My Uncle's Team

Chap 2

"Australium?" Tracer asked, confused. "What's that?"

"Sounds like rare mineral." Mei said as she observed the gold bar.

"Honestly, that sounds like something that came from an old video game." commented.

"Sounds like nonsense to me and appears to be nothing more than fools gold." Torbjorn said before taking the australium from Heavy's hand. "But if I learned anything in all my years of smithing, I know not everything is at seems."

"┬┐Sabes algo al respecto, pops?" Sombra asked, somewhat bored but curious all the same. However, when she received no answer, she turned around and saw both Soldier 76 and Reaper frozen in place. "Pops?"

"Is everything okay?" Mercy asked, worried.

"We're in big trouble." They answered in a grim tone, sending chills down everyone's spine except Heavy.

"How so?" Brigitte asked.

"I take it you both have past experiences with this rock." Anna asked with a critical eye. But before they could answer, everyone heard the familiar sounds of jet engines approaching. Turning around, they saw a Talon dropship rapidly approaching.

"We discuss later. Where is your ship?" Heavy asked, revving his minigun. "Sasha and I will cover you."

"Will you be okay, uncle?" Zarya asked, worried. She just learned that her uncle was alive and did not want to risk him dying for real this time.

"Don't worry, little bear. I'll be fine. I'm not leaving."

Typically, Zarya and the rest would not have listened to a strange they had only known for less than an hour. However, since Zarya trusted this man, who apparently was her uncle, they decided to trust him this time, especially since he was doing an excellent job preventing any Talon hostiles from exiting the dropship. Nevertheless, that did not mean they couldn't help. Zenyatta launched an Orb of Harmony towards Heavy to heal any wounds he might suffer. Soldier 76 and Pharah launched rockets at the dropship in hopes of taking down the ship. Meanwhile, Hanzo and Windowmacker sniped any hostile that somehow made it through the relentless fire. Zarya was tempted to stay and helped her uncle but remembered that the shotgun lacked range, and the Assault unit tore to shred her particle cannon. Luckily, she didn't need to worry as the Talon Dropship soon burst into flames before falling to the ground and taking the remaining hostiles with it.

"Ah, Sascha. It feels good." Heavy said, smiling as he blew out the smoke from his minigun's barrel. "Reminds me of facing Blu team and Gray Mann's bots."

Memories came flooding back to Heavy of his years as a Red Team Merc. From when he was first offered the job with the promise of heaps of money all the way to fighting the TFC Mercs and Gray Mann's robot army. It made him smile at all the good memories he had shared with his fellow 2fort mercs. Even though he sometimes loathed working with them, especially Soldier, he still missed them. And even though he does not want to admit it openly, the other mercs started to feel like family after a while. A crazy, deranged family that loves to threaten each other, but a family nonetheless.

"Should get some more rounds soon, Sascha." Heavy said, looking at his ammo count and noticing that he was running low. Times like this made him wish that the Engineer was here so he could build a dispenser. It would undoubtedly make acquiring ammo less of a struggle. But Heavy then remembered how the rest of the mercs began making fun of his accent every time he wanted Engineer to build a dispenser. It quickly became an inside joke amongst the mercs, with Heavy eventually joining. Smiling at the memories, Heavy decided to say it one last time. "Pootis penser here."

"Um, what was that?" Zarya asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Inside joke between some old co-workers of mine."

"Oh, more stories. You have to tell me them sometime. Or are you only going to tell me more stories of how you are bad at chess?" Zarya asked, smirking.

"But those were good stories." Heavy laughed but stopped when they heard engines rapidly approaching with a ladder being dropped in front of them. Looking up, they saw that the rest of the Overwatch members had returned with the ship and that Soldier 76 had lowered the ladder.

"And you can tell all of us those stories once we're clear. Radars are showing at least ten Talon ships incoming."

Nodding, Zarya began climbing the ladder with Heavy following aftward. Once onboard, Soldier 76 gave Winston the order to head back to base. And after a cautious warning, Winston piloted the ship back to the Gibraltar base.

One Hour Later

"You make me so proud, my little bear." Heavy shouted, full of pride upon hearing everything Zarya had accomplished since they last saw each other.

"It was nothing, uncle. Just doing my job." Zarya dismissed. "Now, tell me. Where have you been? Tell me of your adventures."

