all the files, there was no mention of them." He answered.

"Perhaps we have an idea." Genji said as he and Hanzo approached them.

"How?" Sombra asked before firing off a few rounds at some Talon hostiles trying to sneak up on them.

"We noticed that they are rather clumsy and have a hard time repositioning themselves if anyone tries to flank them." Genji began.

"If Zarya uses her gravitation surge near the well, it would draw in the mechs and render them unable to fire at us while trying to stabilize themselves. While that's happening, we'll use our ultimates to destroy their shields." Hanzo added.

"That's good and all, but we would still need to destroy them once their shields are down. Plus, Talon is making sure we are unable to do so." Reaper reminded. At that moment, the solution came through the comms.

'I have an idea on how to scrap those junkheaps.' Junkrat answered with a cackle.

'And snowball is ready to create a blizzard to freeze Talons in place, giving us a chance.' Mei added. Soldier 76 and Reaper looked at each other for a moment before nodding.

"Everyone. We have a way to destroy these mechs. Zarya will trap them with her gravity surge, and Mei will freeze the Talon hostiles. Hanzo and Genshi will destroy the shields. Once the shields are down, focus fire on the mechs but stay clear as Junkrat will be using his ultimate." Soldier 76 said over the comms.

'Alright. Waiting on your call, 76.' Reinhardt answered, with waves of answers coming right after.

"NOW!" Soldier 76 shouted.

"Ogon' po gotovnosti!" Zarya shouted as she fired a gravitation surge towards the well. The gravitational pull caused the mechs to collide against each other and move towards the gravity ball.


"Dòng zhù! Bù xǔ zǒu!" Mei shouted as she threw Snowball towards the hostiles. The drone quickly flew into the air and froze all the enemies in place.

"GENJI! HANZO! NOW!" Reaper ordered.

"Ryū ga waga teki wo kurau!" Hanzo shouted as he fired a special arrow towards the bots. As soon as the arrow was halfway there, two giant blue spirit dragons emerged and seriously damaged the bot's shields. However, despite the damage done, they were still active.

"Ryūjin no ken wo kurae!" Genji shouted before unsheathing his sword and dashing towards the mechs with a green dragon spirit emerging from the blade. Leaping onto the mechs, Genji started striking with lightning-quick attacks. Soon, the shields were destroyed, allowing everyone to damage the mechs.

"FIRE IN THE HOLE!" Junkrat shouted with the sounds of his RIP-TIRE coming right after.

"CONCENTRATE FIRE!" Soldier 76 shouted as he left cover and started firing upon the bots. Not wasting a second, everyone fired everything they had left at the mechs, hoping to destroy them. Unfortunately, before they could put a dent into the machines, Windowmaker came onto comms.

'WATCH OUT! TALON HEAVY ASSAULT AND ASSASSIN INCOMING' She shouted before firing off a few shots.

"GET TO COVER!" Reinhardt shouted as he activated his shield to help others safely get to cover.

'Damn.' Zarya thought when she noticed that the mechs were slowly, but surely, getting back to their feet.

"What-" Lucio began, but a scream cut him off.

"HELP!" Mei shouted. Turning to where it came from, Zarya felt the color drain from her face when she saw Mei on the ground, defenseless as the assault and assassin units approached her.

"MEI!" Zarya shouted as she activated a particle barrier to herself and Mei.

"SHIT! GIVE ZARYA COVERING FIRE!" Reaper shouted as any who still had ammo started firing at the units, unfortunately, to little effect.

"I got you, Mei." Zarya said as she reached Mei and effortlessly picked her up.

"Thank you, Zarya." Mei said as they quickly made way to better cover.

"No problem. Remember we are-WATCH OUT!" Zarya began, only to shout and toss Mei to safety when she saw an assault and assassin unit charging towards them. She then aimed her particle cannon and fired, hoping to stop both hostiles in their tracks with her increased damage. Yet, despite her high damage output, it did nothing to deter two enemies as they quickly reached and disarmed her. The assassin jumped on her and tried to slice her to death. Not giving up, Zarya tried to grab her particle cannon to knock the assassin off her. Only for eyes to widen in horror when she saw her particle cannon destroyed by the chain gun of the assault unit. Knowing that her allies wouldn't be able to save her in time, Zarya closed her eyes and accepted her fate. And as she waited for her inevitable death, thoughts of her uncle and promise came to her mind.