"I've been around the world, finding jobs where I can and trying to fit into this new world. It is different than when I was younger. Aside from this, not much noteworthy."

"Oh, come on, uncle. You've got to have some interesting stories."

"Yeah." Soldier 76 interjected. "Like who are you exactly?"

"And how do you know of that highly sought-after resource?" Reaper added, crossing his arms.

"I think a better place to start would be for you both to explain how you know about it. And don't even try to argue." Ana said, giving one of her infamous glares at them.

"Alright." They said, knowing that it wasn't wise to argue with Ana.

"You all remember that we were part of the American government's controversial and classified super-soldier program." Reaper began, waiting for everyone's answer. Once they nodded, Soldier 76 continued.

"Ever wondered why, despite being widely acknowledged, it is still deemed classified?"

"I thought that was just the American government trying to save face after yet, another one of their many failures?" Sombra asked, pulling up some articles about the program on her computer.

'Soldier would lose it if he heard that.' Heavy thought, remembering how patriotic and insane his brother-in-law is about America.

"That's only what they want the public to think. In reality, it was to hide some of the resources they used." Soldier 76 clarified.

"I'm guessing that rock there was somehow a part of the whole thing." Torbjorn said, eyeing the rock. Ever since they started heading back to base, he has not taken his eyes off the rock. While many called him hot-headed, he was not an idiot and did not like blindly running into situations. Plus, while he was never a superstitious man, he did always trust his gut. And right now, it was telling him that the rock was nothing but trouble.

"Yeah. But before they tried it, the government used many different experimental formulas to try and create the perfect super-soldier. They all failed, with only two subjects surviving but were horribly disfigured afterward. But that all changed when they tried a new mineral they labeled OsRhAuIr. The government claimed it was a rare element they had recently discovered, but we all knew that was bullcrap." Reaper finished.

"Was it liquid or solid?" Heavy asked.

"It was a liquid and looked like molten gold."

"How much did they use on each of you?"

"Can't recall exactly how much, but I would say at most three ounces. Why?"

"Depending on the amount and how long you were exposed to it, the results and effects can vary."

"What effects are we talking about exactly?" Mercy asked, taking out a notepad and pen.

"Prolonged exposure would cause a surge in intelligence, muscle masse, and virility. But it will also cause you to develop an unhealthy addiction to fighting and heavy drinking."

"Interesting. Anything else?" Mercy asked, writing everything down. But before Heavy could say anything, Ana spoke up.

"I think he should tell us a bit about himself before he continues."

"Looks like you'll finally tell me some good stories about your past." Zarya said, chuckling. However, she and everyone else became quiet and concerned when Heavy's face filled with dread. It then dawned on Zarya why he never told her his stories. "It's because of the rock that you kept the stories buried."

"More or less." Heavy said, sighing. "As you know, and as I mentioned earlier, I am a mercenary."

"Who recruited you?" Pharah asked.

"A company that's no longer around. Its name was Mann Co., and I was hired by an old, foolish man known as Redmond Mann. He and his brother, Blutarch Mann, were fighting a pointless battle and recruited me and eight other mercenaries to fight for them."

"What were they fighting for?" Reaper asked.

"Something very petty but needs context to explain. Those two were brothers and constantly were bickering with each other. Their father was wealthy. At one point, they convinced their father to buy some worthless land in New Mexico and move there. The father never forgave. After his death, he gave his possessions to everyone except his two sons."

"That's something, but I'm not surprised he did that. Did he at least give them something?" Tracer asked.

"He left them the worthless land they convinced him to buy. And in his will, he made it that they have to share it. You can tell what happens next."

"They began arguing over it and tried to take the whole thing for themselves." Soldier 76 guessed.

"And eventually hired you to take over the land forcibly." Reaper added.

"Mostly correct. I am third generation mercenary hired by the two brothers."

"Wait. How old are you, and when were you recruited?" Brigitte asked.

"My age, I no longer know as I lost track. As for when Mann Co. hired me, it was around 1968."

"WHAT?!" Everyone shouted, shocked and surprised.

"That would mean you are over a century old!" Sombra said, trying to process the revelation.

"How are you still alive, uncle?" Zarya asked.

"Is it because of the rock?" Widowmaker asked.

"Australium. And no. Something else cursed me with immortal life. But I can still die from other ways." Heavy explained. "Another time, I will explain further."

"Why did you accept the job of being a mercenary?" Lucio asked.

"Mann Co. offered lots of money if I accepted the job. Would be enough to take care of my family as we hide."

"Hide from who?" Roadhog asked.


"WHAT!?" Zarya exclaimed, shocked. "Why would you hide from Russia?"

"A very traumatic experience. The Russia you know is vastly different than how it was before. They were cruel and threw my family and me into the gulag after killing my father, who was a counter-revolutionist. I managed to escape and free my family when the prisoners took over the prison and burnt it to the ground. Afterward, we hid in the mountains to avoid being found by the KGB. However, we still needed lots of money to survive, and Mann Co. offered what we needed to survive, so I joined."

"I'm sorry that you had to go through that and that we made you bring it up again." Mercy apologized.

"It is fine. It was a long time ago. I have moved on." Heavy dismissed, yet, everyone could tell that it still pained him.

"I'm sorry about this, but we need to move this along. How does this australium tie in with you and the brothers?" Ana asked.

"Right. Little did Redmond know, when he hired the first set of mercs, his brother did the same. These mercs were the best of the best, and no one else could beat them. However, years passed, and to the brother's surprise, they were locked in a stalemate. Eventually, the first set of mercs grew too old to fight anymore and retired. Then they hired the second generation, but the results were the same. Knowing that they were not getting anywhere, Redmond figured that if he could not beat his brother, he would outlast him. He then hired a brilliant man known as Radigan Conagher to build him an immortality machine. However, some lady named Elizabeth convinced Radigan to make another machine for the other brother. They are both immortal, with the machine running on australium."

"So that rock can be used to power anything, enhance anything, and if used correctly, give someone immortality." Torbjorn surmised.

"Correct. But that is, how do you say, only the tip of the iceberg. With australium, you can do almost anything and make everything else obsolete."

"But what happened to your boss and his brother?" Cole Cassidy asked through narrow eyes.

"Dead. Both. Killed by their long-lost third brother, Gray Mann."

"Why would he kill them?" Hanzo asked.

"Not too sure. All Heavy knows is that he returned years later for revenge and to take over Mann Co. and merge it with his company, Gray Gravel Company."

"Did he succeed?" Genji asked.

"And did he have an immortality machine as well?" Soldier 76 asked.

"First, Heavy will clarify. The machines only extend your life as long as it has australium. But, yes, he did have a more efficient life-extending machine. Where he got it from, I do not know. And yes, he killed his brothers, took over their companies, and eventually took over Mann Co."

"How did he do it?" Symmetra asked, curious.

"In a manner similar to what you know as the Omnic Crisis. He sent waves of robots against my co-workers and me. But what confused my co-workers and me was that Gray Mann modeled the robots after us. We called them the Robots wars, but some call it Mann vs. Machine."

"Wait, if he succeeded, how are you still here? Did you flee?" Genji asked, only to recoil in fear when Zarya stood up, pissed.


"Calm down, little bear." Heavy said, gently placing his hand on her shoulder. Breathing in, she nodded before sitting back down. Nodding, Heavy turned back to Genji. "No, I did not flee. My co-workers and I successfully managed to halt the robot's advancement to a stalemate. And after months of fighting with no side gaining the advantage, Gray Mann called off his robots and decided to try a different tactic."

"Then how did he gain control over Mann Co.?" Mei asked.

"Mann Co.'s leader, Saxton Hale, is not very smart. Gray Mann used this to find a loophole in the company's policy to swing it in his favor."

"Is he still around?" Widowmaker asked, arming her sniper rifle.

"No. He is dead. He hired the mercenaries that worked for his brothers before us to eliminate us. That team's leader tore off the life extender machine from Gray's back. Which, coincidentally, left a hole in his back. He stayed alive for a while but died when his organs fell out from the hole in his back."

"Wow, talk about a gruesome way to go. Did you face off against them?" Tracer asked.

"We did and won."

"What did you do afterward?" Mercy asked.

"Headed home and took care of my family after bringing them to France. After they passed away, I traveled the world." Heavy answered before wrapping his arms around Zarya. "And eventually became the uncle of this little bear.

"Uncle." Zarya laughed, escaping from his embrace.

"Wow, those are some stories." Mei said, shocked at what Heavy has been through in his life.