'Uncle. I'm sorry I failed to keep my promise. Hopefully, you are not disappointed as I join you in the afterlife.' Zarya thought, sad. Yet, she quickly snapped her eyes open when she heard the familiar sound of a minigun revving up. However, she quickly covered her ears when the minigun started firing. Once the sound died down after a couple of seconds, Zarya looked around and noticed that the mechs, assault, and assassin units were destroyed, riddled with hundreds of bullets.

"TCH! Even after all these years, Talon still doesn't know how to make robots." A familiar voice said, disappointed. Looking up, Zarya saw a face that nearly brought tears to her eyes. It was her uncle that she long since thought died.

"UNCLE!" Zarya shouted as she got up and ran towards her uncle, who became surprised when he saw her.

"ZARYA! What are you doing, little bear?" He asked, embracing her. But before she could answer, they heard the sounds of more hostiles incoming. "We will talk later. Now, we fight."

"Yes." Zarya said, excited, momentarily forgetting that heavy assault unit destroyed her weapon.

"Take this. We fight together, little bear." Her uncle said, handing her a shotgun.

Smiling, Zarya cocked the gun before firing as her uncle revved up his minigun again. The other Overwatch members quickly snapped out of their stupor before joining the uncle and niece duo. With their combined might, they were able to turn the tide against Talon. Seeing that they were outgunned and outmatched, a Talon commander quickly ordered a retreat. Only to get gunned down a second later. Even the Heavy Assault units were no match for the combined might of the duo. And in only a few moments, the fight was over with all Talon hostiles dead.

"VICTORY IS OURS!" Zarya shouted, sighing relief that the difficult fight was now over. However, she froze when her uncle spoke up.

"YOU!" He shouted while pointing to her. She turned to him, wondering what he was about to do. Yet, any uncertainty left her when her uncle opened his arms wide. "COME HERE!"

"Good to see you, uncle." Zarya said, hugging him.

"It's good to see you, little bear. Or should I say giant, Strong bear?" He said with a laugh.

"I thought you were dead. Killed by those omnics so long ago." Zarya asked, curious.

"I am not killed so easily." He answered with a chuckle.

"Zarya. Who is this?" Mercy asked, flying towards them

"This is my uncle." Zarya answered, smiling.

"What's your name?" Soldier 76 asked, walking towards them.

"Real name classified. My codename is Heavy Weapons Guy. You can just call me Heavy." The man answered.

"How did you know we were here, uncle?" Zarya asked.

"I didn't. I wanted to visit this place for a while. But when I heard the gunshots, I rushed towards here as fast as I could." Heavy answered.

"Well, thanks for the help, love. We were really in a pickle. That is until you showed up with your minigun." Tracer said, cheerful.

"Is no problem." Heavy said with a wave of his hand.

"What will you do now, uncle?" Zarya asked.

"Possibly travel the world best I can. It is very different than it was all those years ago." He answered.

"You can join is if you want. Overwatch could use people with your skills." Solider 76 said, surprising most. Yet, they quickly agreed as from what they had witnessed in only a few seconds; they knew he was a formidable force. However, they became focused when he shook his head.

"No. Overwatch is heroes. I am no hero." He answered.

"Why not? You helped us win the fight and saved Zarya." Mei asked.

"As I said, Overwatch is heroes. I am no hero. I am a mercenary." He explained.

"Still could fit in, though. As I always say, Overwatch is nothing but a bunch of misfits and freaks: I love it!" Junkrat interjected before cackling.

"So, what do you say, uncle. Care to join Overwatch? We can fight side-" Zarya began but trailed off when she noticed her uncle walking towards the smoldering remains of the bots. "Uncle?"

"Is everything alright, Heavy?" Mercy asked, worried.

"Looks like I will be joining Overwatch after all." He answered before ripping something from the bot.

"Then why do I get the feeling it's not to help others, but rather, go after something?" Reaper asked, crossing his arms. Heavy let out a grunt before turning to them and raising his arm.

"Because Talon has gotten their hands on Australium." He explained while opening his hand. In his hand was a gold bar that had a logo of a man boxing a kangaroo.


After watching "Zarya's Uncle (Comic Dub)" on YouTube again, this story's idea came to mind.