"That would be very hard to believe if we did not see first-hand australium powering Talon's mechs." Reaper commented.

"And us being injected with a small dosage of australium during the super-soldier program." Soldier 76 added.

"But it makes it all the easier to see why Talon wants to get their hands on australium and why you want to stop them." Reinhardt said. However, everyone was surprised when they saw Heavy shaking his head.


"What do you mean, no?" Reaper asked, stepping forward while gripping his shotguns.

"Talon, for all its power, would not know how to use australium outside of simply having it as a power source."

"Then why are you coming along?" Ana asked.

"While Talon would not be able to utilize australium fully, there is someone who could. Plus, there is another who could potentially give them life extender machines along with enhancements that would make them far deadlier. They are the ones I want to stop."

"Seems like we got some blokes who we need to blow up. Who are they?" Junkrat asked, cackling.

"They are the Medic and Engineer of the last mercenary team the Mann brothers hired. If Talon recruits them, they would be far more powerful than before and would cause suffering to millions in days."

"Then we should make sure that does not happen." Soldier 76 said, loading a fresh clip into his rifle.

"But the question remains, where should we start?" Reaper asked.

"Perhaps your old co-workers could lend us some hand." Zarya suggested. "We could start by getting them on our side."

"It would be wise to get all the help we can get. Especially if the help has past experience with whatever we are currently dealing with." Mercy agreed.

"We would need to find them first. Luckily, Heavy knows where they are and knows they would be willing to fight again."

"Do you think they would be willing to join Overwatch?" Zarya asked.

"Perhaps." Heavy answered before turning to Soldier 76 and Reaper. "That is if they would allow it."

"Well, we would have to see them for ourselves. But if they are half as good as you are, and you trust them not to cause too much trouble, we can let them join Overwatch." Soldier 76 answered.

"But what about you? Are you willing to join Overwatch?" Reaper asked. Heavy hummed before looking towards Zarya and smirking.

"Heavy will join and fight by your side!"

"YES!" Zarya cheered.

"Welcome aboard to Overwatch, Heavy Weapons Guy." Soldier 76 congratulated.

"It will be great to fight alongside you, uncle." Zarya said, excited.

"I wonder what his co-workers are like." said, curious.

"Probably brave warriors like him." Reinhardt declared.

'Crazy, chaotic, and insane is the better way to describe them.' Heavy mentally corrected.

"Which of your co-workers should we start with?" Mei asked.

"The one who is most important to any team. The Medic."

"Another healer. I wonder if he's as kind as Mercy, noble as Brigitte, cool as Lucio, or wise as Zenyatta." wondered while leaning into Brigitte and winking. Heavy was about to correct them and give them a warning, but Tracer cut him off.

"And where can we find him?"

"He went back home after everything. He's living in Stuttgart, Germany." Heavy answered,

"HAHA! A FELLOW GERMAN! I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET HIM!" Reinhardt shouted, excited.

"Well, you don't have to wait long. With me as the pilot, we'll be there in no time at all." Tracer said before blinking up into the cockpit.

Once she was gone, everyone began discussing what the Medic that worked with Heavy was like and how he would compare to their healers. However, Heavy, meanwhile, looked out the window towards the setting sun. While he was worried about Talon possibly recruiting the Tfc Medic and Engineer, there was someone he was more concerned about, the Administrator. She could easily pull the strings on everything and anything. Not to mention, there was still the matter of this unknown debt that she was adamant about paying back. Even Miss Pauling did not know what the debt was, which raised even more concerns. And now that there were more australium around, Heavy did not doubt that she would turn up soon. Sighing, he turned back to listen to what the others were saying and smiled. It filled his Mega Baboon's heart with warmth at seeing his niece happy. While she did not say it out loud, he could tell that she considered them family and even had her eyes on the girl wearing a heavy snow coat.

'It's good she found a team she can call family.' Heavy thought while closing his eyes. Since it would be a while before they arrived, he figured he could sneak in a quick nap. However, his eyes snapped by what Mercy said next.

"Well, either way, it would be nice to have another medic on the team. We could talk and heal each other after you all abandon me again." She said, glaring at the younger Overwatch members.

"WHAT!?" Heavy shouted, standing up and startling everyone. For the next couple of hours, all the younger members received a verbal lashing the likes they had never received before on how you never abandon your Medic.